tagFetishTwo Hundred Dollars Ch. 13

Two Hundred Dollars Ch. 13


143 Dollars

Kent watched Bailey try to raise her head, with its adorable cat make-up still elongating her eyes, and he realized she couldn't keep herself awake. Right in front of him, she closed her eyes and let her body go completely limp.

They tell you that we're the ones who fall asleep, he wondered at her half naked body, and she's out like a light.

He twisted his lips in a smile tinged with pride.

Maybe that's the second orgasm for you.

Kent quietly extricated himself from Bailey, sliding his arm out from underneath her and then crawling over her. He realized very quickly that his caution didn't make a difference. She merely curled up to face away from the room's only light.

He stepped over to his bedroom door, looked at the white board and wiped it clean.

"$143", he wrote in the corner.

After that, he dimmed the lights and, still not wearing any underwear, opened the door to step across the dark, silent hall to the washroom. He hoped Bailey wouldn't wake up to upset about her sticky genitals, but he couldn't imagine anything he could do about that at this point. Instead, he took a piss, cleaned all the makeup off his own face, and took himself to the shower so he could scrub all the gel out of his hair. He went back to his room and, one pair of clean underwear later, turned off the lights and went to bed.

With some careful adjustment, he got the bed sheets over Bailey's sleeping form, and crawled in behind her, sleeping on his back. Unconsciously, she backed up into him, her naked cheeks against his hip, which felt wrong. Kent turned his body toward her, letting them fit together more nicely, and remembered nothing further until the morning.


Bailey awoke when sunlight glinted off the windows, which meant she'd slept until almost eight o'clock. Contentment kept her muscles soft, knowing she'd slept well and deeply, without waking up in the night. As she became aware of her surroundings, she noticed arms around her, recognized them as Kent's and felt her heart skip a single beat before settling again.

On the list of things that have never happened before... her brain trailed off. I should get up and go to school.

She didn't move, not even a single muscle volunteering itself to lead the effort of rising for the monring. A distant part of her brain, the one that concerned itself about missing classes and wasting hard-earned money, insisted that she start.

I should, she thought, start some body part in motion and go to class. Kent should, too. Education is vital. The sun rises at about 8am now, which means it's really passed time.

Muscles and brain didn't connect, not while Kent had her wrapped up.

He's not really touching my breasts, she noted calmly, and I'm still wearing a shirt and bra anyway.

A soft sigh of contentment came out from her chest, drawing a moan from her throat with it. Kent murmured something back but didn't awaken.

My butt's naked, though, she noted, and shifted her weight slightly, feeling the strange sensation between her lips. Ew. Right. Never cleaned myself off last night.

That, in the end, broke the spell. With a heavier sigh, she rolled away from Kent onto her stomach. His arms relaxed and let her go, the right one under her neck falling away while his left hand slid over her, touching her bare cheeks for a moment before she got away completely. She then had to crawl over him and out of bed. For his part, Kent shifted to his stomach.

"Hey, Bai," he muttered without turning around to face her.

"Hey," Bailey searched for a script in her head to handle this situation, but she didn't know a rom-com, drama or action movie that covered accidentally falling asleep next to the guy who spanked you for money. "I gotta hit the shower. Can I use a towel?"

"Yeah," Kent rolled over on his back and blearily looked at her, "Clean one in the top drawer."

"Thanks, I, uh," she paused, not willing to stammer. "Thanks."


She found the towel, wrapped it around her waist and went to the door.

"$143," stared at her while she unlocked the door and peeked into the hallway.

With no sign of Carson, she swiftly stepped across to the bathroom and closed the door.

This is going to take some really hot water and a lot of scrubbing.


When she got out the shower, she realized she'd left her room key in her boots in Kent's room. Kent had already gone to the kitchen for breakfast, which let her retrieve her cell as well. Still wrapped in a towel, she retrieved them and got into her room.

The phone didn't have a lot of charge left and she had to go, so she checked it quickly and saw a text message from Laura.

"10:30 arts caf?"

"Sure," she texted back.

I can still make my 8:30 if I move it.

Bailey shouted a quick, "See you later," to Kent and bolted for the door.


Kent sat munching on his bowl of granola and milk, unwilling to go to school without some food in him. He still had a few minutes and, with Bailey in the shower, he hadn't a chance to use the bathroom anyway.

So what was that?

Bailey had made a clear offer and he'd accepted, but late night offers and daytime relations didn't always match up. She hadn't shown any embarrassment and he hadn't felt any. The two of them had passed that point a long time ago.

She had two orgasms in a row.

This accounted, in Kent's mind for her sudden bout of unconsciousness. Getting right down to it, falling asleep next to someone, in that situation, didn't really mean anything special.

Bailey still owes me money, and I'm guessing she'll continue paying that off.

He polished off his breakfast, rinsed off his dish and spoon and abandoned them in the sink. If he moved quickly enough, he could get his teeth brushed and still make his class.

All the same, he thought, I've never slept next to anybody before.


"So," Laura leaned over the little two-seater table they'd chosen in the corner of the cafeteria and stared wide-eyed at Bailey. "You first. Spill it."

"Spill what?" Bailey leaned in as well, keeping her jacket on to keep warm.

"You!" Laura exclaimed, glaring at her friend. "I can see it. You're acting weird. What happened last night?"

Bailey suppressed a grin, then stifled a giggle.

I will not giggle. It's undignified.

"More spanking at home?" Laura muttered in her lowest voice.

"No," Bailey defended.

Ugh, I want to tell her and I don't want to tell her. What will she think?

She needed to talk to somebody, and she counted Laura as the closest friend she had. But Laura had also involved herself in everything.

"We, ah," Bailey let out a juddering sigh, her heart and brain fighting with each other, "we slept together."

"What!?" Laura cried out.

"No, no!" Bailey's eyes widened as she realized the ambiguity she'd created. "I mean, we fell asleep together. Like, in his bed."

"Oh," Laura breathed a sigh of relief.

Bailey, frantic in her correction, measured her friend's response. She'd noticed how Laura hadn't shown any horror at the thought of her and Kent sleeping together, just surprise.

Instead, after her initial shock, Laura had retreated into thoughtfulness.

"Wait a minute," Laura spoke slowly, "wouldn't that have been, y'know, awkward?"

Laura wiggled her hips as she looked away.

"You know," she added. "With him all ..."

A long pause, then.

"Erect," Laura concluded succinctly.

Bailey took a deep breath and looked down at her hands.

"We, uh, kind of took care of that," she admitted.

"Oh," Laura's expression of surprise came out more calmly this time, but her mouth stayed in a 'o' shape for several seconds. "Oh."

"Yeah," Bailey said. "I just don't know what... what it is, y'know?"

"It's weird," Laura said. "All things considered."

"And there are a lot of things to be considered."

"But," Laura held up a finger to punctuate the point she intended to make, "just like there are no normal people, there are no normal relationships."

Bailey raised an eyebrow, replying, "I still feel like we're pushing the bounds, here."

Laura nodded in agreement, then leaned in even more closely.

"So, was it good?"

The embarrassed giggle welled up in her chest uncontrollably, resulting in a brief, weird, froggish noise emanating from her throat before she clamped down on it.

"Yes," she blurted out.

"For him?"


"For you?"

Bailey compressed her lips in an attempt to hold back before replying, "Twice."

Laura let out a sigh and a low, mournful reply, "Nice."

They sat in silence a while, Bailey trying to decide how much more she wanted to tell Laura and Laura biding her time, prodding for details through the sheer weight of patient silence.

Was it a good idea to tell her? It was a bit impulsive, but I feel a lot better to let it out. And if she ever comes by again, she really ought to know.

She looked across at Laura, whose eyes darted left and right as if she'd reached some kind of physical dilemma, a fork in the road or some such choice.

Of course, it's not the first time Kent and I did anything. And I didn't tell her before. But this feels bigger and - and what's wrong with her?

"Are you okay?" Bailey asked.


"You're acting weird," Bailey pointed with her finger, wagging it back and forth in imitation of Laura's furtive, little motions. "Are you okay?"

"Well," Laura said, "It's just. Well."

She stopped completely and huffed out a breath.

"It's not a big deal. Never mind."

"It obviously is," Bailey knocked her knuckles on the table. "What happened?"

Laura shrank a little before Bailey.

"It was while he was spanking me, last night, remember?"


"While he was doing that," Laura drawled out. "I, sort of, put my boobs in his hand."

Bailey felt her eyes go wide. With her own issues and stories to tell, she'd never considered where Laura might have gone.

But you should have, shouldn't you? She's the one who stole a whip just to spice things up.

"How was that?" Bailey asked her red-faced friend.

Laura closed her eyes and inhaled deeply through her nose, "He squeezed. And spanked me at the same time. Oh."

She let out a soft, low moan before opening her eyes and returning to the present. Then her expression sagged little and her shoulders dropped.

"But, you know," she sighed. "Nothing compared to you and Kent."

Laura looked up, meekly meeting Bailey's eyes, and looked down again.

"No one's ever touched your boobs before, right?" Bailey confirmed.

Laura nodded, eyes still down.


"And what?" Laura asked.

"Was it everything you'd hoped?"

"Shut up," Laura laughed. "It's not that important. Compared to yours."

Bailey started evaluating her friend again.

"Look, this is just weird," Bailey said. "It's not like... it's not like Kent and I are a thing, right?"

"Sure," Laura rolled her eyes. "You just live together and he spanks you and you make out and share a bed. But other than that, nothing."

"Ugh," Bailey groaned. "We're not a thing. It's just a transaction. I owe him money."

"And you're sleeping with him for money?" Laura pointed out, almost singing.

"No!" Bailey shouted loudly enough people nearby stopped and looked at her. She lowered her voice and went on. "I am not a prostitute."

"You sure?"

"I looked it up."

"Alright," Laura shrugged.

"Look here," Bailey insisted, drawing closer to Laura, "I'm paying this way because I don't want to lose the money. Yes, it turns me on, and if we wanna get all 'friends-with-benefits', that's fine, too. But don't mix it up that with the money part, right?"

Laura tilted her head, and loaded as much sarcasm as she could into, "Sure."

"Which still doesn't explain you."

"Me?" Laura asked innocently.

"Yeah, you," Bailey said. "Why do you keep wanting to come back?"

"Kent," she said and looked away.

Bailey waited, but nothing further came out of her friend's mouth.

Laura jogged her head side to side as if she couldn't decide what to say. She took a deep breath, shook her head and made as if to start over.

"It's like this," she said, her speech becoming rapid. "My parents and my church taught me to be afraid of boys. You wait until you're married, right? No need for dating or any of that. No one's ever touched me. No one's ever anything'ed me. And then you let me in."

"And Kent?"

Laura sucked in air and slowed down.

"All of a sudden I'm not afraid," Laura looked Bailey in the eye. "Fear just isn't a thing when I'm with you and him. It's all okay and it's the only thing I've ever had."

Bailey had a moment of understanding as she looked at Laura. Somehow, revealing her predicament to Laura had opened up something for her. It had made whatever fantasies Laura had in her head become that much closer to the possible.

They sat in thoughtful silence for a minute or two until Laura spoke.

"So, you never told me," Laura said, her voice refreshed. "How did you like his gift?"

"Oh, nice," Bailey twitched. "Wait. You knew what he got me?"

"Yeah, obviously," Laura said. "Do you think he knew your cup size?"

Bailey blinked twice. My cup size?

"He asked you that?"

"Not directly," Laura explained. "After he spent, like, two hours going around store to store, he finally found something he liked. Then I just told him what size it had to be in."

Bailey tried to calm the shaking coming up from the inside of her body. Her stomach trembled and fed anxiety into her heart, which seemed to have trouble beating regularly.

"Oh, you went out together," Bailey confirmed.

"Yeah, he didn't know where to go."


"So did you like it? Did you wear it for him?"

"I wore it for him," Bailey volunteered, not meeting Laura's eyes. "He spanked me in it."

"It's really see through," Laura pointed out, glaring at Bailey, "Could he see through the top?"

Bailey tried to hold back the hyperventilation threatening her facade.

Could he see through the top? See my little breasts? My tiny cup size? He grabbed your breasts and mine are so small. I never let him see. Couldn't let him see. Oh, my god, brain, just stop thinking.

She turned her eyes downward to the little table and breathed in hard and slow, then out again.

"Because I'd hope," Laura talked on, "you'd get a bit of discount for that, seeing as how it's almost like being naked, right?"

Bailey caught herself, organized her thoughts and tried to go on.

"Yeah, it would be," she said. "I, uh, haven't let him see me in the top yet."

Laura's eyes turned into slits. "You've slept in the same bed, but he hasn't seen your boobs? That seems... off, somehow."

Bailey shrugged and tried to play casual, "Just the way things worked out."

"I wouldn't know," Laura said. "But you're welcome anyway."


"For helping him buy the right size for you?"

"Oh, right," Bailey caught herself. "Thanks. Oh, say?"


"Do you know what he paid for that?"

"The bra and panties?" Laura asked. "I think it was forty five bucks, why?"

"Just wondering."

"You're not allowed to pay him back," Laura pointed out earnestly, "you know he won't take that. You should know it's enough that you wear it."

"I know, I know," Bailey assured her friend, holding her hands palms out, defensively.

"And I'm okay with it," Laura blurted out.

"With what?"

"Your rule," she said, and leaned in closer to whisper, "that he only spanks me when you're there."

"Oh, yeah, thanks," Bailey said, feeling a darkness creep from her stomach up into her heart. "No more thievery, please."

"Thievery?" Laura exclaimed. "I didn't take anything from you."

"You know what I mean," Bailey frowned. "This is mine to finish. You can't take over."

"Yes, ma'am," Laura offered a clumsy, ironic salute and rolled her eyes.

"I gotta get going, though," Bailey started to stand. "Another class soon."

As she turned away, Laura called after her, "Bai?"


"Have you... kissed him?"

Bailey froze in mid-step as her throat seized up. She tried to speak, but only succeeded in turning back to look at her friend in silent shock.

"I," she stammered, then realized she'd locked all the air out of her lungs and took a deep, shuddering breath.

"No, huh?"

Bailey raised an eyebrow and looked down at her feet.

Kiss him? Kiss him?!

Out of the corner of her eye, she could see the half-grin on Laura's face. Bewildered, she turned and walked away.


"Kent, you home?" Bailey called out down the stairs as she descended.


"Carson?" she called out as she reached the basement floor.

"Nope, not back yet."

"Good," she whispered, probably not intending for Kent to hear.

"What's up?"

Bailey stepped into his room, still wearing her outdoor clothing and quickly rapped out her marks on the white board.

Tap, tap, tap, went the marker.

"Back in a sec."

"Right," Kent returned his attention to his video game, signing off and saying goodbye to his guildmates.

Bailey only disappeared long enough to get rid of her outdoor wear and then popped back into his bedroom.

"How you want them?" Kent asked.

"Over top," she said, "Over your lap."

Kent nodded and moved to his bad, making room for him over his lap.

"Thirty like this?" he confirmed as she crawled into position.

"Yep," Bailey's voice came through casual but distant.

"You alright?" he asked, laying a hand on her right cheek. "About last night?"

"Oh, that's fine," Bailey settled in with her head resting on her folded forearms and turned away from him. "Wasn't it?"

"Totally," Kent replied. "You just seem a little... off."

"Oh, I talked to Laura today," she said. "Just got me thinking."

Kent made gentle circles around her cheeks and upper thighs, planning out how he wanted to spread thirty strikes around her ass.

"Laura has problems?"

"No, she's good," Bailey shrugged as much as she could in her position. She turned her head to face Kent, "At least I think so. I'm just not sure I'm being a good friend to her."


"Well, she kind of annoyed me," Bailey spat out, "stealing away my spankings that one time."

Kent stopped his ass-massaging motions suddenly as Bailey froze and bit her lips.

"Stole your spankings?"

"Well," she stammered, "you know what I mean."

"She didn't really steal anything, though," Kent hesitated, not sure if he wanted to inject himself into a Bailey-Laura disagreement.

"Not really, no," Bailey admitted. "And that's not the thing I'm worried about."

She let out a long sigh and turned her head away again.

"Listen, if you don't start spanking me, we might not finish before Carson gets home."

"Right," Kent acknowledged. "Ready?"

"Ye-es," she sang out impatiently.

That, at least, sounded like a more familiar version of Bailey.

He whacked her hard on her right cheek, twice in a row, eliciting a grateful sigh.

"One, two," Bailey said.

"How are you not being a good friend to Laura, then?" Kent punctuated his question with two slaps on her left cheek.

"Three, four," Bailey hesitated a moment. "I mean, what do I give her that makes up for what she gives-"

Kent chose that moment to crack out two more spankings, both low, one on each cheek.

"-gives me?" Bailey finished. "Five, six."

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