tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTwo Girl Workout Predicament Ch. 02

Two Girl Workout Predicament Ch. 02


(It is highly recommended you read Chapter 1 first so you have a full understanding of how the girls are bound and predicament scenario they face. This is a continuation of a story about two girls bound in the gym and suffering through a devious scheme of them having forced orgasms.)

(from Chapter 1- this brief section is included here for those that decide not to read Chapter 1.)

The girls relaxed as the orgasms receded and broke from their kiss. Their minds were a fog of pleasure and confusion as they regained their senses. Their dildos had stopped moving and there was silence as they became re-aware of their humiliating predicament. The girls avoided eye contact as they wished to move away from acknowledging their lustful abandon of a few moments ago.

"Well girls, for two little straight laced hotties, you certainly succumbed quickly to your slutty desires," the voice crackled in their ears. Lindsey felt humiliated, Jenny felt exposed.

"You didn't even last 15 minutes before you had some epic orgasms. The monitoring sensors went off the charts girls -- glad you enjoyed it." Lindsey closed her eyes tightly and wanted to disappear, Jenny was already trying to remember what the next stage in this bondage humiliation -- oh yes, it was her ass being invaded.

"So girls, I have to admit watching you almost brought me to my own orgasm. So maybe I should let you go..." Lindsey's heart hoped, and Jenny almost felt a pang of disappointment...she was enjoying this.

"But no, that wouldn't be fair, we set the rules already. So let's start the next stage. Don't worry; you've been prepared like your little pussies were with lube so that there won't be any tearing or burning. Enjoy, but remember this time, the consequences of orgasm are real punishment."

The girls remembered that if they orgasm a second time they would get a huge shock, which they assumed would come through their neck collars and contacts on the small of their backs.

Chapter 2

The vibrators resumed their low hum pressed firmly into Lindsey and Jenny's pussies. Lindsey winced and tightened as she was hyper sensitive in her post orgasmic state. Jenny weakened at the sensation.

Lindsey was the first to feel the cool metal bulb touch her anus and she tried to withdraw her hips from the touch.

But she was strapped in so firmly she could barely move. The metallic bulb began to press into her ass, and Lindsey clenched down to resist this disgusting intrusion.

The headphones came alive "Oh Lindsey that is so sexy to watch you clench that ass so tightly to resist. But the reality is that although strong, the sphincter tires quickly. The more you resist now the more helpless your ass will be later." Lindsay could tell her captor was giddy with enjoyment watching the girls struggle.

Jenny felt the cool metal bulb slowly press into the rosette of her ass. And although she resisted mentally, physically she was resigned to accommodating the intrusion. She clenched her sphincter and then pushed it outward in the way she had learned to let her boyfriend's finger intrude her there. Jenny's sphincter stretched and then seemed to pop around the first bulb and then close slowly around it as it sank into her. Her eyes tightened and she sucked in a breath as she felt it sink into her. The next bulb was already pressing at her sphincter and Jenny knew this was a bigger challenge - she braced herself.

Lindsey could see Jenny's face wincing under her torment. But she was focused on the pressure at her backdoor, and she panicked as she felt her ability to stay clenched slipping away. Against her will she felt herself tiring and the bulb sinking into her ass. It didn't really hurt, but she felt her eyes tearing up in frustration. A second bulb was pressing into her now, and her anus relented more quickly this time.

Although humiliating, the intensity of the vibrator on her just orgasmed pussy and clit was already becoming overwhelming for Lindsey. A third bulb was pressing into her ass.

Jenny has already taken the third bulb into her ass and her ass never felt so full. The vibration was intensifying through her clit and she felt her pussy contracting rhythmically - feeling a void where the dildo had been during the last orgasm. Suddenly she felt a tingle in her anal passage and a vibration start in the metallic bulbed dildo sunk in her ass. She yelped at the intensity and her squirming pulled painfully on the nipples of her small breasts.

Lindsey saw Jenny wince and thought she must be resisting the first bulb pushing into what must be the petite little innocent girl's ass. Little did Lindsey know that beneath Jenny's outward veneer was a lustful little vixen. Lindsey realized that Jenny could undoubtedly see Lindsey acquiescing to being impaled. Lindsey's sensitive clit felt electric under the intense vibration and her pussy started to clench rhythmically. Her body was betraying her - her skin flushed, a slight sheen of sweat broker out over her body, her nipples tightened and rose as she had never seen them before, and her body started to quake.

Jenny could see the bound girl below her turning into a sexually charged mess and it turned her on immensely. She almost wished she was doing it to her - that they were a tangled sexual heap in her bed at home. The bulbed dildo was now moving in and out of her ass steadily, and despite being tightly bound, Jenny's hair and breasts swayed as each bulb pushed and pulled Jenny's body forward and back.

Lindsey could feel herself already nearing a second orgasm and she knew innately it would be overwhelming, almost painful. Lindsey was too sensitive after an orgasm to handle further stimulation. A few more strokes after orgasm would usually cause her body to convulse and she quickly relented. She had never continued stimulation like she was feeling now. Her legs were shaking uncontrollably and she wanted to thrash and move away from the powerful stimulation. Her stomach was contracting in grunts as her body convulsed its resistance. Her mind was breaking into panic. And her pussy was now contracting almost painfully.

And then Lindsey's anal stimulation turned on like Jenny's had - a strong electric tingle traveled her passage and the vibration kicked in. Lindsey froze, contracted in disbelief. In horror her mind wrapped around the fact that this lewd stimulation was sickeningly pleasant. Her head tried to rise up off the cushion as her body contracted, and the tingle got stronger, the vibration intensified.

Jenny was reaching her own level of reluctant bliss. She was engulfed in her pleasure, and ashamed that her wonton lust gave up her pristine ass to such a vulgar intrusion. The vision of the trashing blonde below served up a fantasy she had long resisted acknowledging - that she wanted to see one of these little prissy beach blondes subjected to a humiliating sexual display before her. She wanted these prissy girls to be forced to admit that they were as deviant as her underneath their pretense.

Jenny just needed one little thing to nudge her orgasm over the edge. Although it had only been minutes, her mind had long ago forgotten that there were punishing ramifications to having a second orgasm. Jenny lowered her head to the blonde below her and locked her lips on the struggling girls for a wet kiss. It was enough. Jenny could feel the wave of her orgasm start with her nipples tightening.

Lindsey was surprised by the sensation of the kiss being forced into her struggling world. Her eyes snapped open and at first she tried to keep her mouth away. But her orgasm started immediately and she let out a long whine fearing the contractions that would rack her body. At that very moment the anal probe went into overdrive, sending the electric tingle to another level and the vibration deep into her body. Lindsey's entire body locked out as if in an enormous muscle cramp. She felt her sphincter contractions spasm and lock down like never before. Lindsey cried out into Jenny's mouth - Jenny's tongue instantly invaded her mouth.

Jenny's mind and body were awash in the most powerful orgasm - the pleasure in her clit has seemed to spread to every corner of her body and become the all-consuming focus of her mind. As it faded, Jenny realized that the sensation was the electrical energy of the anal probe emanating through her body. When she finally relaxed and pulled her mouth away from the wasted blonde below her, Jenny had never felt such deep satisfaction.

The electric current and vibration in her clit and ass all suddenly stopped. Lindsey felt like she was hanging off a cliff. Her body continued to convulse erratically. She started to cry. Her mind struggled to comprehend if she was crying from the epic intensity of the orgasmic relief or from the humiliation and stress. Of course, it was everything.

The headphones for both girls crackled to life. "Oh my girls, that was just so amazing. I could hardly have dreamed you would perform so perfectly."

"But you do realize that in all your sweaty bliss that you have now earned a punishment. I explained that you weren't supposed to orgasm from such a vulgar invasion of your ass. You two must really be slutty little vixens at heart."

Lindsey began to tear up at the thought - Jenny just hung her head in resignation.

"So my little honey's, since you have shown you like it in the ass so much, we had better keep them nice and tight."

Jenny and Lindsey felt the anal probes withdrawing, their asses expanding and reluctantly giving up each bulb slowly.

Jenny felt hollow, but fearful at the impending punishment. Lindsey felt like a slut, her clit was still engorged and pulsed at the slightest movement.

Before the final bulb pulled loose the probes stopped.

"Now girls, your little reward is to have those slutty little assholes tightened back up." A shock of voltage jolted into Lindsey and Jenny from their anal probes. They felt their sphincters slam shut and then the wave of increasing voltage brought their entire bodies to a frozen, straining contraction.

Lindsey and Jenny wanted to scream, thrash, and plead but the current swallowed up control of their bodies. When the jolt stopped after 15 seconds, Jenny and Lindsey gasped for breath.

"Oh my pets, how is that. Do you feel tight again? Maybe you need a little more tightening?" Another small jolt hit the girls' asses and they wailed in protest and capitulation.

"Okay girls, that is enough for today. Now girls my handlers are going to come out and release you," the woman's voice said in all sweetness. "But they have a little present for you that I call 'body awareness' training."

Lindsey and Jenny tensed at the thought - people were going to see their bodies totally exposed and sexually spent.

The gym space had been their own private hell. Suddenly, two rather large body-builder types appeared over Lindsey in ski masks. Jenny could only see their legs. Both girls could see the large bulges in their shorts.

Lindsey's arms instinctively tried to close and cover her body, and the humiliation sank in deeper as she couldn't move. Jenny felt a large hand caress and cup her tiny ass cheek and jumped in her bonds.

"Ok boys, hold little Jenny's ass apart so it will let go of that final bulb." The large hands spread Jenny's tiny butt wide and exposed the probe's lewd removal from her ass.

"Help Lindsey as well," the voice cooed. Lindsey shook her body in the bonds. Why in the world couldn't the probe withdraw on its own? This humiliation was clearly unnecessary. But the large man bent over her body and held her strong, perfectly curved ass cheeks apart as the probe popped from her sphincter's hold on it. She watched him smile at the site.

"Now unclip Jenny's little nipples from those clamps. They must be really sore by now." One man reached under Jenny's hung body and easily unclipped her nipples. The race of blood sent searing pain into her small breasts and distended nipples. Jenny wailed and tears streaked down her face.

"So girls, we are going to finish this up with a simple little exercise to remind your bodies which areas were so aroused today. And the method is oh so simple. Boys, let's play with Lindsey first."

One man knelt next to Lindsey and let his big hand travel down her body and cup her sex. The second man pulled something like a small string from his pocket and was adjusting it in his hand. Wait, it was a rubber band. He stretched it between a finger and thumb and began to lower it over Lindsey's right breast.

A panic went through Lindsey - her brother used to snap her with a rubber band. Oh my god, this isn't happening. She tried to shake her large breasts from side to side to get away from the man's hand, but he easily stretched his hand and the band over her nipple, and with his other hand he stretched the rubber band high above her nipple.

Lindsey started to beg, "No, no, please. This isn't fair..."

Jenny watched in horror and fascination at this escalation of Lindsey's torment, and then a pit grew in her stomach at the realization she was next.

"Oh Lindsay, things are never fair..."

And with that Lindsey felt a finger over her cupped sex press into her pussy canal. For a moment it felt repulsive and exquisite at the same time. Her mind diverted for a flash to her sex and then a searing flash of pain snapped down on her nipple. Lindsey's whole body tried to arch and rise off the bench as a scream pierced the room. She looked at her erect nipple and saw it squashed between the rubber bands pressed across it. As the man lifted the bands away a red welt immediately emerged.

His hand went to her other nipple. She struggled vigorously to no avail, the band was raised high, she closed her eyes and another searing jolt coursed through her left breast. She cried out, and then began crying like a child. The man beside her wiggled the finger inside her against her contracting pussy. Then he withdrew his wet finger.

He moved back and placed his big hands over her breasts and started to firmly caress them in a circle. The other man with the rubber band moved down between her legs.

"So Lindsey-loo, I think the real focus of your body today has been your clit and ass, don't you?"

This was incomprehensible. There is no way she could take that kind of pain on her pussy. The man stretched the rubber band with one hand across her upper pussy aimed right at her clit. Lindsey did everything she could to move her hips but they barely moved at all. This had to be a threat; nobody would snap her clit like this. The man with the band aimed, and then looked her in the eye and a broad smile was visible in his ski mask.

Snap - Lindsey's hips bucked, but she didn't even make a sound as all the air left her and her neck strained in pain.

As her hips settled, the man's hands went lower between her legs. It was futile for Lindsey to try and close her legs.

She could feel the band stretched over her pussy and anus. The man's fingers took hold of the rubber band right at the intersection of her pussy and anus - the taint -- and pulled the bands out.

Lindsey let out a long, pleading, but weakened, "Noooooo." This was the most sensitive area of her body and fear coursed through her. The snap sent a pain through her body that made her anus cramp up painfully. Her vision went blurry and she felt like she was going to pass out.

After about 5 seconds of radiating pain. The man pressed his hand into her sex and the crevice of her ass and began to rub out the pain. The lubrication of her earlier sexual release helped the cause. Lindsey began to calm, although her whimpering cry continued.

As the men stood from Lindsey, Jenny realized it was her turn. One man stood to the side and let his large hand cup her bent over sex. The other man knelt beside her, and despite her struggle to wiggle her dangling breast away, he easily trapped her breast with his rubber band readied hand. She tried to rise away from it, and just then felt a thick finger plunge into her wet sex, causing a momentary distraction. Then snap - a searing pain radiated into her nipple and tiny breast. Jenny wailed.

His hand went immediately to her other breast. The man beside her withdrew his finger, and she was relieved momentarily. But then she felt the tip of his finger tickling the pucker of her ass, and then press firmly into her rosebud. Her ass was too tired to resist much. Jenny let out a grunt as she felt his thick finger sink past one

knuckle and then a second knuckle. The man curled his finger inside her to taunt her - she shook her ass in protest.

But again, the distraction was momentary as the second snap landed on her little nipple and her body arched in pain.

The man felt her sphincter clamp down as her body was racked by pain. It had to be about the sexiest thing he had ever felt. Her small ring would be an amazing prize if he one day was allowed to sink his large cock into the most

beautiful little Asian ass he had ever seen.

The man withdrew his finger, but her ass was clenched tight and only reluctantly let it go. He bent over her and started to caress the sting out of her punished breasts. The other man moved behind her and Jenny felt his hand stretch the band over her clit. Her legs and hips were strapped so tight she couldn't even move in protest. She started to yell, but a hand left her breast and covered her mouth. Snap - the sting in her clit felt like it went straight through her spine and radiated out to her entire body. Her back arched so strongly it was painful, her scream was smothered in the large hand.

Then she felt the band stretched vertically through her pussy and ass crack. When she felt his fingers touch her 'taint' to grasp the bands she started to thrash her entire upper body in protest. The bands pulled away and seemed to hold for a long moment until she settled just slightly, then the searing pain hit her 'taint' and Jenny's anus cramped up so tight her calves and toes curled in pain. Her eyes blurred and she felt as if she was passing out.

The large hand started to rub away the pain in her ass and pussy. Jenny felt sick to her stomach. She would never be the same. She would never think about these sexual parts of her body the same again.

Lindsey and Jenny were realizing that these parts of their body were not just innocent little pleasure centers. They were almost foreign parts of their bodies now that could powerfully control them with pleasure or pain. They would never touch their bodies the same way again.

"Ok girls that was your first 'body awareness' session. Boys, unbind out poor little honeys and let's put the toys way." One man started to unbind Jenny and a huge relief set into the girls. They were going to finally be let go. And then the men suddenly put rags over the girls' noses and mouths. Lindsey wanted to struggle, but she was too exhausted and passed out quickly. Jenny held her breath, but ultimately took a deep breath and the lights went dim, and then out for her as well.


Lindsey woke up slowly and felt a deep ache in her muscles, like her entire body had been worked out harder than ever.

The fog was clearing and she moved more startled. She was in her bed, she was at home. Was this entire nightmare a dream? There was a body next to her. She backed away and then recognized the black hair. She was scared.

She pushed the covers down and realized she was naked. She never slept naked. She looked down at her perfect breasts and her nipples were erect - which was strange. And there she saw it, a telltale faint welt across her nipples. She touched her nipple delicately and mild sting radiated into her nipple. It hurt, but it felt amazingly sexual as well.

She looked at the naked girl beside her, and was startled when the girl turned over toward her and slowly opened her eyes. Jenny jumped at the site of Lindsey and pulled the sheet over her exposed breasts.

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