Two Moms, Two Laps: Home Rules

byTx Tall Tales©

Mom wiggled her ass. "You boys have fun," she said cheerfully, heading into the house.

Dad sat back down and took a deep swig of beer. "Almost forty years old. Your Penny might be cute as a button, but she's got nothing on your mother."

"I'll drink to that," I said, holding out my bottle.

Dad smiled, clinking glass. "Not that there's anything wrong with Penny, mind you."

"Hell no. But she's not Mom. Not by a long shot."

"Still, she's not bad. And from what you're saying, a willing learner. We'll give her bonus points for being a barely legal, innocent hard body. How's things between you and her? Haven't seen much of her lately."

"It's so-so. I think we both know that once I've gone to college, it's over."

"Then I'd figure you'd be taking advantage of these last few weeks. She may not be your Aunt Marie, but I imagine she's as willing, and a lot less trouble."

I had to laugh. "Not near willing enougth so far. It's taken most of the year to get to a blow-job. I don't imagine I'll get any further before we both leave."

"Now that's a damn shame. Can I give you a piece of advice?"

"If it has to do with women, I'd be a fool not to listen."

He chuckled. "Young women today don't want to go to college inexperienced. That last summer makes for willing experimenters. If Penny's not one of them, you might want to cut bait, and troll elsewhere."

I was surprised when Mom showed back up, a six-pack in her hand, holding her arm across her bare breasts, hiding very little. Tight yoga pants, pushed down on her hips, barefoot. Fuck, she was tempting. "Looked like you guys were bone dry out here. That's no way to have a man-to-man." She put the beer on the table, leaned over and kissed me on the cheek, then gave Dad a better kiss, before departing.

I couldn't help but stare at her, coming and going.

Dad coughed to get my attention. When I looked at him, he was grinning. "About Penny?"

"Truth is, I haven't been pursuing much. I don't want to hurt her feelings."

"Making a woman out of her wouldn't hurt her feelings. I'd guess the opposite. Better you, who cares for her, than the first upperclassmen whose eye she catches. I read once 20% of girls lose their cherry their first year in college. Half of them lose it before then. Penny's already behind the curve."

"Worth thinking about."

"Now that you've done your best to distract me from your story, you want to get back to it?" Dad said, opening two of our new beers, and passing me one of them. I could already feel the first four, and considered passing on it, but that wouldn't be manly now, would it? And Dad was definitely all about being a man.

I took a long drink, building up some courage. I was still confused and surprised by their latest actions. I had a feeling there was a message for me, in the way Dad was acting with Mom. Was he showing off? Proving his place with her? Or was he teasing? God, I was nervous about how things were going, but I figured Mom was right. Hell, he already knew most of it. I'd have to see if I could finish the discussion without mentioning the part where I fucked his wife.

"We were talking about you visiting her family for the first time, and Aunt Marie coming on to you, right?" I asked, receiving a nod in return. "Mom said that was when she lost her virginity. I couldn't believe it. She was sitting in my lap, wearing only a t-shirt and shorts, telling me you were her first. How you were so patient, going down on her over and over again, to get her ready." I took another sip. "I was hard, Dad. Really hard. It was so embarrassing, getting hard for Mom. I couldn't help it. Not between reliving what Aunt Marie had done, holding Mom in my lap, and then listening to her tell her story."

"I should hope the fuck so," Dad said, leaning back. "Not much of a man if that didn't get you worked up." He took a sip of his beer. "Mom or not."

I grinned. "The point was, I was hard as stone, and she noticed. She couldn't help but notice, the way we were seated. She actually touched me, commenting on how similar you and I were. I think that was what had her going. She kept telling me how much I was like you at this age. She closed her eyes, and described how you took her the first time, and I don't even think she realized what she was doing. That was when things changed. I mean, before then, I hadn't done anything more than hold her. I hadn't touched her bad, or nothin', I swear. Then she held my cock, telling me all about your history, her first time, tying a bow around her ass for Valentine's Day, all the blow jobs she gave you, even about the first time she really liked sex - the night you wore her ass out, flipped her over and pounded her into multiple orgasms."

Dad was watching me intently. "She told you about all of that? Jesus, Jeremy, doesn't a man's love life get any privacy?"

"I swear, Dad, I wish I could have taped it. She was so into it, her eyes closed, reliving it all in her mind. She worships you. She practically came just talking about it. It was so hard to hold her, and hear her talk about another man like that, even if it was you. I was so fucking jealous. I know it's wrong, but Damn, Dad! She's telling me how good she is at blow-jobs, how often you do it, and that she'll do it for you anytime you ask. How she'll deny you nothing. That you take her ass at least a couple of times a week. God, it was so weird hearing that about Mom."

He nodded. "I imagine it would be. You're Mom gets kind of worked up when she's drinking, then that bit with Marie, it's a recipe for trouble." He grinned, playing with the label on his beer. "She exagerrates a bit. I don't take her up the backdoor twice a week, probably not even once a week. She won't do it anytime I ask. She has her limits. Pretty hard ones. She is generous and accomodating. I'll give her that."

"Can you imagine? I never thought about Mom like that. Aunt Marie, of course. But not Mom. It's not that she's not pretty, I'm not stupid. But she was just my Mom. Then to hear her talk about you. Her panties getting wet while she talked, her hand sliding down and holding me, telling me how I was big around, like you. How wonderful you were, that you were the best man she'd ever known, like I didn't know that."

"She said that?"

"You know how she remembers every word about how you rejected Aunt Marie? Mom is in my lap, holding my cock in her hand, describing losing her virginity to you. 'Your father's a good man. The best I've ever known.' Her exact words. I'll never forget them." I put the beer aside, and started reassembling my rifle. "She started talking about Aunt Marie, and how she had to get married first, the issues with getting pregnant and how that brought them back together again. She said things had improved, and she'd gotten over most of the past. Then she dropped the bomb. She told me that Aunt Marie was trying to steal me away from her."

Dad grunted. "Fuck. She'd see it that way of course. Maybe rightfully so. We can't ever really understand the dynamics between them."

"Yeah. She was furious that Aunt Marie said I had the sweetest cum she'd ever tasted."

Dad laughed at that. "She's got a point. Your Aunt is known for being stingy with the BJs, while your mother considers that her personal area of expertise. That would burn her up."

"I know. That was the end of the intimate chat-time, and Mom wanted the rest of the story about exactly what happened between me and Aunt Marie."

"And you were still re-enacting as much as telling?" Dad asked, settling back with a new beer. I was getting left behind. He'd finished two while I was working on my last one.

"Mostly. I didn't mean nothing by it, I wasn't thinking straight. I feel like such a shit now, handling Mom like that, your wife. I swear, Dad, I'm so sorry! It was just that she was there, half naked, in my lap, talking about such naughty things. Then when I would show her what I was doing with Aunt Marie, God! It made my head near explode. I hope you're not too angry with me. That you'll forgive me. I swear Dad, the last thing I want to do is interfere in any way between you and Mom. It would destroy me to mess that up."

Dad watched me quietly. "Take it easy, Jeremy. Let's not worry about that right now. I don't think we're going to be any the worse off for you taking a few liberties with your Mom. Let's finish the story, and we can talk about repercussions later. Ok?"

I nodded. I described how Aunt Marie was sitting on my lap, encouraging me to play with her tits. How the touching escalated as I fondled Aunt Marie's boobs and removed her shirt, while she rubbed my cock. "That's how I got Mom's shirt off, but she wasn't rubbing me anymore, she was more fixed on what exactly happened. Every little detail. Even to the point of describing how I'd gotten Aunt Marie off. When I started showing her, I thought for sure she'd stop me, but she didn't."

"Jesus, Jeremy! Don't tell me you fingered your mother!"

I was embarrassed. Obviously he felt I'd stepped way over the line, and he was right. "Dad, listen. It was a crazy time last night. I did some stupid things, and Mom let me. But I don't want to lie to you about it."

"You didn't do everything you did with your Aunt, did you?" He looked both worried and upset.

"No! I made her come for me, exactly like I made her sister, and I explained how the next part came to happen, with her removing her panties and straddling me, both of us practically naked. I don't know if she would have done it, but you have to remember, I still wasn't thinking straight about the competition thing. When I told Mom she might not be able to turn around, lifting her leg straight up in the air, over my head, like Aunt Marie had done, Mom gave me grief, and proved she was just as flexible as her sister, if not more so. I guess the Yoga pays off. Of course at the end, she was sitting naked in my lap, facing me, rubbing my hardness between her legs."

Dad shook his head. "I swear, there probably was only one chance in a million of getting your mother like that, and you found it, telling her she couldn't do something her sister could."

I nodded. "I know that now. She's kind of predictable like that. I wouldn't do that on purpose, I didn't know. I told her how worked up I had been with Aunt Marie, about to make a mess, with no way to clean it up. I'm holding her by the hips, sliding her wetness up and down my aching cock. Aunt Marie's solution was to get on the floor boards and blow me. Mom went ballistic when I told her that. She was so angry, I'm surprised she didn't crawl into the back seat and throttle her sister. As it was she told me that we were done with show-and-tell, and she started to get dressed again."

"But you wanted to, didn't you?"

"I had mixed feeling, honestly. I mean, Hell, she's beautiful, and talking about how good she was had me wanting her bad. At the same time, she's my Mom, and as soon as she put on her shirt, I couldn't stop thinking how I'd fucked up, touching her and all. I was practically groveling through my apologies."

Dad put his fully reassembled gun aside, thankfully. "Don't take this wrong, but you don't apologize for doing what any sane man would do. What you did was wrong, not just because she was your Mom, but you betrayed my trust in you. Still, you don't tell her your sorry after you did it. It's a screwed up message. If anything you tell her it was good. Don't thank her like a wimp, and don't apologize." He finished his last beer. "It's water under the bridge. It happened. I'm not happy about it, but I can't say I'm surprised given the situation. Hell, I have to take part of the blame. If you'd started with Alice on your lap, I dare say none of this would have happened." He shook his head, draining his beer. "Your Mom is no longer just your mother, now she's a sexy, beautiful woman. That can't be helped. You understand that you can never say a word about this to anyone, right?"

"Of course! God, who would I talk to about it?"

He held my eyes with his. "Me. You can talk to me. I understand. I'm not going to kick your ass, or punish you for doing what you did. The God's honest truth is I don't know if I'd have had any more restraint. Probably less with Marie. Your relationship with your Mother's changed, for better or worse. Whatever happens in the future, you can talk to me about it. Man to man. And not just about your mother either. Marie, or Penny, or anyone else for that matter. I'm here."

I finished my beer, putting it down, and turning to him. "You know this is messed up, right? Talking to you, about this?"

He nodded. "But I also see where you're coming from. This opening up, this talking about your Mother as a woman, and our history, your honesty about this, it's ... I don't know, it's special. I'm just a guy, you know, and that's my woman. Mine. But you're not some poacher, you're my son. You can't know what that means. Not until you have your own."

I chuckled, humor the instant defense against anything sentimental. And I was afraid if I didn't laugh, I'd cry. "Mom said pretty much the same thing."

"She's right. It's weird. I'm fucking confused. I'm not ashamed to admit it. I want to tear into you for messing with my girl, at the same time I want to congratulate you, and even thank you for opening up about everything. I want to hear about you nailing that teasing bitch Marie, someday soon, and still I want to stop you, knowing how it would drive your Mom bats." He grinned. "If you do manage that one, have your camera ready. Those are some pictures I'd love to see."

"What pictures?" I heard my Mom ask, once more nearly making me leap ten feet in the air. She moved around so damn quietly. We were going to have to put a bell on her, if Dad and I were to have any more private talks.

Dad grinned. "Can I show her? Penny?"

I rolled my eyes, "Dad..."

"I won't if you don't want me to," he said.

"Jeremy! Are you keeping things from me now? After everything?" she asked, suddenly blushing when she realized what she was saying.

I passed the phone over, and gave it to Dad. "Knock yourself out."

He turned away from the table, and patted his lap. "C'mere Alice, let me show you a little of what our boy's been up to."

Mom gave me a smile, then sat down sideways across Dad's legs, the lower part of the robe opening, exposing her thighs all the way to her hip. Sitting in his lap. I was instantly jealous. That should be my lap she was sitting on. She was my lap Mom.

They were both huddled around the phone screen, getting an eyeful of my girlfriend's efforts. Penny would be horrified. "Hey, guys, you can't talk about this, Ok? It would kill Penny to know I was letting anyone see those pictures."

"We'll keep it in the family," Dad told me, while Mom figured out how to zoom in on parts of the picture.

"Who's that remind you of?" Mom asked jokingly, holding the camera up to Dad.

Dad grinned. "A certain, inexperienced freshman as I recall." Dad turned to me. "I still can't believe you're not hittin' that. She's a cutie."

I rolled my eyes. "We had this discussion. I'm going to give it a shot, Ok? It's not like it's that easy. We've been away at the cabin half the time, and even when we're both around, it's a little tough to find places to be alone."

Mom turned to me, and I saw that Dad had his arms around her waist, one sliding inside her robe, obviously playing with her tit. "It you want some privacy, you can always bring her around here. I'll make sure to give you a little space. You always have your bedroom."

I was more than a little surprised. "Over Christmas break you gave me hell for bringing a girl into my bedroom."

"That was before. You've graduated, about to go off to college. Things are different. And besides, it was that trashy little whore Tammy I disapproved of, not you having a nice girl like Penny over."

"Jesus, Mom! Now you tell me? Hello? A little info like that might have helped."

She raised her eyebrows at me. "Me? If we knew a little about your girlfriends, and we didn't have to hear about it second hand, maybe we could have talked about it. You think I like having to hear about your conquests from Marie? You never tell me anything anymore."

I blushed. She was right. I was very private about that kind of stuff, at least until the last two days. I sat back. "You're right Mom. As always. Don't you get tired of always being correct?"

She smiled. "Nope. But I'll take a little of the blame. It's not like we'd opened up much in the past."

Dad laughed. "Not like the last 24 hours, that's for damned sure."

I nodded. "No more secrets. Hell, I could use some advice. It's not like I've made much progress on my own."

Mom grinned, turning the phone screen toward me, with the close-up of Penny's mouth wrapped around my shaft. "Not doing too bad." She showed Dad the image. "What do you think?"

"I wouldn't be whining," he smirked. "She might be new at that, but she looks willing enough. You'll be able to train her. Hell, I bet in a few weeks, she'd put your Aunt to shame."

"Harold!" Mom hissed, poking him.

"What? It's true, and you know it! Attitude is 9/10 of a great blow job, and your sister is the poster girl for the wrong one." He turned to me. "How does Penny feel about it?"

God, these conversations were becoming awkward. "She was the one who suggested it, actually. She was worried she wouldn't be any good, but I have to say, she seemed to like doing it, and once I got that first one, the next dozen or so were all incrementally better. And she swallows with a smile. I like that a lot."

Mom grinned. "Sounds like a keeper. Some girls really like doing it. And if they do, they usually become very good at it. You just have to keep working with her." She turned, her arm around Dad's neck, hugging him. "Your father taught me almost everything I know."

Dad grinned. "She knows a lot. She was a complete natural. By our second week together, she was the best I'd ever had." He was still fondling her. Her movement in his lap, and his caresses had opened her robe halfway, and I was seeing a lot of flesh. I could have seen her tit if Dad's hand wasn't in the way.

Mom smiled. "Have her over soon. Maybe for dinner. We'll let you have the evening with her, and see if you can't make a little more progress." Mom was wiggling in Dad's lap. "What's got you so worked up?" she asked him, making a show of rubbing her ass against his crotch. "You like the idea of that little girl giving our boy a blow-job, don't you? Maybe you'd like to help train her? Pretty little teenager choking on your big, thick cock?"

"Please," Dad growled. "You and I both know she couldn't hold a candle to you."

"Big blue eyes looking up at you, pushing her hair back out of the way so you can see her beautiful face," she said softly, slowly, sexily. "Teenage painted lips stretched tight around your thickness. Holding her head while you pushed past her resistance, her innocent tongue teasing you. Don't tell me you wouldn't like that."

"Mom!" I said. "That's my girlfriend you're talking about."

"Alice," Dad said warningly.

She laughed. "Oh, so it's Ok for you to feel up your Dad's girl, but you would begrudge him the same? Don't you think you should at least let him hold her in his lap, both of them naked? Wouldn't that be fair?"

"God, Mom, this isn't some kind of trade!"

Mom grinned, reaching down between her and Dad. "Your father likes the idea. A lot. I can tell, even if he won't admit it. The big guy don't lie."

"Enough, Alice!" Dad barked. "This kind of teasing is why he doesn't share more of his life with us. Nobody likes a tease."

Mom pouted. "I'm not teasing. Not completely," she said softly.

He lifted her off his lap. "You're done teasing me," he growled, standing up and jerking his pants down roughly. I could see why Mom said Dad and I were so much alike.

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