tagFetishTwo Hundred Dollars Ch. 12

Two Hundred Dollars Ch. 12


149 Dollars

Throughout Kent's return home on Thursday, he found his body shaking, and not only for the biting cold. The anxiety he'd felt worrying about someone catching him spanking Bailey in public, coupled with raw sexual fervour of actually doing it, had his heart racing. He had reached about half way back to their basement apartment before he'd taken proper control of his breathing.

At that point, the shivers had probably related to the cold... mostly.

The warmth of his apartment banished the last of his corporal shivering, but his mind continued to reel.

Exam in the morning, he told himself, must focus.

He had always possessed the ability, when the shit hit the fan, to turn his emotions off and deal with the practicalities. From that reservoir, he drew enough energy to get down to his studying. Unbidden, however, images of Bailey kept popping into his head, one after the other.

Kent had an electrical coil in his head, deriving the formula for the strength of its magnetic field, and in would pop Bailey, yanking down her jeans to bare her ass.

An electron would dance across an infinite plane of positive charge, and Bailey would appear, the front of her jeans open, showing her panties, in the moment when she'd earnestly ask for the rest of her spankings with his bare hand.

When he tried to calculate the field between two U-magnets, he'd see her with her arms spread across the width of her library desk, her hips sticking out, waiting... waiting.

Shaking his head, he grimaced and forced himself to study.

Around eleven o'clock, as he was about to call it quits for the night, his phone vibrated. Thinking it might be Bailey, he checked it.

The message from Laura read simply, "u got a plan 4 halloween"

"not yet," he texted back.

"got a party. arts, humanities, sci, eng, everyone"

"sounds cool" Kent wrote back.

One of the problems with his particular part of the Engineering faculty lay in the gender ratio. As hard as they'd tried to balance the whole faculty, the individual branches had never evened out.

"Bai is coming 2," Laura wrote.

"Natch," he wrote back.

When she didn't respond, he sent one more message, "2 bed now. Exam tomorrow."


When Halloween falls in the middle of the week, one could reasonably expect participation to drop off. However, it also fell at the end of midterm exams, which meant everyone had a tiny bit of breathing space.

Bailey lay on her bed, quietly using that breathing space while looking at ceiling.

I'm not a prostitute, she reassured herself, I'm not doing sexual favours for money. Letting him spank me... doesn't count.

Her eyebrows lowered darkly, she sighed and finally closed her eyes.

Yeah, okay, I jerked him off once, she said. But wasn't that, technically speaking, a spanking? I mean, I slapped my butt with it, right?

Bailey's eyes opened and bugged out.

Whom are you asking?

She stood up in frustration.

I can still play around with him, as long as I'm not taking money for that part, she decided finally. Now, about Halloween.

With her period thankfully over (and hadn't that made midterms just perfect) Bailey could consider her plans for the evening. Laura had already taken the initiative to find a party, precisely the sort of thing for which Bailey counted on her friend. She'd invited Kent, which ought to work out fine, and she even imagined some likelihood of meeting a few friends from her own faculty if the party invites had gone as widely as Laura had hoped.

On the other hand, she only had one costume, and it would barely work for the weather, but she had no intention of blowing a bunch of money doing anything fancier.

Alright, here we go.

The first bit was the easiest. She shucked off her jeans and pulled on the tight black leggings. Wearing something that tight in public wouldn't hide anything, but she didn't have any obsession with her legs or her butt to get in her way. Bailey smoothed out the fabric and checked herself in the mirror. No unsightly wrinkles in the fabric presented themselves, and the black panties underneath remained invisible, so she moved on.

After removing her t-shirt, she took a look at her bra. She wanted -- very badly wanted -- to wear the bra Kent had given her. However, she also knew the unforgiving nature of her top and, in her own somewhat jaded opinion, that bra didn't give her all the help she needed.

So off went the transparent green bra and on went her very finest, very blackest push-up bra. Bailey didn't feel the need to wear it very often, so it always presented itself in fine condition when she needed it. With a quick motion, she got it into place and looked at herself in the mirror.

It'll have to do.

She slipped into her tight black shirt next.

It's not a complicated costume.

The push-up bra did the best it could with her small breasts and she counted herself satisfied in that regard.

Her costume only had two more parts. The first, a headband with a pair of cat ears on it, slipped over her head, pushing her hair back with it. Even short as her hair was, none of it escaped the backward sweep of the hairband.

Once last piece...


Kent had just fastened his cape (red on the inside, black on the outside) around his neck just as he heard a loud knocking at the outer door to their apartment.

"It's Laura!" Bailey called out, her voice muffled by her bedroom door. "I'll get it."

While he affixed his fangs to his upper teeth, he heard Bailey's door open and saw her flash past his doorway.

What was that?

Something had looked odd out of the corner of his eye, but he shook it off and, as he didn't particularly care if Laura or Bailey saw him in his shorts, changed his jeans out for a black pair of pants.

Vampires can totally wear normal black pants.

As he buckled his belt on, Bailey and Laura appeared in his doorway.

Bailey had elected to go with "cat", a traditional costume in both the ancient sense of Halloween and the "popular among girls in university" sense.

His brain finally clicked as to what had seemed odd early when he saw her rear.

"Nice tail," he complimented. "Is it on a belt?"

"Yeah," Bailey smiled as she lifted her shirt to show the belt to which her curving, metre long tail attached. "Cool, huh?"

Kent's eyes widened as she turned her body sideways and wiggled her tail at him.

"Very cool," he agreed before turning to her friend and raising an eyebrow, "Laura?"

"Not dressed yet," the other girl said. "I, uh, don't get dressed at home."

"Her parents would freak the hell out," Bailey pointed out.

"And I haven't been drinking enough to get changed in front of Kent," Laura said as she politely shoved Bailey down the hallway. As they passed out sight, she added, "But check out how he's checking out your butt..."

Kent felt his face reddening, but only briefly, before both girls disappeared entirely.


"Was he really checking me out?" Bailey asked once they'd closed the door.

Laura nodded, "I'm pretty sure that tail had him hypnotized, actually."

Bailey let out a snicker as Laura started undressing, shedding her khakis first, followed by her blouse.

"You're wearing a push-up bra?" Bailey's eyes widened in something akin to horror.

"My costume will look stupid if I don't," Laura explained, pulling on a white t-shirt with red shoulders. "I can't have my boobs bouncing all over the place."

Bailey stifled a groan into a sigh, seeing her friend's already generous helping of breasts so unnecessarily boosted.

Laura saw Bailey's eye roll and stood facing her, hands on her hips.

"Look, Bai," she said. "You've had a boyfriend or two in your life. I haven't."

"I know, I know," Bailey waved her hands.

"I've never had anyone," she said, waving a pair of short, black pants in the air. "With my parents eagle eyes on me, my whole purpose in life was to stay a virgin and marry a good Mormon boy."


"Was," Laura confirmed as she pulled one leg through her pants, "You know we're barely religious anymore. But have I ever had a boyfriend? Has anyone ever tried to ... to ... spank me, or even touch my boobs?"

Laura puffed out her chest in a huge sigh and settled her tight, short pants into place.

"What exactly are you this year?" Bailey looked over Laura's choice of clothing.

In response, her friend raised an eyebrow and before pulling her hair into two pigtails, high up and slightly toward the back of her head.

"A little bit of blue and red eye shadow?" Laura hinted, making outward sweeping gestures over her eyelids

When Bailey didn't react, she added, "And the baseball bat I carried all the way here?"

"Oh, Christ," Bailey realized at last, "You're doing Harley Quinn?"

"Yes!" Laura shouted, then added more quietly, "And stop blaspheming."

"You said you're not Mormon anymore," Bailey chided.

"Still," her friend said. She heaved a sigh, ignoring the envious look from Bailey, and asked, "Do you think I can scam a drink off Kent?"

"We still need to paint our faces," Bailey said. "You have your kit?"

"You need make-up?" Laura asked.

"I need whiskers, at least," Bailey pointed to her cheeks.

"Maybe Kent needs some, too?"


"Ke-ent!" he heard Laura sing out.

"Ye-es?" he sang back.

She appeared in his doorway, pig-tails and baseball bat and everything, and leaned against his doorway, "Any chance I can get a drink?"

"All I have is my Crown," he offered, lowering his eyes with a bow in an effort not to stare at her breasts.

"It'll have to do," she said, entering the room with Bailey in tow.

"Still loving the tail," Kent acknowledged, eliciting a wry smirk from Bailey.

He fetched his bottle of Crown from the top shelf of his closet and carefully poured three shots, then handed one to each of the girls.

"Halloween!" he announced.

"Halloween!" they changed together.

Laura made a gasping sound but, after a few deep breaths, recovered.

"Look," Kent said, "if you want to bring your own bottle, we'll drink that."

"I could never -" Laura's voice went hoarse and she took a deep breath before continuing, "-could never hide that at my house."

"Just seems a bit of a waste," Kent said. "You hating on it so much."

Laura gulped, inhaled, and spoke, "No, I'm good."

Kent nodded to the little box she'd placed on his desk, "What's that?"

"Make up," she turned to Bailey, "Want me to do your whiskers?"


Laura took Kent's chair and pushed it up near the bed, then patted a spot on the mattress in front of it, "Sit."

She popped open the little box, which folded out in four sections like a miniature sewing basket to reveal a range of pencils and tiny jars. Laura sat on the edge of the chair, around which Bailey had spread her legs, and started applying what Kent took for eyeliner to Bailey's cheeks.

"You gonna need something Kent?" she asked while she worked.


"You're a vampire, right?"


"So, some dark eye shadow?" Laura pointed out. "Maybe slick back the hair? You have some gel?"

"Why would I have gel?" Kent asked.

"I have some," Bailey offered. Then she looked at Laura, "What are you doing now?"

"Your nose!" Laura said. "You need a cat nose."

"I -- alright."

Kent watched as Laura, already starting to feel the whisky, delicately applied makeup to Bailey's nose and a thin, curving strip between her nose and mouth.

"Wow, nice," he said before he'd even realized he'd spoken.

Bailey stood up and smiled.

"Not tail nice," Laura mocked even as she admired her work, "but yeah, I do good work. Your turn, Kent. Bai, can you get your gel?"

Bailey nodded and stepped out to the bathroom while Kent took a spot on the bed, leaning forward with his elbows on his knees so Laura could reach him.

"Should be a good party," she pulled out a brush and a small jar, "Close your eyes."

"Hope so," Kent said, "Gettin' all dressed up fancy like this."

He felt the brush delicately working over his eyelids.

"You've never worn make-up I take it?" Laura asked. "Face paint? Anything?"

"Got my face painted in, like, Kindergarten," he volunteered hesitantly. "Hated it."

Laura hummed softly and he heard Bailey return.

"Nice," Bailey said.

"If I had some pasty-white, I could do his whole face," Laura inhaled with dreamy enthusiasm, "But alas..."

"Whiteface?" Kent asked. "Sounds racist."

"That doesn't make any sense," Laura finished up with the brush, "You're white."

She took another little stick with a brush on the end and started touching up his eyebrows.

"Bai," she said, "You finish this? I gotta do mine in the mirror."

Bailey reluctantly took the pencil from Laura as her friend grabbed the rest of her kit and walked away.

"She doesn't trust us?" Kent put all the hurt he could in his voice.

"Never," Laura wagged a finger over her shoulder as she left the room and crossed the hall to the bathroom. "Nice dark eyebrows!"

"Nice dark eyebrows," Bailey whispered, carefully adjusting her tail before hopping into the chair and crossing her legs. "With this, uh, thing."

"Eyebrow brush," Laura called out.

"Eyebrow brush," Bailey shrugged.

"Sounds easy," Kent pointed out.

"I don't wear make-up," Bailey defended. "Like, ever."

"If it helps, I won't much care if you do it wrong."

"Thanks," the sarcasm came out hard in her voice.

Whatever it looked like, Kent wouldn't know for a while, but he did notice how close her face and his came together while she focused on applying small amounts of whatever Laura had put on the brush. The nervous breath from her little cat nose delicately blew over his chin. She bit down on her lip as she brushed.

"Your eyebrows almost look the same, now," she said with a wince and then leaned back. "Yeah, pretty good."

By then, Laura returned from across the hall, her left eye shadowed and her left pigtail painted blue while the right side had gone red.

"Nice work," Kent complimented.

"Yeah," Laura grabbed her baseball and laid it over her shoulder. Then she tilted her head slightly, bracing herself against the door frame, obviously taking a hit from the alcohol, "I've done this before."

She then took Bailey's gel, squirted some onto a comb, and slicked Kent's hair back.

"We need a few pictures," Bailey said. "Your phone, Kent?"

"Yeah, yeah, sure."

He picked up his phone and the three of them stood side by side, with Bailey putting her arms out to pull Laura in on the left and Kent in on the right. With his free hand, Kent held out his phone at arm's length, trying to fit everyone in frame.

"Smile," he told them and the phone at the same time, then made a rictus grin that emphasized his vampire teeth.

Bailey made a slight kissing motion with her lips while Laura glared, not quite pulling off cartoon villain, but coming close.

"Almost time to go," Laura warned as they broke up.

"Yeah, yeah," Bailey sighed.

"C'mon," Laura prodded, putting her bat down to gently shake Bailey's shoulder. "You said."

Bailey hesitated, but Laura added, "You know he's dying to spank you in that thing."

This time, Bailey looked over at Kent, who merely raised his eyebrows, an effect comically enhanced by the excessive job they'd done with his makeup.

Bailey rolled her eyes and sighed, "Fine."

Laura gave a little hop and gave two tiny claps of her hands. She beat Bailey to the white board and made a tick mark, after which Bailey added her own.

"You go first," Bailey insisted.

"Me?" Laura's eyes widened, "I, uh-"

"Oh, no," Bailey looked up at the ceiling imperiously and waved a single finger at her friend. "You made the first tick mark, you get spanked first."

Kent didn't say anything, but he couldn't recall they had ever made that one of the rules. On the other hand, rules had to get themselves made at some point, so this would have to do.

"Alright," Laura nodded, her voice trembling as she pretended nonchalance, "I can go first. No biggee."

"How are ya going to do it?" Bailey prodded. "Over top? Under? Panties or no?"

Laura sniffed, "The night is young. We'll start on top."

Bailey rolled her eyes and shrugged.

"You ready, Kent?" Laura stepped toward him.

"Al-vays," he replied, pretending he knew how vampires spoke.

Laura turned her back on Kent, stuck out her ass at him and leaned over to put her hands on her knees. "Remember how you did Bailey that one time?"

"That's a little vague, my dear."

"With -- with both hands, remember?" Laura's voice wavered a little.

"Double spankings," Kent moved past Laura to sit in his desk chair. "Alright."

Laura rotated to turn her cheeks to him again, whispering, "Good now?"

Bailey stepped back and leaned against the side of Kent's dresser so she could watch Laura from the front and keep her tail from getting squished against anything. She made eye contact with Kent over Laura's shoulder, and smiled at him.


Kent smiled back at Bailey before turning his attention to Laura.

This is the best part, Bailey thought, focusing her attention on Kent's eyes, this is my favourite part of the clip I made. It's not the spanking. It's not the counting, or the nakedness. It's that deliberate, determined focus in his eyes.

She watched that concentration consume his entire body, from the moment he lowered the chair to the way he tested his angle of attack by placing both of his palms over Laura's cheeks.

Look at him, she thought, like a hunter. Like a jungle cat stalking, preparing to leap upon his prey.

Bailey crossed and twisted her legs where she stood, using the muscles in her thighs to compress her lips against her clitoris. She wished she could just masturbate right in front of them.

I could come just watching Laura getting spanked, if it went on long enough.

That made her twitch, that constant battle inside her head about having Laura participate at all. She drew a lot of value from these moments, when she could watch it happen as a third party, imagining herself as a participant while still having a bird's eye view. Her friend served perfectly in that capacity, and seemed to get something out of it herself.

But she still took those spankings when I wasn't here, Bailey thought, bitterly biting her upper and lower lips even as Kent raised his hands in the air.

A deliciously loud, high-pitched crack echoed through the entire apartment as those two hands landed on cheeks clad in short spandex.

Laura's eyes, closed in anticipation, opened and went wide in shock.

"Oh, these pants are thin," she cried out, adding quietly, "One and two."

The benefit of double spankings, Bailey knew and Laura must have figured, lay in the fact that Kent couldn't put all ten of them on the same spot, on the same cheek. But Laura, never having done them before, didn't realize the downside as Bailey had already learned. While each cheek would only get five spankings, those spankings would all go to the same two spots.

Bailey smiled as the second pair landed.

Laura let out a small squeak, then said, "Three, four."

Somewhere inside Bailey's body, blood throbbed and she stifled a moan as the third crack sounded out.

"Five, six," Laura winced, maybe realizing she'd bitten off more than she could chew.

Bailey crossed her legs more tightly, compressing her lips as much as she could with her thigh muscles, while her hands pressed down on the lowest part of her abdomen. She watched Kent's ridiculous eyebrows furrow, his hands resting on Laura's cheeks. Those hands rolled around, caressing her, and settled on the sides of her cheeks.

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