tagBDSMTwo Days with Ulrike

Two Days with Ulrike


When I was in high school there was a girl in my graduating class that I had such a huge crush on. Her name was Ulrike Lagerström. She had a body like a runway model and her long, blonde hair framed her innocent looking face in an artistic way that haunted my dreams. She had long sexy legs and a firm, tiny ass that looked great in her tight jeans. Her waist was tiny and her stomach was utterly flat. Her lips were pouty and kissable and her eyes were green. She had the kind of face you see on the cover of vogue. Her breasts were somewhat small, but they utterly defied gravity and during the warmer months she would sometimes go braless and I could sometimes see her nipples trying to poke through the thin fabric of her dress. All the boys in my school wanted to go out with her.

A lot of boys asked her out, including the captain of the swim team, three guys from the football team and one guy who had rich parents and drove a Mercedes. However she always ended up rejecting them.

A couple of guys who got shot town told me that she was into some really "kinky shit" and that I should stay away from her. However I kept thinking of Ulike's cute ass and those long dancer's legs and I just didn't care what sort of "kinky shit" she was into.

After four years of watching other guys get shot down I finally worked up the courage to ask Ulrike out myself. Graduation and Senior Prom were just days away and if I could go to the prom with Ulrike I would be the envy of every boy in school.

I found her in the school parking lot after classes had ended one day and tried to act so cool and so confident. I gave her my most winning smile and she just stared me down like I was some sort of loser.

"Why should I go out with you?" She asked. "What's so special about you?"

"Well, I was kind of hoping you'd notice I'm cute." I am actually quite good looking. I've got a nice, boyish face and excellent muscle tone and I've got six pack abs from doing thousands and thousands of sit-ups.

"Lots of boys in this school are cute," she said. "Why should I go out with you, when I've turned down dozens of other cute boys?"

She licked her pouty lips and pulled out her car keys and clicked the button that unlocked her car. If I couldn't think of something soon, she was going to drive away and I was going to fail. "If you go out with me, I'll do anything you want," I replied. "Taking you to the prom is really important to me, so I'll do anything!"

"Anything?" she asked. The tone in her voice was somehow playful and malicious at the same time. I probably should have been afraid, but she was wearing a tight, low cut dress that really showed off her boobs. And when she got impatient and sighed in frustration with me her breasts rose up and pressed against the material, giving me a severe reminder of what sort of rewards awaited me if I could win Ulrike over to my side.

"Anything," I confirmed.

"Very well," she said. "Take off your clothes."

I don't know what I had been expecting her to say, but this wasn't it.

"Take off my clothes?" I asked in shock. "Here...in the school parking lot?"

"You said you would do anything to go out with me. It seems to me that you were not sincere. You're already balking and this is only my first request." Then she opened up the driver's side door to her car and started to get in.

I looked around in a panic. Most of the students had already left. I could see a few students still milling about, but they were far away. There was a possibility that if I took my clothes off for just a few seconds that nobody would see me other than Ulrike.

"Okay, okay, I'll do it," I practically shouted. "Don't go!"

I practically tore my clothes off. I yanked my t-shirt up over my head and dropped it on the asphalt. Then I took off my sneakers and unzipped my jeans. They were tight, so pulling them down was neither quick nor graceful.

Then it was time to divest myself of my underwear. I was so nervous about stripping these off I could actually hear the thunderous beat of my own heart in my ears. But I did say "anything", didn't I?

Much to my embarrassment, my cock was swollen and erect. Ulrike smirked at this. She cocked her head to one side and smacked my cock with her left hand. I yelped in surprise.

"If you want to go out with me, you must understand that I will do whatever I want with your body. That includes your cock too."

"But that could hurt," I protested. "You might not know this, but a guy's cock can be kinda sensitive."

"If I go out with you, you should be willing to put up with a certain amount of physical and sexual abuse from me. It's sort of a hobby of mine. Is this going to be a problem for you?"

I thought about the implications of this, but I eventually decided that this was too important to me for a little physical pain to screw the deal up for me. Besides I had a rather high pain tolerance. All the sit-ups and push-ups and deep knee bends I've done over the past five years can really leave your muscles sore, but I never stopped doing them. I can have incredible willpower and self-discipline when I really want something.

"Not a problem," I insisted. "I can take it. Abuse me as much as you think is necessary."

"Excellent," she said with real enthusiasm in her voice. And then her smile changed to something that actually looked quite erotic. A few minutes ago she had a look on her face that indicated boredom and disdain for me. Now she was looking at me as if I was something good to eat.

"Socks too," she added. "You need to be totally naked."

Once I removed my socks from my feet she also told me to remove my watch. She then rolled down the window of the driver's side back seat and I was ordered to throw my watch and all of my clothes into the back seat of her car.

I thought of protesting, I mean, what if she drove off with all my clothes and left me naked in the parking lot?

But every time I protested she just reminded me that I promised that I would "do anything". I suppose I shouldn't have promised that if I didn't really mean it.

So, I tossed my watch and my clothes into the back seat of her car.

"Very good," she said. "You're showing real obedience now. I think you might have real potential after all."

I let out a sigh of relief. I was making progress now. I might actually succeed where so many others failed. I might actually get Ulrike to go out with me! I'd be the envy of every boy in school!

"Now, place your hands behind your head and give us a spin," she said. "I want to get a good look at you."

Without hesitation, I did what she said. My swollen, erect cock bobbed up and down slightly as I turned and let her get a look at my naked body in profile and from the rear. "You're blonde. You have a cute ass and a nice body," she finally admitted. "You're slender, but not scrawny. You have excellent muscle tone, but you're not bulky. You're somewhat athletic looking and boyishly cute. I can work with that. But if you want to go out with me, there will have to be some changes."

"Changes? What kind of changes?" I could hardly believe I was negotiating terms with her while standing naked in a public place, but there I was.

"I despise body hair," she said. "I want you to shave off the hair underneath your underarms. It looks gross. Also shave off all the hair on your cock and balls and around your anus. While you're at it, shave your legs and anywhere else on your body that you can find any hair."

This sounded like a lot of work. I was grateful that I didn't have any hair growing on my chest.

"Um, okay," I said, making a mental note to buy some more razor blades and shaving cream on the way home.

"Come over to my house Friday after school. I'll inspect your naked body and see how well you did in shaving it. If you don't do a good job it will mean no date for the prom."

And then she reached into a container underneath the passenger seat of the car and pulled something out. She handed it to me and I stared at it.

"It's an enema kit," she explained. "Have you ever seen one before?"

"No," I admitted. I really hadn't. This was all new territory for me.

"It comes with instructions, "she said. Use it to clean yourself out Friday," she said. "I'll also be inspecting your body to see how well you did at that. If you do a poor job, you get no date for the prom."

I promised I'd do a good job and she smiled. "So obedient," she purred. "I think you may be just the sort of boy I've been looking for. What's your name?"

"Adam," I said. "Adam Cushing".

She smacked my cock one more time and seemed pleased when I didn't protest. Apparently I was learning.

She gave me back my pants, t-shirt, socks, shoes and my watch, but she kept my underwear. She said I wasn't to wear any from now on. I promised I wouldn't.

She smiled and then wrote down her address and handed it to me.

"Friday," she said. "Come to my house and I'll inspect you. If you pass inspection, we'll go on to the next step. If you don't pass inspection, it's all over between you and me."

I finished getting dressed and then promised to do my best to pass inspection. Then she drove off and left me all alone in the parking lot. I glanced around and checked to see if anybody was watching me, hoping nobody had seen me strip naked in the parking lot.

I seemed to be safe. It didn't look as if anybody had seen me. I let out a sigh of relief and made my own way home.

I have developed a newfound respect for females. I never before realized just how tedious and time consuming it was to shave your legs and underarms. I went through four different razors before I was finished and spent about four hours in the bathroom. My mother kept asking me why I was spending so much time in there and I eventually just had to tell her the truth.

It was embarrassing to admit, but what else could I tell her? What other excuse could possibly explain why I was spending so much time in the bathroom?

She gave me an amused look and I told her that I had lost a bet. Then her look became quizzical, but she left it alone and I felt like I had dodged a bullet.

The enema didn't take anywhere near as long as the shaving, but there was a certain feeling of humiliation that came along with bending over naked and squirting cold water up my ass. I was hoping that this was a onetime deal and that Ulrike wouldn't ever ask me to do this again.

When Friday night came my stomach was filled with butterflies and my cock was harder than ever. I wanted to jack off over and over again, but I decided instead to get to Ulrike's house as early as possible. I had reasoned that after I saw Ulrike and passed inspection I could jerk off all night long if I wanted to. Passing inspection should be my first priority.

I drove out to Ulrike's house and parked my car on the street. I rang the doorbell, but instead of Ulrike there was a woman in her late twenties in a maid's uniform who answered the door.

"Yes?" She inquired.

"Um, I'm here to see Ulrike. Is she here?"

"Are you Mister Cushing?" she inquired, apparently she had been told to expect me. That was somewhat comforting, although I would have felt even better if Ulrike had answered the door.

"Yeah, I'm Mister Cushing, "I agreed, "Adam Cushing."

"Come inside, Mister Cushing," the maid instructed me. "Miss Lagerström is expecting you."

The maid closed the door once I was inside and then I got the first shock of the day when the maid told me to undress.

I took two steps back and stared at her as if she was crazy. "Excuse me?"

"Undress," the maid repeated. "Miss Lagerström will not see you until you are totally naked. She gave me very specific instructions."

I felt really uncomfortable undressing in front of this woman. She was somewhat attractive in a no-nonsense Dana Scully sort of way, but I thought that Ulrike was going to be the only one to see me naked. Bringing servants into the game was changing the rules. For a few seconds I considered refusing.

But then I remembered Ulrike's cute heaving breasts and those long, athletic legs that looked so sexy and I decided to make yet another sacrifice for the cause.

I stripped naked and to my embarrassment my cock was immediately hard. I felt even more naked and exposed and vulnerable with my cock swollen and pointing straight up like that. And as I stood there extremely naked, lacking even the minimal covering of pubic hair and waiting for the maid to make her next move, I realized that there was even a small amount of pre-come on the tip of my penis.

And then to make matters worse, I realized that there was a large mirror behind me. The maid had been able to check out my exposed cock and my naked buttock both at the same time. A quick look in the mirror and I could also see that I was blushing with embarrassment.

"Your watch too," the maid said.

I didn't really think of the watch as clothing, but I took it off and handed it over.

The maid then took my watch and all of my clothes and took them into the next room. I stood off at a distance and asked, "What are you doing?"

The maid dropped all of my stuff into a cardboard box which she then proceeded to seal with packing tape. Then she proceeded to take a magic marker and wrote something on the box.

"You'll get your clothes back when you leave," the maid informed me. "Miss Lagerström wants you naked the whole time you're here."

The maid then placed the cardboard box under her arm and said, "I'll go tell Miss Lagerström that you're here. You're not to move from that spot until I get back."

I was shocked at the command, but I stood there naked and watched as the maid walked away with my clothes and my watch. It occurred to me that my wallet and my car keys were in my pants pockets. Now I couldn't leave even if I wanted to. I was effectively a prisoner.

I then spent several minutes hypnotized by my own reflection. With my body hair shaved off I looked far more naked and vulnerable than I'd ever looked before in my entire life. And my swollen, erect cock was sticking out almost like it was offering itself up to be touched...or in Ulrike's case probably to be slapped. I was nervous and starting to get scared. I didn't tell anybody I was coming here. If Ulrike's intentions were more nefarious and harmful than I could handle absolutely nobody knew where to go to rescue me.

And yet, despite all of this I was more aroused than I had ever been. I couldn't have gotten my erection to go down if I tried.

Without my watch I had no idea how long the maid was gone, but it seemed like at least thirty minutes. And I had nothing to do the whole time she was gone except stare at my own naked reflection.

Eventually the maid came back, however when she returned my clothes were nowhere to be seen. I wondered where she had put them. I also wondered if Ulrike and her servant were going to make it difficult to get them back.

"Miss Lagerström will see you now," the maid announced in a flat tone that conveyed no emotion whatsoever.

She then placed a hand on my arm and gripped it firmly with her hand. Her grip was far stronger than I would have thought for a woman her size. Then she led me up the stairs and into Ulrike's bedroom. I couldn't help but feel like I was a prisoner being led by a prison guard to go see the warden. It occurred to me that might be deliberate. Maybe Ulrike wanted me to feel that way.

When I was brought into Ulrike's room it actually looked a little bit like a warden's office. There was very little in the way of furniture and her desk was pointed directly at the room's entrance. Ulrike had her hair pulled back and was wearing a crisp white shirt with buttons down the front. She looked like she was dressed for a government job or a corporate office. Her fingers were steepled in front of her and she had a stern look on her face as if she were ready to admonish me for some sort of offense I'd committed.

"Step forward into the center of the room," Ulrike commanded. "Then clasp your hands behind the base of your neck and lace your fingers together. And spread your legs. I want your feet at least thirty inches apart."

I was uneasy about doing this in front of the maid. "Ulrike," I said uncertain, "couldn't you at least have the maid leave the room before you start...?"

But Ulrike interrupted me in mid-sentence. "Be silent," Ulrike commanded. "You said that you would do whatever I required. Are you going to go back on your word the minute you set foot into my room?"

When she put it like that I really couldn't argue. I spread my legs and clasped my hands behind the base of my neck.

"Now it is time to examine you and see how well you followed my instructions," Ulrike said and then she proceeded to get up from her desk and walk over to where I was standing.

She ran her hands all over my body, grabbing my arms, fondling my chest, fondling my underarms, squeezing my nipples, squeezing my thighs, squeezing my calves, fondly and squeezing my buttocks, and of course she spent a lot of time examining touching, examining and squeezing my cock and balls.

She cupped my balls in her hands, commenting on how smooth and hairless they seemed. Then she held the shaft of my cock in her hands and slid her hand up and down the shaft. "This seems awfully smooth as well," she commented and turned my cock to the left and to the right, running her fingers up and down it, allegedly looking for any signs of pubic hair.

I gasped and my legs trembled when she pulled my buttocks apart and pressed a finger, gently but firmly into my anus.

"Don't move!" she commanded. "There's still some body hair back here! How could you come into my house with body hair between your buttocks? I told you how much I despise body hair!"

"I'm sorry," I protested, trying desperately not to move while she pushed her finger harder and harder against my sphincter muscle, "but it's not like I can see back there. I had to guess how good a job I was doing when I shaved that part!"

"Couldn't you get anyone to assist you?" she inquired. "Doesn't anyone else live with you? Couldn't you have asked anyone in your household for assistance?"

"I live with my mother," I explained.

"I see no reason why you couldn't have asked her for help," Ulrike retorted.

"What?" I said, shocked at the suggestion. "Strip naked in front of my mother and ask her to help shave my asshole? What would she say?"

Ulrike then smacked my ass hard and admonished me, "Don't take that tone with me ever! I'm certain by now that your mother knows that he son is a submissive! And if by some miracle she hasn't realized it yet, you should probably tell her!"

"Oh God, no! I could never tell her anything like that!"

"I don't know why not," Ulrike countered. "My mother knows all about my dominant tendencies. She understands my needs and my preferences."

I didn't have an answer to that one and eventually Ulrike just sighed in disgust and said, "Amber, take him to the bathroom and finish shaving him. Bring him back to me when you're through."

So, I allowed myself to be taken naked, to the bathroom by the maid and she ordered me to lean over the tub, with my hands against the bathroom tiles and with my legs obscenely far apart.

"So, do you get some sort of sexual thrill from shaving naked men that Ulrike brings over to the house," I asked, feeling somewhat sorry for myself and lashing out at the only available target.

"If she orders me to scrub the kitchen floor, I scrub the kitchen floor," she said. "If she orders me to shave naked men, I shave naked men. I get paid the same amount either way. It's a job."

Amber got soap and hot water and lathered me up and with a few careful strokes she shaved away the body hair hidden between my buttocks. It felt weird having a total stranger touch me back there in that most intimate of places, but as humiliating and debasing as it was, I can only imagine how much worse it would have been if I had somehow talked my mother into doing it.

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