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Two Movies


Copyright © 2018 - This is an original work by Zeb Carter and is protected under copyright by U.S. copyright law. It is only submitted at Literotica.Com and any submission to any other site has not been authorized by the Author.

Authors Note: This is a short one for me and it really doesn't contain a lot of sex, almost none. So if you're looking for a stroke story, move on.


It was late and I was just getting home from work. My husband's car was in the garage, so I knew he was home, duh. I smiled knowing he was there for me when I came in the door. He would greet me, give me a kiss on the cheek and then I would hurry upstairs to take a shower. I really needed a shower after my hard day at work. When I opened the door, Jimmy was sitting at the kitchen table, just staring straight at me. I cocked my head a little looking back at him. He smiled at me. I smiled back at him.

"Hi, sweetheart," he said rising from her seat.

"My love, I'm so glad to finally be home," I replied.

Smiling he took me in his arms and kissed me, hard. I kissed him back entwining him in my arms. I loved him so much.

"Why don't you go up and put on the new nightgown I got you. Then come down, I've ordered out, the kids are at your mom's place. We'll eat, then I have a movie we can watch together."

"Oh sound sexy," I said rushing to our bedroom.

I jumped in the shower, dried myself and slipped into the nightie he wanted me in. When I got to the kitchen, Jimmy was setting the table. The doorbell rang.

"Get that for me would you?" Jimmy asked winking at me.

"I can't in this getup dear," I replied.

"Then we won't eat."

I shrugged my shoulders and went to the door. This wasn't the first time he had played this game with me. He always wanted me to show off my body to strangers. I opened the door wide. The young man stood there gawking at me, holding the bags of food, his eyes wide with wonder. The gown I had on was transparent. So much so that he could see all of me, right down to the small landing strip of hair above my pussy.

"Uh, the Thompson's?" he asked.

"We are. Is that for us?" I asked.

He shoved the bags toward me, never taking his eyes off my breasts. He was a boob man. I took the bags from him.

"How much?" I asked.

"It's already paid for and you just gave me a wonderful tip," he croaked.

Stepping back I slowly closed the door, giggling the entire time. Once the door was closed, I went to the kitchen and started to take the food containers out of the bags. It was Chinese. I love Chinese. I set the paper containers on the table. Each was marked with what they contained.

"Did the delivery guy like his tip?" Jimmy asked.

"He did. He couldn't stop staring at it," I giggled.

We both sat and started eating. The food from Pangs was always good. In fact, I would say excellent. It took us about half an hour to finish. We didn't eat everything that Jimmy ordered, we liked leftovers. I was quite full. Jimmy looked content.

"What's the movie you have for us tonight?" I asked as we both cleared the table.

"I don't know, but I was told it was sexy," Jimmy replied.

"How could you not know. Is this one of Carl's porno movies?"

"No, it isn't from Carl."

"Well, we're finished here. Let's go see what kind of movie you got," I said heading for the den.

We sat together on the couch. Jimmy turned on the TV and then the DVD player. The sound came on rather quickly. It was a woman's voice. She was screaming in ecstasy. Then the picture came in to focus. You could see a woman's ass she slammed her pussy down on a big fat black cock. The guy was just grunting as she did.

You could see that the entire fat cock had been inside her as it was shiny with her pussy fluids. She was screaming, not making any sense. Then she started to speak. I froze. It was my voice.

"Oh fuck, fuck me harder," my voice screamed.

I looked at Jimmy. Tears were running down his cheeks. I was, frightened. The camera zoomed out to show me bouncing up and down a black man's cock. I knew it was me. What I was watching had happened last week. I don't even remember his name. It had happened last Friday when I went out with the girls from work. The four of us had hooked up with six guys. Three of them were black.

The camera zoomed out again. You could now see both beds. You could see the four women on the two beds, each getting the shit fucked out of her by strange cocks. I was shocked. I was embarrassed. I was seething with anger.

"How did you get this?" I asked softly.

"It was shot by one of the guys in the room, who just happened to be a PI I hired to find out if you were cheating on me."

"I see. Does he fuck me?" I asked.

"He does, a little later in the movie."

I got up, went to our bedroom. When I came back into the den, I ejected the movie we had been watching and slipped in the DVD I had gone to get. It started to play instantly.

"I hope you like this one. It's much a better quality. I'm sorry there are only two people in it. Oh, look here they come now."

Jimmy and our neighbor Jackie walked into our bedroom and started kissing. Jimmy started to take her clothes off. She was nude in no time. Jimmy then took his clothes off and they both crawled into bed. Laying down they started kissing and fondling each other.

"What the fuck? Where did you get this?" Jimmy asked.

"From the PI I hired to see if you were fucking around on me," I replied.

"Shit!" Jimmy shouted.

"And you even had the audacity to do it in our bed, you cheating fucker."

"Me, you cheated on me too."

"Not until I got this DVD, then I thought what the hell, I might as well get some extra cock myself. You cheating fucker."

Both of us sat there, looking at each other. I didn't know about him but, I was hot from watching the black guy fuck me along with the other three women. Then I looked at what was on the TV. Jimmy was fucking the crap out of Jackie. She was screaming like a banshee as his thick cock pounded her into the mattress. Even watching him was turning him on and I could see he was becoming aroused just by the sounds Jackie was making.

"How long have you been banging Jackie?" I asked.

"Shit. A year or so. Why?"

"Just curious. Does Phillip know?"

"I don't know. Jackie said she told him and he said she could keep seeing me if she liked. She said he likes her coming home with a just fucked, just filled up pussy to fuck."

"Weird," I replied.

"How long have you been fucking other guys?" Jimmy asked.

"Six months."

"Every Friday night?"

"Yes. Sometimes on Wednesday nights too but, not often. Usually only when you were out of town on business. You were out of town on business, weren't you?"


"Did you pick up women while out of town?" I asked.

"Sometimes. Not often. How often did I get sloppy seconds?"

"Never. I always showered and used a douche to get clean before I came home to you. Did I ever suck you filthy cock after it was in Jackie?"


"How often?"

"Just on Saturday when you took the kids to the library or some such thing where I knew you would be home for a couple of hours."

We both sat looking at the movie. It was a compilation of Jimmy and Jackie.

"Where are the cameras?"

"They are gone now."

"That's a shame. Did it catch us having a good time?" Jimmy asked.

"It did. Would you like to watch one of those?"

"You have them?"

"I do."

Jimmy raised his eyebrows at me. I got up and went back to our bedroom. I brought out three DVDs. Looking at them, I picked one and ejected the one playing and inserted the new one. I started up before I got back to the couch. I picked up the remote and shut it off.

"First," I started.

"Yes, first. We need to talk," Jimmy said.

I laughed at those words.

"Okay, what do we do about this?" I asked.

"Do you want a divorce?" Jimmy asked.

"I don't know right now. When I first found out about you and Jackie, I ran right out to get a lawyer. Then as I was walking up to the door, I changed my mind and went out and found a guy to fuck me. Bareback. I didn't care if I caught some horrible disease or not. I knew I wasn't going to get pregnant after having my tubes tied. There I was, lying on my back with my legs spread wide, a hard cock pounding into me and enjoying every minute."

"And?" Jimmy asked.

"And I decided to just keep fucking who I wanted and live with you. I do still love you. And the anger I felt for you fucking Jackie is still there a little. But, while watching the DVDs of you, I slowly became aroused. I was ashamed of myself but not what I did to get back at you."

"I see."

"Do you want a divorce?" I asked.

"Not really. I love you too. Plus you are a very beautiful woman who loves me. But I also enjoy having sex with Jackie and Phil doesn't seem to mind. That being said, I would like to stay married to you and you can have any amount of fun outside our marriage that you would like. We just have to find a way to film it so I might enjoy watching you."

"So you liked watching me get fucked?"

"I did, very much. Hey, maybe I can video you and your studs on Friday nights and then you can video me and Jackie on Saturdays?"

"I don't know about that... but it might work out."

"So no divorce?" Jimmy asked.

"No. I guess we have resolved our problem."

"We have. Now, do you want to watch us?"

"Sure, why not. Do you have any more of me and strangers?"

"I do. I have three other DVDs and one more coming from early tonight."

I pressed play on the remote.

The End

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by Anonymous

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by rodryder4409/17/18

Two Movies

Good read. Glad they are taking videos of each other.

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cheaters deserve to be cheated on....

and both of these people would need some serious relationship help regardless of whether they decide to try open marriage or not to even have a slim chance of lasting, but the wife went a bit haywire here.more...

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by bruce2209/15/18


But it certainly was a reasonable temporary solution.

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by oldbearswitch09/15/18

Wasnt sure if this was a troll or not Zeb

At least the plot was a little different, and the cheaters sort of deserve each other, they like each other, might as well stay together I guess, Thanks.

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by prinnavea09/15/18

I Enjoyed

this story, not because it is one of your better works, but because it delved into the human psyche of relationships. Sorry peeps, love and sex are two different animals and love is just a 4 letter wordmore...

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