Two More Weeks


It was late afternoon on Saturday. I was driving to my boyfriend's house. We were meeting some of his family for dinner. I'm looking forward to seeing the family again and playing Chutes and Ladders with his grandniece. Chutes and Ladders, hmmm, going up, sliding down, going in, going out.

I had a hysterectomy six weeks ago. The doctor said no sex for eight weeks. Well, he actually said no penetration. During the drive, I'm not really thinking of Chutes and Ladders. I'm thinking of in and out, up and down. It's been a little over six weeks since we've made love. I want it. I want it now, not in two weeks, but now. I want to see how hard he is, feel his hardness go in and out of me, make love like we did before the operation. Achieve orgasms via penetration. Licking, sucking and rubbing have been nice, but, I want to be fucked, and fucked hard. It has been six weeks. But no, we must wait, doctor's orders.

I was also thinking of last night's telephone conversation with him. He had downloaded the pictures we had taken with the digital camera two weeks ago. He was describing what they looked like and that he had three pictures printed out for me. I have printouts of other pictures of his penis, hard and strong, him inside me as we made love, him cumming on me. These would be added to the growing collection. Our personal photos. They even have their own special chip for the camera used only for these intimate pictures. These don't get shared like the vacation pictures.

The idea for the picture taking came from the movie "Bridesmaids". At the end, as the credits are rolling, the sister is shown on screen, about to take a video, using a digital camera, of her having sex with her new boyfriend. It sounded like a good idea. We already had a digital camera, so we purchased another chip to use.

I think back to two weeks ago. That was particularly exciting. I need to concentrate on the road a little, but the thought of then has sent electrical pulses between my legs and to my hardening nipples. We went out to a play. I was wearing a white, sleeveless top, white bra, a black just above the knee skirt, white comfortable panties, and black mid high heel shoes. He took pictures of me, standing, sitting, spreading my legs, flashing him a view of my panties. He seemed to like it. Sitting in the car, ready to leave, he pushed my skirt up to my waist, showing my panties. He took some additional pictures. On the drive to the performing arts center, his hand was up my skirt, under the hem at the knee, moving higher, up my thigh, I spread my legs a little, his hand moving higher, higher. I liked it, could feel the wetness growing. Higher, higher, now he's touching my panties, rubbing me through them. It was a short drive, so we had to stop, or I would have cum in the car. It will be saved for later. We parked the car. He went to my door, opened it for me. In stepping out of the car, I spread my legs for him, giving him a great view up my skirt. It was as exciting for me as it was for him.

After the play, we went back to the car. He watched me get in the car. This time, just a peak. He got in. I placed my hand in his lap. Undid the hook of his pants, unzipped them. He started the car. My hand went inside his underwear. Feeling him, feeling him get harder. Driving home, we took the long way. Because it was dark, he pulled his pants and underwear down. Now, I had direct access to his growing hardness. I stroked him, up and down. Growing harder in my hand. Now very hard. I take off my seatbelt. Lean over and take him in my mouth. Starting at the tip, surrounding it with my mouth. Stopping, pulling off, and then using my tongue up underside of the entire length of his hardened penis. Teasing him with flickering of my tongue on the way up. Going back to the tip, my mouth surrounding the tip. I then flick my tongue again at just that sport on the underside of the tip. Yes, that spot. He moans. His eyes still on road, but I'm sure his concentration is elsewhere. I start taking more of him in my mouth, down farther, farther, until all of him is in there. I slowly come up, and realize we are almost back to home. I go back to sitting in the seat; my hand goes to his lap and starts stroking him. We pull into the garage; press the remote to close the garage door, me still stroking him. I stop; he unbuckles his seatbelt, leans over and kisses me. Kisses me hard, his hand sliding up my skirt to feel my wet panties. We stop, knowing the automatic light will turn off soon. Then, it will be pitch dark. An interesting idea, but given the current circumstances, will have to do that another time. He pulls up his pants, zips them up and we exit the car.

We go into the house, up the stairs to the kitchen. He stands behind me; he unzips the back of the skirt, slipping it off me. He stood back up, still behind me, kissing the back of my neck as he undid the buttons on the blouse. He slipped his hands inside the open blouse, inside my bra. He plays with my hard nipples, rolling them between his fingers, playing with the tip. I reach back. His pants are still unhooked. I slip my hand inside his underwear. Still hard. He sucks on my earlobe, and then goes back to kissing my neck. He stops, pulls his hand out of my bra, going to my back, unhooking the bra. He slips the left strap off, then the right, down my arms and finally off. He puts on the island in the middle of the kitchen. He raises both hands and cups a breast with each hand. My hand still feeling his hardness. I want him, I want that in me. But I can't, doctor's orders. Two more weeks.

He lowers his hands down my stomach, further down, to my hips. He slips his fingers inside the waistband of my panties at the hips. He circles them behind me, then in front. He slips his right inside my panties. Going farther down, past my smooth shaved pubic area, further, all the way down. Rubbing my clit, and then slipping a finger inside me. It slides in as I'm wet, very wet. I want it. He slides his finger in and out. In and out, chutes and ladders, in and out. I keep stroking him, but my concentration is on the sensations going on between my legs. In and out, wet, so wet, in and out, kissing the back of my neck, in and out, oh is he hard, in and out. I can't stand it. I try to turn around to kiss him, to see his hard, erect penis. But he stops me. In and out, my knees are getting weaker, In and out, in and out. Slipping out to rub my clit, rubbing it harder, faster. I let go of him to concentrate on my clit. Rubbing, closer, closer, yes there, there, that's the spot, rub hard, cumming, cumming, oh yes, yes, right there, right there, cumming cumming, now now now oh yes. My legs weaken as he holds me up.

He pulls his hand out, moves his hands to my hips, and pulls my panties down. I step out of them. He puts them on the island, next to my bra. I turn around, pull down his pants, he steps out of them, and then hurriedly, pull down his underwear. I want to see it in addition to touch it. There it is. Hard, strong, pointing at me. The tip is press against my stomach. My hand circles it, start stroking it. Up and down, more Chutes and Ladders. Up and down. I start stroking faster and hear him slowly moan. Stroking, stoking, I can feel him get even harder in my hand. Is it ever hard. I want it in me. Hard. Darn doctor, two more weeks. Stroking, I can tell he is getting closer, closer, stroking. There it is, a load of cum is spurting out on my stomach, on my hand. Still hard, some more squirting out. I want it all on me, since it can't go in me.

In last night's telephone call, the pictures he describes are ones I took, after I turned around and slipped his clothes off, of his cock pointed at me, ones he took when he came on me and a picture of the load he shot on me. Those are what I thinking about as I'm driving to his house.

It is summer. I'm dressed in shorts, T-shirt, matching bra and panties. I know his family. They don't go out to dinner at dress up restaurants, especially with a 6 year old and a 2 year old. I arrive at his house a little early. Wonder why that could be? I pull into the garage (I have house key and a garage door opener). I turn off the car, but I'm still turned on. I close the garage door. He opens the connecting door to the house, dressed in slacks and polo shirt, walks to the driver's side door and opens it for me. We smile at each other, as I get out of the car. He closes the door and we kiss, lips meeting, tongues playing with each other as we hold each other. The wetness between my legs grows. We stop the embrace. He goes to the other side of the car to get my bag and carries it into the house. He leads me to the computer to show me the pictures. I sit in his lap as he scrolls through them, getting me hotter. Hmm, how much time do we have? What can we do in the available time? I excuse myself from his lap, go upstairs to the bathroom. After taking care of business, I take off my shorts revealing my white lace panties that he purchased for me and head downstairs. Think he'll get the not so subtle hint? Will he remember that he bought these for me?

I get downstairs and sit in his lap. I feel a bulge through his pants, He got the hint. He wants to touch me through the panties, but I won't let him. I get off his lap, unbutton his pants, and take them off him. I take his underwear off him next, to reveal his hardening cock. I take his erect penis in my hand, feeling how hard and strong it is. I start stroking him, going up and down, sliding my hand up, sliding down, chutes and ladders. I want this in me. I crave the feel of his hard cock in me, in my pussy. I want his cock fucking my pussy. I'm so turned on and wet, I can barely concentrate on what I'm doing. But, doctor's orders, two more weeks until I can have it. Where is the time travel to speed the calendar up two weeks?

I kneel in front of him and take him in my mouth. I circle the tip with my tongue, and see his reaction. I didn't think he could get harder, but he does with that. My mouth surrounds the tip. Going up and down a little, chutes and ladders again. This gives a whole new meaning to the game, and I'm sure I'll smile when we finally play it. I run my tongue up and down his shaft and take him my mouth, slowly going down the underside of his shaft until all of his hard cock is in my mouth. I know he likes this, and I do too. I slowly come back up, focusing my lips on the soft area just below the tip, staying there going up and down. Gee is he hard, he fills my mouth. Up and down around the tip, up and down. A little further down and up, adding my hand to the mix. Stroking the bottom of his shaft while having my mouth around the tip, keeping both in rhythm while going up and down. Moving back to the under shaft with my tongue, starting at the bottom, up, up, up to the tip where I flick it with my tongue, in just that spot underneath the tip. I hear him say yes, that's the spot. I flick a couple more times then cover the tip with my mouth. I start back up with my hand combining with my lips. I like to suck his cock, because it brings him pleasure.

He is getting close. I increase the pace, stroking and sucking, up and down. I feel him tense as I keep the pace going. I didn't think he could get harder, but he does. Keeping the pace going, faster, stroking, sucking. Closer, closer, there it is, the first taste of his cum, then the whole load shoots to the back of my mouth. I swallow it, slowing the pace down, I taste another burst, this one smaller. I want to taste all of it. If I can't have his cum in my pussy, I have it in my mouth. I want all of it. I stop sucking and run my tongue across the top, trying to get all of it. I squeeze the shaft of his cock like a tube of toothpaste to get any remaining cum, swallowing it all. Hmm Hmm good to the last drop. I stand up, showing him the lacy white panties again. He lays back, catching his breath. I go back upstairs and put on my shorts. Returning downstairs, I smile and teasingly say "Aren't you ready yet, we're going to be late".

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