Two Face


This is my first step into erotica. Years after having wanted to, I made it. This is a short story and perhaps a beginning to a chain but not quite sure. Enjoy, comment and engage but if you wish to use this story in anyway, on your blog or website or otherwise- contact me and give me due acknowledgement-

'Kylie Kooks'

All Rights Reserved- 2018.


Denise looked in the mirror. The woman stood in the stunning woolen skirt that ended half thigh allowing a peek to the garters pulling up the stockings of lace trim design and rest sheer nylon. They had a beautiful finish seeing through to her strong calves. Her heels on, black with a golden detail, a satin shine and open toed. Her inner thighs musky, sweated and her pussy juiced and dried and juiced into the French cut thong in chocolate brown. Her wonderfully round mature cheeks sizzling under the wool, having been spanked and the torn slit on the center side from the back that had exposed her bottom through most the train journey, documented by the camera he had attached to her designer purse. Her blouse soaking in her tensed sweats, showing from a see through chiffon window, the matching black bra. Her hair perfectly made up post the degradation and the reception of copious amounts of white. She looked in the mirror and wondered in her wardrobe space that in spite of all she would like to pick out a toy and massage her pussy once again for the need to feel another orgasm. It was but an hour to the time she should be at the office but her mind wouldn't let her get back into her normal life. By now, she was an expert in living these two lives- but it was always difficult disrobing from the glamorous submissive to robe back into the mundane boss woman, she was tired of being.

She unbuttoned the blouse, discovering the central button already broken and a tear in the right arm pit. The skirt pulled off a moment later as she stepped out in heels and admired herself in the mirror. Her blonde and ash locks were naturally curly at the ends- her hair tied back tightly showing off her mature beautiful visage. Most of the make up nearly destroyed but the lipstick remained red and her green eyes hadn't needed any liner in the first place. Her skin on the neck gave her away a bit but her heavy bosom was a proud 38DD that for now, was aching to release out of the expensive chocolate brown bra cups. She reached back and let it fall open, naturally taking a deep breath. She looked down at her panties... they were shamefully stained. She did develop a blush as she slowly rolled them off her ample bottom, the wedged lace slightly snapping out of her sweated bottom revealing still fresh juice creating a sticky trail in the pool of cum that was expelled by her lippy mature pussy into the gusset of the expensive fabric. She let them fall too. Stepping off and walking to the stool near her mirror. She had intended to bend over, remove her shoes, then her stockings and garters and walk into a warm shower to dress up fit for office and leave. But her heaving bosom and the contour of her legs- not to mention the aromas she was developing mixed with the flashes of the evening and night she had experienced, tempted her to indulge in herself evermore.

Her eyes moved, her wrist turned, she looked at the time on her gold bracelet wristwatch. She cursed time itself with closed eyes and swiftly move her bottom to turn her stool to face the full mirror. Her legs parted and thighs spread. Beautiful light gold polished nails trailed her trimmed blonde bush and pulled to expose the bud like but not so small clitoris. It shined like her lips, which were admittedly a mix of left overs and her own new arousal. The simple trail of her three fingers over it made her moan with a priceless face- it was a grimace of giving up to her needs once again. Her body bent toward the chest of drawers and pulled it open. Her hands unbuckled the leather box she always carried within, and sifted through a scandalous mess of sexual apparatus. She found the first suction cup dildo she could and pulled it out, there was no time for discrimination. It was a slightly curved, pale like her and had a larger head. She lifted her bottom off the stool and placed the makeshift in place under her. She squat and looked at the mirror, biting her lip- her nipples were like the Alps, areolas like large wheels. Weighted bosom already shaking with her heart thumping and layered breathing. She sat down and gasped as her experienced pussy expelled any mix of liquids that had made their way to the entrance. She wiggled down to settle and began to gyrate all the way up and back down, beginning to ride the erect and thick headed but fairly short and stubby item of sexual pleasure. Her right hand moved toward her bush and clitoris, beginning to wildly move diagonally up and down, coaxing a breath squeal from her coarse throat. Coarse from all the shouting and screaming the night before.

There she was once again, a slave to her libido, as the seconds and minutes ticked away. A sight in the mirror of a successful mature woman, ravishing as she was, bouncing on a rubber cock and puddling her stool in stockings, garters and heels. Her ass rump, the mature skin on it and the heavy breasts shaking wildly adding to the nervous pleasure mounting once again in her body. Her mind now clear of the shame she felt, even though she was so used to it by now, of giving into her base needs so often, so often that she had trouble maintaining her normal persona and life- in turn making it difficult rather than easy for a smart kitty like her to have reached the heights she had in her professional life. As her eyes fluttered and the sight of her doing this was as amazing to her nymph inside, she exploded with her entire mature frame flexed and shuddering like it was caught in a machine. Her orgasm made its way out in liquid and cream bouncing off the stool, the dildo and finally soaking her nylons and the floor. She took a deep breath and her body relaxed, now the entire frame covered in sweat as she sat right back down on the dildo making her arch and grimace audibly. She threw her head back and held both her breasts, squeezing them before she gathered herself and panted for a minute or two.

Lifting her bottom off, the dildo made a 'flappy' sound as it extracted from her pussy. She stood with her hands to the mirror and grit her teeth, letting a profanity or two fly aimed at the person in the mirror. She stumbled a few steps toward the left and then walked with heels tapping into the lavish white and gold bathroom with its lights flashing on by themselves. The large sink and mirror showed her that bitch she had encountered again... she ignored her stunning sexual form, her smug smirk of knowing the power she had over Denise and proceeded to remove her bracelet watch, looking at the time and scanning across to her golden phone. Picking it up and tapping away at it, shooting of an e-mail and a text message to the assistant of the company's CEO she was supposed to meet on this trip- that she would be half an hour late. As the phone slid back on the counter it hit the two lavish rings, she had left there, and had been for the last day. She laid her eyes over them and had no reaction before turning and lifting her leg to the toilet bowl, removing first her heels and then rolling off the stockings after unclasping the garter snaps. Fully undressed she stepped into the shower and tried to make it quick.

The warm water sizzled her pale bottom and brought about the contrast it had against the marking she had taken the night before. As she lathered that body of hers and shut her eyes to step back under the rain like but warm shower-she had hoped to wash off the guilt, the shame and the knowledge of her weakness, her second face and life away, as on every occasion. Today would be nothing special but as long as she didn't let 'her' out again, she was confident of making this merger and much more success. As the bathroom fogged up, the smirking form of sexual perfection in the mirror that mimicked her movements, that second face, disappeared.

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by Cht_Wilcox01/28/18


Loved the internal tug between the world that sees her (you?) and the carnal animal seeking limitless pleasure! Keep going!

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