tagCelebrities & Fan FictionTwo For One Night Stand

Two For One Night Stand


I was in the middle of the same routine as always. Picking up a hazelnut latte and a blueberry scone on my way to work like any other day. My heart beating a little faster today, knowing that I was going to the Green Day/ Offspring concert later that day. I had tried to get the day off, so that I could be there early and maybe sweet talk my way backstage or onto the tour bus, but there was no way that I could get a break. The best that I could do was to leave at 3 instead of 5 if I skipped lunch. Just as the coffee boy handed me my coffee and scone, he mentioned that this was the last hazelnut of the morning; they were all out of the syrup.

"Excuse me?" A familiar voice behind me said.

"No more hazelnut?" He asked. I grabbed my cup and turned around, planning to just say "Sorry," as I walked out the door with my little prize. But when I saw who was behind me, my jaw dropped. It was Dexter Holland. I had been fantasizing about this singer of the Offspring for a decade. He asked me if there was any way that he could convince me to give up the latte. I said that he could have it if he gave me his shirt and autographed it. We stepped aside from the crowd of people at the counter, and he yanked his white tank top off. He said he'd been jogging and it was pretty rank. I pulled a sharpie out of my purse and told him to make it to Tara. He laid the shirt on a table and signed it. I gladly handed him my latte. "Are you coming to the show tonight?" He wanted to know. "Yeah, wouldn't miss it" I answered. He asked if Id like to hang out backstage after. "Are you kidding me?" I asked. "I've been a fan of your band and Green Day forever."

"Well," he said, "Tell me your last name. I'll leave an all access pass for you at will call." He smiled.

"Baines, Tara Baines" I told him. "I'm late," I frowned, looking at my watch. Dex kissed my cheek, and said he was looking forward to seeing me later. I grabbed his tank top and left. I didn't need coffee that morning, I was excited enough already.

All I could think of all day was getting home, and to the concert later. By the time it was 3 o'clock, I had already changed my mind about what to wear a dozen times. On my way home I stopped at my favorite shop to see if they had anything special. I found a black halter-top that seemed to sparkle, without looking like a Christmas tree. I paid for it and sped home to have a shower before I got dressed. I shaved my legs, under my arms, and then trimmed the hair on my pussy. I wanted to be perfect, just incase I got lucky enough to wrap my legs around Dex. I soaped up my body, and shampooed my hair. As I was rinsing off, my hands lingered at my breasts. My nipples were hard, just at the thought of rubbing up against Dex's taut chest.

My hand wandered down to my pussy. It had been tingling all day, begging to be touched. As I rubbed my clit, I imagined having Dex in the shower with me, making sure that he got my most private places squeaky clean before we got out of the shower and licked each other dry. Fingering my pussy, I came. After getting out of the shower, I realized that it was later than I thought. I pulled on my halter-top, and then wrapped my hair in a towel. Then I put on my black silk thong panties, and my black jeans. I thought of wearing my sexy black strappy shoes with the spiky heels. When I thought of how much my feet would hurt at the end of the night, I reluctantly put on a pair of socks and sneakers. If Dex were going to see my feet, they would not be looking tortured. Dream on, I told myself as I tied my shoes. Dream on.

I drove down to the arena and walked up to the will call box office. "Tara Baines," I told the girl at the window. I half expected her to not have anything for me, but she slid over a brown envelope. "Thanks," I gulped as I walked away, tearing the envelope open. I threw away the envelope and clipped the pass on my jeans. I walked up to the doors of the arena where people were waiting to get in. I tapped on the glass door. When the security guard inside saw my tag, he unlocked the door and let me in locking it behind me. I was so nervous, that I could feel myself shaking as I walked down the halls. I heard Green Day doing a sound check inside, so I opened one of the doors and peeked in. I decided to get a closer look. I walked around to the side where the stage would be, and there was a small crowd of people watching. I wriggled my way into the group to have a look

"Do you belong here?" An overly made up girl questioned me. "Mmm hmm" I responded, pointing out my pass. She scowled and returned her attentions to the band. Someone tapped my shoulder. "I'm sorry, is there any chance that you would be Tara?" he asked.

"Yes I am" I smiled.

"Mr. Holland wanted to know when you arrived," he said.

"Where is he?" I asked. He led me back to the waiting areas and dressing rooms were. He knocked on a door. Dex opened it, fresh from the shower wearing only a pair of denim shorts and a towel around his shoulders. His chest was still damp and glistening. "Tara, I'm glad you came" He smiled. He pulled me inside and quickly shut the door.

The guys from both bands were hanging out in the dressing room. Dex introduced me to everyone. I told them that I had been a big fan of both Green Day and The Offspring for a decade.

"Sure you are," Billie Joe Armstrong said. " Just like every other groupie we've met on this tour.

"Its true," I insisted. "Really now… Why don't you play me one of our songs then?" He challenged, offering me a guitar. My heart raced as I felt my face redden.

"Well," I managed, "My favorite song of yours is Misery." I said as I took his guitar. My hands shook a little as I tried to get comfortable. After taking a couple of deep breaths to calm myself, I began to play. I had played and sang that song a hundred times by myself, and surprised myself by how well I managed to maintain my composure and play for Billie. When I finished, Billie said that I did a great job and that he couldn't help but to be suspicious of everyone claiming to be a fan as many were mindless groupies.

"This guitar's gorgeous," I said as I handed it back to him. He took it from me, laid it back side up on a table and grabbed a permanent silver pen. "I want you to have it." He said, and he autographed the back of it, warning me to let it dry for a few before I picked it up. I was stunned at his gift, and barely managed a thank you. He said I earned it. I wasn't about to argue. The conversation turned to after show plans, and Billie said that he was just going to go back to the hotel and order room service. Dex asked me if I would mind Billie joining us for dinner, which was fine with me, and Billie agreed.

Someone came to the door to let Dex and the rest of his band know that the stage was all set for them to perform. Dex showed me the best spot backstage to watch from without being in anyone's way. He asked me for a good luck kiss, and I was more than happy to brush my lips against his. The kiss was soft, and left me tingling all over. I watched The Offspring do their set and 1 encore, then went back to Dex's dressing room to congratulate him. I heard the shower running in the bathroom, and was taken over by curiosity of what he looked like naked and soaking wet. Before I knew it, the water stopped running, and Dex came out dripping wet with a towel around his waist. He looked even better than I imagined and the sweet/ clean scent of shampoo and soap filled the room. I was so wound up I couldn't speak. My feet, having a mind of their own, headed for the door. He said I shouldn't leave, so I stood there, memorizing every inch of his body that wasn't concealed.

Before I could stop myself, I had moved closer, and my hands were exploring his chest. "You're going to get all wet" he smiled He pulled me in closer, his hands around my waist. I kissed his shoulder, sweet and still wet from the shower. His lips found mine, as my hands explored his back. He nibbled on my upper lip and I could feel my knees weaken from the excitement coursing through me. Suddenly, the door opened. It was Billie, coming by to congratulate Dex on another great show before he went on. "If it wasn't time for me to go on" He said looking at us, "This could have gotten really interesting. You owe me one later." He finished with a mischievous smile. Dex grabbed his clothes and went back into the bathroom to change. "I don't want you to miss their show, " Dex said as he was dressing.

Dex and I watched Green Day perform their set and a 3-song encore. It didn't take long after for Billie to get ready to leave. Dex and I were waiting for him in a limo. When Billie got in, Dex told the driver where we wanted to go. Billie asked me if I enjoyed the show, and I told him that both bands were fantastic. "You owe me a kiss." He said. "She sure does" Dex agreed with a teasing grin. Billie brushed my hair away from my face and grazed my lips with his. He licked my lips and I slipped my tongue in his mouth, letting my tongue explore. I felt Dex kissing my neck, licking and nibbling until my lips met his. I was being smothered with kisses by both of them, and had to stop to catch my breath. I asked if they'd done this before, and they said that I was their first. I was tempted to ask if they were into each other, but I didn't dare.

We arrived at the restaurant and Dex requested for us to be seated at a booth. Sitting between 2 of my favorite musicians, not to mention that they are both dead sexy, seemed too good to be true. We ordered and chatted about influential musicians. All through dinner, I kept reminding myself to maintain my composure and not blow it. Surely I would never have another opportunity like this one again. When our desserts came, I fed Dex and Billie a taste of mine. Billie took some whipped cream from his and smeared my cheek. Before I could wipe it off, Dex nibbled the whipped cream off me. I turned my face to him and kissed him, nibbling on his upper lip. Billie then smeared more whipped cream, this time on my chest, and then licked it off. "Lets get out of here," Dex said, getting our server's attention so that we could pay our bill and leave.

Dex told the driver we wanted to go to back to their hotel. Sitting between Dex and Billie in the limo, I was so excited at the thought of both of them naked, sandwiching my hot little body I thought I would explode. Dex brushed my hair aside and began to nibble my neck. I squirmed with excitement, running my fingers through his hair. Then I felt Billie's mouth on my shoulder. Both of them caressing my chest through the material of my halter top, feeling my nipples harden. When we got to their hotel and went upstairs, Billie called room service and asked them to bring us a bottle of Krystal, and some chocolate mousse, and strawberries. I sat on the couch between them and asked them if they had done this before. Dex swore that this was the first time they'd ever shared a date. There was a knock at the door. It was room service and Billie got up to get it. Dex kissed my neck, then my lips, nibbling on my bottom lip, then his tongue teasing mine. Billie came up behind us and bent down, kissing and nibbling my neck until my lips found his. Dex took off his shirt then pulled my feet into his lap and took off my shoes and my socks. Billie unbuttoned his shirt then lifted my top over my head. I stood up and took off my jeans, and the guys followed my lead stripping down to their underwear.

They sandwiched me, Dex behind me, his hands exploring my back and my ass. Billie was in front of me, his tongue dancing with mine. Dex picked me up and carried me into the bedroom. Billie followed, with the strawberries and chocolate mousse. I kissed Dex's chest and teased his nipples, barely grazing them with my teeth. He set me down on the bed and sat close behind me. I could feel the heat of his hard cock pressing against me through his boxer briefs as he kissed my back letting his hands cup my breasts and hardened nipples.

Billie stood in front of me, offering me a mousse-dipped berry. I took a bite, and then he rubbed it on my nipple, eager to lick it off. "Mmmmm" He purred. Dex said he had to try some of that. He dipped a berry and gave me a bite. Then he told me to lie down. He dipped the berry in the mousse again, and made a trail of mousse from my cleavage all the way down to my panties. I was already so excited that that my panties were wet. He started at my cleavage, licking his way down slowly. Billie started licking the mousse out of my navel, driving me even crazier.

"Can we blindfold you?" Billie asked. I agreed, but only for a little while. I couldn't be deprived of looking at their gorgeous bodies for too long. After all, this was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Billie folded a t-shirt into a narrow strip and tied it behind my head, then laid me down in the center of the bed. "If we both kissed you, would you know who was who?" Dex wanted to know. I said I thought I could. A pair of lips met mine. Softly at first, then teasing my mouth open with his tongue. "Don't guess yet," Billie said. Then the other pair of lips was pressed against mine. He was nibbling my bottom lip. "Mmmm you're both yummy." I said. But who was who, they wanted to know. "I think Dex was first" I guessed. I was right. I asked what my reward was, and one of them handed me a glass of champagne. He took the glass from me after I had a sip and told me to lie back down. I happily obeyed.

I was enjoying this sexy little game of who's who. Then I felt ice-cold champagne splashing my breasts and my belly. Both of their mouths were on me. One licking my tits and biting my nipples, the other licking my midriff, down to my navel and further still, teasing me by licking the edge of my damp panties. I squirmed with pleasure beneath them. That time, I guessed, that Billie was nibbling on my tits. Right again, I was. One of them slowly pulled off my panties with their teeth. Fingertips barely grazed my wet pussy. I wriggled with excitement. Each of them took one of my hands and rested them on their cocks. I giggled with excitement, grasping their hot hard cocks in my greedy little hands. I stroked them for a moment, and then I squeezed one and guessed that it was Billie's. I was wrong, and needed to be punished.

Dex removed my blindfold and Billie took one of his ties and bound my hands together over my head. "Now you're going to get it," Dex teased. "Promise?" I giggled. Dex got on his knees at my feet. He began to nibble on my ankles, and he quickly nibbled his way up my parted thighs. He teased me with his tongue, barely touching my slit with the tip of his tongue. I was arching my back, trying to grind my wet little snatch into his face. He fingered my pussy while he devoured my clit. Billie was at my side, tickling my nipples with his tongue. I moaned softly as I came, with Dex lapping up my juices. "Untie me," I begged, longing to touch them both. "Not so fast" Billie answered. He nibbled his way down my belly, tracing my navel with his tongue before continuing south. "Mmmmm" I purred as his face parted my thighs. He took a mousse-dipped berry, fed me a bite, and smeared my twat with the silky cream. He sucked and nibbled the mousse form my pussy and drove me crazy teasing my clit with his tongue. "Untie me," I begged Dex. "I want to touch you," I begged. Dex kissed my mouth deeply as he freed my hands.

Both guys lied down beside me, sandwiching me between them. Billie was now in front of me, kissing my neck and teasing my nipples; and Dex was behind me, nibbling my shoulder, his hard cock pressing up against my ass. I was grinding my ass against Dex's cock, and stroking Billie's with my hand. Billie started teasing me with his cock, rubbing it on my clit. I bit my lip and moaned as he slid his cock inside me. It slid in deeper, as I wriggled my pussy into him as he started fucking me. As Billie and I were grinding into each other, Dex was behind me, biting my neck and caressing my tits as his body moved with mine. My body tensed up, as I was about to come. Billie started fucking me harder, and my nails dug into his back as I came again. Billie kissed me, sucking my tongue, as he slowly slid his cock out of my pussy, and teased my clit with its sticky head.

I felt Dex's cock pressing into my soaked snatch from behind. I felt his balls against my ass as his cock filled my pussy. I grabbed Billie's cock and stroked it, giving him a squeeze at the base, and caressing his sack. I started squeezing him a little harder, as Dex's thrusts into my cunt intensified. I came harder than I ever had before, with Dex ramming his cock into me from behind, and Billie's throbbing in my fist. Dex grabbed my hips and held his cock deep inside me and he came, just as Billie's cock exploded onto my tits and belly. I fell asleep between my 2 lovers (even if just for the 1 night), exhausted, and as satisfied as anyone had ever been.

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