tagRomanceTwo Dreams Ch. 06

Two Dreams Ch. 06


Chapter Six


She couldn’t stop smiling all the way to work even as she walked up the stairs to work. The first time she had dreamt of David she had been confused at all the emotions she was feeling before giving in to the safety the dream led her to. But last nights dream of David left her smiling and distracted. She hoped she would see David soon. She climbed the stairs every day now since that day she climbed the stairs to get away from David.

The stairwell was quiet except for her footsteps, and visions from her dream filled her mind again, and she didn’t try to stop them. She was gazing down into the water from the ledge of a boat, anxiously waiting for something. She didn’t know what until David’s head broke through the water. He was gasping for air, and frantically grabbed the edge of the boat. She reached for him, and helped him up the underwater steps. Before he was even to the top he was kissing her. She felt and gave in to the urgency that came from thinking he wasn’t going to come up out of the water. Yes, her desire was for him.


David walked slowly to the elevator to ride up. He was lost in his own world not registering details around him. His thoughts were on his dream about Shasta, and trying to avoid her until he had more time to think about it. He saw that she wasn’t at her desk yet and quickly made his way to his desk to start working and at least look busy. He sat down and soon realized he had forgotten to check his box, but he didn’t want to get up and come face to face with Shasta or anyone.

Instead he thought about his dream, what did it mean, if anything? It had seemed so real. He stood in the line at the bank waiting for the teller. Why was he there? When he got to the window and he still a loan. The face told him that he would have to ask the boss, and so he was sent to another window. The window was different but he got the same answer to his request. He went to an office, the face different but the answer was the same.

The dream continued like that to other offices down long hall ways. He didn’t feel angry, just lost. At what seemed like the twentieth office he was told to go upstairs. The stair case must have led ten stories up because he walked and walked but didn’t tire. He passed some doors on the way but when he tried them they were all locked. At the top of the stairs the office door opened to his touch. He walked in and stated his request. The face that looked up at him was Shasta’s, but she didn’t recognize him. He recognized her but didn’t try to talk to wake up her recognition. She asked him questions about the loan, but didn’t have too many before she told him the loan was accepted, and shook his hand. The dream seemed to have ended then, although the whole thing was fuzzy.

Why was he even looking for a meaning in his dream? He had never cared before? He opened the file on his computer where he’d written about his first dream, the one that had started his falling in love with Shasta. Maybe that’s what the dream was telling him, that he had been looking for a long time but in Shasta he had found what he was looking for. He closed his eyes and felt again how her body felt pressed against his in the cleaning closet.

He was overwhelmed with a desire to see her, but when he turned she still wasn’t at her desk. He pulled the picture out of his wallet. As he gazed at it he remembered how she’d cried while she told him about the hurt she experienced in leaving teaching. He wondered where she’d prefer to work?

She still wasn’t at her desk. Looking at the time he realized hardly any time at all had really passed. He wanted tonight to be her night. He was going to spoil her and e started thinking about where he could take her to. He started to turn to find out who was around that he could ask when he saw Shasta approaching him.


She couldn’t wait any longer to see him, and was glad he was already sitting at his desk. She dropped her stuff at her desk, and wandered casually to his desk while saying, “Good Morning,” to others. He turned and saw her at that moment and a smile took over her face.

“I missed you last night after we said good bye,” Shasta wanted to show him how much she’d missed him, but instead just pulled over an empty chair.

“I missed you so much I had a dream about you,” David replied, “You owned a bank and gave me loan.”

“Wow, that’s strange because I dreamt of you too, but it was much more erotic than yours.” The smile never moved from her face as she talked.

“Will you tell me about it?” David asked.

“Not until I get you alone and get a good-morning kiss.” Shasta blushed because her thoughts were going much farther than just a kiss.

“Tell you what, I’m in the middle of something. How about I finish it up, then I need to go check my box. I forgot to check it this morning because I was distracted by thoughts of you, and you can come with me and distract me some more. Sound good?” David asked.

“Don’t keep me waiting too long,” she pouted and grudgingly walked away.


David turned back to his desk and thoughts of the evening. He saw a friend at his desk, and got the scoop on a great place to take Shasta. Then he called for early reservations so they’d have the whole evening together. He met Shasta at her desk and they talked and walked.

“Any place we could go so I could steal some kisses?” He asked.

“Hmm,” she grinned, “how about after checking your box you meet me in the neighboring conference room, the one close to the cleaning closet?”

“Meet you there,” he replied as she walked away from him.


She got to the room first. Her mind was filled with ideas as she saw the sturdy table in the middle of the room. That would have to wait for another time.All they had time for was kisses. She closed the blinds and turned off the lights.


David didn't even look at his mail, he just went straight to the conference room. He opened the door and stepped in thinking she would grab him, but instead it was dark and still. He didn’t want to turn on the light but also didn’t want to miss a moment of being with Shasta.

“Marco,” David called into the darkness.

A stifled giggle preceded the whisper, “Polo.”

He followed the voice slamming straight into the corner of the table, calling “Owww.”

“Ow,” was the reply that went with the second giggle.

“Can I spoil you tonight?” Even after last nights kisses he was still tongue tied around Shasta and was glad for the cover of darkness to cover his blushing. “Take you out to a fancy dinner?”

“Hmmmhmm”, came the reply which indicated she was close by now.

“I love...” he called as he made his way around the table following the voice and the shuffles.


“You,” Shasta replied knowing that it was true, and letting David’s arms reach her. His arms encircling her waist. Her arms around his neck drawing him close. Their noses finding each other first in the darkness, then their lips.

She felt his kisses intensely, then felt his tongue exploring her mouth. How quickly he ignited her fire. She loved how his tongue teased over her teeth, and she moaned into David’s mouth. Moaning again when his hands moved quickly over her body not spending time in any one spot but causing alarms to go off everywhere.

David’s kisses moved down her neck heading the direction she wanted him to head, but she also knew they didn’t have time.

“David, I’m going to regret this the moment I say it, but this is not the time,” her voice spoke but she made no effort to move him away.


Shasta was right. He needed to walk away before he got in too deep. His kisses returned up her neck to her lips.

“Can I pick you up at 6?” He asked between kisses.

“I wish it were 6 already,” she replied before slipping out the door.

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