Two is Four


Disclaimer: Dark Angel doesn't belong to the author, but to James Cameron, etc. No copyright infringement intended.

Summary: A simple smut piece with little story. Post Freak Nation. Ben and Sam are alive and well and have managed to find their way into Terminal City. (Apologies for spelling and grammar. English isn't my first language.)


Max and Alec walked down a secluded corridor in Terminal City looking for empty spaces suitable for living quarters, when they suddenly stopped dead in their tracks as they turned a corner. Through a half closed door they saw two bodies on a bed moulded together, kissing and touching each other fervently. But that wasn't the reason they were so chocked, it was because who they were. Max and Alec glanced a bit uncomfortable at each other, and then back at the couple just to make sure they weren't dreaming as they watched "themselves" groping and kissing on the bed. It was their two clones, Ben and Sam.

Max stood frozen on the spot unable to move as she watched Ben pull of Sam's grey shirt, revealing her bra-covered breasts. She knew they probably should've moved away and given them some privacy, but yet she stood there, not moving. She found it oddly exciting watching them, picturing herself in the same position as Sam. Max would never admit it to Alec, but she had recurring dreams about both of them, doing the dirtiest of things. She felt a small blush spread across her cheeks. She imagined it was Alec on the bed, removing his shirt as Ben just did, dropping his mouth on hers. She glanced at Alec briefly, wondering if he knew at which direction her thoughts were going.

Alec didn't notice her glance, looking at his twin kissing Ma... no, Sam, and wishing he could take Ben's place. It would probably be the closest he would ever come to Max, he thought. Even though she had been a little bit friendlier to him since Logan left Terminal City, they still bickered like crazy about smallest of things. He imagined it was him who reached behind Max, like Ben did to Sam, unclasping her bra, revealing her ample breasts, leaning down to suck on the hardened nubs. He felt a surge of blood going to his groin. He looked at Max to his right, and saw the sexy blush on her face, quickly looking away so he wouldn't give more incentive to his manhood to swell. He thought about moving, but decided he would let Max decide when it was time to move. She would certainly run away soon, secretly hoping that she wouldn't.

Ben focussed his attention on Sam's breasts, drawing circles around her nipple with his tongue, nearing his target with every circle, as Sam fumbled on his belt buckle, trying to get it undone. Ben slid his hand down her stomach to her leather pants, not bothering with the button and zipper, simply ripping it open. He sat up pulling at her pants and removed them swiftly, revealing Sam's tiny panties. Ben looked at her with hungry eyes.

Max stood there watching quietly, her breathing accelerating as Ben stood up, pulling down his pants and boxers. Her eyes widened and she had to force herself to breath as she took in the full glory of Ben's body, particular the part that just got revealed, seeing just how big he was. How big Alec must be, she thought, not being able to stop from glancing down at the front of Alec's jeans, finding a large bulge there, quickly looking away.

Alec notice her quick glance at his lower regions, and was a little surprised that she hadn't left yet. Maybe if she finds this exciting, perhaps I would have a chance... nope, won't happen, never in a million years, he corrected himself. But still, she was here, watching something that could have been a projection of them, and it was obvious that she found something about it exciting.

They watched as Ben made short work of Sam's sexy panties, ripping them off. He kneeled over her and kissed her roughly, her kissing him back with equal passion. Then Sam flipped Ben on his back, licking and sucking her way down his jaw, neck, leaving a trail of hickeys on his chest and stopped at his navel to dip her tongue down.

Max watched as Sam closed in on Ben's erection, grasping it in her hand, making Ben groan as she licked the sensitive tip. Max's marvelled at the sight of Sam's mouth descending on his large cock, alternating between licking, and taking the shaft deep into her throat, swirling her tongue around the tip. After a good while of this going on, Ben took Sam's hand and guided her away from his erection. Max could hear him say, "My turn," as he flipping her on her back.

Like peeping Tom's they stood there watching as Ben spread Sam's legs, and started lapping, and sucking on her lower lips and clit. He squeezed her breasts with one hand, as the other went to her pussy, pushing a finger into her tight, warm core thrusting in and out. They went like that for a good while before they saw Ben's motions getting faster and faster as Sam started thrashing more and more, moaning loudly. Not long thereafter Sam arched her back off the bed, screaming Ben's name, as she reached her climax.

Max felt the juices starting to pool between her own legs, watching with wide eyes as Ben leaned over Sam and lifted her legs, wrapping them around his neck. Ben positioned his cock at her entrance and rubbed her clit a few times before slamming into her.

Alec's cock twitched as he heard Sam cry out from Ben's penetration, and saw her tightened her hold on Ben. Ben moaned as he started moving in and out of her with a wild pace. Alec was awestruck as he watched his clone pleasuring probably the hottest girl on the planet. Then it happened, a thing that he an hour earlier would have thought to be impossible, but suddenly there she was, right at his side. As he turned towards Max, she pulled him in for a deep kiss. For a moment he was so chocked he didn't respond, but then he snapped out of it, wrapping his arms around her, pulling her tight against him, kissing her back passionately. Whatever had possessed her, he wasn't going to argue it, deciding to try and take full advantage of it.

Max had just gotten so full of need, watching the couple on the bed, and a desire she hadn't felt in a long time when she saw Ben bury his manhood in her clone, she just decided to throw all caution to the wind and kiss Alec. Any fear she might have had about being rejected, vanished as Alec started kissing her back, backing her up against the wall, his hand travelling all over her body, his erection poking her into her stomach. His hand slid under her shirt caressing her stomach, her back, as his mouth sucked on her perfect, pouty lips.

Alec couldn't believe this was really happening. He had dreamed about this for so long, having her in his arms, kissing her, caressing her, making her moan for him. He gave her a hard kiss, grabbing her wrists in his hands, bringing them up over her head, putting them in one hand against the wall, and pulling back so he could look at her. Despite having her clothes on, she was the most amazing sight he had ever seen, from her swollen lips, protruding nipples, shallow breathing, and willing posture. But it was her eyes that said it all, dark with desire, and there wasn't any need for words to be spoken. In Ben's spirit he gripped her shirt at the neck, and ripped it in two. She gasped at his action, but she didn't have time to react as he crushed himself against her, kissing her roughly as his hand went to her perfectly shaped breast, kneading it before pinching her nipple, making her groan against his mouth.

Max turned her head to the side gasping for air, as Alec didn't loose his stride, kissing along her jaw and throat. As she opened her eyes she saw Ben pound into Sam, hearing her moan Ben's name, causing Max's inside to clench tightly. Max had never been with a transgenic before, and was amazed by Ben's strength and intensity. She was both anticipating it and dreading it a little, wondering how it would feel. But her thoughts were quickly forgotten as she felt Alec's mouth descend upon her breasts, sucking in a nipple in his mouth. His other hand moved to her other breast, squeezing it, not wanting it to feel left out. Max moaned, as she urgently started clawing at his shirt, and with a little help from him, it soon dropped to the floor. She let her hands travel over his sculpted chest, feeling the hard muscles under silken skin. She moved her hands down, over his stomach, starting to fumble with his belt

Alec couldn't believe how fast things were going, feeling her hands trying to undo his pants. But he wasn't about to object, starting to work on her pants as well. He finished first and pulled her pants down her hips and glanced down at her bright yellow panties. He wondered how something so innocent could look so damn sexy. As he admired her tiny panties, she managed to undo his pants, reaching into his pants, grabbing him. They both moaned as Max stroked his hard shaft. She was reminded just once again how big he was, moving her hand up and down his length.

In the background they heard Sam's scream, " Oh God, Ben! Harder!" But their focus was entirely on the each other right now, Alec taking a stepped back, pulled down his pants, seeing her lick her lips as his blue silk boxers were exposed. She wiggled out of her pants and panties, now standing completely nude in front of him. She dropped to her knees pulling at Alec's boxers until she managed to get them off and groaned at the size and beauty of him.

Max looked up at him with big eyes, Alec groaning when her small hand found his hard cock, and the other cupped his balls. Alec tossed his head back when she leaned forward and swirled her tongue around his sensitive head. Max smiled against him and took as much as she could of him into her mouth. He was so big he nudged the back of her throat. She drew away from him, lapped at his tip and then went down on him again.

"Max!" Alec gasped after she had repeated the process a few times. "You're killing me!"

Max smiled again and fingered his balls and scraped him with her teeth lightly. She used her tongue to trace his erection from tip to base and back up, paying special attention to the tip before going back down again. This continued for a while, driving Alec crazy until he couldn't stand it anymore.

Grabbing her under her arms, he drew her up on her legs, then pushing her back against the wall, giving her a bruising kiss before starting to licking and nibbling his way down her body. She gasped as he neared her centre. He looked up at her, as he grabbed her right leg and placed it on his shoulder, giving it a small bite at the same time. He kissed along her tight until he found her wet core and groaned as he inhaled her sweet and musky scent.

Max knew what was coming and she closed her eyes as Alec's tongue slid out to taste her and she groaned, moving her hips against his face. He rubbed his nose against Max's clit and lapped at her wetness, then he slid his tongue inside of her and used his teeth to create friction against her clit.

Max moaned and panted while she pressed Alec's head closer to her. Alec then sucked her clit while he slid a finger inside of her, followed by another one. Max moaned and thrust her hips against his fingers. He increased the pressure on her clit, flattening his tongue and pressing it harder against her. She started moaning as he held her hips still and rubbed his fingers against her wet folds, the pressure building quickly. Then she screamed his name as he swirled his tongue around her clit, her body quivering as she came hard.

As she came down from her high, she noticed that something was missing. She opened her eyes, looking down at Alec, who in his turned stared to his right. Perplexed she followed his gaze, and suddenly she knew what she had been missing, the sounds that Sam and Ben had been making. Her eyes widened as she saw Ben and Sam on the bed, looking right back at them where they stood. Her mouth fell open, but no words came out. Then suddenly she saw Ben wave at them, like he wanted them to come over. Max was frozen, but Alec got the hint and let her leg fall to the floor, grabbing her hand, and pulled her after him as he walked towards the bedroom. Max almost tripped, her legs a little bit wobbly, so Alec swooped her up in his arm carrying her the rest of the way.

Ben and Sam smiled at them and scooted over as Alec came to the bed, leaving room for them to lie on. They leaned back against the headboard, no words having to be exchanged as Alec got the message. He lay Max down across the bed, and climbed up over her, spreading her legs in the process.

Max just couldn't grasp the reality of the situation, looking to her left seeing their clones watching them as they got ready to fuck.

Alec leaned down and gave her a kiss, trapping his throbbing cock against her stomach. He didn't want anything more than to bury himself into her right now, but at the same time wanting to draw it out as long as possible. As her hand slid down on his erection, he started to thrust between her hand and stomach, her silky skin creating wonderful friction.

Max suddenly felt someone grasp her hand, and opening her eyes, she saw Sam hold her hand, guiding it up to Ben, placing his length in her hand. She hesitated for a moment, and then she started stroking him, feeling him starting to swell.

At the same time, Alec decided he enough was enough, and he wanted more. He spread her legs wider, leaning above her, placing one hand beside her head, and his other going down to his cock, placing himself at her opening. She looked up at him as he rubbed his tip against her pussy before thrusting in fully. She cried out, making Ben groan as her grip around him tightened painfully.

"You are so wet and tight Max!" Alec groaned, as he paused feeling her stretch to accommodate him.

Max willed her body to adjust to him. She gritted her teeth, as he started moving, immediately starting a strong pace. Unable to hold it in, she threw her head to the side, and screamed and moaned as Alec's big cock pounded into her. She felt Ben's cock rise rapidly in her hand, and found it surprisingly exciting, knowing that he watched her getting fucked and enjoyed it.

Soon Max felt Ben pull away and saw him pick up Sam as she wrapped her legs around his hips. Ben laid Sam down on her back beside Max in the opposite direction so Ben was facing Alec and Sam's and Max's head were beside each other. For Ben and Alec, it was almost as looking into a mirror.

Ben took a hold on his erection and placed it at Sam's opening. He leaned over her and then thrust fully into her, making her gasp loudly as he pushed deeply. Both women had their backs arched, giving the males one hell of a view.

Ben pulled out of Sam slowly, until only his tip was buried, and then slammed back into her hard, making her whimper. Alec followed suit and did the same thing to Max. Max let her head fall to the side, seeing the familiar-looking face of her twin facing her upside-down. Max found it quite erotic watching "herself" get fucked, looking at Sam's body getting rocked by Ben, before getting the exact same treatment by Alec who started mimicking Ben's actions. Ben and Alec seemed to have made some kind of silent agreement, and Alec continued to follow Bens every move.

Max moaned and whimpered, watching her twin's body rock back and forth, feeling Alec's big cock push up inside of her, creating all kinds of sensations she had no idea even existed before tonight.

Ben and Alec continued with their little game, Ben and Alec varying their thrusts, and changing who was leading. They showed great stamina as they kept fucking the girls for a long time, tantalized and exhilarated the girls, alternating between slow, lingering strokes and hard savage poundings, pulling almost out, and holding themselves deep within them, and every other kind of pace they could think of. But they never broke their counter-rhythm. When one brother slammed in, the other pulled out, keeping the pace. The female's moans and cries with the slapping noises of hot flesh, created an orchestrated symphony of lovemaking.

Max could never have imagined how exciting this little dance they did could be. Anticipating the different strokes, seeing Sam get fucked; made her pussy clamp down on Alec's cock before he even started his thrust, making her even tighter than normal. She was amazed how similar their bodies reacted, Sam's eyes clamping shut and mouth opening in a silent scream as Ben shoved his large cock as deep into her as he could come, holding it there, before Max found her involuntary reacting the same way as Alec did the same.

Alec felt himself nearing the edge, and apparently Ben had the same feeling, as his pace became more and more monotone, his thrusts increasingly harder and faster, lacking the finesse from earlier.

Ben leaned forward and kissed Sam, looking her in the eyes searching for her readiness. Finding the same fierceness in her eyes reflecting his, he lost himself in emotions, and finally he broke the quartet's rhythm, starting an animalistic pace. His balls slapped against Sam's ass as he pounded into her, feeling his thrust becoming more and more erratic. He could feel the remainder of his control vanish, groaning loudly as he felt her inner muscles starting to flutter and squeeze him hard as she came, and just moments later he felt his cock tensing up, exploding deep inside of Sam. As Max watched her twin thrash beside her, hearing she sounds of their climaxes emit into the air, she felt her own orgasm begin, and her pussy squeezed Alec's big cock hard as he thrust furiously into her. Alec wasn't far behind, pushing as far up into Max as he could when the first violent burst of seed shot out from his cock.

The four bodies shock and quivered for a long time and Max could in her haze feel Alec's cum drip down her ass as he numbly moved inside of her, his big length making little room for the giant load of sperm he had deposited inside of her. Ben and Alec collapsed on top of the females and they all fell into a dazed slumber.


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