tagLesbian Sex2 Ladies in Scottsdale Ch. 02: The Flower

2 Ladies in Scottsdale Ch. 02: The Flower


This is a NSFW story. Two women learning to love each other. The first story of Dale and Judy is titled, 'Do you want that?' it isn't necessary to read that first, however, it might make sense in some places to know what had gone on before this story.


After telling our husbands to fuck off and die, we got in the car and just leaned back and howled with uncontrolled, nervous, relief and laughter. We had done it. We had come 'out' to both of our husbands at the dining table in their favorite golf and country club dining room on a Saturday night that was a celebration of some sort.

There was a large crowd to observe the 'outing' and to embarrass them if they were to have created a scene. We were sure that with our total slutty appearance and all of those potential witnesses they had no choices except to cooperate. If they pushed back on any of the terms we gave them they would eventually both put themselves in prison.

Her husband would go to prison for felony sex crimes, and mine to prison for embezzlement and tax fraud. My husband would also face jail time for possession of child pornography since I had uncovered his penchant to watch kids. Yuk! I cannot even write about that for this story. You will have to imagine that for yourself.

Judy was the first to remark while we were sitting in the car having just declared ourselves a couple, that she was really settled and certain of this move. She wanted to take me to a cocktail lounge-restaurant across Phoenix that neither of us had ever tried.

I was driving, so she told me how to get there. When we pulled up to the 'Fluff My Flower' I was very confused because it was decorated on the outside to look like a flower shop. But when I noticed the windows facing the street, they were blacked out. I parked in a parking place directly in front of the area to drop off or pick up a car for the valet. I checked with the valet stand and was told it was fine to park there. We were literally parked right in front of the Fluff My Flower.

We took a minute to snuggle and hug, then we entered the restaurant as two buxom women who were really about 25 but looked like 14 opened the doors for us with a greeting obviously rehearsed, "Welcome to a flower shop for your flower."

They both had on shortly cropped blouses that had a design that was obviously a vagina and clear plastic thongs showing that one had a landing strip and the other a heart-shaped pubic hair patch. They had whiteish clear mid-thigh-high buccaneer boots with three-inch heels. Sexy is the one-word description of these two women who seemed to enjoy their job. One of them said quietly to Judy, "If you need a dance partner, I will waltz you around the world." She was smiling and had an extremely wanton stance she braced to both of us.

She also had a tattoo that ran vertically 8 or 9 inches up her abs and stomach centered so that it looked like a herringbone line drawing. That tattoo was adorned with piercings at the ends of the lines and at the intersections of the lines up and down that must have been 50 small sparkling diamond looking stones were sewn into small holes permanently pierced up her front. It actually seemed to increase the visibility of the tattoo as a three-dimensional tat.

I looked at Judy quizzically and wondered what that bracing display was about as I followed through the doorway and nearly collapsed with surprise at the room we had entered. The room was principally pink.

There were beautiful full-color photographs on two walls as though the Hollywood set had been through here and hung and autographed a large number of 14 inches by 21 inches photographs. The decor was very subdued, with conservative pink upholstered banquettes and pale pink linen, pink lighting and whispy net curtains in rainbows of tie-dyed blended pink stains scattered throughout the large dance and dining area. The bar was more subdued with darker shades of pink paint and pink toned lighting. The bar stools were replicas of men's legs. They were all painted differently to look like seamed stockings with lace tops and garters disappearing under the seat. made of pink like I had never seen.

The seats had a 12-inch flexible metal armored cable that was about 3 inches in diameter, shiny pink chrome mounted just under the butt-shaped seats that a person seated could raise between their legs. I could see that affixed to the end of the armored cable was a very realistic ceramic penis head. Those stools were obscene was my first thought. Secondly, I realized the cable was a long vibrator, complete with the remote control mounted in the bar in front of the seat. The legs of the seats were hilarious with the various sized women's asses I could see sitting at the bar. The men's legs, women's asses, hmmm. I wondered who thought of that for bar stools. As if that wasn't enough, the feet of all of the stools were painted as stilettoes in various styles all shades of pink.

The photos had no faces, just a close-up image of a vagina, highlighted with an autograph. I stopped to look at the autograph on the closest one that was a photograph of a hairless very puffy vagina. I got close enough to read the autograph, and jerked backward when I realized that the name was my favorite yoga coach. I showed Judy the autograph as we both drooled at the picture.

Judy said, "She was the first person to tell me about this place. She had offered to meet me and buy me a drink after class one day. I had plans that day, so I had taken a raincheck. I wondered if Judy would meet her there now that we were not hiding lesbians?

As we had entered the main room, I noticed that there were no men. The orchestra playing softly in the room was all female, wearing pink tux collars, pink bow ties, pink cummerbunds, high heels in a matching shade of pink, and nothing else.

We were shown to a table set for four in the corner near the kitchen, and at first, I was disappointed, and then realized that I could see the entire room and that by being in the corner, no one could see anything of us except above the table top. Additionally, we were seated side-by-side facing the walkway that the waitstaff used to enter the kitchen, the exit being about 10 feet away. After we were seated, the staff removed the two extra settings and the two extra chairs, which I thought was a classy move. We could observe all of the scantily clad and some topless staff up close. It was distracting but interesting and delightfully sexual.

Judy then told me to look closely at the drinkers at the bar and asked me, "Notice anything unusual?"

I replied, "Yes, the drinkers are all women."

Judy had knowingly had me drive us to a bar that catered to lesbian and bisexual women. She was intending for us to eat dinner, dance, and enjoy our first couples night-time outing in a safe way. We were surrounded by a room full of lesbian and bisexual women that we didn't know at all. We were pretty sure we were safe enough to let our hair down and become the 'out' lesbians we really were. I asked her to dance, we seemed to fit together perfectly. Our closeness was so sexual, that I was soaked when we sat down at the table a few songs later.

I jokingly said to Judy, "I am soaked and horny. I need to come. Would you eat me now so I can come?"

Judy smiled and said, "There are couches in the ladies room. Shall we go there?"

I laughed and said, "No, I meant for you to get under the table and eat me right here," and laughed.

Judy had a mischievous grin on her face as she stepped into the walkway to the kitchen. She bent down and disappeared from my view. Two of the staff stopped and watched Judy disappear into the darkness under our table.

I immediately felt her hand moving the tablecloth and my dress aside and back up over my hips. She then asked me for a napkin, which came right back up with a very wet spot in the center where she had wiped my vagina. She quickly had me soaked again, as she kept lapping at my pussy, she made me come too many times to count.

I spoke softly repeatedly for her to return to the table top with me. I couldn't get her to stop sucking my labia, so I finally said loud enough to be heard by more people than her, "Judy, Get back up here."

I reached under the table and grasped one of her breasts. I wondered how I had a found a breast that felt naked? I applied a pulling pressure to try to move her. I managed to get her to sit by me again, only she didn't have her top any longer. She had removed it while eating me and hadn't bothered to put it back on. I reached down, retrieved the blouse and she slowly, ever so slowly it seemed, put it on and buttoned it up. By then she had a room full of leering lesbians trying to get a peek at the lady in the corner.

The house manager came over to see if Judy was a candidate for an '86' and decided she instead was the recipient of a bottle of wine for the show she performed while putting her blouse back on. The manager invited us to a BBQ in the middle of the week mid-day at the Flower, and we gave her a very firm yes, that we would be happy to attend.

After the Champagne was open and we had all three toasted to our 'outness' she left us and we proceeded to drink the champagne with our dinner. A wonderful, cheerful meal was presented in classic fashion. We both were minding our etiquette rules and visiting casually when it dawned on me that we had a lot of work ahead of us to complete the divorces and sell houses and businesses.

Neither one of us wanted to move from our homes. I had finally figured out for myself that I wanted something different from my large palatial house. I snapped out of it, but not until after Judy saw that I was spaced out.

Judy said, "It looks like you are you ready to take me home and fuck me, please?"

I said, "Fucking A. I am one ready and randy broad. Just try to stop me. I do suggest however that we wait until we are home."

Judy said, "I remind you there are couches in the ladies room, which has eight stalls, not like most bars where there are one, two and seldom three stalls, this one has seven toilet stalls, and a urinal at the far end. Please, Dale, I am really hot and so enjoyed sitting here topless, I have never done anything at all close to exposing myself."

" Let's go check on the ladies room on the way out. Dale, I was getting so turned on that I was really fingering myself and if you hadn't pulled me away, I would have had a screaming orgasm. I almost feel cheated."

I said, "Well Judy, we cannot have you edging all the way home. What would the LYFT driver think? I had realized I was too drunk to drive."

We caught the staff server, paid the bill, and entered the toilets. Judy had correct information, only she didn't tell me, she later said she did not know that the couches were placed in the toilets so women could lounge around naked, trolling for a quick hook-up. When we went in, the four triple sized couches were all occupied. Completely occupied I might add.

There were three women sitting on each couch facing the room. The couches were all lined up end to end along one wall. It was like a color show. There was a very black woman, slight of frame and thin muscular legs, with her white silk skirt rolled up to her waist, and a large greasy black strap-on cock protruding above her vagina. She was fondling her breasts through the silk top and seemed transported in her orgasm while we were looking at her.

Sharing that couch with her in the middle was a very old, slight, boney thin, wrinkled, disheveled woman, whose hair was a fright. She had on stylishly filthy, pressed and starched with sharp creases Levi's and a stiffly starched folded and pressed creases, marine folded shirt t. The shirt was open in the front. It looked like a US Marine folding and creasing and struck me as quite an unusual shirt. It really was a cowboy shirt hanging on her boney shoulders.

The cowboy shirt was wide open, and her scars and folds of skin where her breasts had once been were exposed and just 'there' which of course caused both Judy and I to be caught staring. She smiled and asked us very softly and politely, "Will you do a tit flop for an old lady, please? I have about a week to live and I need to see some healthy breasts so I can attempt to remember how it felt and what it was like to have my 38-C girls in front of me again. I really miss them."

We were buzzed but remained polite and both unbuttoned our tops and brassieres then offered our breasts for her to see. I was dumb-struck and could not talk I was so emotionally moved. The lady thanked us and then asked permission to heft our tits so she could compare how tits feel to how she remembers her 38C's felt.

Judy stepped right up, and the woman held both breasts and smoothly, while looking Judy in the eye, bent over and suckled the right one. I heard Judy's breath being sucked in, followed by a soft moan from the old woman. I was a tad jealous until the woman reached up for my breasts. It was as though I was in a trance as I just leaned down for her to suck on my nipples.

The door crashed open and Judy and I both reacted as though we had been caught doing something bad. We stood up and started to cover ourselves when the intruder said, "Well, fuck me if you dare. The two newbies are starting off in the fast lane."

She continued, "The fun we have here at the Flower is often wilder than a sailor's imagination could conjure, but god damn it is always fun. Marie, who are the two broads you managed to have nursing you? Did you use your 'I have maybe a week to live' line? Or the 'failing vision' line?

Then addressing Judy and I she continued, "Marie here has been coming to the Flower for almost 35 years. She first started here as a stage act that followed the star performer each night. She learned how to strip tease and eventually became a headliner for almost 25 of those years. When she was diagnosed, we all chipped in for the surgery to save her life, and enough to rebuild her breasts."

"However, she took the money that we collected for the reconstruction surgery to create a foundation to help pay for young girls and women who have visible needs for plastic surgery to remove birth marks and other beauty altering skin defects. She calls the foundation, 'Ego Rebuilt.' She has raised approximately a million dollars over the 15 years since we started the fund. Every month, the Flower owners donate one percent of their months net profit to the foundation to help keep it funded."

Judy asked, "Does that mean you are not going to die in a week?"

Marie replied, "No. But it does mean that I stretched the truth since I have been told I should be dead for years now and, I could die any minute. Right?"

She smiled so sincerely, that with her bare chest and scars she could have gotten away with nearly anything.

The lady who barged in said, "Marie is retired, US Marine Corp. She did 33 years active duty. She was at one time the woman with the most meritorious and heroic medals awarded to one woman in US History. She had collected four purple hearts, two distinguished flying crosses and a silver star for combat excellence. 'Marie' is our Flower-slang for Marine, and to call her anything else inside the Flower could get you hurt. She is the boss slut, lesbian, bisexual, grunt.

Next to Marie was a white woman in her early twenties holding a double-ended quite flexible dildo made of clear purple plastic about 18-inches long. It had the molded shape on each end of the head of a penis. She was holding one end against her silky, grey lace panty crotch squeezed between her legs so that it stood nearly straight up and waved around in an exaggerated circular pattern as she talked.

On the next couch were three women who seemed to be together. They were laughing and talking when we entered, and then we saw that they were all masturbating with their fingers. What was interesting, was that the woman in the center had both hands in the vaginas of the other two, and the women on the ends, had their hands on a breast and in the crotch of the middle woman.

We were amazed that this could be allowed, it all seemed so nasty that it should have been illegal according to my conservative brain. My liberal brain was screaming to join all or each of these women on the couches and play with each of them. They were all aware of us there, they just didn't need us for their particular pleasure right then, and we were not there to join them, this time.

Sitting on the third couch was a very obese blond about 25 to 30 years old, she was wearing a dark red skirt and a white blouse. This huge woman was trolling to eat pussy, and even had a cute little business card to share.

The card had printing on both sides that was overlaid on a full-color image. The image on one side was a picture of her mouth with bright red lipstick applied perfectly. On the back of the card was the same mouth with the makeup all smeared and obviously very wet with her smiling a very pleased smile. The print on the front said, "Ready, willing and able," with a telephone number.

On the back was printed, "Satisfied, happy and relaxed," with another telephone number. The message was very clear. Interestingly enough, she immediately seemed at least 100% more desirable after I read and looked at her cards. She gave a card to each of us, and they had completely differing telephone numbers to contact her.

Sitting in the middle of the couch was a spectacularly gorgeous Hispanic woman. She was voluptuous, with absolutely precise makeup in place, wearing a very tight skirt of faux leather. She had 3 inch CFM heels in faux leather to match the skirt and all in all she was as pretty as a movie star. She was wearing a transparent red filmy but not shiny blouse with no sleeves which allowed her to flash the tattoos hiding under the blouse. She was not wearing a bra and her nipples were like bullets pointing straight forward. Against the fabric, it seemed like they were still growing against the silky material.

She asked me if I wanted her to rim my ass. I declined, making note of her for later if Judy and I weren't connected in the future. Just in the few times Judy and I had sex, I had learned that I love having my butt rimmed and kissed and massaged and penetrated. Here was a woman holding herself up as though she was expert at rimming. It would be worthwhile remembering her for sure, for sure.

On the end of the couch was a red head with a red tipped cane folded up into her handbag. She was sort of plain Jane looking, and was quietly listening to us all chattering away when she asked, "Would any of you here like to shave my pussy? I am wanting to be bare around my vagina and ass and do not know how to do it. It seems that being able to see is necessary to get all of the little hairs around and almost inside my labia. Will anyone, someone, agree to shave me in exchange for my providing you with some sexual pleasure? I am a professional masseuse and would provide massage with specific appointments, as I do not like spur of the moment, and yes I do erotic couples massage. However, I am looking for someone to shave me tonight."

The fourth couch was a kingsized hide-a-bed that had been folded out and two or three layers of sheets and blankets spread over the mattress. The three ladies on the bed turned out to be four ladies. They were having a cunnilingus daisy chain around the bed and were seemingly so occupied they didn't seem to care about us at all. I so would have liked to be in that line of fun, and wondered if Judy was interested.

By now a half hour had passed since we headed home. The result of our toilet tour was that it elevated both of our senses and levels of arousal and our need for each other.

I was tempted to step into one of the booths and Jill-off, but Judy was too clingy for me to be able to slip away. She did suggest we try to get the telephone number for the three women that were fingering each other. Judy said that looked very erotic to her, and the whole time we were looking at the couches, she had been slyly watching them all three stroke each other until it looked like they had come. They all got up from the couch, placed a leg on the sink counter and splashed water on their crotches, dried off, hugged each other and returned to the main room in the club.

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