Two Halves, One Soul

byAlex the Cat©

Dani steps out of the cab and takes a look at the neighborhood. Wow, it's nice around here. All houses. Large houses. And they're not up against each other. Looks like she might have yard. She takes a peek down the side of the house. The tall wooden fence doesn't allow her to confirm her notion of there being a yard.

The doorbell rings. Jesse flies down the stairs, and then tries to gracefully open the door.

"Hi there," Dani chimes in.

"Hey there yourself. Come inside."

"I brought a bottle of Syrah wine. I hope it goes with dinner."

"It's great." She takes the bottle from her companion. "Come into the kitchen."

Dani is amazed so far by the expansive living room area, and then by the kitchen itself. "Damn, you have a very nice place."

"Thanks," Jesse responds.

Just off of the kitchen is an alcove. The room is obviously the eating/dining area. An oak table and chairs that seats four. There is also a sideboard cabinet, and a large floor plant in the corner. The windows in the alcove area are huge. I bet the sunlight in the morning is incredible. The table is set and has two white candles in the middle.

"Is there anything I can do?" Dani asks.

"Yeah, how about getting the wine glasses out of the cabinet next to the fridge." Jesse suggests as she checks on the salmon in the oven.

Dani tries to look over Jesse's shoulder. "What are we having?"

Jesse closes the door quickly. Raising and waving a finger she says, "Ah, ah, ah. Patience."

"But I've been patient all week." The flirtatious banter is understood.

Jesse moves into Dani's space in one fluid motion. She encircles her arms around the young woman. In a whisper, she says, "Waiting a little longer is good for you. It makes the anticipation of the dance that much more exhilarating." A passionate kiss exchanges between them. "Now go sit down, and I'll prepare our plates."

The plate set before her contains a salmon steak, herbed garlic red potatoes, and asparagus. This is definitely not macaroni and cheese. I like it already. Dani thinks silently.

"I hope this is alright," Jesse indicates towards the dinner.

"Wonderful. I'm sure it will taste divine."

"Well, I wouldn't go that far until you try it and survive."

They both chuckle. Digging in, they talk lightly about their workweek.

"Wow, that was delicious." Dani states.

Jesse removes the plates to place them in the sink. "Did you save room for dessert?" She calls out from the fridge. She returns to the table with a bowl of huge strawberries and a hot pot of chocolate fondue.

"Oh my god. I knew I smelled chocolate when I came in the doorway. How wonderful."

She takes a strawberry and dips it generously in the chocolate. Taking a bite, she declares, "Hmm, how delicious."

Jesse digs in also. At the third strawberry, Dani spills chocolate on her finger. Jesse takes hold of her wrist. "Here, let me." She says in a sultry voice. She begins to lick the chocolate off, and then begins sucking on the finger. Gently at first and gradually increasing motion. Dani's eyes roll back at the exquisite tingling feeling this is giving her at her core. A moan escapes her mouth. Jesse moves onto the next finger.

"Oh, god, I want you," she whispers. That is all the confession Jesse needs from this angelic beauty. Taking Dani by the hand, she leads her upstairs into the bedroom. The room is lit with dozens of candles. Instrumental music plays softly in the background.

Dani sits on the bed. Jesse kneels between her legs. They embrace and Jesse goes for the decadent throat. Dani begins undoing the buttons on the woman's shirt. It gets tossed on the floor, and the T-shirt quickly follows with the sportbra. Jesse's medium-small breasts stand at attention. Her nipples already erect and hard are sporting silver half rings in each one. The sight of the pierced nipples makes Dani shudder yet she is keenly aroused at the same time. Dani caresses the smooth skin feeling the hard muscles beneath. Jesse removes the young woman's blouse and begins unbuttoning the jeans. Dani motions to grab her foot, but Jesse beat her to it. She begins to undo the shoelaces and pull off the offending material along with the woman's socks. She stands, and Jesse slides her pants down. They get tossed onto the rest of the pile on the floor. Dani lies back onto the bed, watching her soon to be lover. Jesse sits on the bed to remove her boots, socks and then jeans. Only in her boxers, she climbs up onto the bed next to the smaller woman. Finding the bra to already be unhooked, she removes it slowly, exposing succulent breasts. She reaches for one caressing it in her palm, then lightly pinching the nipple. It hardens quickly under her ministrations. She does the same to the other, and brings her lips onto Dani's. Their tongues dance around each other. The blonde woman arches into Jesse's hand playing with her breasts. She then feels the traces of kisses along her jaw line then down her neck. Downward the mouth goes and closes around a taut nipple.

"Oh, god Jesse."

After the second nipple receives the same attention, Jesse continues her way down, sensually licking the young woman's stomach and bellybutton. Hooking a finger on each side of the panties, she slides them down. Instinctively, Dani spreads her legs open bent at the knees. Jesse's lust was about to explode at the submissive nature of this small woman eager to please and be pleased. Kneeling between her legs, Jesse begins stroking them with feather light touches starting at the ankles and moving up to the thighs. Upon reaching Dani's curls, the young woman arches her hips forward. Jesse kisses the inside of her thighs and inches her way to her destination. Inhaling the fresh scent mixed with arousal was all she could take before kissing and licking the reddish curls.

Dani moans again. Jesse spreads the outer lips with her fingers, and sees the pearl staring back at her. She first licks the inner lips. Dani's breathing has greatly increased. She can't stop moaning and whimpering. "Oh, yeah, moan for me baby. I want to hear your pleasure." Jesse says. Then she takes the nub into her mouth sucking and licking. She plunges two fingers into the slick wet center. Dani's hips start to buck. Hands on Jesse's head, she pushes her forward. It is not long before she is over the edge.

Jesse comes back up and kisses Dani's neck and collarbone. With eyes closed still catching her breath, Dani states softly, "Fuck me Jesse. Please fuck me."

Understanding what is being asked, Jesse hops up from the bed, removes her shorts, and slips on the harness she pulls out of the top dresser drawer. Donning the cyberskin cock with a condom, she returns to the bed to see Dani writhing in ecstasy.

Caressing the small woman's flesh, Jesse whispers in her ear brushing the edges with her nose. "I bet you want to be on top."

Green eyes flutter open looking at the woman above her. How did she know that? She nods innocently.

Jesse smiles seductively. She sits up against the headboard and motions for Dani to sit on her lap.

Dani rolls onto her side and stares at the flesh colored cock standing erect waiting for her. She strokes Jesse's thighs, then moves her hand freely over the taller woman's body. Taking a pierced nipple into her mouth, she hears the gasp coming from above her. Her hand continues its ministrations, and she manages to get two fingers under the front of the harness and inside the slick center. She finds the extremely wet nub with her thumb. Enclosing her mouth over the hard cock, she begins rubbing the clit underneath as her fingers slide in and out. Hmm, a mint flavored condom, how nice.

Jesse cannot believe this is happening. The woman before her is incredible. Oh, god, how did she know I would love this? Guttural groans escape Jesse's mouth. She watches this angel give her a blowjob, and she feels like her mind will explode. Her body tenses suddenly, reaching its peak of excitement.

Dani sits up and straddles herself on Jesse's lap with the cock pressing against her pubic bone. She lustfully looks into violet-blue eyes and begins licking her fingers clean of Jesse's essence. "Hmm, you taste so good, I look forward to having more." Shifting a little, she mounts the cock slowly and holds still. Grunting at the fullness she feels, she encircles her arms around Jesse's neck and whispers into a tantalizing ear. "You make me so fucking wet."

Jesse strokes the luscious hips before her. She nuzzles the neck lavishing wet kisses upon it. Her hands move up to the breasts, cupping them in her palms.

Dani's hips move slowly. "Oh, yes." She states, and arches into Jesse. She begins to nibble lightly on Jesse's neck. Her ministrations then become more forceful along with her hip grinding as she reaches her climax. Laying her head on Jesse's shoulder, she pants for air.

Jesse holds Dani in a loving embrace. Within a minute she rolls Dani, and herself while still inside, onto her back. Peering down into green pools, she says in a sultry voice. "I'm not done with you yet."

Dani's arousal rises again.

Jesse crouches on her knees and with a muscled arm takes Dani by the waist to hold the bottom half of her off the bed. With her other free arm, she quickly grabs two pillows and shoves them under Dani's buttocks. Now I have the leverage to fuck her blind. She sensually moves her hands the length of Dani's torso sending flutters to Dani's sex. "Wrap your legs around me baby." Jesse states softly. With the order obeyed, Jesse begins grinding into Dani.

Dani has nothing to grab onto but the sheets. "Fuck, yes," she exclaims.

Jesse wraps her arm behind the young woman's back to hold her still. With the thumb of her free hand, she begins rubbing the aching nub.

With both ministrations occurring to her, Dani's heartbeat races. "Oh, Jesse, fuck. Jesse, fuck." Is all she can exclaim.

Jesse speeds up on both tasks, staying in sync until the orgasm comes screaming out. She removes the pillows and slides out of Dani. Lying down next to the smaller woman, she rests her head upon a sweaty shoulder and brings an arm around her waist.

Dani reflexively wraps her arms around her newfound lover, and closes her eyes to rest. Wow, what a night. What a lover.

Jesse thinks to herself. Incredible.

They both fall asleep.


About two hours later blue eyes flutter open. Jesse finds Dani perched on her shoulder with arms and legs wrapped around her. She hugs the smaller woman to her, and revels in their recent lovemaking. After a few minutes she slowly untangles herself, removes the harness and puts her shorts on. In the bathroom she washes her face and looks at her reflection in the mirror. What is this? Turning on the vanity light, she takes a closer look. Well, well, I guess I'll be sporting these marks for a few days. The woman sure likes to bite. The markings were already a reddish purple on the lower end of the neck and along the shoulder. At least they're not higher up. I would hate to have to wear a turtleneck in spring. Shutting off the light, she exits the bathroom, and takes another look at the red-golden haired beauty. She then heads down the stairs, into the kitchen. Thankful that the fondue pot is still warm, she dunks a strawberry. "Yum." As the thought crosses her mind as to where else she would like to be licking up the chocolate, she grabs the pot, the bowl of strawberries, and a beer from the fridge. Back upstairs, she finds Dani in her black T-shirt staring into the open dresser drawer where the cock had been pulled out from. Oh, damn. Why did I leave that open? Here it comes; she's going to run out screaming into the night. She sets down the items in her arms on top of the chest at the end of the bed.

Dani spins around holding a pair of leather wrist cuffs in her hands. "Hey there," she says.

"Hey," Jesse responds. She sits on the edge of the bed.

"I'm... um... sorry I was looking through your things. The drawer was just open..." she looks downward, averting her eyes from the piercing blue ones, "and I got curious. I wanted to see... I don't know."

"Come here." Jesse states firmly. Well no running out the door at least. Maybe this'll work out.

Dani, still holding the cuffs, obeys quickly. She sits down next to the older woman. A hand reaches up to caress her cheek. Dani closes her eyes enjoying the sensation.

Jesse then softly runs a hand through Dani's long hair. "Do the things you found terrify you?" Jesse asks in a deep low voice.

Dani hesitates a moment then shakes her head no, then says, "Well sort of..."

"Do they excite you?"

Eyes still closed, she responds, "Yes. But I'm also nervous because I don't know what a lot of them are."

She takes a swig of beer, then lifts Dani's chin to look deeply into green pools. With a soft smile, she kisses Dani. She feels the woman relax a bit. "How about you go take out what interests you the most, place them here at the foot of the bed and we can talk about it. Would you like that?"

Dani nods, and her face softens. The first things she places on the bed are the cuffs. Getting back up, she starts grabbing additional things from the drawer.

Jesse pushes herself further back onto the bed and crosses her legs, Indian style. She takes another swig of beer.

A few minutes later, the blonde sits down next to her. "Okay."

Jesse hands a chocolate covered strawberry to the young woman. Well, I can't say she's shy about stuff.

"Alright then. Well you sure pulled out quite a few things."

"Should I not have taken out so many?"

Jesse chuckles, "No, it's okay. Let's see what we have here. Wrist cuffs, a collar, a neuro wheel, nipple clamps, anal beads, and my personal favorite, a butt plug." She ponders for a moment, taking another swig of beer. "Would you like some?"

"Yeah, thanks." Dani drinks some of the refreshing liquid.

"Alright, the wrist cuffs are sort of self explanatory. You would obviously wear them on your wrists, and I can either lock them together, let's say behind your back or above your head; or I can use the rope in the drawer, thread it through the rings and tie you to the headboard. The cuffs can also be used for show at the right nightclub, to indicate that you're submissive and actively with someone. The collar is also good for show because that clearly says that you belong to someone and you are not to be touched. The collar can also be used to chain you to let's say the foot of the bed. It represents your submission and slavery. The neuro wheel is a device that takes affect on the nervous system. Let's say I have you bound to the bed, I would run the wheel slowly down your arms or thighs or over your breasts. They have a sharp prickly sensation. If I use them with more force, it would pierce your skin a bit drawing little drops of blood. Here, give me your hand, palm up."

Dani opens her hand, and then quickly pulls away upon feeling the needle like points.

"You see?"

She looks at her hand. Curiously, she asks, "Can we try that again?"

Jesse runs the wheel down her palm at a slower pace while gazing into those green pools, and this time Dani doesn't pull away.

"I think I like it," Dani says in a lusty voice.

She smiles into the green eyes. Next, Jesse picks up the clamps. "These are nipple clamps. Here, hold out your hand. I'm going to clip this on the flesh between your thumb and index finger."

Dani makes a face. "Whoa, um, that's intense."

Jesse unclips the clamp. "Well now you know how it would feel on your nipples." Jesse responds in a sultry voice. Clearing her throat, she continues, "Next are the anal beads. During arousal, I would insert one bead at a time until done. When you're at the height of your climax, I would pull the beads out, swiftly but not roughly, and your orgasm would be intense. Now, the butt plug gives a similar sensation, except that it stays inside. While being fucked, having a butt plug in at the same time will greatly enhance your pleasure like you would not believe. It is shaped in this fashion with a base so as to prevent you from sucking it in, and also the base helps in removing it. It takes some time getting used to having an object in your ass, but once it happens, you'll always want it." Jesse leans over and whispers sensually into her ear, "I like having one in when I'm being eaten."

Dani shudders a bit at the image those words create. She reaches for the beer in Jesse's hand. Taking a drink, she is then met with soft lips upon her own. She places the bottle on the chest, and removes Jesse's T-shirt from her body. Looking at the toys, she asks softly, "Can we use some of these?"

Jesse quickly shoots a look her way. "Are you sure? We don't need to do this now."

"I want to," she responds while looking down at her hands. "I just don't want to be bound in any way. Maybe another time I won't mind just feeling what it's like to have the cuffs and collar on."

"Okay. Scoot back and lay down." Jesse picks up the items she is going to use and places them next to Dani. She straddles Dani's hips, and bends over to plant kisses on her shoulders and neck. "When you want to stop or there is something that is too much, I want you to say the word red. Red is the only word of which I will immediately stop what I'm doing. Okay?"

"I understand."

Jesse reaches over for the fondue pot, and with her fingers she smears chocolate on Dani's breasts and bellybutton with a mischievous look in her eyes.

The woman snickers at the tickle she feels.

Jesse begins licking up the chocolate from her stomach. She then moves up to her left breast.

Dani isn't sure how much longer she can take the torture being administered to her. She writhes under the assault. Her second breast falls prey under the skillful ministrations. Jesse then applies the nipple clamps one at a time. Dani gasps through clenched teeth. Blue eyes stare into green to make sure the strawberry blonde is hanging in there. Once the chocolate is cleaned off her body, Dani feels the woman over her slide down to her wet curls. Jesse reaches up and takes hold of the nipple clamps chain. She gives a slight tug. Dani arches immediately with a moan. The sensation of Jesse's face buried deep in her cunt, and her nipples being stretched brought her over the edge quickly.

Jesse slides back up for a kiss with a hand under Dani's head. Grabbing her by her hair, she says, "Now it's time for you to suck me good."

Dani quickly complies by taking a pierced nipple in her mouth. After paying close attention to the breasts, she slides down between muscled thighs. She rubs her cheek upon the black curls, then begins nibbling on the outer lips.

Jesse grabs her at the back of the head and urges her on forward.

Without hesitation, Dani begins licking at the hard nub. Sensing her climax, Dani takes the nub into her mouth sucking hard until Jesse groans in ecstasy.

Once her breathing returns to normal, Jesse firmly states, "Roll over and get on all fours." As Dani obeys, Jesse straps on her cock once again with a new condom. She dons the butt plug with a condom also and ties off the end of it. Laying it aside she fetches a latex glove and a tube of ass lube. Upon returning to the bed, she shivers at the gorgeous sight before her. An ass and cunt standing at attention waiting for her. She kneels on the bed directly between Dani's legs. Leaning over, she caresses the smaller woman's back then reaches around to gently remove the clamps one at a time. Dani grunts at the painful feeling that brings a wave of liquid to run down her thigh. . The yelp Jesse hears brings a smile to her face. The neuro wheel is applied to the back of her thighs, causing Dani to jerk forward from the surprise. After stroking the naked skin before her further, Jesse inserts two fingers into the hot dripping sex aching for relief.

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