tagExhibitionist & VoyeurTwo Lovers at the Swingers Club

Two Lovers at the Swingers Club


A few years back I was living in Atlanta and in a serious relationship with Danielle. She was a very nice, very intelligent girl with long dark hair, a cute face, and a gentle demeanor. She was short, only 5' 2", and a few years younger than my 40 years old a the time. She had a very feminine, slenderish figure highlighted by a lovely ass. She had such smooth, alabaster skin... it made her a delight to see when naked and lying quietly in bed. We were very attached as a couple and had been together for at least two years. Our sex life was passionate, creative, and immensely rewarding.

She knew that I liked swinger clubs because I was honest about my sexual desires regarding exhibitionism and voyeurism. When I went with my ex-wife to such clubs, she and I didn't actually swing, we only played sexually with each other in public and didn't even touch other couples. It was all about being in public with sex all around and with us being sexual in that environment. This was my hope for Danielle and me, just the potential to watch and be watched with her in a public, sexual situation was enough for me.

Danielle had an open-minded attitude about sex and had no problem talking about it. She was a passionate and enthusiastic lover who appreciated new sexual experiences. So far, that covered a lot of ground. Telling her about my voyeurism and exhibitionism was easy because we communicated well about matters sexual. She thought about exhibitionism and voyeurism and decided that maybe she could at least consider indulging this particular sexual preference of mine.

At the time, there was one major swingers club that allowed public sex on premise. It was a pretty basic place in a warehouse district in the Mid-Town area of Atlanta. It was a two-level affair with a dance floor, bar (BYOB), and a second floor balcony on one side that contained a group room and sofas where people could sit, play, and look down at the dance floor.

The lower level also had a few private rooms and a dungeon area with a padded, restraining table for anyone who wanted to play the domme and sub game. We weren't into that. Behind the DJ booth was a voyeur's (and exhibitionist's) area where a long window looked over a small group room with a padded floor and some pillows. I had already visited this club on my own to get a guided tour. If it were a cheap and nasty , going there with my girlfriend would not even be an option.

The first time I broached the subject of going to this club, Danielle revealed some anxiety. "I know you said that you're not into real swinging, but we're not going to have sex with other people, are we?" At the time, I really didn't entertain that idea because I was just happy that she might actually go with me.

I told her the honest truth about these types of clubs. There would be lots of public sexual things going on but there was no expectation from me about being involved with anyone else. I told her that it would be mostly couples with only a few single guys around. I explained that "no" really meant no. I said that I had no expectations and that we could just wander around and watch if that made her comfortable. I would, of course, be happy to jump into the group room with her and I told her that. She just said, "I want to see what it's like before I do anything like that." That seemed fair.

The first time we went, we did just wander around to get comfortable with the place at first. It was a warm Saturday night in the summer. We drove the short distance from my apartment. I was quite relaxed but I think Danielle was nervous. I reassured her that I had no expectations from her in any way. She would only do what she felt comfortable doing with me.

Danielle had dressed the part. She wore a plaid, schoolgirl miniskirt, a see-through black bra and matching thong, a thin and satiny (and untucked) white dress-style shirt. Her bra was easy to see through the fabric of the shirt. She also wore black stockings (not pantyhose!) with a sewn in garter belt. The bright red pumps matching her bright red lipstick completed her very sexy outfit. I was very happy that she understood the appropriate clothes and I think that she enjoyed the way she looked.

Once we paid our way in and found a place to stash our pre-mixed bottles of cocktails, we spent a lot of time watching the dirty dancing on the dance floor while we sat at the bar. Danielle eagerly watched all dancers grinding away in couples or in groups. As we weren't the dancing types, we just looked on. There were two women wearing miniskirts and bra tops sitting on the low stage in front of the dance floor. They were sitting, legs spread, letting anyone see their bare pussies. Obviously, Danielle had never seen such a scene before. She was being a bit cautious when I asked her what she thought. "I'm not sure" was her response.

We left the bar to walk around the edge of the dance floor. I stayed close to her, always holding her hand. Nobody approached us. Nobody tried to grope her. She saw that everyone was friendly and not being aggressive. I think this calmed her down a lot. I asked her if she wanted to see what people were doing in the rooms. "OK" she said. I suspect the drinks were having an affect on her.

We went to the voyeur's room. I knew that this would be another new thing for her. We walked through a curtain and we saw a short hallway with a large window on the right. The light coming through the window had a bluish tint and this allowed us to find our way in. As we walked in, we could see the three couples on the floor of this group room. Danielle kind of gasped when she saw what they were doing.

My girlfriend had clearly never seen people having sex before, especially not three couples in a hot, sexual session of cock sucking, pussy licking, and outright fucking. She looked raptly at the scene through the window and just a few feet from us. There was another couple in the hallway, also watching attentively.

I put my hand down and then brought up the edge of Danielle's skirt so I could gently caress her naked rear end above the tops of her stockings. She didn't stop me, despite her butt cheek being somewhat exposed for other people to see. I took this as a good sign.

She watched the three couples' sexual play raptly. I couldn't tell if she was getting aroused or was just too amazed. Yes, I looked at the front of her blouse to see if her nipples were hard but the folds of the loose fabric didn't reveal much. We were probably there for at least five minutes. We watched women and men cum vigorously and then partners swap with ease. We watched two women together. It was obviously some great oral sex going on because one of the women was making so much noise we could hear it through the glass.

At some point, I moved behind my girlfriend, completely lifted her skirt and pulled her against me. She didn't say anything; just let me press her butt against my front. I then reached around and cupped both her breasts with my hands. Again, she didn't say anything; just let me hold her close.

At this point, another couple had joined us in the hallway to watch the action in that group room. When they came in, I fully expected Danielle to get embarrassed with my hands on her breasts, but clearly she had no problem with my physical affections. I whispered into her ear "what do you think?"

"I don't know what to think, I've never seen this before."

I was tempted to let a hand fall below her waist to find her pussy under her skirt.... I was very, very tempted. I resisted that desire. But my cock was growing and there was no way she could not feel it pressing through my pants into the crack in her ass. Instead, I gently circled her nipples with the tips of my fingers. That got a response! I felt the nipples harden beneath the sheer fabric of her shirt and her bra. She pressed her back and ass into me more.

I was trying to be cautious with our excitement, to lead her gently through her first experience at a swinger's club, even to tease her a bit so she would get more and more aroused. I took my grasp from her breasts, took her hand into mine, and slowly led her out of the hallway.

"Interesting, huh? I asked as we walked through a entryway back to the dance floor area.

"Yes, I would say that's interesting." Her voice was deadpan but then she smiled at me. "Those people were crazy!"

"Let's get some drinks and then go upstairs and sit on those sofas on the balcony, it's couples only up there." I didn't give her a chance to say no. We got our drinks and stayed at the bar for a few minutes. I had my back to the bar while she leaned with her back against me. I pointed out the scene on the stage past all the dancers. Two topless women were dancing with each other. They weren't exactly young and gorgeous but they were clearly having a good time. "It takes all kinds" I told Danielle. She nodded her head in agreement. I took my free hand and brought it up to her chest to casually play with a nipple through her clothes. Danielle took my hand off, kissed it, and put it right back on her breast. This was very nice because it told me that she was comfortable and wanted me to touch her.

With our drinks finished, I took Danielle's hand and led her to the stairs leading to the balcony area. She went up the stairs first, giving me chance to look up her skirt and see her fine derriere as I followed a few steps back and down. I reached up quickly and put a palm on her warm butt cheek, once again lifting her skirt enough for everyone behind me to see Danielle's ass and how the garter/stockings so nicely framed it. She jumped a little but didn't swat my hand away.

We turned right at a landing and then up a few more stairs. I had to take away my palm from her ass. At the top of stairs we turned right again and the balcony came into view. It was broad enough for a row of chairs and sofas against the wall and had enough room for anyone to pass by in front of the furniture.

To the left was a doorway leading to the big group room. I took her hand and lead her in that direction. "Let's check this out." We poked our heads through another open doorway. It was certainly the group room because the raised mattress arranged against opposite walls were occupied by quite a variety of naked bodies enjoying some very x-rated and very public displays of affection.

I was tempted to simply usher Danielle inside to strip down and join the orgy. Rather, I whispered "that looks like fun." Danielle just said "Hmmmmmmmmm". I had a lingering hope that she might usher me into the room. She didn't.

I backed away and took us towards the balcony where the first sofa in the row was empty. It was a low sofa, nicely padded with soft vinyl and with a low back and arms. It wasn't at all deep. We sat down to watch the dance floor. We chatted and laughed, my hand caressing her naked thigh as her skirt had ridden up to just past the tops of her stockings. It was an exciting vision, the pale skin of her upper thigh contrasting with the dark, sheer fabric of her stocking.

We made jokes about the voyeur room and the odd characters we had seen on the dance floor. We were both feeling relaxed and sexually charged. We kissed a lot. It was arousing to feel her tongue with mine, moistly touching inside our mouths. We kissed deeply, often, and for a long time. It was a wonderful feeling.

On Danielle's left, another couple was in the next sofa. They looked about Danielle's age and they too were kissing and touching each other sensually. This couple was more passionate with their closeness. I looked past Danielle's head to see that the woman of the couple was wearing a short, loose skirt and that her partner had his hand under it and between her legs. Danielle turned and saw the same thing. The couple was completely ignoring us even though we were sitting in the adjacent sofa just a few feet away.

I suspect that I could have done the same to Danielle. I knew she was turned on. I just felt that it might still be too much for a first visit to this type of club. The couple on the next sofa had the right idea, however. We watched as the woman stood up, reached up under her skirt, took off her panties (pink!) and toss them on the sofa next to her man. She sat back down by straddling her man, her big breasts right in his face. I had hoped that we might see something like this because I wanted to do something like this with Danielle.

We didn't want to stare but it was hard not to. These were two attractive people and watching them seemed natural. We couldn't really say anything about this scene because we didn't want the couple to hear our comments about them. So, we just watched, silently. I couldn't see Danielle's face but I hope she wasn't gawking like a Midwestern tourist on a topless beach.

The woman unbuttoned her top, undid her bra from the front and offered her man two large and very firm breasts. I wanted to whisper to Danielle "fake". The man enthusiastically sucked and nibbled the woman's upright nipples, first one, then the other, and then back. The woman threw her head back, her long, dark hair falling down her back. She was grinding her pelvis into his lap, obviously working to further excite them both. She then stood back, and got down on her knees, and began to unzip his the fly on her man's pants.

Danielle had to say something. She turned her head and very quietly whispered "should we go? Do they want privacy?"

"No, if they wanted privacy, they wouldn't be here." I whispered back, barely audible. Thisseemed to make sense to Danielle.

So we sat and watched the action next to us. The kneeling woman's legs blocked the balcony walkway but that didn't bother the few couples who walked past, not really paying attention to them or us, for that matter. I continued to stroke Danielle's thigh with my left hand, occasionally breathing on her neck and then kissing it. I knew she had a very sensitive neck and I was hoping to arouse her more.

It was clear what the woman wanted because she was, by now, bobbing her head up and down on her man's firm erection sticking out of his trouser fly. His head was back, his arms were spread widely on the back of the sofa. The blowjob went on for a minute or two more. I knew what was going to happen next.

With great care to be quiet, I whispered into Danielle's ear, "She's going to have sex with him" Danielle nodded very slightly. I could tell that she was completely engrossed in what the couple was doing.

Indeed, the woman stood up and again straddled her man. But this time, before sitting down on him, she took his firm cock and guided it under the hem of her short skirt so that when she fully sat down on him, he would be fully inside her. She let herself down on him slowly until she was resting completely on his lap, her legs to either side of his. There was no place for his cock could have been but deep in the woman's pussy. The man took a nipple in her mouth and nibbled for a moment.

Danielle suddenly turned her head to look at me. Her eyes were wide and her pupils huge. Her mouth was slightly open. She leaned to kiss me... very hard... and put her tongue deep in my mouth. I leaned against her, pushing down towards her left... my hand went further up her thigh, this time directly between her legs. Without any hesitation at all, Danielle spread her legs so I could easily move my hand up and between to feel with my fingers the fabric of her thong stretching across the lips of her pussy. It was felt warm and damp even through her thong.

She continued to kiss me hard. I could feel her shallow breaths. She leaned back further, her head finally resting on the low arm of the sofa. Her legs were spread widely enough to allow me to continue to stroke her pussy with my hand under her skirt. We kissed more and I massaged between her legs. Her passion was definitely inflamed.

This was actually a bit awkward. I wanted to touch her more intimately and the fabric of her thong was in the way. We needed to shift positions. I pulled away from the very long and passionate kiss. Danielle had an intense look in her eyes and on her face. I had seen this look before. She wanted more! Of course, I was willing to go further. I took my hand from between her legs. She gave me a pleading look.

I moved to the right so I could grasp both her legs and pull them upward. I took a moment to glance at the couple on the next sofa. The woman was moving up and down slowly, obviously enjoying the ride on her man's cock. I couldn't see him penetrating her because her skirt was in the way, but it was clear what was happening.

I took Danielle's right leg and put it on the back of the sofa, her left leg just about touching the floor. With her legs so widely spread and her skirt so short, it was easy to see the fabric of her thong and the lips of her pussy through the sheer fabric. The black stockings only added to the intimate display because the whiteness of her exposed skin was so obvious. I moved toward her so I was sitting almost upright between her legs with her right leg behind my back.

My body only partially blocked the view to anyone coming down the balcony or even up the stairs. I was kind of surprised that Danielle wasn't being modest at all. Perhaps she even enjoyed such exhibitionism or was just too aroused. She had never shown me or told me that she might enjoy that.

Our position on the sofa allowed me a clear view of the couple next to us. Danielle could also see if she tilted her head back enough. She took that opportunity to take in a long gaze. The sofa neighbors accommodated her by increasing the frequency of their fucking. The woman was bouncing up and down, making a guttural noise with each bounce. He was firmly grabbing her breasts, his thumbs brushing on her very stiff nipples.

I took the opportunity to glide my hand up and between Danielle's legs, feeling the fabric of her stockings and then feeling the soft warmth of her naked skin as I moved further up. When my fingers found their target, Danielle turned her head to look at me. She then closed her eyes and smiled with satisfaction. I used my thumb to press on her clit. Though covered in the sheer fabric of the thong, I could tell it was very arousing to her. I massaged up and down with my thumb and fingers. I knew that Danielle liked this. Sometimes, when she visited me, we would watch TV and I would casually massage her pussy while we sat on the sofa. Usually, this led us to the bedroom or just fucking right then and there. Here was a totally different environment but we were indulging in the same type of foreplay that we usually had alone.

Our neighbors suddenly interrupted us. The woman had stopped riding up and down on her man and was making low noises... UH! UH! UH!... CUMMING! NOW! Danielle tilted her head to watch again. The woman having the orgasm leaned over her man, her breasts in his face, still gasping. He took the opportunity to jerk his hips upward suddenly and push into her deeply. The women yelled out "OH FUCK! OH GOD!" and had to grab the back of the sofa for support. The man, his hips still raised, groaned loudly and then slowly lowered his hips. He had obviously cum.

Danielle's attention was diverted from my fingers on her pussy. I took the edge of the thong and moved it aside, fully exposing her to me. I also pushed her skirt completely up and out of the way so it bunched at her waist, totally exposing the top of her legs and the pinkness of her pussy. This ended her modesty. She didn't resist at all because she was so wrapped up in watching the other couple have their orgasms.

I delicately and softly pinched her swollen clit, now quite available to me because of her arousal and the thong pushed aside. She gasped loudly and turned quickly to see me smile at her. I raised my eyebrows as if to say, "did you like that?" She just opened her mouth in surprise. Maybe she was shocked to find herself so exposed but so turned on? But her look quickly softened and once again she closed her eyes. This was my encouragement to continue.

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