tagIncest/TabooTwo Mates, Two Sisters

Two Mates, Two Sisters


James roared with laughter, "You think your sister Becky is a virgin? You are such a funny guy but that is the best ever. Well she wasn't the last time I slept with her or the times before that."

"That's funny too but my sister does not sleep with anybody."

"She has a faint birth mark on her left side shaped like a map of Africa and tiny operation scar just above her pubic hair line. Both are covered when she has her panties on, which is not often when I am close."

"Who told you that?"

"Personal observation, bet you anything you like."

Harry and James had both turned 18 and were spending some time together between school and college. They had nothing much in common but had been friends for ever. James was an extrovert, regarded as very hot by most girls and gregarious. Harry was quiet, introverted and a bit nerdy.

One thing they never discussed was sex or girls. James didn't like to boast and embarrass his friend and Harry didn't have much to talk about in that area. Today was different, it must have been the beer and the sun.

"I'll make another bet, if anyone in your family is a virgin it's you," offered James.

"Are you dating anyone now?" asked Harry trying to change the subject.

"I am fed up with dating. I see your sister from time to time, I have a couple of married women on my trap line and my own sister is always available too."

Harry spewed his beer out when James mentioned his own sister.

"A date would be nice, even a bad one. I always go a little crazy around girls when I over compensate for my shyness," recovering from his shock.

"So you are a virgin?"

"Yes, looks like a chronic life time condition to me."

James made a phone call, "Really nice guy...my age...known him for years...he's a bit shy...twenty minutes, thanks."

"One of the married girls on my trap line, her husband is away in the Navy. We got a couple of hours before her kids come out of school. Get showered and get moving."

Sara opened her door a short way and motioned them in. She was only wearing bra and panties. Before introductions could be made she led them to the family room and motioned them to sit on the sofa. It was a two seater and she squeezed between them.

"So this is Harry? Two guys, my lucky day. Let's chat for a while and then the action will begin."

Sara put a hand on each of the guys' laps and felt for their gradually hardening dicks. She invited them to take her bra off and feel a breast each.

"After you with the bra, Harry."

It was the first time Harry had taken a girl's bra off but he achieved it in a reasonable time.

Sara kissed each guy with tongues for a while and then declared it was time for her to take Harry to her bedroom.

She took Harry's hand and led him to the room and removed his clothes while he stood stiffly.

"Relax, lay on the bed and relax. This is not difficult and I know what I'm doing. If you cum too quickly it's just excitement and not a problem."

Sara took her panties of and sat astride Harry facing him. She parted her pussy lips and squeezed her clit to maximise its appearance then changed position so Harry's face was near her pussy as she hovered over his dick.

"You play all you want down there while I give you a little suck."

Harry parted her lips, identified her clitoris, touching the lips and moving a finger around the area.

"I'm wet and you are hard so let's get to the main act."

Sara laid on top of Harry, put her hands under him and grasping his buttocks rolled them both over to man-on-top missionary. As Harry reached the position, Sara reached for his dick and plugged him in.

"No longer a virgin!" Sara exclaimed.

Harry came quickly and Sara rolled them over again putting her on top. She managed to keep him in and he didn't lose much hardness. Round two lasted several minutes while they chatted about Harry's sex life or lack thereof.

"Time is getting on," Sara noticed, "Send James in if he hasn't wanked himself silly in my family room. You can come back any time on your own or with James, I have about four months before my husband gets home."

They both finished in good time for Sara to pick her kids up from school and made their way back to Harry's mother's house.

"That was great, I appreciate that, tell me more about your activities with your sister."

"No point in getting dressed up and chasing around town when all I have to do is tap on her bedroom wall. She does the same to me when she is horny."

Harry's sister Becky and James' sister Billie were both 23, they were friends but not close.

Later that day Harry found himself at home with Becky and they had a chat in the kitchen. More of an embarrassed splutter really because Harry had trouble getting the words out.

"James says you and him have been friendly, very friendly sort of..."

"We have a fuck now and then is that what you are trying to say?"

"Is he very friendly with his sister Billie, not all brothers and sisters get along?"

"Sorry about my language, but to make it very clear, they fuck each other too."

"I lost my virginity today, I am hoping to develop some sort of regular sex life."

"Why didn't you say so before, we thought you were gay?"

Becky put her hands on Harry's shoulders and gently pushed him back against the kitchen island. She kissed the end of his nose then moved her hands down to his belt which she released.

"Drop your pants and shorts and hop up on to the island."

Harry was speechless, sitting there legs dangling sporting only a T shirt and an erection.

Becky quickly stripped and got her lips to work on Harry's erection. Harry looked down and saw the operation scar and birth mark just as described by his mate. He began to wonder just how many guys had benefited from his sister's charms.

"Swap positions, my turn for oral," Becky said and she laid back when she got on the worktop.

Given Harry's lack of experience, Becky gave him a running commentary on what actions she and girls in general liked about tongue and finger action and vastly improved his knowledge of female anatomy.

Checking the time, she told Harry that while she would have liked an hour or two in her bed their mother might come home fairly soon and she suggested a knee trembler against the kitchen cabinetry.

Harry wasn't sure what was required of him but within minutes he gained proficiency.

James called in the morning, "Billie starts work at three tomorrow afternoon and she has to drive past your place. If you could give her some lunch just after one she could run over your notes for sexual intercourse 101."

Billie had much the same idea as Becky, oral each way on the kitchen island. Preparing food on that counter top was never going to be the same. She did have time to lead Harry upstairs to his bedroom.

"Have your tried doggy yet?" she asked, getting down in to the position before he could answer.

"I think this position might make it to the top of my list but there are a number of others to try, this is great," he said as he leaned forward to play with her breasts.

"Do you like my rosebud, most people think it is cute."

Harry had an idea what she meant but wasn't sure. Billie reached back and guided one of his fingers to the spot.

"Tickle it, circle it, if we had some lube you could put a finger in, perhaps you can go in a little way,"

The excitement of doing it doggy for his first time and the extra thrill of touching her rosebud quickly finished him off and he sat back admiring the cream pie he had made while Billie slowly sunk to the floor.

"I would love to stay longer and repeat the exercise from beginning to end but I have to go to work. Call my brother and see if we can arrange a foursome for the weekend."

Harry's mother was out on Saturday night and James and Billie joined Harry and Becky at the house.

James suggested they swap sisters and swap them back at half time.

"I'll take anyone except you James," said Harry.

"I have already rejected you for being inexperienced so I am going to stick with girls tonight."

This banter amused the girls and they started to strip off, telling the guys to do the same.

Becky and Billie suggested a contest.

They asked the guys to sit side by side on the two seater sofa. The girls sat on their laps after making sure the guys were hard enough to penetrate them. Sliding down to their positions the girls French kissed each other, the guys held the girls' breasts, and the girls reached for the guys' balls.

The idea of the contest was that the first guy to lose his erection and/or slip out would suffer a consequence yet to be decided.

This went well before someone remembered a game on TV and Harry reached for the remote so they could catch the final minutes. The party game results got forgotten.

They were still in position on the sofa when a loud cough indicated someone was entering the room.

"This is awful, in my home, it's an absolute disgrace," shouted Harry and Becky's mother.

There was a very long silence and no one moved.

"This is awful, an absolute disgrace that I wasn't invited to your party that looks a lot more fun than the one I left early. You don't have enough people for an orgy so one more will help."

With that she started to take her clothes off.

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