tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTwo Do Ron-Ron

Two Do Ron-Ron


It's the summer of 1968. I'm 21, just moved to San Francisco, living in the Haight-Ashbury district. My name is Veronica, but I go by Ronnie, or even Ron-Ron. I have a job as a go-go dancer in a popular club called Spark's, and my boyfriend, believe it or not, is an apprentice stockbroker.

We met at college three years ago, and moved here together, living in a funky Victorian house, on the top floor. David's tall, handsome and dark-haired, with brilliant blue eyes; I'm a natural blonde, with straight silky hair down to my ass and green eyes and measurements of 36-24-35. We may look "normal," but really we're anything but.

We have a spectacular sex life: I once counted seven orgasms in one fuck, and I have never had less than three running. We're a bit into bondage, nothing really kinky: I like to be tied down to our big brass fourposter, and David likes to do the honors of tying me there.

I don't dance naked at the club, though my boss has asked me a few times to consider it. Better money, for sure. And I'm thinking about saying yes. I like the idea of strange men looking at me naked, the idea of what they could do to me, that they want to do it to me. We'll see. I haven't mentioned it to David.

Tonight we have a friend, Gabe, over for dinner. I've spent the whole afternoon slaving over a hot stove, but David is annoyed about something that happened at his work, and he snaps at me. Much to Gabe's surprise.

I flounce into the bedroom in a royal snit, and David follows me. We argue in low voices for a couple of minutes, then he loses patience, grabs me and throws me on the bed. I struggle against him, but he's bigger and taller and stronger, and he soon pins me down the way he always does.

It's all part of our usual game. I resist as he reaches up under my tiny miniskirt and begins pulling off my red lace bikini panties, and the skirt soon follows, but we both know I really want it.

He pins my arms over my head and rips off my top. I don't usually wear bras, but tonight I have on a red satin push-up number, which he leaves on to barely cover my 36C's. Otherwise I'm completely naked, though David still has his clothes on. He bites and kisses my breasts, above and through the red satin, still pinning me down with his weight, and strokes my smooth shaved pussy, slipping one finger in, then another. Then he pushes my thighs apart and poises his hard cock at the entrance to my wet slit.

I try to cry out in protest, but he's got one hand over my mouth, and then he's pushed his way into me, sure and forceful. He's a strong, powerful guy, and if he feels like holding me down to be fucked, he just does it and I can't stop him. I look at him over his muffling hand, and he smiles, knowing I'm really digging it as always, I'm dripping wet and panting like a bitch in heat.

My knees draw up either side of him, and we start rocking in our usual rhythm. Within a minute we both come, he pushing into me as hard and deep as he can get and I going rigid and arched under him. Another fantastic orgasm, and the hand over my mouth only makes it better.

It's the natural way: man dominates, woman submits. I don't understand these new so-called feminists who regard all sex as crime; women were made to be taken by men, men were built to take them. I'm never happier than when I have a real man on top of me and deep inside me; it's how things are meant to be.

In my blind ecstasy as I come, I've completely forgotten about our guest out in the living room, but David hasn't. Still in me, his weight still pinning me down, his hand still over my mouth, he looks at me and calls out, "Hey, Gabe, get in here!"

My eyes widen. We've never done anything like this before, and I panic a little, but David thrusts into me sharply, once, reminding me that he's the man and I'm the woman and he's going to do whatever he wants with me. I close my eyes and catch my breath, moaning at the delicious feeling of helplessness that washes over me.

Then Gabe is there, his own eyes widening as he sees me there, naked, David still in the saddle, my breasts spilling over the red silk bra cups.

"Want some dessert?" asks David. "She's a pretty tasty piece."

Judging from the sudden swell in his pants, it's obvious that Gabe indeed wants some. He unzips his fly and comes to the side of the bed. He's a huge man, a surfer and former football player, about six-five and two hundred forty pounds of toned muscle, and my five-six hundred-and-ten pound frame is going to be completely helpless under him.

But I can't deny I've fantasized about this for a while: having two handsome guys take turns riding me, each of them watching as the other fucks my brains out.

David slips out of me and kneels behind my head, holding my arms pinned straight back. I try to struggle free, but Gabe is on me now, kneeling across my legs, running his hands over me, pushing my thighs open, fingering my slit. He rips the bra off me, grinning, then mounts me and enters me, in no uncertain terms.

"I've wanted to get some of this for a long time," he says to David, and starts slamming into me. I arch my back, panting, delirious at the sensation of a new cock inside me. "Man, she's as tight and wet as a new pair of shoes in the rain."

He pulls out, just the tip of his dick at the entrance to my cunt, tantalizing me until I'm begging for it, then thrusting deep inside me.

His cock is enormous, long and thick. He starts to go slow, taking his time getting in, enjoying all of me, pulling out and pushing in again, letting me feel every inch of him, making me take all of him. Then he gets down to a urgent, building rhythm of savage thrusts, and I start to scream with pleasure as he makes me come. I'm trembling; no man's ever fucked me like this before, filling me completely, there isn't an inch of me he doesn't totally command.

"What next?" asks Gabe, grinning, as he pulls out five minutes later, leaving me gasping for breath, my ribcage heaving and my pussy dripping with his come and my juice. He runs a hand down my body, breasts to inner thighs, and I almost spasm off the bed at his light, possessive touch. "You don't get to use someone like this every day, seems a shame to waste such an opportunity."

"I agree. As long as we've got her like this," says David, "why don't we make the most use of her? She's always saying she wants to be taken against her will, you know. So, slut," he says to me, "tonight you're gonna get your wish."

He flips me onto my belly and roughly jams my head forward into his lap, forcing his cock into my mouth, while Gabe pulls my arms behind my back and binds my wrists. I feel him putting some lotion on my asshole, his well-lubed fingers dipping inside. Oh no, please, I've never been fucked in the ass before...David's big and thick, but Gabe is huge. I try to fight them, but they're both far too big and strong. I'm just a piece of meat between them, an animal that they can do whatever they want with.

I feel Gabe's cock slipping slowly into my virgin asshole, stretching me out, and then he's all the way in, up to his balls. It hurts like hell, then he's past the ring of muscle and deep inside. He starts to thrust against the delicate tissues, gently at first, and David rocks my head on his own dick. I can't believe it: I've got a cock up my ass and another in my mouth. I move back against Gabe's cock and forward to take David's deeper down my throat, getting a rhythm going, my ass in the air, my breasts brushing the sheets, Gabe pulling my arms out behind me, steering me like a plow.

"You like this, don't you?" David mutters, as he forces my head into his crotch, so deep I struggle to breathe. "I knew as soon as I saw you that you were just a hot piece of ass, good for nothing but being fucked."

They almost pull me apart between them; I'm so dizzy and weak I can hardly move. After they come in me, David blindfolds me and gags me with two silk scarves and flips me onto my back again. He binds my wrists to the brass headboard and my ankles to the footboard, and then they go out of the bedroom, leaving me alone and spread-eagled for maybe half an hour. I stretch against the bindings, but I can't work free. And I don't really want to: here I am the way I've always fantasized, tied naked to a bed and being used by two powerful men. And loving it!

I'm almost asleep when the guys come back into the bedroom and get back to work on me. I wake up pretty fast as they untie my wrists and ankles, and one of them knots a piece of the rope around my neck to control me. They pull on it to get me in the positions they want me in, and I obey without question; they're men here to use me, I'm a woman there to be used.

Still blindfolded, I can't tell who it is who slips under me until David stuffs his cock into my ass, hooking his ankles over mine to keep me pinned down and my legs spread wide.

Lying on top of him, held by the rope around my neck, my wrists pinned by his hands, I'm completely helpless, though I do struggle a bit; we all enjoy it. Gabe lightly whips my breasts and belly and thighs with the riding crop David sometimes uses on me. I make short sharp muffled cries behind the gag, as the whip stings my body; then he lifts my hips to his cock, sliding it into my eager pussy.

Then a shock: a third man is here! He kneels across my face, forcing my mouth open against the silk gag and filling it with hard cock, pulling the rope so tight I start to choke. Who the hell could it be...but I suck him eagerly, running my tongue up the underside of his huge, heavy member, putting the point of my tongue on the little eye at the tip, circling it, flicking it, my lips contracting and kissing around his shaft.

"Make sure the camera angle's right, don't block the view of your cock going into her mouth," says David from under me, impaling me as I lie back upon his body. "We're gonna get a lot of money for this. I told you she'd be great."

He holds my head back by my long hair as the guy in my mouth slides himself down my throat, carefully, so I don't gag as he comes, hanging onto my nipples, his legs straddling me.

Oh my God, they're filming this! They set up a movie camera and got another guy to join them. Who is it? I can't tell who's who anymore. Someone has his face between my breasts, licking and biting, and someone else has his face in my smooth shaven crotch, his tongue teasing my swollen clit, his mouth and teeth nibbling at my pussy lips, tongue moving inside my slit.

"She's better than a pro," says the third man. "Built to be fucked. Okay, I want to stuff her pussy now."

"Be our guest," laughs Gabe, untying my ankles as David pulls out of my ass and the third man eagerly climbs aboard. He pinches my nipples and pushes his fingers into my slit until I sigh and pant in pleasure, arching up off the bed, hips offering myself to him, then he thrusts his way into me as if by right. God, he's even bigger than David or Gabe, and he's as expert a cocksman as they are. More, even. Who is it? Do I know him? Did they plan this?

I moan as he drives into me, pounding me like a piece of meat, then he scoops me in his arms, lifting me off the bed, still fucking me, and I scream as I come.

"That'll look good on film," says David, as the third man eases me onto the bed again, still in me, and puts my legs over his shoulders to get better access to me, forcing me down and back as he continues to fuck me. He hasn't come yet, but he's in no hurry, and seems to have no lack of either stamina or control.

Suddenly I panic, hearing Gabe and David discussing other things they could do to me, invite more guys over, maybe, and I start to fight back. This isn't fun anymore. It's too much, I don't want to do this, please let me go...I struggle frantically, whimpering my desperate protest from behind the silk gag.

But the guy who's on me and in me seems to understand my sudden panic. He whispers in my ear, strokes my cheek, kisses my neck and nipples, and I shiver at his touch. He's telling me how amazingly fuckable I am, how I was made for a man to use, what pleasure I give, how I'm here to be taken, how beautiful I am, whispers shhhh, it's okay, shhhh, this is the way a real woman should be with a real man, calm down, that's right, just enjoy it...

Gabe and David laugh. "He's a cunt whisperer," David says. "Watch the master at work. She's just a toy under his hand. He'll get her to cooperate."

And he does. I don't want to, but I find myself quieting under his practiced touch like a gentled mare being broken. And more aroused than ever at his soft words. My breathing deepens again, I moan, wanting him in me, I lift yearning hips to his penetration, and he laughs as he slams back into my hot wet softness, deeper, harder and faster than before. No man has ever been so deep or so thick in me, he fills me completely. He's taking me, he's using me as I've never been used before, and I love it, my body responds instinctively to him. I couldn't stop if I wanted to. And I don't want to.

My clit starts to build to yet another climax, but this one is different, it comes rushing up and radiating out over my whole body. When we come, together, it's like an explosion. My sight goes dark, I feel only the tidal waves of pure pleasure sweeping up from my crotch, and I collapse like a dishrag, half-unconscious. He has possessed me totally and completely; whoever he is, he owns me, in that moment I'm his.

"Honey, you're terrific," I hear someone say. "A fantastic piece of tail. Pity to waste you on one man."

David laughs. "Not any more."

Still in my daze, I feel my head lifted and the gag removed, and something cool is being poured into my mouth. I'm thirsty, and I drink it down greedily. They each fuck me a few more times; I can't move my legs, can't feel my body, just the sensation of them driving into me. Then they leave me again for about half an hour; when they come back, they untie me and drag me into the shower to clean me up, drying me gently. I'm theirs now, they can do whatever they want to me, I'm their plaything, their possession.

After my shower, Gabe lifts me effortlessly, carries me back into the bedroom and places me once more on the bed, which now has clean sheets. I'm still blindfolded. As they tie me spread-eagled to the bedframe again, this time fastened so securely that I can't move an inch, too limp to protest or resist, I'm gagged again, more thickly this time.

"Come on, let's do it to her now. That gag on good and tight? I don't want the neighbors hearing her screaming."

What more could they do to me that they haven't already done, to make me scream more than I already have? I get my answer when fingers expertly stretch my nipples out and I hear a metallic noise and feel sharp pain and a cold steel ring sliding in: they're piercing my nipples! I'm too exhausted to protest, and whatever was in that drink they gave me keeps me both immobile and dulls the pain.

And they don't stop there: before I know what's happening, there are rings in my nose and my navel, a bar pressing on my clit, and six more rings spaced down my pussy, three on each side, with a final one across my slit entrance. I scream behind the muffling gag at the last few, but the pain is faraway and dull, thanks to that drug.

I lift my hips, moaning a little, but in desire, not in pain. Incredible as it seems, I still want a cock in me, and David laughs and pushes a vibrator into my cunt, filling me, and turns it on.

Fingers thread the pussy rings with fine chains and pull the lacings tight over the vibrator, holding it in, then hook those lacings to the chains that link my nipples, navel and clit. Finally, a long bobbypin-like thing, with tiny bells, is forced down either side of my inner lips, pinning them shut.

"She looks good with steel in her," says Gabe, running a hand down my naked body, like a man stroking a cat.

David kisses me tenderly, touching the bells at my crotch. "You're beautiful, baby. And your regulars at the club are going to get off on you big time. I'm so proud of you."

The blindfold comes off at last, and I look around, dazed. The third man smiles at me: he's Chet, my boss at the club!

He tugs on my nipple chain, slaps my pussy lightly. "You're just as good as your boyfriend said you'd be, Ron-Ron. You'll be a big hit in the back room when I start you dancing naked back there. And the film of us doing you is gonna make a bundle."

As Gabe and my boss leave, David escorts them out, then returns to me. He stands over me, looking down on my pierced, bound and naked body with pride of ownership, and I lift my eyes to his, then I lift my hips in invitation. I'm here to please men, and I am smiling.

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