tagFetishTwo Feet Are Better Than One

Two Feet Are Better Than One


Summer is easily the best time of year, in my opinion. It's especially fun when you get to go out and have fun, like I was at my city's summer festival that crazy day. The weather was about as perfect as you can get: about 79 degrees, little humidity, good cloud cover and only a gentle breeze. It was nice enough to enjoy the weather, yet it didn't hinder the thing I love most about summer: what girls are wearing. I was walking around the festival grounds with my two companions: my beautiful girlfriend, Brittany and her best friend Erin.

Brittany is what a lot of guys would unfortunately call somewhat of a "plain jane" and never give her much attention. She was fairly tall, very skinny, with simple light brown hair that was about shoulder length and hazel eyes to match. She had slightly longer, but clear face with very beautiful lips She really didn't have much else of what guys want in a girl. Her boobs were small and only somewhat perky and her ass is about as flat as one can get.. However, she had an awesome smile and an awesome personality. I didn't care about the shortcomings, because I loved being with her. She was wearing a tye dye shirt and a nice pair of very low shorts to show off her skinny, but attractive legs.

Now her friend Erin is a bit like her, but a bit improved body-wise. Erin about the same height and just as skinny as Brittany. Her boobs are slightly bigger and her butt stuck out enough to call it cute. Her face was very slightly freckled and her nose was slightly longer. Her eyes are an alluring green, drawing in any unfortunate boy that looked into them. She was wearing a simple yellow tank top with a short khaki skirt, showing off her equal irresistible legs. Her hair however, is what really sets her apart. She dyes it frequently, and it was currently black and brown mixed in. It made her quite the head turner. Of course, she has a habit of being a bit of a bitch and can really be annoying. She's very flirtatious and because of that, she has been around with one too many guys. I was more than happy to be with Brittany, even if Erin's physique could sometimes be distracting.

We were simply just walking around, looking at the sites and occasionally chowing down at the food stands. We had just watched a boat race on the pond and now we were kinda bored. It's different when you are all college age and everything in the festival seems to attract kids. This gave Erin the perfect opportunity to whine.

"Are we gonna do something fun?! We've been walking around forever," she said slumping behind me and Brittany.

I gave Brittany an amused look, which she returned with a quick smile. She knew I wasn't happy that Erin was with us. I had hoped it just to be the two of us. Erin basically invited herself, saying she wanted to "keep an eye on us lovebirds." Honestly, it's not like she was totally off. I was hoping to take Brittany back home with me later. My family was out of town until tomorrow evening and Brittany and I had still not had sex yet. We had been dating a few months and we both seemed to want to change that. It annoyed me Erin came along, seeing as a chance like this wasn't going to present itself for awhile.

I gave Erin a puzzled look. "If you didn't want to walk around, then why the hell did you want to come?"

"I didn't think it would be sooooo boring!," said said, pouting her lip. "Besides, I was supposed to hang out with Britty Bear in the first place."

I looked over at Brittany, seeing if that was true. She gave me a defeated look. "I was supposed to go to the beach with her today, but I really didn't want to," she answered. "I promised her another time next week anyway."

She smiled and drew closer to me. I knew I shouldn't take it any farther. I really was happy that I was spending time with Brittany, so even Erin couldn't totally ruin the moment. We walked around a bit longer, but again Erin started whining.

"Could we stop in a shaded area and take a break?" Erin pleaded. "It's hot out and my feet are killing me."

I knew she was being ridiculous. It could not have been nicer outside and I was hardly breaking a sweat. I knew that arguing with her wasn't going to help, so we stopped at a tent to sit down. After the girls sat, I told them I was going to get Brittany and I some slushies.

"Get me one too, would you Danny Boy?" Erin said with a bat of her lashes. I groaned and walked to the stand. Not only did she call me by the nickname I hate, but knowing her I knew who was paying for her slushie.

When I got back a few minutes later with our drinks, the girls were relaxing and talking about women stuff. Only one thing, however, caught my attention. Erin must not have been kidding about her feet, as she had slipped of her right flip flop and was caressing her foot. Now there is another reason why i love summer: I love feet. I've had a foot fetish since about 6th grade. I used to think my own desire was weird, but I grew to accept it and have mostly hid it from people. Erin's feet are a '6 or '7, if I had to guess. She had her lovely, slender toes painted black, which unfortunately is my favorite polish color. Her soles were red and looked caked in sweat. She had been wearing simple flips flops that we black, nothing too exciting. I had avoided looking thus far, but feet are like a magnet for my eyes. I had to snap out of it before I dropped the overpriced slushies. Neither really noticed frankly my awkward starting. After handing out the slushies, I took notice of my girlfriends feet. Brittany was wearing some worn out Vans, so I couldn't see her feet. I was a bit disappointed in myself for looking at Erin's feet and wishing I could see Brittany's feet instead. I hadn't told her about my fetish yet, but I was confident she would accept it

So we stand around for a little bit talking about college stuff and people we knew. All the while, I couldn't help but take a few more peeks at Erin's beautiful feet. They just looked so tender and soft from what I could see. Eventually, she slipped her flip flop back on and crossed her legs. It didn't give me the best view now. She played with her shoes, bouncing them against her foot and circling her feet. To a normal person the clicking against her soles and her footplay would be nothing to them, but it was distracting to me.

We finally got up and continued looking around. Now that I had her feet on mind, I couldn't resist taking other peeks occasionally, especially if she was in front of us. I knew this was gonna be a long ass day if this kept up. Luck may have it, I noticed that the sky was darkening and I remembered that the forecast said there was a chance of rain. I suggested that we head back to my house. I lived very close, so it was in walking distance. Erin, not wanting to ruin her hair, immediately agreed.

We got back to my place ten minutes later, and just in time too. Not long after we got home, it started pouring like crazy. Erin slipped off her flip flops and jumped on my family's nice couch. I about wanted to smack her, seeing as that couch was new. My lips froze when she put her legs up on the end couch, giving me a perfect view of her delicious soles. She curled up her toes and scrunched her soles, then stretched her entire body out, apparently exhausted. Every fiber in me was screaming to grab her feet. I turned around to Brittany, hoping to hide my interest, not to mention the boner I just got.

I turned around at the perfect moment, because not only had Brittany taken off her Vans, but she was removing her disgusting green socks. They revealed her pretty, red-painted toes that were slightly longer than Erin's. Brittany's feet had to be a '9 by the looks of it. Her shoes must have been really sweaty, because I got a strong whiff of something She looked up at me and gave me a confused face.

"What's wrong baby? Is there something on me," she asked concerningly.

I focused my attention back at her and replied, "Nothing beautiful, just can't believe you're with me." That did the trick, because she immediately, smiled and gave me a quick, but passionate kiss. I could hear Erin making vomiting noises and making fun of us.

So, like everyone else does during a storm, we decided to watch movies. It wasn't exactly what I had in mind and I could see that Brittany felt the same way. Erin took a ride with Brittany, so it wasn't like we could kick her out or anything. Disappointed, I sighed and turned on Netflix to find something to watch. I asked the girls what they wanted to watch. Brittany wanted to watch an action movie. Erin wanted to watch porn, being the sarcastic bitch she is. My mind immediately flashed back to her soles, begging me to put them in my mouth and suck on her toes until the end of dawn. I shook of the thought and looked for action movies. We ended up choosing Iron Man, despite Erin's protest to watch something "more interesting." I put in the movie and we started watching.

Brittany and I took the couch and snuggled in a blanket, as it was a bit cold in the house. Erin took the recliner closer to the tv. She once again spread out her sexy legs and put her feet out. I don't think I've ever been more distracted during a movie. She really did have some of the best legs I've ever seen and her feet really complimented them. Brittany's feet were covered by the blanket, so no chance of looking at her soles from here. Erin moved very little, but she would wiggle her little toes occasionally and switch legs. She was into the movie, so she never noticed. Brittany, funny enough, wasn't as interested. She kept her eyes to the screen, but she took her hands down my pants and reached for my cock. Good thing I wasn't that wet from looking at their feet, or she would have noticed. She stroked my cock and put her head on my shoulders, giving me a quick, naughty look.

"I could get used to this," I thought to myself. I gave her a quick smile and continued watching the movie. Brittany continued giving me a handjob for quite some time. It was really hard to keep my cool, seeing as I didn't want Erin noticing. At one point, Brittany went faster and stroked the tip of my cock. I let out a moan, much to my surprise. Erin looked over, looked down at my where my crotch was under the blanket. I also looked down, and there was a let bump sticking out. She gave a quick smile and returned to watching the movie. Brittany continued for a bit longer, then stopped suddenly. She wiggled out of my arms and laid down on the couch. She put her legs on my lap.

"Baby, could you give me a massage?" she asked with an innocent look on her. "My feet hurt from walking around all day."

I thought I was gonna gag for a second. She just asked me to massage her feet. It was like I was a little boy at Christmas opening up a present. I took her feet from under the blanket and examined them. They were very sweaty and white as can be. I began massaging her right foot immediately. I guess it shouldn't come as too much of a surprise. I did tell her that I knew how to massage feet. Her soles were nice and smooth, much like the rest of her skin. Her long toes, painted a light red, made me want to stick them in my mouth right then and now. I concentrated on a circular motion on her soles, then I took her toes and spread them out, relieving the stress walking around had done to them. Brittany tilted her head back and closed her eyes, giving off a dreamy sigh.

"That feels so good, keep doing it," she said. Brittany's body was totally relaxed at this point and I could definitely tell I was doing well.

I continued massaging her divine feet, but also noticing Erin from the corner of my eye. She was sitting up, watching us with interest. I don't think any of us really cared about the movie at this point. I went to the left foot, with much the same results. Brittany gave out a small moan, which sounded more sexual than it did relaxed. I was loving this more than Brittany thought and I never wanted to stop. I just wished that Erin wasn't here, watching this. This was supposed to be a private moment for Brittany and I, but Erin kept watching as though the movie was nothing compared to this. Maybe she was envious? Or maybe she was annoyed? Whatever it was, I ignored it and continued my work,

After a while of massaging her, Brittany looked up at me with a devious smile. "Are you enjoying my sexy feet you dirty little boy?"

I blushed as bright red as one can get. I had made it too obvious. How could I not though? I was loving this, and my boner had not dissipated since I started. Erin started giggling, with Brittany joining along.

Erin got out of her seat and moved over towards us. "I noticed you were checking out my cute little feet, you dirty footboy," she said teasingly.. "You're so naughty, to be looking at my feet. You shouldn't be looking at your girlfriend's friend's feet. You need to be taught a lesson you silly pervert." The girls both giggled even more.

"Do you wanna smell my delicious soles baby?" Brittany asked Erin seductively, sitting back farther in the couch.

Erin replied giggling. "Sure baby-cakes, I would love to." Before I could say anything, Erin took Brittany's right foot and started feverishly sniffing it. Brittany started giggling uncontrollably. They were being really immature I thought. Those were my feet, and I wanted them in my face. The whole time I had been massaging them, I had noticed the faint smell of sweaty feet and wanted them for myself.

Erin took her left foot and started sniffing that as well, barely able to do so because she couldn't stop laughing. She looked over at me and gave me a wink. "Ohhhh, are we jealous footboy? Britty-bear's feet smell so good. Do you want to try?"

I reached for Brittany's foot, but Erin took it away and wagged a finger. "Nah-uh, these toesies are mine now." She moved Brittany's foot up to her mouth, took out her tongue and gave it a long, sexy lick up the sole. Brittany immediately gave a long sexy moan, although I think she playing around. Erin gave another good lick up the sole with her long, fabulous tongue. I could see the saliva on Brittany's sole, making me wish that we me doing the licking. I thought I was gonna cum just watching my girlfriend get her feet licked by another hot girl.

I made for another grab for Brittany's foot. I was not gonna be shown up by Erin, but again it she pushed me away. "What the hell did I tell you? These are mine now.....deal with it foot boy." She took another long lick and Brittany responded with what seemed like a genuine moan. Great, now my girlfriend was being turned on by someone else licking her feet.

Erin looked over at me, smiling when she noticed just how pissed off and desperate I was. "Tell you what," she said. "You can have my best friend's left foot, but...."

"But what?!" I said angrily. "She's my girlfriend you fucking slut." This was getting ridiculous, even for Erin.

"Owww, such a meanie foot boy," Erin retorted with a pout. "I was gonna say you can have Britty's left foot, butttt.......you gotta suck on mine first." She put her right foot into my face and wiggled her toes. "I saw you looking at them earlier you fucking pervert. I know my toesies are pretty, but I never knew that you got off from there. Now lick my feet bitch!!!"

I was absolutely stunned. Erin was basically forcing me to worship her feet. This disgusted me like no other, but turned me on as well. I looked over at Brittany, thinking she would not appreciate this. Shockingly, she looked at me with a flirtatious smile and said "Go ahead, I don't mind you sucking on Erin's cute toes...as long as you save her left foot for me...and you suck on mine better." She then gave me a wink and gave Erin a small little kick and a giggle. Erin went back to licking Brittany's foot. I couldn't really comprehend on what was going on. It was turning into a three way foot worship. It was like I was dreaming, so I pinched myself. Nope, not a dream. Erin seemed like she knew what she was doing and Brittany was clearly enjoying this experience.

"Excuse me footboy! I don't feel a tongue on feet!" Erin yelled. I snapped out of my confusion and took Erin's leg. I thought since they were teasing me, I would tease her. I ran my tongue first up her sexy leg and worked my way slowly down to her feet. Erin seemed to be paying little attention, who was now sucking on Brittany's toes one by one. I was shaking with jealousy again, as that was the part I loved the most and Brittany's toes were perfectly shaped for sucking. Wasting little time, I went straight for Erin's soles and licked them like they were popsicles. The sweat on her feet filled my mouth and I thought it was delicious. I was doing everything I could to keep myself from cumming, since I wanted to wait to do so on Brittany's feet. I instead went for Erin's toes. The best part about flip flops is that you don't get lint between your toes, just plenty of sweat. I noticed that while I was sucking on them, Erin was giggling. Was she ticklish? I sucked on them harder and moved my tongue around faster. Erin started breaking out in laughter, making it harder for her to play with Brittany's toes. She started wiggling her toes inside of my mouth. It felt kinda nice to having them wiggling my mouth, so I kept sucking on them, taking in multiple toes at once. I went back to the soles and the ball of her foot. That must have been a soft spot. She started making moaning sounds and breathing more heavily, like she was turned on. I kinda felt guilty in the fact I was turning Erin on and not Brittany. At this point though, I was too far gone to stop and I was enjoying this way too much. Even after looking at her beautiful feet all day, I never thought they would taste this perfect.

After a few minutes, I had literally gone over the whole foot twice over. Erin's feet glistened with my saliva, something I found really sexy. Erin had also wrapped up on sucking on Brittany's equally glistened soles. Brittany got up from her resting spot and smiled at Erin.

"Thanks babe, you are the best foot licker ever, not to mention the sexiest." Brittany said.

"Oh it was nothing gorgeous, you just happen to have sexy feet," Erin replied.

They drew in close to each other and gave each other a quick kiss on the lips. The teasing was getting way too much. Nothing is hotter than too straight girls kissing. I pulled out my throbbing cock, shocked to see that it was at about '8 inches or so already.

"Oh baby, do me and Erbear turn you on?" Brittany asked seductively. Before I could answer, she had already buried my cock in her mouth and was sucking at it like there was no tomorrow. She never got my cock deep, but she concentrate on the head for the most part. I didn't last long before I came right in her mouth. Brittany was caught by surprise, but swallowed the whole load in one big gulp. I relaxed a bit after that. I couldn't remember the last time I came that hard.

"Oh baby, you taste so good, but I bet my feet well taste better to you." Brittany sat upright and put her put against my chest. I took her foot and started caressing it again.

"Oh I'm sure all of you will taste better Brit Brit," I said as seductively as I could.

Erin giggled again. "Wait a minute Brittany, I think it's only fair that you suck on my toes since I did yours baby girl." She took out her other foot, which Brittany graciously took.

"Oh Erin, I would love to suck on your pretty feet. In fact, I've been waiting for you to ask me, hot stuff," Brittany replied with a wink. She began sucking on Erin's toes, slowly but surely. I went for Brittany's toes, wanting to have my dessert first before the main course of her soles. Her feet were even more sweaty than Erin's and her toes filled up my mouth more. Brittany's feet were bigger and sexier than Erin's. My tongue was really getting a workout from her perfect feet. Brittany was equally busy working on Erin's toes. She and Erin were constantly moaning, which was starting to get me hard again. This made me suck and lick her feet harder than with Erin. By the time I was done, her left was was wetter than it was before with sweat.

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