tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTwo Girl Workout Predicament Ch. 01

Two Girl Workout Predicament Ch. 01


Scene set-up:

The girls were working out late before closing at the hip new gym in their college neighborhood. They had completed their workout and met in the sauna to relax. That was the last thing they remembered.

As first girl wakes, she finds herself strapped on her back on the bench of the leg press machine, which was locked in place. She doesn't understand yet that her feet are secured to the leg press, and if she tries to lock out her legs completely, it pulls on her nipple clamps.

If she relaxes her legs, the press moves forward to press a vibrator on her clit. If the vibrator stays on more than 60 seconds, a dildo advances into her pussy and begins fucking her. If she has an orgasm, then a metal beaded anal dildo penetration begins.

Her goal will be to avoid orgasm.

She can attempt to avoid orgasm by kissing the girl suspended over her. Kissing her stops the dildo from advancing into her, but increases the vibration on both girls. The kissing works because an extremely low voltage was applied to the lower girls body through a tens pad. When the girls' bodies connect through a kiss the current completes a circuit that is detected by a sensor system. The sensor system halts the dildo on the lower girl, but turns on the above girl's fucking dildo.

Neither girl is a lesbian so they resist the thought of kissing.

The girl above is secured in a kneeling position over the lower girl's bench. Behind her, a vibrator is pressed to her clit. If they kiss a dildo is activated that slowly fucks her from behind. Her hips are secured and essentially immobile over a work out bench pad. IF she orgasms a beaded metal anal dildo is also activated.

If either girl orgasms, the vibrator goes into overdrive and overstimulates them. If either girl orgasms a second time the anal dildo imparts a deep shock to their body, but shuts down the system.

The girls' heads are aligned so that if the upper girls head is lowered, their mouths invariably meet. The only way for the upper girl's head to be lowered is for the lower girl to pull down on a bar that pulls on a chain pulling on the upper girls nipples.


Lindsey blinked her eyes repeatedly as the blurry vision of the gym came into focus. Her mind couldn't make sense of the vision that unfolded before her eyes. She was lying on her back looking up at the ceiling; she was on one of the workout machines. The gym was empty and the lights dimmed, but right above her face was the beautiful face of a girl she recognized from around the locker rooms. The girl's face seemed suspended above hers, in some sort of harness, and she looked asleep. It was bizarre -- it was a dream. But as the fog lifted from her mind, she realized she was conscious.

She thought to sit up, and with that slight motion realized she was constrained on her back and couldn't move. She started to struggle to

move any part of her body and her predicament suddenly came into focus as all too real. She started to panic and struggle. She was secured firmly in place by a harness around her head, a thick collar around her neck that seemed anchored to the bench, a thick strap across her chest just above her breasts, another below her breasts, and another across her hips. The straps across her torso equally immobilized her arms above her elbows.

She was able to raise her head just enough to look down her body and the panic inside her was instantly magnified. She appeared completely naked and bound for humiliating display. Her new fake breast stood proudly above her chest, her nipples clamped obscenely and fixed to small chains running down towards her feet. Her feet...Her feet were strapped to the pedals of the leg press machine, which was suspended in a way that had her legs comfortably bent so that her thin toned thighs and calves were visible. Her anxiety steered her eyes down from her feet between her heaving breasts and down her sexy flat stomach. Her fear was confirmed, she was completely naked, and her sexy shaved pussy mound was plainly in view.

She let out a yell, almost a scream and started to struggle fiercely. The scream seemed almost distant to her own mind, and she realized she was wearing ear phones. But he scream did arouse the girl hanging over her face above her. She started to stir as well.

While Lindsey wanted someone to help her, she was mortified at the thought of someone seeing her like this. She almost wished the girl above her would not awaken. She resisted screaming again for the moment.

A crackle in her ears signaled the ear phones were activating, and a voice broke into her silent world of the gym.

"Hi Lindsey," a female voice said.

This stunned her, she had so expected to hear a male tormentor. "I see you are awake now sweetie." Lindsey squealed. "I know you are frightened, full of questions, and want to get free, but you have to listen to me." Lindsey's panicked body continued to struggle.

"Lindsey! Pay attention Lindsey! And I'll tell you how to get free." At those words, the very thought of freedom, Lindsey calmed down and listened.

"Lindsey, the only way out of this predicament is for you to do a little exercise for me honey," the voice said. As she was saying this, Lindsey was a bit distracted by the girl hanging over her coming awake. The girls' eyes were opening, and then were wide with wonder, and then panic.

"Lindsey, FOCUS! I will only explain this once to you. Are you paying attention?" Lindsey said, "Yes." And the girl above her looked



Jenny awoke to find herself looking down on the face of a blonde girl she recognized. As her eyes focused, the girl below her looked restrained in some kind of kinky bondage apparatus, and her mind instantly grasped she was also bound somehow, hanging over the girl below

her. She seemed to be suspended by her head, her arms behind her back pulling her shoulders back, and with some support firmly around her waist just above her hips. She could feel that her legs were locked straight somehow, with her feet fairly wide apart.

She curled her head down to look beneath herself and could instantly see why her nipples ached. Her small naked breasts hung down from her skinny body, and her nipples were lewdly stretched by clamps connected by a chain hanging from each nipple. She stiffened instantly at the sight trying to stand upright. But the chains were anchored to something and pulled painfully on her sensitive nipples. She squealed and looked back underneath herself searching for an escape, searching for an explanation for being tied this way.

Her body was bent over a padded heavy rack of some sort from the gym. With her tiny waist secured below the bar's height, she could see

that her golden brown bare hips and bubble butt were jutting up lewdly on display. She became conscious of the cool air she could feel on her naked shaved pussy and even her anus. This was humiliating.

Her ankles were secured widely apart kept her butt in place. She tried to bend her butt down for some modesty, but there was something pressing into her mons and pelvis from below that kept her thrust upward. Her forearms were bound together behind her back, and held raised up and pulled backward, which kept her back arched and chest thrust out a bit.

As she regained her focus, she looked down at the pretty face below her. The girl below her looked frightened and embarrassed. But it almost appeared that her eyes were searching around like she was hearing something. Jenny realized that there were two cables running from her head harness down through some guides adjacent to the girl's face below her. It became clear that they were rigged together somehow in a twisted kidnapping plot.

Jenny thrashed about to see if she could get loose, but was careful not to pull up again on her sensitive nipples.


Lindsey listened to the explanation and as she did, the panic in her was increasing. "So, as you can tell Lindsey, you have been secured thoroughly to this little contraption. I like to think of it as an exercise machine, but also a machine of awakening. You are going to be tested today, in ways that you may not comprehend and ways you may not or MAYBE WILL enjoy. Oh, this is so sweet to see a young little flirt like you in my control. You can't see me, but I am watching you very closely through the gym camera system and can control those exquisite machines you are bound into with your friend."

"Now let me explain how this works. Your feet are fastened into the leg press machine. Right now, the machine is locked out so that there is no weight on your pretty little legs. But in a moment, I am going to put a little weight on there for you. When I do, you are going to want to keep those legs right where they are. And here is where it gets interesting little honey."

Lindsey legs were already shaking in fear, and her heart was racing.

"If you can't keep your legs in position, then the press will move forward, and there is a little surprise for you. If you push the press

away to lock out your legs, well your nipples are going to feel the consequences. I don't know, maybe a little hottie like you will like that. Do you understand the game so far?"

"Yes," Lindsey said firmly. And then her mouth raced, "Why are you doing this to me? WHY? Please, please let me get up. Let me go. I've never done anything to anyone," she pleaded.

"QUIET," said the voice, and an electric shock hit Lindsey right in the back of the neck causing her body to convulse and try to arch off the padded bench. Tears burst from her eyes and ran down the side of her face.

"You see Lindsey, this game is mine to control. You are mine to control." Lindsey whimpered as she capitulated to the voice. "Don't say

anymore Lindsey unless asked a question by me, or the shock will be worse."

"Now here is where it gets fun, that vibrator is going to actually feel nice, but if it stays on longer than sixty seconds, a nice large cock is going to start to work your tight little pussy. If you orgasm, a friendly little anal dildo is going to join the fun. And if you orgasm a second time, you are going to get the shock of a lifetime."

"Now there is a way to make the stimulation stop. You can kiss the girl above you. If she won't come down to you, there is a bar next to

your hand. Simply push down on the bar and the chain on her nipple will pull her down to you. It's up to you."

Lindsey looked up at the girl hanging over her with pleading terrified eyes. The exotic Asian above her looked almost as if she were floating in another world. Lindsey glanced down her tiny thin body and wondered if she was just there to observe her humiliation. But she noticed that the girl also had the horrible clamps on her distended nipples. Lindsey glanced away, suspecting the girl above her was in for her own ordeal.


Jenny watched as the lovely little blonde below her spoke and pleaded for release, only to suddenly convulse as her whole body tightened

as if electrocuted. When her eyes reopened, tears rolled down her face, but she was terrified and silent.

Jenny could tell from the muting of the noise from the girl below that she had ear plugs in as well. The ear phones came to life with a female voice, "Hello my lovely little Asian kitty. Aren't you a hot little sexy girl." Jenny was not used to hearing anyone, let alone a woman, talk about her like this. Jenny knew she was cute, and even a bit sexy, she knew how to flirt. But she also knew her body was tiny and thin, toned muscles from dance, but not the busty looking sexy hottie like the blonde below her.

"So Jenny, you have found your way into my little experiment. How do you like the view below you? You have a better vantage point of the little pet strapped down below you. If you look down between her legs, you can see the probes aimed toward her privates -- poor Lindsey below you can't see those little surprises. But don't feel left out; you have the same probes aimed at your little sexy backside. "

Jenny could see what looked like a massage vibrator aimed toward Lindsey's pussy, and below that a realistic looking dildo, and below that, a metallic object that had series of bulbs to it that got larger toward the base. She looked back to Lindsey's face fearfully, and Lindsey saw the look of fear in the girl above her.

"Now Jenny, don't say a word," and Jenny felt a tingle in her neck like a faint shock, "you have the same shock collar on as your friend below. You don't want to convulse like that do you?" A tear now welled up in Jenny's eyes.

"Okay Jenny, you are going to watch your friend below struggle to keep those probes away from her precious little privates. But if, or should I say when she can't, that vibrator aimed at her clit is going to activate when it makes contact with her. And when it does, that pressure you feel below your own pussy is going to vibrate too. The only way the little honey below you can stop from being impales by that substantial dildo is to kiss you. Would you like that Jenny? I've seen how you like to admire other girls around here. Well, if you do decide to allow a kiss, you'll get your own nice surprise.

Jenny didn't know it would mean her own impalement and fucking by the thick dildo behind her.

"But honey, I have to warn you, IF you orgasm an anal dildo like your friend's below will also start. If you orgasm a second time, you are going to get a huge shock about 10 times stronger than this..."

A shock hit Jenny in the neck and small of her back making her entire body stiffen and thrash.

So the girls faced an intense dilemma. Lindsey needed to keep that vibrator off her pussy, and avoid an orgasm at all costs. Her only way of ending her stimulation would be to somehow kiss the Asian girl hanging above her. Likewise, the Asian girl was going to want to stave off her orgasm, but the thought of kissing another girl was frightening to her. At least the blonde below her was beautiful; she was envious of her perfect large breasts.

"Here we go girls. Your challenge Lindsey is to keep your legs in position for 30 minutes. If you can do that the game is over. But if you let the vibrators start, you challenge girls is to survive 2 hours of sexual stimulation."

Lindsey felt a clink in the leg press machine and weight was suddenly transferred to her legs. She stiffened to keep the machine away from her privates. She was relieved that the weight was fairly lights, the pressure on her legs manageable.

Within about 3 minutes Lindsey realized the constant weight was going to be more challenging than she thought. Holding her legs in this fixed position was getting difficult. The strain started to build in her thighs; she wanted to straighten them to adjust a little. As she did the tension on her nipples from the clamps and chains was immediate. She felt her eyes water a bit as her fear and frustration mounted. But her thighs needed some relief and she didn't want to risk bringing her feet back and letting the machine near her privates. She pressed her feet out a little further and took the pain to her nipples.

Jenny watched the blonde below her strain with the challenge. Her body was thin, but looked strong. She could see her lovely thighs

start to strain around what seemed like about 5 minutes, and her body was breaking into a very light perspiration. She saw her start to

push her legs out to get some relief. The chains pulled on her nipple clamps and started to stretch her nipples obscenely. From the way

her breasts moved, or failed to, Jenny realized those perfect breasts below her were fake.

For some reason, that thought stirred an unexpected sense of eroticism in Jenny. The thought that the beauty below her had gone to such lengths to perfect her body, and now that perfection of breast was the source of her lewd tormented was somehow erotic to Jenny. She found herself glued to watching her struggling body and distended breasts.

Lindsey could tell she was losing this battle and was very disappointed it was happening so quickly. Her mind raced; maybe it had already

been 15 minutes? Maybe she just needed to hang on a few minutes longer.

Her legs were starting to quiver now. She also needed to give some relief to her pained nipples. She looked up at the girl above her to

see if she was also in distress. But the girl above seemed calm. And then Lindsey realized that the girl's eyes were locked on her distended nipples and breasts; and in an odd way it almost seemed as if she was enjoying the view.

Lindsey let her legs come back to change position. She eased them back and they neared a half squat, almost like she was sitting in a

chair. Then she felt something bump her pussy and craned her head to look. She could now see the bulb of what looked like a massaging vibrator. She pressed back quickly.

Her legs now were aching and quivering. Even her stomach strained to maintain the position. She could feel her breathing start to labor and the perspiration breaking out on her body. She didn't want to look back at the girl above her.

Her legs faded slowly back towards her body. It was almost like she was powerless to stop them. Her eyes welled with more tears as she felt herself failing. The vibrator bumped her body again and bounced away. Then it bumped a bit longer and away. Lindsey straightened her legs harder and took the strain immediately in her tender nipples. Her legs were immediately quivering, her thighs burning intensely.

Her mind screamed, "I've got to be close to 30 minutes!!" Her legs faded back towards her body slowly and the vibrator bumped firmly into the upper folds of her pussy. Nothing happened. "I made it!!"

A voice in the headphones kicked in, "You are so lovely Lindsey, that was such a valiant effort, I'm proud of you."

Lindsey was now tearing up in relief. Would they release her now?

"You held the leg press off for an admirable 18 minutes and 46 seconds."

Lindsey was jolted by the vibration that struck her pussy. NO! That's not fair. Now she cried out loud as she pressed the vibrator a few inches away and it stopped.

Jenny looked down at Lindsey and saw her emotional roller coaster. When the vibrator went off, Lindsey's whole body had stiffened and her

stomach sucked down tightly to push the vibrator away. At the same time, Jenny felt the vibration hit the upper part of her pussy and pulse directly into her clit. She jolted upward, and the chains on her nipples pulled painfully. Jenny had been lost in the view of the girl below her. Now her torment would begin as well. She felt ashamed she had been subconsciously enjoying the view below her. The two girls looked into each other's eyes and a sympathy grew between them.

Lindsey's legs quickly weakened and the vibrator was back on her pussy and buzzing. Her mind scrambled to remember what her tormentor had

said. She had 60 seconds until something was going to penetrate her pussy. She started to count down with the hope of regaining some

strength and pressing the vibrator away again before sixty seconds hit. She started at one, and then quickly jumped to 20 to try and account for the time she hadn't been counting. When she got to 50 she pushed her legs out again, her thighs burning with the effort. She realized this was futile, and her legs quickly collapsed.

As Jenny saw Lindsey move the leg press away, the vibration radiating in her pelvis stopped. She was almost disappointed, but then wondered how big this penetration of the dildo was going to be. She felt it was inevitable and worried that her pussy would be lubricated well enough to make the insertion bearable. Her old boyfriend had always been impatient to get inside her and the beginning was always painful and awkward.

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