tagSci-Fi & FantasyTwo Elf Princesses

Two Elf Princesses


I hate my mother. She goes out of her way to ruin my life. It was bad enough that I had to live with her in Dewa among all the filthy races. I could have lived with my father at the capital among elves, but no I had to stay with her. Now it's even worse. Mom's taking me to the Woods of Pakona. They should be named the backwoods of Pakona because they're so far away from any culture or society. At least only elves live there. I swear I'll scream if I have to put up with any more humans, but the Pakona elves are the dullest in the entire kingdom. All they do is study, study, study and never put their arts to any use until they've read every book on the subject ever written. Even the most mundane of tasks like sweeping floors or picking flowers, has tome upon tome written about it. They study them and then practice them to the point that they can do whatever task it is with unearthly grace and precision. Then, once they've done task, it gets even worse. They go and discuss their work for hours. They'll drone on and on about the right way to dig a hole and how close they were to achieving perfection while I sit there bored to tears.

So I dreaded every step of the journey between our house in Dewa and the Ebony Keep in Pakona. With her condition, Mom sat in the wagon the whole way. I walked the entire journey with her retinue. My feet were sore, but at least I was away from her. She didn't take the hint and still tried to have a nice mother-daughter chat every evening over dinner; as if we were a real family. I hated every single moment of that. I came to dread the evenings as much as I dreaded arriving at Pakona. I was miserable the whole way and all because of mom.

After several days journey we came to the Ebony Keep. It's called that because all the exterior walls are made out of lacquered ebony wood. Like everything else in Pakona it's perfect. The walls are so finely crafted that you can't see a seam or crack anywhere, and they polish it every single day so it gleams in the sun. The elves there will go outside to watch the sunset play upon its walls and towers. They even write poems about it. I can't think of anything more boring than that. The keep is gorgeous, but Corellon Larethian do these elves take things too far.

When we arrived at the keep mom immediately abandoned me to talk to the lord of the keep. I was sent to play with the little elflings. That annoys me to no end and she always does it. It's like being sat at the elfling table at feasts. I'm not an elfling, I'm nearly 120 years old. I should be presented to the lord like an adult. Instead I was marched off to see Princess Violet. I'd met her before a few times when I was an elfling. She was about my age and every bit as dull as the rest of the elves here. I wasn't at all surprised to find her reading a book when I entered her chamber. She put it down quickly when she heard me come in and I didn't get a chance to see the title, but it was probably about the perfect technique for blinking. She stood up from her window seat and bowed with the perfect degree of respect due to my age and station then said "Welcome, young Lady Mystal to the Ebony Keep."

"Thank you most generously, Princess Violet," I responded automatically as I bowed. Well, what can I say? All elves strive for perfect manners. I didn't take it as far as she did, which is why I was surprised when she stared at me. She knew better than that. She saw me notice, blushed a little and said. "Forgive me for staring but I could not help but wonder if you are entirely elvish."

I rolled my eyes. As always mom's reputation preceded her and I was the one who suffered. Ever since I was little I heard the servants whisper that mom would jump on any human male she saw. Women she knew snickered behind her back and gossiped furiously when they thought I was out of ear-shot. All my age-mates called her a "Human loving slut." Even here in this backwoods everyone had heard of her perversions.

"Yes, I'm all elf," I replied in a curt tone. I made no secret that I was peeved by such a question.

"Oh," she replied. To my surprise she sounded disappointed. "I was hoping that you'd be, well..." she stammered. We've known each other for almost a century; she had to know that I wasn't at all human. I was trying not to get mad as she continued on in her flustered speech, "I mean you look elvish and all but it's just that human's have such passion and I was hoping..."

"That's one way to put it," I replied. She probably never saw a human if she'd say something like that. Humans are awkward, ugly and forever drooling over elvish women. That was their passion.

"I meant no offense. In the past few years I have found myself becoming tired of elves. Everything we do is extraordinary, but everything we do is safe. Our works are perfect, but they lack genius."

"You sound just like my mom," I replied.

"Is that a bad thing?" Violet asked. "After all she is your mother."

"Mother or not she's put me through the depths of Baator. All the children in Dewa would say I was half-human. They used to sing little songs about it to me."

"I am sorry Siara, I did not know. I did not mean to insinuate anything."

She really did look ashamed. Maybe I had over done it, but once I get to talking about my mom it's hard for me to stop. "And all the women of our house treat her coldly," I continued. Not that mom cared. If she did she wouldn't sleep around with humans. At least for the sake of house Mystal I would hope she had some decency, but I might as well hope for wings.

"Yet she looks content. I saw her walk through the court from here," Violet pointed at her window seat. "I do not think I've ever seen an elf woman look so happy. Elfling girls have that sort of infectious glee, but not grown women."

"That's because mom has no shame. Every century she takes a new human lover. This one knocks her up and she's all but singing with joy. I'm going to have an ugly half-breed sibling and she couldn't care less about that. She's even leaving the elf lands to go to his family's estates. Well good riddance, I say. At least I'll be away from her. I'll bet your mother doesn't behave that way."

"No, mother never speaks to humans at all. She never speaks to male elves either; not even to father."

"See she's perfectly respectable," I said with a definite nod.

"She is, but mother is often cranky, like many elf woman." She paused and looked at me strangely then asked, "Do you have someone special?"

That came out of the blue. "No," I replied without even thinking. Maybe I should have kept some mystery about my love life, but I'd never even had a boy who was interested in me. "Most of the boys my age are more interested in each other."

"I am afraid that it is the same here as well. I wish it was not that way for I feel lonely."

"Well that's the way it is. Elf men have each other and elf women are alone."

"I do not wish to complain about the ways of nature, but to me that seems unfair and unhealthy," she replied. "I think that is the reason why your mother is happy and mine is cranky."

I was shocked by her words, as if there was anything good about having such desperately low standards as mom. "I'm not taking a human lover. You should have more self-respect than that."

"I am sorry to have offended you, but I did not mean to imply that," she said quickly. "Instead I was thinking that maybe we could follow the male elves' example."

"What do you mean?" I asked, surprised and confused. She didn't really just say that, did she?

"I found my father's books on how to make love to a woman. I do not think that he will notice that they are missing for they look like they have not been opened in a very long time. I read them first with an idle curiosity but I found many ideas in the books intriguing. I know that I cannot do everything in the books the way a male elf would, for I lack the masculine organ, but there are many things that I can do. Would you be willing to try them with me, Siara?"

Good Corellon Larethian this girl was sick in the head. To think such perverted thoughts was bad enough, but to ask me to take part in her perverted games was just too much. It was just wrong, wasn't it? I found myself staring into those dark blue eyes. She really was pretty, but something like that was just too gross. I couldn't do it; could I? I wondered as she moved up close to me. I could feel her breath on my cheeks, but she was a girl. I had to push her away, I thought as our lips met. Hers were so soft and warm. They felt delicious. There no strength in my arms to push her away. My knees were too weak to run away. I didn't want to move at all; it just felt wonderful. We continued kissing. Was I as easy as mom? Maybe, but I couldn't deny that it felt so good. I found that I was kissing her back. Strange sensations began to flood my body. My most secret spot began to feel all warm.

"Is that nice?" she asked. She sounded out of breath. Her voice was dry and husky.

She really was pretty, I thought as I stared into those dark blue eyes. She had black hair and skin the color of milk. She could wear the deep reds and dark purples that I couldn't. With my fair complexion I had to stick with aqua or light green or else I'd look sick. She always wore a sprig of violets behind her long ear; that had seemed just too cutesy a minute ago, but now it seemed to fit her perfectly.

"Oh Violet," I mouthed, "But we shouldn't." Violet easily saw through such a feeble protest and our mouths met again. Her kisses became more insistent and more forceful. I felt her tongue pass through my lips. I had never even thought about such a thing, but now I was exploring her mouth with relish. I felt so weak that I felt that I would collapse if I didn't hold her tight.

To my dismay she broke the kiss and stepped back. She said, "Come on, this is what the book said you should do next." She took me by the hand and led me through a door at the far end of her antechambers. It led to a spacious room with a parquet floor and a four post canopied bed with violet down covers. It was exactly what I thought a princess's bedroom would be.

"The books say that this is the most difficult part," she said as she motioned for me to spin around. "So please forgive me if I do not get it quite right." I could feel her fingers working upon the many buttons and hooks on the back of my gown. In a moment it slid down my body to the floor. She whispered, "Turn around," and when I did she kissed me and then lifted my chemise over my head. She must have liked what she saw because she said, "They are so lovely." She bent down and gave one of my nipples a light playful kiss. They seemed to be at the point of bursting from their hardness.

"You have lovely pantalets," she said as she grasped the waist and worked them down my hips. Her fingertips gently brushed my ass as she slid them down. "Are they silk?" she asked.

"Yes," I said, trying to hide my embarrassment at being naked in front of her while she was still fully clothed. I moved my hand over my womanhood, but my breasts were still exposed to her lustful gaze.

She must have sensed how uncomfortable I felt, for she turned around, lifted up her long, black hair, and asked, "Could you please unfasten me?"

I got to work right away. I could see why this was the hard part. I have servants dress and undress me. So I'm not used to unfastening my own buttons let alone someone else's. I was all thumbs as I tried to get her out of her dress. She didn't mind, though, and when I wasn't more than halfway done she gave a shake of her shoulders and let her dress cascaded down to the floor. She turned around and winked at me. My throat felt dray as she lifted her chemise over her head in a simple fluid motion and cast it to the side. She had a slender tummy and lithe little breasts that came to the most adorable rosy points. Her pantalets were violet and ruffled. She slithered out of them revealing a thick patch of black hair over her nether lips. It looked so much different than my sparse blonde tuft which left my sex exposed. The way her eyes slowly roved over my body, though, I'm sure she didn't mind at all.

She didn't say a word. She didn't have to. I knew exactly what she wanted. She pushed me down upon her bed and worked her mouth over my sensitive orbs. Her tongue felt amazing as it flicked across my nipples. She ran her tongue across my breast and then gently suckled on them. I was soon squirming in anticipation. I felt my womanhood grow wet. Every touch, every caress seared my flesh. She explored all my body with her fingertips. It was wonderful. I felt treasured, like I was the only woman in the world. It was silly, I guess, since it was Violet was making me feel that way, but I couldn't deny the feeling and I couldn't deny that it made me happy.

Her mouth left my breasts and began a trail of slow, sensuous kisses down across my belly. She gently parted my legs and kissed my sensitive inner thighs slowly and sensuously sending shivers throughout my body. Just when I felt I could take no more, her hands cupped my ass and her mouth began to work upon my sex.

What I felt then was indescribable; it was like magic. A slow building fire began in the depths of my womanhood and over time seemed to fill my body with an all-consuming fire. There was nothing in this world but the pleasure I felt. All that existed was her lovely tongue and my delectable cunt. Every lick brought me to a new state of bliss. I lost all sense of decorum and began to scream out my passion. I couldn't help it, but even if I could have I wouldn't. I needed to let her know how she was making me feel. I needed to tell her how wonderful it was. Screaming was the only way I could, for any words or any thought was well beyond my power. I was like one of the creatures of the forest, alive only in the sensation of the moment. Then, as I was lost in another world, a feeling of the sweetest relief swept over me. I fell backwards into a chasm of endless pleasures. I felt my body jerk and convulse but my body felt distant and remote.

I felt a warm glow wash over me as I felt myself slowly drift back to the real world. Violet moved up beside me and cuddled. She gently stroked my hair as she whispered my name. I felt warm. I felt loved. I felt perfectly safe in her arms. After a few minutes I opened my eyes and saw her staring down at me. She was so pretty, I could only think of doing the same thing to her.

"Tell me, what did you think of the experience?" she asked.

"It was wonderful, more wonderful than I could say," I replied.

"When I put my mouth on your womanhood it is called cunnilingus," she said. "The books say that women like this activity immensely."

Maybe I should read more, I thought. Those books do have some truth in them.

She continued, "After performing cunnilingus the books say that the man should put his penis into the woman's vagina. Unfortunately I do not have a penis, so we have to skip that stage and go to cuddling. The book says that is what women like best."

She was perfectly lovely without a penis, I thought. "It's very nice," I agreed, "But I think I need to do cunnilingus to you."

"I do not think that you should," she replied. Her gentle smile turned to a look of concern. "I have only studied the man's role in making love. I do not think I could properly behave as a woman."

I wanted to laugh at that, imagine a woman not being able to perform her own role in love making. I didn't dare, though. Silly as it sounded she was sincere. She was genuinely concerned about behaving correctly for me; even in the depths of passion. She was so sweet that I needed to let her enjoy the gift that she had given me. "Don't worry. This time let's first do it naturally and then you can find a book on how to be a woman behave during the act of love."

"That is not the way that it is done," she said.

I wasn't going to take no for an answer, and I suspected she was more than willing to be convinced. I replied, "But that's how I did it. I haven't read any books on making love. Don't you think I did okay?"

"You did wonderful," she paused to consider. "Very well, I shall do it as an unlettered woman in this art. Please do not judge me too harshly," she said.

As if I would, I thought as I took possession of her breasts. Corellon Larethian, they felt wonderful. They were nice and pert and felt both soft and springy to the touch. I worked my mouth on one nipple and my finger on the other as she shivered in delight.

I could tell that she loved what I was doing. I saw that her hips and her ass were starting to squirm in anticipation of what was to come. I knew what had driven me wild earlier and guessed that would work on her as well. I breathed my own trail of kisses down to her inner thighs. Then I began working my tongue upon her sex. She tasted fragrant, like a bouquet of wild flowers. She showed her appreciation my efforts with little whimpers of feminine desire. I worked my tongue over her groove until she gave a long soft sigh, announcing that she had reached the plateau of her passion.

I raised myself upon my elbows and looked up at her. She was gorgeous, lying sprawled out before me upon her bed, completely relaxed with the slightest smile playing upon her lips. I moved and snuggled up against her. She put her arm around me and held me as before. I was proud of my efforts and the effect they had upon her, but felt so much more wonderful with her holding me. I felt that I was special in that position. I was the most special elf in the world.

We lay in that position for a while, and then she turned her head and kissed me. I knew I tasted like her cunt, but she seemed delighted to feel her mouth against mine.

"That was even better than the book said it would be," she breathed.

The book, I mused, even now studies were all she thought of. Still they must have done her some good, for I couldn't deny the pleasure I experienced. "It was nice," I agreed.

"Do you think I performed the woman's role properly?" she asked. "I know that I will have to research it further to get better, but I did my amateur best for you."

"Oh, Violet," I said and snuggled up closer to her, "You did wonderful."

"I am relieved but are you okay with this?" she asked. "After such pleasure I find that I want to practice this more and become the perfect lover."

"Don't worry," I replied, "This isn't a perversion like my mother's." I caressed her ear and said, "After all we're both elves."

She sat up and beamed with delight then kissed me, "Such beautiful elves."

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