tagRomanceTwo Dreams Ch. 03

Two Dreams Ch. 03


***She had loved how they had parted last night and wondered if she could keep her mind and hands off of David all that day. After the park they returned to an empty parking lot at the restaurant and they realized that if the restaurant was closed it was pretty late. He had parked his car next to hers and alighted from his car as she did. They started what was going to be a long good-bye as she opened the door but couldn't make herself get in.

***He was wide awake as soon as he remembered that last night had gone better than he hoped and when he realized he would be seeing her again soon. He remembered the park. He remembered driving her to her car while really wanting to drive her here to his bed. He had settled for more kisses though even after she opened her door like she was going to leave. The kiss was a long one. They'd moved beyond the shyness and were now exploring each other's mouth, bodies, skin. She had backed into the closed backdoor of the car and with the car behind her their bodies were able to be closer and tighter together. He was so turned on by Shasta he was sure she could feel how hard he was getting between their bodies.

***She had started getting wet earlier when his tongue had searched her mouth but that long kiss at the car put her engine in high gear and she could feel the wetness on her panties. She had lifted her leg to wrap around David's leg and pull him even closer. Both wearing jeans she wasn't sure how his body was reacting but she assumed he was. He was quiet even as her purring started. Her purr turned into a moan when his hand reached her breast and caressed it outside her clothes. His hands turning her on. Her hands ran through his hair and her arms drew them close. She wanted to be closer to him but wanted it to be more special than a parking lot. She had whispered to him between kisses that they needed to stop. More accurately she had said, 'Stop soon." He stole one more kiss and then slowly released her. She moved into her seat and rolled down the window to thank him for a wonderful evening.

***He couldn't believe he was being thanked for the evening when she was the one that had made it so special. The kiss leaning against the car took their physical limit to the next step. He knew he was hooked and would wait if waiting was what she wanted until they made complete love. He would fly her to the moon if that's what she wanted. But he wasn't going to wait much longer for one of those kisses.

***Thoughts of David were on Shasta's mind as she entered work. She knew she couldn't wait until their planned evening together for another kiss and so she would think of a secluded place she could drag him off to. She hadn't ever had to look for such a place before and as she walked around she looked with new eyes wondering about each spot and it's potential for a make-out session.

She had it narrowed down to a conference room that belonged to another company but which was opened and closed with their key, and the cleaning closet. Both rooms could be locked from inside. Both had the risk of someone else using the key to get in. She went so far as to find out the cleaning schedule to see if someone would use that closet during lunch time. She had decided on using the cleaning closet for lunch time today. She'd save the conference room possibilities for a time when fewer people would be around and they could really take advantage of the room and sturdy table. She was sure there would be a reason to work late before too much more time passed.

She was glad that David hadn't arrived yet. She wrote him a note in his box that said, "Kiss, kiss, and more kisses on your desk." Then the note on his desk said, "Kiss, Kiss, and for more kisses meet me at the cleaning supplies closet at 12:05" and she hadn't signed it. He had better know who it was from. She was now free to think about work again.

***David wondered if Shasta had thought about him as much as he thought about her. Yes, seeing the note in his box, he figured she had. He walked into their team room and noticed her sitting at her desk already working. He watched her but hurried to his desk although he thought he'd burst if he had to wait to hear her voice again. The note on his desk made him realize that she was not only thinking of him, but also wanting his kisses. He wondered if he could wait until noon. Maybe he would have to wait for kisses but he couldn't wait to hear her voice. He walked to her desk noticing her outfit. She wore nice khaki slacks, and a peach shirt with buttons and a collar. He wondered what was underneath that outfit. Had she dressed in any kind of lingerie in hopes of things going well today or tonight? He pulled over a chair from the neighboring desk, wishing that was his own desk. They both smiled silly smiles as each other before talking.

***She wasn't going to complain about this gorgeous guy interrupting her work. He started by saying he had a wonderful time the evening before.

"I did too," Shasta replied, "Did you get my note?" He looked around before answering. He pulled the chair closer and whispered, "I will be there and I want you ready to be kissed, and I want to make you wet for me."

Shasta blushed, realizing at the same time all the advantages she hadn't previously considered of having a boyfriend at work in such close proximity. "I've got more of what we started last night and I plan on making you embarrassed of the hard-on you'll get from our time together." Had she really said that? She could hardly look him in the eye. "Go away and let me work, you are such a distraction."

***Her words to him had been so sexy he could feel his body react to her already. He wasn't going to deny that she had that power over his body. "My walking away from you, isn't going to keep me from being distracted by you." He heard her giggle and saw her blush again. He walked away pleased with how this day had started. He didn't think of much else except her all that morning.

***Shasta's thoughts flew back to David and she looked for him around the room, but was glad for this large chunk of time this morning to organize things at her desk and do more research for this library. She managed to get herself absorbed into her work at least until 11:30, then she lost it and was looking at the clock evening minute. She left for the kitchen to eat her lunch, but still had time to spare. She wanted to be waiting for him so left for the cleaning closet early, locking the door behind her. She moved some things around to give them more room. She thought about his touches last night and started to touch herself. It was an easy decision to know she was going to reach under his shirt today and hoped that he'd reach under hers. She turned off the light and unlocked the door when it was close to time. She was longing for him.

***He showed up at the door one minute early and wasn't sure if she would be waiting. He opened the door and saw it dark and was ready to reach for the light when a voice whispered to him, "Come inside without turning on the light."

He very quickly obeyed, enjoying her plan. He figured if she wanted the lights off then she was probably going to be open to going farther physically even than last night. He didn't know where she was and let her reach for him. The hands came without delay on his chest with feeling him from the waist up to pull him to her so the kissing could start. He had missed these kisses all morning. He quickly got excited from her touching him, her kissing and his own anticipation. Neither wanted it slow between them; their lusts were too intense. He felt more than desire, he was feeling a need for her.

***She pulled him with her as she backed up to the wall. She made the first move to give him permission to go farther then they had before. She pulled his shirt out of his pants and reached under it to caress his skin. Going this next step with David's tongue searching her mouth made her wet and she felt the wetness soak her panties. David read her mind and gently tickled his fingers on her waist line above her pants. She giggled as his fingers tickled her skin. She was getting caught up in the feeling and forgetting to keep her own fingers pleasing him.

***He didn't meet any resistance as he started under her shirt. In fact the moan encouraged him to explore more quickly. He explored her waist front and back, going up from there and even tickling lower in the back. He was going slow feeling like a blind man exploring something new, until she whispered, "The buttons would make it easier." He whispered, "You read my mind." He wanted in and wanted in quickly. He stopped kissing so he could quickly undo all the buttons. Her inhibition seemed lost as she let him open her shirt and push it over her shoulders. His skin burned as he touched her skin on her breast. He felt with two hands, one on each breast. With his thumb he rubbed her skin, with his other fingers he felt a lacy bra, and squeezed them with his full hands.

***Having made the decision before, it was easy to encourage him to enjoy her breasts. She was glad she had picked out her black lacy bra and underwear, not that he could see the color in this darkness. She usually felt her breasts were a nice large size but they certainly didn't feel that way with his large hands on them. She hoped he was pleased. She was already imagining his lips sucking on her nipples. She was about to reach for him to enjoy his kisses again when he lowered his head. He didn't try for her nipples yet but just licked along the line where her bra met the skin. Quickly accomplished he found her mouth again.

***He wanted to work her into a frenzy with his treatment of her breasts and enjoyed Shasta sucking on his lips. His hands were rough where her breasts strained out of her bra, massaging them and kneading them. He reached one finger under the bra, touching her nipple, and heard himself moan at the feel. He was in heaven and was going deeper. He felt her shrug off her shirt but could barely hear it land. Now he had a clear line to her bra and reached behind her to undo the straps. He couldn't find a clasp but enjoyed the trip back to the front only to find it there. It unsnapped easily. He wondered what color it was but as she shrugged it off her shoulder, he quickly lost that thought. His hands only felt her soft silky skin. He played with them and wanted to never let go. Only one thing could be better and that's feeling those breasts in his mouth.

***She was moaning softly as he kneaded her breasts first with, then without the bra. Her moan was loud when his lip's first found her nipple, he licked it and started sucking almost immediately. With his head lower now, she ran her fingers over and over through his hair. She tossed back her head. Her hands directed him. His touches were too soft and gentle, she wanted it harder. She pushed his head into her and commanded, "Suck harder, be rough." As she roughed up his hair, dragging her fingers through his hair over and over, she pushed him to the other breast. It was feeling lonely. She wished she should have thought to bring a chair into the room to provide more comfort. They would have to do this more another time with her sitting on his lap rubbing on him. Thinking of rubbing she realized she had been neglecting him. She had gotten lost in his touches.

***He was listening to this woman respond to his touches and was incredibly turned on. He could feel his heat and wanted to let his cock out for her to touch. She must have read his thoughts because she directed his head away from her breasts and he found his mouth on hers again. Her hands now not running through his hair were moving lower. She felt and easily found his hardness through his pants. She rubbed him, and he imagined she could feel more than his size, but also his heat. She didn't move into his pants but she had accomplished her goal. How would he leave the room with such an obvious bulge? He wanted it to go on but had to ask in a whisper, "How much more time do we have?" Her watch had a light. She reluctantly turned it on.

***It had been a while since she's had such an effect on a guy and been able to enjoy the effects. She was surprised that she was getting turned on by rubbing him. She felt very naughty. After feeling his heat she knew he wasn't asking the time to get away from her. Her watch provided a small light in the dark room, and she grumbled as she realized they had already been in there 30 minutes. If they were gone too much longer someone might wonder where they were after eating their lunch so long ago. "I'll leave the room in five minutes, and you can take longer than that, if you need." He couldn't see but on her face was a big grin. He could probably hear it in her voice. After feeling his cock through his pants she longed to wrap herself around him, to get her pussy as close to his heat as possible. She pulled him close to her. Standing on one leg she pulled him close to her with her hands and one leg wrapped around his leg.

***Their bodies felt close. He could smell her, feel her, hear her. He wanted more. He reached behind her and slid his hands down under the material of her slacks and slid lower until he felt her ass cheeks. Naked skin against his hand. He squeezed and rubbed her, her skin was hot. She made him more hot by sliding her leg and whole body up and down his body. His imagination already had her in bed with not even the sheets between them.

***She wanted him so distracted he couldn't get any work done. She would consider her job finished for now, and knew she could test the results later in the evening. They hadn't said much to each other except for sharing moans, but she now described how she was feeling. She told him that her pussy was wet and dripping, that she was incredibly turned on, that she could still feel the heat of his tongue in her mouth and the heat of his hands on her breasts. She reached down and fumbled around for her dropped clothing. He helped her put it back on, which slowed down the process but made it more fun. She fixed her hair as much as she could. She took his face in her hand and kissed him with intensity. She slipped out of the room leaving the light off and quickly found her way to a bathroom.

***She had left so quickly he hadn't had time to tell her how he felt. He let himself feel it intensely after locking the door again. He had come prepared with a handkerchief, and pulled it out. His fingers were quick to release the tension on his cock to give it room, and mostly to stroke it. It didn't take much until he was ready. He moaned her name as he came into the handkerchief, hoping that the next time he got this hot he would be moaning Shasta's name to her. He cleaned up and tried to fix his hair. The bathroom was his first stop.

***She needed a bathroom for more than just cleaning up. She hoped the bathroom would be deserted so she could finish off what David had started. She loved the heat and wetness that she felt immediately after touching herself in one of the stalls. Se lifted her shirt to relive how her breasts felt and rubbed her clit and pussy until she orgasmed. She was loosing all inhibition. She couldn't wait until this evening and the evening after that and the evening after that.

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