tagLoving WivesTwo into One – The Beach

Two into One – The Beach


It was a comfortable sunny day in April; one of those days that people dream about after a brutally cold and wet winter on the Chesapeake Bay. The brisk northerly winds had shifted to a warm southerly caress. It was the kind of day that begged for a walk on the beach.

My gorgeous wife, Dawn, and I headed out the door for the beach, a leisurely walk. We grasped each other's hands as we strolled along, two lovers on a day made for romance. Trees were sprouting, their fresh green buds spreading their leaves to gather the nourishing spring sun. Crocus burst from the ground, recently thawed. The air was redolent of sweet pollen, rich earth, and salt from the nearby bay.

Without a word spoken, we turned down a scant trail into the woods, forgoing the more public entrance to the community beach for the lesser-known path that led to our "secret" cove. As we were about to pass from all possible view of the road, a familiar voice called out to us. "Beautiful day for a walk," said Ron, our 19 year-old next-door neighbor.

Weeks earlier, the three of us had found ourselves engaged in an unplanned yet most satisfying ménage au trio. While we had certainly seen each other almost daily since that poly-amorous epiphany, our thoughts had, as so often is the case in life, been consumed by the mundane tasks of work and family.

My wife gave me a mischievous look; I squeezed her hand in silent assent as I smiled. I felt a thrill of excitement and my manhood swelled in anticipation. "Ron, we're headed for the beach. Why don't you join us?" said Dawn. Ron said "Sure!" as he strode down the path to join as. As he got to us, Dawn grabbed his hand, turned, and lightly started to run down the path toward the beach, laughing and giggling as she dragged Ron and me along.

We arrived at the shore breathless and warm with sweat. The beach upon which we stood was hidden from view of the community beach by the rugged shoreline. Collapsed sections of the sandy cliffs that towered nearly fifty feet above the surf provided a natural barrier in spots to casual strollers. To ensure our privacy we walked north along the surf for several hundred yards until we reached the mouth of a small clear stream. Cool fresh water flowed steadily, gurgling lightly as it ran from the woods to our left into the bay. Light surf provided a rhythmic susurration that tickled our ears and lightly vibrated the ground.

"Bet you can't catch me," challenged my wife, quickly releasing our hands to dart up the beach. Dodging and spinning, she laughed as she briefly evaded us. Nevertheless, two now aroused men were not to be denied long and truth be told, it was evident she yearned to be caught quickly.

We caught her between us, Ron in front, and me behind. Reaching around her, I grasped her firm, perfect breasts. As I stroked her and lightly pinched her nipples through the light cotton of her spaghetti top, I kissed the nape of her neck and tongued her ear. I heard her gasp and felt a shiver run through her body as Ron's hands and fingers explored between her legs through the fabric of her jeans. I pulled her top over her head and seized her breasts in my hands.

As I stroked and caressed the underside of her pert breasts, I pinched and lightly pulled at her erect nipples. I briefly stepped back and removed the day pack from my back. Taking a light blanket from the pack, I spread it on the ground behind Dawn and stepped to her again, pressing myself to her back and wrapping an arm around her waist. Dawn leaned heavily backward into my arms as I nuzzled her neck.

Seeing an opportunity, Ron quickly unsnapped Dawn's jeans and pulled them across her taught stomach and narrow hips, allowing them to fall down her endlessly long legs to bunch at her ankles. Ron now kissed her belly just above her cleanly shaven mound and ran his tongue downward, leaving a trace of saliva that pointed like an arrow to the most beautifully shaped cunt I have ever seen. Dawn shivered until, at the moment his tongue reached her small but erect clit, she forcefully sucked in a break of air and all but collapsed backward into my arms, surrendering herself completely to Ron's fluttering and probing tongue.

I gently lowered her to the blanket. While Ron feasted on her pussy and drank of the wetness flowing from her, I impatiently stripped myself, tossing clothes haphazardly atop the nearby bushes. I knelt to the ground and passionately kissed her, then, leaning over her, I began to suck and lick her breasts and nipples. Dawn was moaning loudly and shaking from her first orgasm. Before she could recover, Ron swiftly removed his pants, moved toward her on his knees, and grasped both her legs to place them over his shoulders. Dawn's wet cunt opened like the petals of a tulip, her clit protruded upward like a flower's pistil. He placed the large bulbous head of his erect cock against her opening and slowly entered her until his cock was sunk to the hilt in her velvety heat.

As Ron began to fuck her slowly, Dawn reached above her head and grabbed my cock and balls and pulled me hungrily to her mouth. Taking me into her hot mouth, she ran her lips and tongue up and down the underside of my stiff hot cock while squeezing and massaging my balls with her hand. Each time she reached the head of my cock she took it briefly into her mouth and ran her tongue around the rim.

Soon, Ron attained a slowly increasing tempo, picking up his speed as her body responded and her breath quickened. Sensing the unrelenting tide of her massive orgasm as it approached, I began to fuck her hot mouth in time with Ron's strokes. I reached down with my hand and began to rub her protruding clit in time with Ron's strokes into her grasping pussy and my own into her mouth. The three of us moved in perfect synchronization, one organism with a single mind and purpose.

I could feel her body tense and begin to shudder uncontrollably as the leading edge of her orgasm arrived, the wave lifting her higher and higher until she uncharacteristically shrieked and shaked in an orgasm unlike any other she had experienced before.

Taken to the edge ourselves, Ron and I managed to retain control, knowing we could take her even further into ecstasy. Ron withdrew himself and slowly ran his hands across her taught belly and breasts. I moved between her legs and began to kiss and lick her stomach, the inside of her thighs, and the outer lips of her mons. Holding the petals of her labia open, I locked my mouth onto her clit and inserted several fingers into her. Ron had moved to her head and began to feed his cock to her waiting mouth as again as I moved to place the head of my engorged cock at the opening of her cunt and slid myself into her wetness and heat. We found a rhythm and began to steadily increase our tempo. My stroking soon became the relentless pounding of a jackhammer, fast and hard. Again Dawn began to shake and shiver, moaning loudly. I all but stopped my motion as she neared another massive orgasm. Pulling my cock until its head just barely penetrated her, she strained and bucked to force my cock back inside her hungry cunt.

Dawn was panting and gasping for breath, her body balanced on the razor's edge of a massive orgasm that I would not allow her. Each time I saw her slip from the edge, I gave a few quick deep strokes, forcing her now straining body back to the edge again and again. The look on her face and in her eyes combined near ecstasy and pain.

I wanted to give my wife an orgasm unlike any other she had ever had. I asked Ron to prepare to take my place. I quickly swung my body around into a 69 position, wrapped my arms around her waist, and rolled onto my back, with Dawn lying atop my body. I motioned with my hand to Ron and locked my lips firmly around her protruding clit as Ron slid his rampant cock into her pussy, which seemed almost as though it strained to grasp his hardness and pull it in. As Ron relentlessly built a rhythm of hard and deep penetrations, my tongue and lips moved in concert.

At first Dawn took my cock back into her mouth and moved in synchrony with Ron's and my motion. Soon, it was as though she had reached a place where time, thought, and awareness disappeared for everything but the surging, rushing onslaught of an ecstatic orgasm the likes of which she had never imagined or dreamed. My cock slid from her mouth while she gasped for air and moaned in an almost inhuman exclamation of sensations beyond imagining. Her body shuddered and shook with uncontrollable waves of pleasure centered on her pussy that surged outward through the tips of her toes and the ends of her long dark hair, flowing relentlessly into the very ether of the universe in what seemed like an endless pause in time.

I've no idea how long Ron and I kept up our pace, nor how long her sustained and massive orgasm continued. I only know that when Ron and I came and collapsed in exhaustion, my beautiful and very beloved wife was unconscious and bearing a look upon her face of bliss. I see that look even today, many years later, in my dreams and my fantasies.

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