Two Moms, Two Laps: Home Rules

byTx Tall Tales©

I groaned and let loose, filling that sexy, warm opening.

She let me finish, and I felt her tongue teasing me, the wetness of her full mouth incredible. She pulled back, until just the head was between her lips, and swallowed. She slid her lips back over the head, sucking me, making me squirm. I was super sensitive, and each time her tongue stroked me, I jerked.

She pulled away, grinning. She slowly opened her mouth, showing just a hint of my juices, then closed it again, swallowing. "There. That's two for Jeremy, and four for everyone else. Ever."

"That was amazing, Aunt Marie."

"I'm glad you think so. I can't believe I actually like doing that for you."

"I'm glad you do."

"I'm sure you are." She moved up on the bed, and kissed me deeply. I could taste the difference, after she'd sucked me off.

She climbed off of my bed, and started getting dressed. "I guess I better head back down before your wicked mother drives my poor boy crazy." She had her panties on and was buttoning her shorts. "I know you're going to want to do things with your Mom, I understand that. She's not going to be able to get past her ideas of what's allowed. Any time she drives you too crazy, you know I'm only a few miles away. Give me a little warning, and I'll get rid of Colin, and we can take care of you proper."

"I'll be callin' a lot," I told her.

"Good. I like to hear that," she said, adjusting her shirt. "You better get dressed now, before your Mom comes up to check on us."

I did, demanding one last kiss from her before she could leave my room. "You are the best aunt ever, Marie," I told her.

She grinned. "You're probably right. And you don't even know the half of it yet."

* * *

I got dressed and headed down to be with everyone else. Colin may like hunting, but it didn't take long to figure out he didn't like the butchering that comes with it. Kind of squeamish.

He was watching me cut some ribs out, standing to the side. "Pretty crazy car ride, huh?" he said out of the blue.

I almost cut off a finger. Luckily just nicked it, nothing a little duct tape couldn't take care of. I put the knife down and reached for the cabinet that held the tape. "Yeah. I think crazy describes it pretty good." I grabbed the tape, tore off a strip, and rinsed my hand clean.

"You're not mad at me, are you?" he asked cautiously.

I dried my hand, and wrapped the tape around twice before answering. "I was a little, last night, but Dad said to keep it cool," I admitted.

He sounded like he was ready to shit his britches. "Your Dad knows?"

I went back to work, a little slower and more careful this time. "He knows that you were feeling up Mom's boobs, and you got hard for her."

"Jesus!" Colin groaned, pacing up and down the garage. "I couldn't help it, you know? Having her on my lap like that, all the bouncing around, and especially after she flashed me in the lake. I'm sorry."

God, if he started crying I was going to pop him one.

"Stripping your own sleeping Mom naked probably wasn't the smartest thing either," I reminded him.

He leaned back against the sink, and held his head in his hands. "I know. God, I know. Don't think I didn't get an earful about that. I just couldn't help myself. I was so worked up."

"You in trouble?" I asked.

He shook his head. "I thought I'd be in deep shit, but they both sat me down, and told me my behavior was unacceptable. Especially any touching below the waist. Aunt Alice said if that happened again, she'd tell your Dad." He was back pacing the floor. "They didn't seem to be too mad about me touching their boobs. You don't think that might be Ok now, do you?"

The stack of meat next to me was growing. "I wouldn't press my luck. Maybe special occasions, when the time is right, things are private, and everyone's had a couple of drinks. Then we might get away with something like that."

He stopped and stood next to me fidgeting. "You did it too, didn't you? You touched my Mom's boobs."

I wiped my hands before wrapping up the meat in butcher paper for the freezer. "Let's just say I took some liberties too, and they spoke to me about it as well."

"They're pretty incredible, huh? You going to try it again?" he asked.

Already did, and once you leave, even more. "When the time is right. For now, they laid down the law, and I'm going to do whatever Mom says. Take it easy, until the time is right."

"I...I kissed your Mom," he blurted out.

"Damn it, Colin! I don't want to hear that. Keep it cool! If you ever get another chance like last night, play it smart and don't get carried away. And whatever you do, keep it to yourself. If you ever talk about this to anybody else, I swear I'll kick your ass."

He backed away. "No. I'll never say nothin'. I promise. I figured it was Ok to talk to you, but only you, ya know?"

I moved the meat to the freezer, and washed up for good. "I understand. I guess if you need to talk to anybody, I should be the one." I turned and faced him. "How far did you go with Mom, anyway?"

He glanced at the closed door to the house. "She let me feel her up, inside her shirt. She even let me rub between her legs a bit. At the end she let me kiss her a couple of times."

"Pretty brave," I teased.

"I was scared spitless that she was going to shoot me down at any moment," he admitted.

"What about with your Mom?" I asked.

He turned a deep red. "I was bad. Once she fell asleep I felt her up pretty good, and even took her panties off so I could see what it was like, you know? To see a real one. She was completely out of it, and I couldn't think straight. When she didn't respond to my doing whatever I wanted with her tits, including sucking on her big nips, I had to try more. I mean, even with my fingers inside of her, she didn't wake up. Good thing we didn't have much more time on the road. I was real close to doing something that she would have killed me for."

I had closed up the coolers and put away the tools. "Good thing is right. I don't imagine that would have gone over well. She seemed pissed as it was."

"Yeah. I guess I'm lucky I didn't get in more trouble." He shrugged. "Too bad your Mom was awake the whole ride, huh?"

I shook my head. "If she was passed out, I don't think I would have done anything. Not like that. Especially with Dad three feet away. I was happy the way things worked out anyway. Mom and I had the best talk ever. It was epic."

The door opened at that moment, cutting off any reply. "You boys about done in here? We have some sandwiches ready before we have to leave," Aunt Marie said from the doorway.

"Just finished," I told her, heading for the door, with Colin a step behind.

Fifteen minutes later we were seeing them off, after loading their gear into the car. Aunt Marie surprised the shit out of me by giving me a big kiss after Colin got in on the passenger side.

"Remember what I said," she whispered. "Give me a call anytime you feel the urge."

I held the door for her, watching her bare legs as she got in the car. I couldn't help but think where those sexy pins lead to. "I will."

Mom walked over to me, sliding her arm around my waist, possessively, while we waved goodbye. "What was that about, at the end?"

"She said anytime you leave me too frustrated I should give her a call," I explained, wrapping my arm around her waist.

She turned and we walked back into the house. "God, what am I going to do with that tramp? Are you going to behave with her?"

I locked the door behind us, and slid my hand into Mom's. "100%. We talked about that while we said goodbye. We both agreed we would keep to the rules, but she said she's going to work on you to get them changed."

I turned to pull her into my arms, but she stopped me. "Slow down, cowboy. Last night doesn't mean you can grab me anytime you want. I'm still your mother, and you need to show me a little respect."

"Mom, believe me, I'm going to show you so damn much respect, you're not going to be able to walk straight."

I was shocked when she slapped me. "Don't talk to me like that! I thought you understood we'd have rules. We're not going to turn your father's house into some incestuous playground. I won't have it!"

I stepped back from her, confused and ashamed. "Sorry. I didn't mean anything bad, I was only teasing."

She closed her eyes, and brushed her hair away from her forehead. "Shit. It wasn't supposed to be like this. Listen Jeremy, I'm tired, grouchy and a little mixed up. I got almost no sleep last night. I'm going to take a nap for a couple of hours." She looked at her watch. "Let me put another load in the wash, then wake me at four, so we can straighten things out before your father gets home."

She walked past me, brushing her hand against my arm before heading to the laundry room. She turned before she'd gotten far. "If you've got so much energy, why don't you put away the laundry, clean out the jeep, and see what you can about those coolers of meat."

Crap. I'd really stepped in it.

I was folding the clothes when Mom headed up the stairs. It was a little after twelve; she'd get a few hours of sleep in. And I had a small window of opportunity to get back into her good graces.

Or I could just call Aunt Marie.

I did every chore I could think of, helping with the laundry, cleaning up in the kitchen, emptying the Jeep and washing it, and doing what I could with the hog meat.

It was nearly four when I took another quick shower to get the hog stink off me, before going in to wake Mom.

I opened the door to her room, and she was dead to the world. "Mom?" I said softly, getting no response.

She looked so pretty, so relaxed, I hated waking her. I knelt down on the bed next to her and nudged her shoulder. "Mom, it's 4:00."

She rolled away from me. "A few more minutes," she mumbled, barely audible.

Damn it. I had been such a jerk. I slid into the bed next to her, sliding under the covers, and put my arm around her. "I love you, Mom. I'm sorry about earlier."

"Shh," she whispered, reaching up and holding my arm.

I slipped my other arm under her head, and spooned up close to her, holding her. She sighed and pushed back against me, her hips meeting my crotch. I nuzzled my cheek into her hair, kissing her neck and hugging her tighter. "Mmm," she purred.

It was nice to hold her. When she let go of my arm, I ran my hand down her side, across her soft skin. A lot of soft skin. When I reached her hip I still met nothing but skin. Mom was naked.

That had the expected reaction down below. I pushed my new erection against Mom's soft rear. She pushed back a little. "Be good, Jeremy."

I brought my hand back up and pushed her hair away so I could get to her soft neck. I kissed her there, while my hand sought out her breast, holding it softly.

Mom sighed, scooting away a bit and rolling onto her back. I moved my hand away from her breast and rested it on her smooth belly. She cracked one eye open sleepily. "What time is it?" she mumbled. I peeked past her at the bedside clock. "It's 4:08."

"Ten more minutes."

I kissed her lips lightly, and was surprised when they parted for me. I kissed her again, and felt her tongue brush mine. My hand returned to her breast, cupping it gently, caressing it.

She seemed OK with me touching her. I sat up and pulled off my shirt and shorts. I wasn't going to be too bad, I just wanted to feel her skin against mine. I curled up next to her again, pressing my lips to hers, sharing the longest, sweetest kiss, while my hand explored her soft body.

When I reached between her legs, rubbing her pussy, she opened her eyes a little. "Gentle, baby. I'm horribly sore down there."

I kissed her cheek. "I'm sorry Mom, if I got carried away."

She chuckled softly, coming awake. "It wasn't you, sweetie. Your old man was feeling his oats last night. He got a little crazy, making me tell him all about what Colin did and quizzing me on your behavior."

I was stunned. "What did you tell him about us?"

She turned toward me, her hand fluttering across my chest. "It's hard for me to keep secrets from your father, baby. I told him everything about Colin, and I told him what you did with Aunt Marie. I hope you're not mad."

My Mom was naked, and she was accepting my caresses. How mad would you have been?

"Of course not, Mom. But what about us? What did you tell him about us?"

She reached down and held my cock which was pressing against her, and giggled. "Look at you. So worried about what your father might have found out, and still sporting a boner for your old Mom."

The smile left her face slowly. "I'm sorry I hit you."

"No. I deserved it."

She turned on her side, and slid her thigh between my legs. "We have to have rules, Jeremy. This could all get so out-of-control if we do whatever we want."

"What are your rules, Mom? Not the Aunt Marie rules, our rules."

My hand was sliding across her back and her ass. Damn she felt good. "No sex in the house. Kissing, touching, all has to be done when nobody is here. We don't do anything in here, in your father's bed. If we can follow those rules, you can find out how much better your mother is than her slutty sister when it comes to oral entertainment."

She pushed me onto my back with a gentle nudge, and moved on top of me, straddling my waist. "Do you think you can live by those rules, Jeremy? Or do we have to cut you off completely?"

"I swear Mom. I'll do whatever you think is best."

She looked down at me grinning. "Did you do your chores? Or did you run off to your Aunt to get your rocks off after I rejected you?"

"I wouldn't do that," I told her, shocked that she would even think that I might. "I did everything you asked and more. Two loads of laundry, cleaned the kitchen, washed the Jeep, and finished what I could with the meat."

"But you thought about running off to her, didn't you?" she said, with surprising sincerity.

"Are you kidding? All I could think about was hurting you and disappointing you. I wanted to make it up to you."

She leaned down and gave me a soft kiss. "I believe you."

She was straddling my hard-on, and rubbing herself against me, driving me nuts. "Are you going to follow the rules with your Aunt?"

I nodded. "That's what we talked about during our goodbye. I made sure she knew that I wasn't going to go against anything you said. No way." I moved my hands up to her hips, and pushed back against her. "She told me not to worry, she was going to get you to change the rules."

Mom stopped her rubbing, sitting still. "You're willing to tell me your Aunt's plans to let her fuck you?"

"After last night, there's no way I'm keeping anything from you, Mom, ever. The sex, that was incredible, but the talking, the opening up, that was the greatest. I feel so much closer to you now than I ever have. Closer than I've ever been with anyone. Thank you for sharing all that with me."

I could see her eyes were moist. She leaned down and kissed me again, so tenderly it made my heart ache. I felt one of her tears fall down and hit my cheek. I held her. "I love you, Mom. You could never understand how much."

She pulled back and smiled. "Tell me I can't understand, when you're a parent. Until then you'll never really know how I feel."

She sat up again, and tapped my chest. "Jeremy. I'm going to bend the rules this once. What we did last night was pretty damn incredible, but I want to move past that craziness. You understand this won't happen again? Not here?"

I nodded mutely, unable to believe what I was hearing.

"Like I said, be gentle. Between you and your father, I'm very sore." She lifted up and guided my aching cock between her legs, slowly settling down onto me, until I was deep inside of her.

"Mmm," she hummed sweetly. "Let me get used to you."

She moved up and down a couple of times, slowly, until the movement was smooth and easy, and then she lowered herself to my chest, lying on me. "Now what was the question you had about your Dad?" She said it teasingly, giving a small wiggle with her hips.

"God, Mom. You feel too good for words," I gasped, holding her incredible ass cheeks in my hands while I pushed into her, feeling the glory of her warmth engulfing me.

She chuckled. "That was the question?"

"Dad," I finally was able to utter. "What did you tell him? About us?"

She sighed, rocking back against my gentle thrusts. "After I told him what Marie said to me, I explained that I had to know what you had done, and in the process of getting the story out of you, you showed more than you explained."

"Oh God, Mom! Dad's going to kill me!" I groaned.

She rose up a bit and gave me a soft little kiss. "He nearly fucked me to death, during the tellin'."

"He wasn't mad?"

"A little. But more worked up than anything else. To think his boy was feeling up his wife, just a couple of feet away. It near drove him crazy. Especially the part of you gettin' me naked. I told him that we didn't do everything that you and Marie did; that a blow-job was over the line."

She spread her legs a bit, raising up so I could get a little more motion. I was fucking my Mom! Not crazy like, just sliding in and out of her, and relishing the feeling. But I was doing it. I was fucking my Mom, with her full cooperation. In her bed. I wasn't going to last much longer. "What about the rest?" I had to ask.

She sat up, settling down on my cock, looking down at me. "He asked me if I had wanted to blow you. I admitted you had me pretty worked up, between telling you all about our old history, and acting out your little episode with Marie. 'He's big, you know, just like you,' I explained to him. 'So much like you when we were young, it was hard not to.'"

She started screwing me slowly. "He couldn't leave it alone. 'Poor bastard. All worked up like that, and not getting to find out what he's missing,' he said, then he made me go down on him. After he got off he still wasn't done and he had me get him hard again."

Mom stopped her movement, grinning at me. "I figure he was right. It's a shame that you didn't get to experience my mouth. Would you like to?"

All I could do was nod.

She climbed off of me, kneeling between my legs. She held my cock up, her juices glistening on my skin, stroking it slowly. "You have a beautiful cock, Jeremy." She licked the entire length of it, while watching me.

I groaned loudly for her, reaching down and stroking her hair.

She smiled, and her tongue explored my shaft and head, teasing, tasting. Her lips pressed small kisses all around it. She rose up a bit, still looking up at me. "Don't hold back. Enjoy it, and let's get this first one out of the way." Her mouth opened, and I watched in amazement as my cock disappeared in Mom's loving mouth.

She used her mouth and hands together, driving me wild. It was the most incredible thing, far surpassing Aunt Marie, Penny, and any of the other girls. She closed her eyes and pushed, taking my entire length inside of her warm mouth, until her nose was pressed against my pubes.

The third time she did that, I couldn't hold back any longer. In spite of her direction to not hold back, I didn't want it to end, and did my best to make it last, but I was doomed from the start. "Mom," I gasped.

She pulled back off of me, stroking my cock with her hand, massaging the head with her tongue, and keeping her lips clamped around my shaft. "Mom!" I cried, erupting between her lips, and letting her milk me dry.

Mom swallowed my load, sucking me gently, and then turned sideways, laying across my thigh, while she used her mouth to clean me and return the steel to my shaft.

She pulled back after a bit. "Better than Marie?"

"Jesus, Mom. That was incredible! Comparing what Aunt Marie did to that would be blasphemy. You are amazing."

She was playing with my new hard-on, stroking it, kissing it, sucking it for short moments. "How about Penny and your other conquests?"

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