tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTwo Do Ron-Ron: The Prequel

Two Do Ron-Ron: The Prequel


It's funny to think back on now, considering that since I moved to San Francisco in 1967 I've been a naked dancer for money, a slut rented out for use at parties, and now, a year later, I'm a man's bought, branded and collared slave.

I love it: I love hard fucking, being used by men as nature intended, serving them and pleasing them. I love being a slave, and I love sex.

But I resisted my first time. I was eighteen, and I wasn't sure if I was ready to give in to a man and let him have me. Lucky for me I had the decision taken out of my hands...

My serious boyfriend in college, Jorge, had been begging me to let him fuck me for a couple of months, but I just wasn't ready yet. I don't know what was stopping me: I adored him, he was gorgeous, half Danish, half Spanish, not overly tall, about 5'10" to my 5'6", with a great body, strong and muscled, dark, dark eyes and Viking-blond hair.

But it was 1965, and nice girls were still hanging on to their virginity. I had had a few boyfriends before Jorge, but the most I ever let them do was French-kiss me and feel my tits through my clothes.

With Jorge, we petted a lot, of course, and I very soon let him take off my top and bra, and kiss my breasts, and even put his hand up my skirt to play inside my panties. Once he slipped his finger into me, which really surprised me. But what surprised me even more was how much I secretly liked it. I was crazy about him, and sometimes it was really hard to stop. Still, I wouldn't let him go all the way with me.

That all changed sophomore year of college, when Jorge and I, newly engaged, went to a party way up in the hills, near our small upstate school. It was June, and classes had just ended, and I was staying on for a while in my off-campus apartment, letting the lease run out before going home. The parents of one of Jorge's fraternity brothers had a place deep in the woods, on a lake, no other house for a mile around, and the party was to celebrate the end of school and our engagement. Just us kids; no parents.

I'd met his frat friends often, some of them were mine too, and they were all very attractive guys. I liked their girls, too: all very nice and friendly, no jealous bitches in the pack. We'd all partied together often before, and I was looking forward to this one.

We went into the house, a big vacation place with about ten bedrooms. There were a lot of people there, maybe thirty or forty, mostly couples, and we knew everybody. They'd been skinnydipping in the lake that afternoon before we arrived, and some of them were still wet and naked from the lake. This surprised me, but I figured it was okay.

Jorge and I went outside to lie on a blanket down by the lake and look up at the incredible stars. A full moon was out, and it was really bright. We started kissing and feeling each other up, then Jorge pinned me down and smiled at me.

"I'm going to fuck you now," he said. "I'm tired of waiting, and now I'm gonna pop that sweet little cherry of yours. We're engaged, so you're mine officially. I'm going to claim you right here, whether you want to or not."

I gasped and struggled under him, but he held me down and pulled off my panties, then unzipped my miniskirt and pulled that off too. He tugged off my little poor-boy top, and I was naked on my back in front of him.

"God, you're so beautiful, and I've been waiting for it so long...this is going to be so good."

I still fought him, pleading and protesting: no, this wasn't the way I wanted it, please stop, don't do this. But he paid no attention and pinned my wrists over my head with one hand, and I realized that he was going to take me no matter what I said. He pushed my thighs apart with his knee, then unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock.

I'd touched it before, through his pants when we were making out, but I'd never seen it naked, or held it naked, even. It looked huge, and I wondered how he was going to get it into me. I started to scream for help, but he put a hand over my mouth.

"Nobody will hear you, and they wouldn't help you if they did. Men won't interfere with another man while he's enjoying his woman. Rule of the pack."

He didn't take his clothes off, but he laid his weight on me for the first time...it felt great...and started to bite and suck my nipples and grind his hips into me. There was something so exciting about him still having his clothes on and me being completely naked. It made me feel submissive, for some reason: that I was just there for his pleasure, that he could do whatever he wanted to me...

Suddenly I felt an electric thrill shoot through me, right down to my crotch. He was a man who wanted to take me, and I was his woman. This was going to happen. And it was right.

But I still fought, as I felt the tip of his rock-hard cock touching the entrance to my slit. It began to slide up and down against my slit, which was wet by now, much to my surprise, and then he found the opening and pushed it into me. I struggled harder, desperate now, trying to twist away from it. Jorge only laughed.

"That's right, baby, fight me. Just makes it better, knowing I'm busting a reluctant virgin who's really not reluctant at all. Just wait till I'm in you. You'll see. You're going to be a great piece of ass."

He thrust his hips forward, and I felt a small pressure and check as his cock hit my intact cherry. He gave another, more powerful thrust, and suddenly his cock broke through my cherry and he was deep inside me, plunging into me, filling me up. It was a strange sensation where nothing like it had been before, but it also felt completely right having him there. This is what a woman was supposed to do for a man, it's what she was made for, and she was never more a woman than when a man was using her. I knew that. But I was still fighting it, and fighting him too.

He kept his hand over my mouth and my wrists pinned, so that I was helpless in spite of my struggles, his legs across mine holding me down, and he began to drive into my body, taking his time, slow and deep.

"That's it, honey, it's done, you're not a virgin anymore," he growled into my ear, biting it. "You're mine now, Ronnie, all mine. My cock is in you, your cunt is mine. I raped you, it's over, now relax and enjoy it."

He was right. I was all his. I'd never done this before, but somehow I knew what to do, and, my eyes locked on his, my breathing getting deeper, I started to push my hips up at him as he thrust rhythmically into me. He laughed with pleasure and increased the pace of his thrusting.

"You're a natural slut, honey, I knew you'd get into it once I got into you...just let me ride you."

By now I was feeling some amazing sensations. Here I was, in a totally romantic outdoor setting, completely naked, my boyfriend on top of me fully clothed, and he was fucking me for the first time, even if it was against my will.

But could I really say he was raping me if I was starting to enjoy it? I looked down to see our bodies joined together, my breasts and belly white in the moonlight. I was a woman being taken by a man, being mated like an animal.

As he kept thrusting, I felt the familiar feeling of fullness and strain in my pussy that I always felt when we petted really hotly. I heard myself moaning softly. Then suddenly it got more intense, and more intense still. Something was spreading out and up from my crotch, a feeling I'd never felt before, not like this. Jorge was pounding into me, and I brought my legs up around him. He let my hands go, and I clung to him desperately, my nails raking his back.

"Fuck me, oh God, oh Jorge, I'm yours, fuck me hard!" Was that me talking? He laughed and scooped his arms under me, lifting me closer and tighter to him, both of us rocking with his driving motion, his teeth sinking into my shoulder. Then everything started to go black and starry, and I felt my whole body switch into automatic as a huge wave of hot melting pleasure swept up from my pussy and his cock. I cried out, and he did too, and we came together.

He laughed gently. "Not bad for your first time, baby, not bad at all! Some women never manage to get relaxed enough to come. But you came with me; you're gonna be a great lay. Hell, you already are."

We lay there for a while, then he pulled me up, swung me over his shoulder like a carpet and carried me into the house, still naked, past the party and up to a bedroom.

"Now the real fun begins," he said, and he began lashing me to the bed with some scarves that were tied to the bedposts. I was startled, and again fought him, trying to sit up and get off the bed, but he was too strong. When I was naked and spread-eagled, stretched out so I couldn't move, he ran his hands over me.

"This is how we do it around here. Once one of the brothers fucks his girl for the first time, he has to let the other guys have a turn on her. We've all done it. Share and share alike, that's our motto. They're all dying to pork you; they think you're a really tasty little piece."

He grinned at the look on my face. "Don't worry, babe, you're gonna love it, I can tell. But just in case..." Quickly he blindfolded me and gagged me, with some more scarves. "It's better this way. Makes you feel even more helpless, which turns the guy on even more, and it turns you on too, plus you won't be able to tell who did what to you after. Now I'm going to go play with some of their girls while they're busy with you. You'll be fine. I'll see you later."

Then he left me there. After a few minutes, I heard the door open, footsteps crossing to the bed. I was trembling by now, my belly quivering, and when I felt a hand on me I jumped and whimpered behind my gag.

"It's okay, Ronnie, just relax. I'm not going to hurt you. But I AM gonna fuck you." I didn't recognize the voice, but he seemed to be a big guy, and once he'd stripped naked and gotten between my spread thighs I could tell he was tall, powerfully built, probably outweighing me by a hundred pounds, with a huge cock that was brushing against my bare belly. I still didn't know who he was.

"You're so beautiful," he whispered, licking my neck and working his way down to my breasts. "We were getting tired of waiting for Jorge to break you in, we all wanted to ride you. It's going to be a great night..."

I shivered as his hands slid down my hips to my thighs, then moved to the silky inner thighs. I could feel his fingers on my pussy, then his mouth was there, his tongue flicking my clit, his lips nibbling at me, sucking me, tongue pushing into my slit as he pulled me open for him.

He shifted position then and mounted me, quickly fitting his cock at my cunt entrance and pushing in. He was bigger than Jorge, and I cried out behind the gag. Which only seemed to turn him on more, as Jorge had said: he began plunging into me like a piledriver, so hard the bed shook.

Then I felt that electric thrill again as he fucked me, and began to push back at him. He laughed. "Jorge said you were a hot piece of prime fuckmeat, even if you did keep him waiting for it. You're obviously a quick learner for someone who just got her cherry busted, a natural little slut."

And again we came together, he crying out hoarsely, me screaming behind the gag. Suddenly I understood why men liked to fuck women who were helpless under them: it was something primitive and primal, something from the caveman times. Men captured women to mate with, threw them down like animals and took them. Bondage, blindfolds, gags: that was all part of it, from those prehistoric days. And women responded to that. It was in our DNA: men took US. WE did not take THEM. We responded to strength and domination, and we enjoyed it. It was the natural order, and it worked for both male and female.

Anyway, when he was done with me, he kissed me gently and tenderly on my mound, and left, and another guy came in to take his place on me and climb into the saddle...

I lost count, literally, of the men who came to me, and in me, and over me, that night. Ungagged, I took cock in my mouth for the first time and a dozen times after that, felt my pussy eaten out a dozen times more.

Then one of the guys untied me, flipped me over on the bed onto my belly, tied me down again and slid a finger into my ass. I was gagged again, and I cried out for him to stop, but he only drew some wetness back there from my cunt, and then his cock was pushing slowly into my ass. It hurt like hell, but he kept right on driving into me, until suddenly he was past the tight ring of muscle, his cock buried in my ass up to his balls. He pulled the gag aside, closed his hand around my throat.

"You like that, baby? Tell me what I'm doing to you."

"You're...you're fucking me in the ass..." I gasped.

"That's right, slut, your ass is mine." Then he slowly thrust as deep as he could, pumping himself dry into my no longer virgin ass.

As the night went on, I was even double and triple-teamed, and more: guys in my cunt and ass at the same time, guys in both those and my mouth too, while I held a hard cock in each hand squeezing them off.

One of the guys untied me, put a belt around my neck and made me kneel on the bed, my ass in the air, raised by a pillow under me. My breasts and face were pressed into the bed, while he drove into my cunt from behind like a dog mating a bitch, pounding me until I screamed, pulling me back onto his cock by my hair and my arms pinned behind me, pulling the belt tighter until I almost choked.

But for all the violence---never really violent, none of them hit me or hurt me, though one guy did use the belt on my ass and back a few strokes---Jorge was right. I loved it. I loved it all. I loved being used by men whose faces I couldn't see, whose cocks plunged into my soft wet cunt and took me as property. I wasn't a person to them, just a body, a helpless female animal, whose cunt and mouth and ass were there to be used for their pleasure.

As I was fucked for hours, I kept fantasizing, though the reality was incredible enough: I was a slave forced to service gladiators, I was a captive being raped by soldiers, I had been sold to a truckstop brothel, I had been kidnapped and made into a concubine in a sultan's harem...

Finally they were done with me; everybody had had at least two turns on me, some more than that, even. At last I was untied, carried into the shower, since I couldn't walk and could barely stand. Jorge cleaned me off tenderly, telling me how proud he was of me, how great I'd been, how super-fuckable, how beautiful. When he carried me back to the bed, there were clean sheets waiting, and he laid me down and we cuddled for a long time.

"How do you feel?" he asked, kissing my shoulder and stroking my hair.

"I'm not quite sure yet." I found myself yielding to his touch, even as we lay there; apparently I'd been well conditioned to respond. "But I liked it. You were right."

"It's what women were made for, to please and serve men. Now your training will start."


"All the girls downstairs have been through this, and they've all been trained as slaves. I'm going to keep you here all summer, and train you into the perfect fucktoy, ready and willing to spread your legs as soon as one of the brothers snaps his fingers."

"I could do that." I knew I could, too; it was what I suddenly knew I wanted.

"There's just one more thing..."

The next day, he took me to a tattoo parlor in the village, who was used to these commissions by now, and on my newly shaven pussy, right on the meaty curve, he tattooed the Greek letters of the fraternity name, marking me as an official frat fuckslave. So every time I looked at it, I would remember my "initiation"...

It wasn't like being "pinned", the way other fraternity guys gave frat pins to their steady girls to wear on their sweaters. But somehow, I thought it was a lot better, and I was proud.

Anyway, that was years back. As I said, I'm in San Francisco now, and a year ago I was sold as a slave to my master, whom I worship and adore. But that's how it all started... and there were more adventures to follow!

Till next time, masters...your obedient slave, Ron-Ron.

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