tagErotic CouplingsTwo Ladies At The Beach Ch. 04

Two Ladies At The Beach Ch. 04


Two Ladies at the Beach: The End

I woke up with a sore left arm and a desperate urge to pee. When I came back to bed I realized that only one of the women I had fallen asleep next to was there. Amy was still sprawled across the bed, her blonde mane hiding her glorious face, so I concentrated on her round ass and the pussy lips just visible between them in the moonlight. The door to the beachfront patio was open, and I assumed that Tina, the Hawaiian goddess I had fallen for in the last few hours had gone for a moonlight walk. I stepped out to see her leaning against the railing.

Her back was to me and she was wearing what appeared to be a half t-shirt. Half her back and every inch of her inviting ass globes were exposed to me. I controlled my desire to sink my tired, but steadily recovering, in between them. Instead I wrapped my arms around her, just under her breasts, and nuzzled her neck. She purred like a cat, pressed against me, and kissed me. I felt her naked ass against my crotch. My cock moved instinctively between her crotch seeking her wetness.

“Deep in thought?” I asked, thinking how I would like to be deep in her (an admittedly shallow thought).

“Just enjoying the cool breeze on my face” and your pussy, I thought to myself.

“Mind if I keep you company” and I took her increased pressure on my groin as a no. She wrapped her slender fingers around my penis and played distractedly with the veins, the head, the base, the pubes, as if she was a blind surveyor mapping a new territory. My own hands predictably lifted her shirt enough to get access to the large, round and perpetually hard nipples I knew I could not live without. The truth was that while we had just shared a night of erotic sex with her best friend, I was falling in love with this tanned beauty. It had been a memorable night, full of sucking and fucking in positions I had hardly imagined before tonight.

“What was your favorite part of the evening with the two of us?” she asked, as if she could sense my thoughts. And as if to remind me she started raising the pace at which she was stroking my now very alert member. The head had started dripping precum as it had all night, and I could see it leave a shiny trail against her warm, round ass.

“Of course I loved every minute, and the orgasms were mind boggling, explosive …but I have to say my favorite moment was when you came, stood over me and let me taste your pussy for the first time. You are the most incredibly juicy and delicious woman I have ever tasted” and with that I moved one hand down to her cunt and caressed her lips. She was flowing freely, like the beer at a frat party, and I had to force myself to not go down right then and lick her again.

“I also loved the way you fucked me right after that, dancing on my dick like an erotic dancer, bouncing these boobs from heaven in my face and allowing me to suck those enormous nipples of yours.” My free hand squeezed one of her nipples for emphasis and Tina moved my head against her opening, “And I will never forget the power with which you squeezed me when you came.”

“It was the best orgasm I have ever had,” she said quietly, a little out of breath.

“I am sure Amy’s tongue on my balls and in your ass must have helped as well”

“Hmmmm” was all she admitted to as she thrust her body back so that I moved deep into her love hole. I refrained from fucking her at the pace we had gone at all night, and simply enjoyed the feel of her soaking walls massaging my rod as I took myself nearly all the way out after having touched her cervix with my head. She removed her tiny shirt so we were both naked in the warm sea breeze.

She moaned again as I pushed in gradually. I was enjoying the sight of her long legs as she bent at her waist allowing me full access to her wide ass. I ran my thumb around her butt sphincter, and looked out over her back at the sea at night. I kept moving at this languorous pace for nearly ten minutes. All the while, the only sound Tina was making was her soft moans. We both wanted this to last and we knew that neither dirty talk nor heavy thrusting would increase our pleasure at that moment. My hands were massaging her grapefruit sized tits, pulling gently on her nipples with every thrust into her pussy. The sounds of the sea complemented the sounds of her juices sloshing inside her saturated tunnel.

At one point I knew I would come if I kept that up and, not wanting to destroy the precious mood we had created, I withdrew from her cunt with a loud pop. Tina giggled and groaned simultaneously. But she understood from the strain on my face and kissed me gently on the mouth. I kissed back and then started down her body with my tongue. I licked her chin and her neck, went to her arms and her musky underarms. I let the tip of my tongue run circles around her left breast, while squeezing both her tits. Tina’s hands were on my head and were coaxing me toward her silver dollar-sized nipples. I worked her breasts for a few minutes before letting the tip of my tongue touch the end of her nipple. It was erect and she moaned, grabbed my head and forced her breast into my mouth. I used my tongue and moved it around her nipple as I massaged her entire breast with my teeth and gums.

Tina threw her head back moaning, “Suck them, suck me, bite me, harder, harder, harder!” until I took a finger and stuck it in her pussy.

“Oh no!” she cried, “You’ll make me come and I want to save my juices for your mouth”.

Not one to keep a lady waiting, I immediately continued my journey down her body, stopping at her belly button to stick my tongue in and appreciate the body of a woman who had no piercings or tattoos to distract me from my goal, her shaved pussy.

I got on my knees in front of her and ran my tongue from her asshole to her clit and back again. Ignoring the medical profession’s stern warnings about licking pussy after licking ass (OK, so they don’t phrase it like that), I stuck my tongue into her ass that tasted almost as sweet as her pussy. But I knew the real juice was elsewhere, so I let my tongue delve deep into her juicy, sweet, scented cunt for as long as I could before moving to the final destination.

My tongue moved out of her pussy and started licking circles around her clit, then back inside, then around her clit, then inside, until her clit was completely unhooded and Tina’s moans had become totally uninhibited.

“Oooooh fuck me with your tongue, lick my clit, suck it like you sucked my titty, oh baby, make me come on your face”.

I started working circles around her clit with my tongue, eventually licking her clit only when she grabbed my head and held my mouth by force on her nub. It was swollen to the size of half my little finger.

“Suck it, please, honeeeeee,” she pleaded. But I wanted her to suffer so I went back to her ass, her pussy, back to licking around her clit, “Please babeee, tell me what you want and it’s yours, just suck my clit now!”

I stuck a finger in her pussy and said, “Come with me tomorrow to the mountains …just you and me, and let us get to know each other with our clothes on. Then at night we will take a room somewhere private and fuck each other’s naked glory.” To emphasize my request I removed my fingers from her and got on one knee.

“Are you proposing an old-fashioned day date?” she asked.

“With some very modern screwing at night.” I replied hopefully.

“Oh baby” was all she said as she thrust her crotch into my face. I took that as a yes, and stuck two fingers in her wading pool-deep pussy.

“Now suck that clit!” she ordered, and so I did, and stuck my thumb in her asshole. She came in seconds, screaming, clamping down on my fingers in her pussy and my thumb in her ass. She pressed her self against my mouth and I caught a stream of sweet nectar as it flowed out of her. I kept licking her until she pushed me away fighting to catch her breath.

I positioned myself in front of her so that she could dreamily take my rod and stick it into her steaming, contracting hole. She almost squeezed me out a few times before I got my thrusting rhythm going. She never stopped orgasming and the sound of her moans mixed with the juiciness of her cunt, the sight of her heaving breasts in the dawn light, with those dark nipples bouncing up and down with every push of mine, and the smell and taste of her ass and pussy still on my face …and within a minute I yelled “I am coming” as I spurted my thick cream deep in her cunt. I could feel it smash against her cervix. She squeezed her pussy walls a few times to milk my boner dry.

She held on to me, keeping my deflating penis inside her as long as possible, rewarding me with the world’s sweetest smile at sunrise as I removed my cock from her and kissed her.

“Good morning”.

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