tagLesbian Sex2 Mistresses: Different Styles

2 Mistresses: Different Styles


Summary: Two Dommes train straight women in very different ways.

Note 1: Thanks to hfernandez1983 for the original idea for what turned out to be a very lengthy, complex story in the vein, I hope, of my 'Catching Mommy' series except without the incest (mostly).

Note 2: Edited by H.S, Robert, goamz86, Sophia and Wayne.

Note 3: Edit update Sept 2016 by Tex Beethoven.

This is the second part of a series. And although you could probably read it as a stand-alone story, I'm not sure it would make a lot of sense, as part one was heavy on plot and character development. That said, if you don't want to read part one (which I think is one of the better stories I've written... so I highly recommend you do), or if you've read it already but need a refresher, here it is:

2 Mistresses Chapter One: A Study in Seduction

Mistress 1: Carolyn Adams is a successful businesswoman in her forties with years of experience seducing young straight women. At a high-end bar, she meets and seduces a sweet, beautiful actress and turns her into her submissive pet by using Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Carolyn believes in sweet seductions and uses the allure of lingerie, especially stockings, to enhance her exotic appeal.

Mistress 2: Samantha Summers is a spoiled, rich woman in her twenties who enjoys seducing older, straight women. While Carolyn is tender and thoughtful about her seductions, Samantha is aggressive and threatening in hers. On a flight, she dommes the first class flight attendant by using her bitchy persona and beauty to get what she wants. Samantha believes in domination and control and uses threats and her red bush to draw women in. Conversely to Carolyn, she hates stockings and almost never wears them.



The Main Cast So Far (although there are many small characters who will come and go throughout the story):


Carolyn Adams: Seductive mid-forties Mistress, entrepreneur of a 'for women' website and CEO of the fast growing "Elegance Stockings" brand.

Mindy Boyd: Sweet Southern girl who moved to Los Angeles to become an actress but ends up being seduced by Carolyn and finding her true destiny as a submissive.
Carmen: Is a beautiful Latina who was once Samantha's pet but has since become Carolyn's live-in pet, her executive assistant, and the one responsible for Mindy's training.
Pam Thomas: The current 'it' girl in Hollywood, a submissive to Carolyn and the spokesperson and model for Carolyn's "Elegance Stockings" line.


Samantha Summers: Dominant mid-twenties Mistress, rich socialite, who wants revenge on Carolyn for Carmen's defection.
Chloe: A former no-nonsense police officer, who after being dommed by Samantha, quits her job and becomes her personal sex-slave assistant.
Laura Madison: Twenty-one years old, 36C breasts is an ex-Disney television star who unlike many others has kept her moral code post-Disney.

Chapter 2: Different Styles

Carolyn Adams

After her new pet Mindy got her off, Carolyn stood up and asked, "Enjoy your breakfast?"

"Yes, Mistress," Mindy answered, on her knees on the floor, pussy juice on her lips and face. She had woken up after her crazy night and had no regrets as she looked fondly at the beautiful woman who had awakened her true submissive nature and her true sexuality from its lifelong dormancy.

Carolyn stood up and ordered, "Come join me in the shower."

"Yes, Mistress."

Mindy washed her Mistress's entire body. Carolyn washed Mindy's.

Carolyn got dressed while Mindy went and found the clothes she had discarded last night.

Once dressed, Carolyn grabbed a few pairs of thigh-high stockings and handed them to her new pet. She said, "So, I know I made you a very generous offer last night, and I know you accepted it."

Mindy was suddenly worried her Mistress was retracting the offer.

Carolyn saw her pet's worried look, which made her smile, but she soothed away the worry. "I'm not changing the offer, my pet. I just want to make sure you still understand our terms the morning after."

"I do," Mindy nodded, a huge sigh of relief washing over her.

Carolyn went to her briefcase and pulled out her standard non-disclosure legal paperwork that also detailed her precise expectations for any pet. She brought it back to Mindy, who was donning a pair of Elegance thigh-highs.

"I need to make a phone call. While I do, read this and if you accept all the conditions, sign it," Carolyn ordered, before adding, "You may come sit at the table and have some breakfast while you do."

"Yes, Mistress," Mindy nodded, getting off her knees and moving to sit down. She looked at the single sheet of paper and read it.

To become a full-time submissive I, ________________________, under no duress, in complete understanding of the conditions of my employment, give my mind, body and soul to Mistress Adams.

In return, Mistress Adams will look after all my needs including accommodations, travel, clothing and food.

Our Mistress and submissive relationship will remain in force twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. While in the outside world, I will outwardly appear to be Mistress Adam's assistant; however at all times I shall be Mistress Adams' property and will obey her every command, only altering outward appearances as she wishes, depending on our location and company.

I also acknowledge the following:

1. All information contained in documents I read, videos I view, conversations I am part of or overhear, and everything I learn about individuals I meet are all strictly confidential, subject to the pleasure of Mistress Adams.

2. I agree at all times to treat as confidential everything that I may see, hear, feel or experience through my role as a live-in submissive, subject to the pleasure of Mistress Adams.

3. I will not discuss such information with any party, nor will I participate in or permit the release, publication or disclosure of such information, nor will I copy, distribute, or disseminate such information, except as authorized by Mistress Adams.

SIGNED this ________ day of ______________________________, 20____.

______________________________ _____________________________

Signature of the Submissive Signature of Mistress Adams

Mindy read the contract a dozen times, surprised at how straightforward it was. One sheet of paper, a hundred words, give or take, were enough to forever change every aspect of her life.

Mindy printed her name in the place provided. She wrote today's date. Then, as she went to sign the contract, she stopped. Even though she had submitted unconditionally last night and again verbally today, it seemed somehow more official, more real, if she signed the paper.

Mindy wondered... was this what she really wanted? Her body screamed yes; yet, her mind wasn't as confident. This was a life-altering decision. Of course, so had been moving to Los Angeles, and that hadn't really paid off at all for her. Yet... somehow... this seemed different. She had been lost and now she felt found.

It was only one night... one wild, crazy night... but after two decades of feeling lost and alone, she felt at home.

Carolyn asked, seeing the pretty young woman staring at the contract, "Having second thoughts, my pet?"

"What? Um, no," Mindy answered, startled by the powerful woman's voice. "It's just I'm having trouble signing my name."

Carolyn grabbed the pen out of Mindy's hand, and signed her signature. "If you are having second thoughts, I understand. That said, I'm a very busy woman and I don't have the time or the patience to wait."

Suddenly very frightened at the prospect of losing this opportunity, Mindy took the pen back, and this time without a moment's hesitation signed the paper.

"You sure?" Carolyn asked, even though she knew the answer already. No one had ever signed the contract and backed out.

"Yes, Mistress," Mindy nodded, before apologizing, "Sorry I took so long."

"It's a big decision," Carolyn said, rubbing her pet's back.

"Thank you for giving me this opportunity," Mindy said, the woman's touch instantly sending chills through her spine.

"Oh, we will both benefit greatly from this arrangement, my pet," Carolyn said, always getting as much pleasure as the pet did.

Carolyn got her new pet's cell phone number, called Mindy a cab and said, "I have some business I need to take care of. I will see you very soon, my pet."

"Yes, Mistress," Mindy nodded, as a feeling of disappointment washed through her that the best night and morning of her life were now over.

Carolyn smiled, seeing her pet's disappointment, "Don't worry, my pet. You will start your new life very soon, and you and I will be together almost always."

"I can't wait," Mindy said.

"I know," Carolyn nodded, kissing Mindy and saying, "now scoot, or I'll never get my work done."

Mindy walked out of the kitchen and summoned the elevator.

Carolyn called her secretary and assistant, Carmen, and said, "I have found a new pet."

"Oh, okay," Carmen said, instantly annoyed. Although she loved training new pets, she hated when she wasn't the number one pet.

Carolyn scolded her jealous secretary, "Slut, was I asking your opinion?"

"No, Mistress," the voluptuous Latina replied, knowing that Carolyn knew her so very well that even the slightest hint in her tone was enough to get her in trouble.

"I'm texting you her cell number. I expect you to get in contact with her and book her flight, help her move and send her the survey," Carolyn ordered.

"Of course, Mistress," Carmen said. "And am I still expecting you tomorrow?"

"Yes, my pet," Carolyn answered. "I thought you would be happy with a new pet to train."

"Permission to speak frankly?" Carmen asked.

"Of course," Carolyn said, even though she knew exactly what her pet was about to say. Carmen was completely in love with her and wanted to be her exclusive pet. Of course that was never going to happen.

"New pets are exhausting," Carmen said.

"You were once exhausting," Carolyn reminded her.

Carmen wasn't sure what to say to that.

"Get in touch with Mindy and get her home," Carolyn ordered. "See you soon."

"Yes, Mistress," Carmen agreed, as her Mistress hung up. Mindy, Carmen thought to herself, what kind of name is Mindy? I bet she is some blonde haired, blue eyed, bimbo. She sighed as she went to call the number. Every time Mistress gets a new pet it is more work for me.

Mindy was in the cab when her cell phone rang. It was a number she didn't recognize. "Hello."

"Is this Mistress Carolyn's new slut?" Carmen asked frankly. She was already too pissed off and jealous to be polite.

"Um, who is this?" Mindy asked, surprised by the blunt question.

Carmen gave a heavy sigh that she made sure was clearly communicated through the phone. "I'm Mistress Carolyn's executive assistant. Now, please don't waste any more of my time with silly questions."

"Oh, hi, sorry," Mindy blabbered.

"Please text me your address and what day you want to fly out. I will make arrangements for the movers and the cleaners. I assume you don't own the property?" Carmen said, all businesslike.

"No, I rent," Mindy answered.

"Of course you do," Carmen said with condescension, even though ironically, she had still been living with her parents when she was seduced and dominated by her first Mistress, Samantha Summers.

Mindy didn't like the tone this woman was taking, but didn't say anything.

"Text me this information ASAP and I will take care of everything for you, princess," Carmen said sarcastically, and hung up.

Mindy began to speak, then she realized the phone was dead. Suddenly doubt rushed through her. Was this the right thing? Was she acting too fast, just like she had when she moved to Los Angeles? Was this a solution, or was she taking the path of least resistance once again?

These thoughts and many more spun in her head as she sat in the back of the taxi, a bunch of thigh-high stockings in her hands.


In her extravagant hotel room late that afternoon, Samantha researched the Elegance Stockings product line, and when she saw that the beautiful Pam Thomas was the spokeswoman and model for the product her pussy tingled and her jealousy burned.

That would mean without a doubt that Pam Thomas was Carolyn Adams' pet. Samantha instantly wanted someone famous as a pet. Someone on par with Pam Thomas. She had ex-Disney Star Hannah Spears in her harem, but she was no longer the top pop star in the world... in many ways she had become tabloid fodder after her brief slut phase following leaving her Disney contract.

She also had a governor on speed dial, Daphne Green, who was about to announce her run for the Presidency. Yes, she would have her fly here both to eat her pussy and assist in getting back at Carolyn.

She grabbed her phone and dialed the Governor's private cell number, which only an elite few had.

On the third ring, the Governor answered, "And where are you this time, Mistress?"

"Paris," Samantha answered, always liking that one of the most powerful women in America, and thus the world, addressed her as Mistress.

"Very nice," Governor Green said, as she worked on her laptop for a meeting coming up in twenty minutes. Samantha didn't realize she was being multi-tasked. Meanwhile, under her desk, a secretary to the leader of the opposition was licking the Governor's pussy.

"I need you here now," Samantha said bluntly.

"I can't," replied Governor Green, usually the dominant in her many lesbian relationships. "I have a meeting with big business about sponsoring my campaign."

"I wasn't asking," Samantha said, always annoyed when any of her pets didn't immediately just do as they were fucking told.

"Samantha," Governor Green said, using the intense young woman's first name, "I will be very busy for the next year and, of course, a lot busier than that when I win. These secret world travelling rendezvous have to end."

Samantha felt like she did when Carmen had turned traitor and left her for Carolyn... betrayed. "I didn't fucking ask for your daily agenda, or for lame ass excuses, slut."

Governor Green, although she enjoyed the odd act of submission and did indeed enjoy Samantha's pussy and body, didn't have time for this. She said, "Look, Samantha, we are done. I'm about to run for President. I'm not saying we can't meet when our schedules line up, but I'm no longer free to just drop anything to meet up with you."

Samantha was furious. She began, "You fucking bitch, I...."

Governor Green, who didn't take kindly to being called names even when in the act of submission, cut her off as she threatened back, "And don't try to fuck with me, Samantha! I have so much intel on you that I can ruin you far quicker than you can ruin me. You want to go out in a blaze of glory? Then try me!"

Samantha's anger intensified. Yet knowing that this threat was far from idle, she said, "We will have this discussion face to face very soon." She then hung up and grabbed the phone and called room service. "I need a bottle of your most expensive red wine, and right now!"

"Yes, ma'am," the voice said just as Samantha slammed her phone down. Was Carolyn behind this? She would bet the fucking bitch was. She knew that the Governor loved hosiery, the Governor lived in Boston and Carolyn in New York, so it was likely they had crossed paths before, almost surely at the Le Chateau Club, so it wasn't far-fetched to think that the Governor was wearing Elegance Stockings.

Samantha called the boutique she had been in earlier and asked the girl who answered the phone, "Is Governor Green one of your customers?"

"We don't give out customer information here, ma'am," the woman replied.

"Give me Scarlett right now," Samantha demanded.

A moment later, Scarlett answered, "Hello, this is Scarlett; how may I be of service?"

"It's Samantha. Is Governor Green a customer of yours?"

Fuck, Scarlett sighed, this was getting messier and messier. She answered politely, "We don't share customer information with anyone, ma'am."

"Answer the fucking question!" Samantha roared into the phone.

"Sorry, ma'am. But customer privacy is critical for obvious reasons," Scarlett answered, secretly enjoying being able to say no to this pretentious bitch. After she had spoken with Carolyn, it was obvious that there was a rivalry between the two. She had been backing Carolyn's horse for some time, and she wasn't about to change horses now. As a world class fashion designer she was well aware of the difference between class and bitch.

"Do you want me to come down there right now?" Samantha threatened.

"If you wish, ma'am," Scarlett replied calmly. "The answer will not change."

"You'll regret this," Samantha roared, as she slammed down the phone. 'What the fuck is happening?' she fumed just as there was a knock at the door.

She threw the phone on the couch and it bounced off and landed on the floor. "Fuck!" she said to herself, thinking suddenly the world was conspiring against her. She went to the door, opened it and found a young French woman at the door.

"Come in," Samantha said, already knowing what would make her feel better.

The young woman did, bringing a chilled bottle of wine in an ice bucket and asking, "Where would you like the wine, madam?"

"On the table there," Samantha said, as she closed the door.

The young woman placed the wine where instructed and asked, "Is there anything else I can do for you, madam?"

Samantha walked over to the pretty brunette and said, as she lifted up her dress, "Yes. You can eat my cunt."

"Excuse me, madam?" the young woman asked, astonished by Samantha's words.

"You obviously speak English," Samantha said, as she put her hands on the petite girl's shoulders and firmly shoved her to the ground.

The young girl was shocked. This was only her third week working here, nothing like this had happened, and nobody had warned her that it might, so she had no guidelines to follow. Before she could respond, unsure what to do, the bossy exhibitionist spoke again.

Samantha sometimes liked to seduce her prey, other times to blackmail, other times just to take. This was one of those 'take' times. It was obvious from the stunned look on the young girl's face that cunt was not familiar territory for her. She ordered, wanting just to dominate someone, anyone, "Now get licking. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity."

The young girl stared at the red-haired pussy. She had never been with a woman. Yet finding work was hard, and she sure didn't want to lose this newly found job because some rich woman had complained about her.

Samantha, wanting to be in charge again and feeling really bitchy because she had been utterly betrayed all day, grabbed the back of this shy, bewildered young girl's head and guided it into her pussy as she ordered, "Now come and enjoy your tip."

The girl was surprised by the strong scent and, believing her job was at stake, just did as she was told. As she began licking, she was startled by the taste. She had never really considered the taste of another woman's pussy, but this was exotic. Her boyfriend had gone down on her a couple of times, but complained the scent was gross and the taste worse (as if his cock smelt like roses or his semen tasted like maple syrup, but he expected blow jobs regularly). Men were 'porcs'.

After a couple of minutes, Samantha, watching and feeling a sudden shift from slow and tentative licking to a more eager tonguing, asked, "Are you enjoying your tip?"

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