tagBDSMTwo New Pretty Things for Mistresse

Two New Pretty Things for Mistresse


Two new pretty things for Mistresses.

Expensive red shoes & a slavegirl

I finished off my makeup in the mirror, by applying a final touch of lip gloss & just the tiniest extra hint of mascara to the tips my lashes. I had spent over 2 hours in the process, in the bath & waxing my body all over & especially intimately. Painting my toenails & primping myself. I slipped out of my lace baby doll nightie. & pulled on my most expensive sheer silk pantie & bra set. A matching garter belt for my silk stockings & my most delicate lace camisole completed my underwear.

Most of my mistresses loved the camisoles so I had a wardrobe full of them, and drawers full of expensive black underwear. I had been told that nothing looks better on a blonde girl than sexy black underwear. So I had taken the hint.

I like a few other girls had been installed as courtesans to the impossibly rich & powerful, in the most exclusive parts of London. My apartment & clothes paid for extravagantly as well as enough pocket money to live on my savings for the rest of my life. I'm told my portfolio is doing very well, whatever that means. My terms & conditions, remain beautiful & available. Oh & the elocution lessons. What choice did I have? In the tedious 2030's. Work in an office towards a mortgage & boredom. Or a life of great sex, & indulgence with the rich & famous. I must confess to a little apprehension at first expecting sweaty middle aged men & overweight dykes. However in this day & age of healthy living & plastic surgery, anybody who is anybody is healthy & trim these days.

That's the point about girls, & though I've never met any boys, like me. There's nothing plastic or artificial about us. I suppose we are just the lucky sexual elite of any generation. Who end up modelling or in high class prostitution, or just staying home, undiscovered.

My other surprise was how much more popular I am with women rather than men. I suppose my petite, pert features & body appeal more to a certain type of women. & a certain type of dominant women or mistress. Not that I am unpopular with men, but am in so much more demand with the more dominant lady.

Not that I never have male company but its been increasingly scarce recently. & also the more dominant female seems to know instinctively how to tease & seduce me into all sorts of slightly embarrassing activities. & how to be so sweet & cruel at the same time. Often I'm more excited afterwards, just thinking about her than during a session.

I get picked up discreet chauffeur's delivered & taken home at whatever time of day equally discreetly. Occasionally I have been tempted to tip the driver with fellatio or more, especially if I'm aching for a mans touch. But lately a certain mistress, has forbidden that sort of activity for me & I must confess to having lost a lot of interest in men recently. & to have been very excited by her restrictions & instructions.

Instructions relayed by phone or the house computer. To masturbate at a certain time, for how long, what to fantasise about. & most recently whether I'm permitted to orgasm or not. Also what to wear, what to eat, when to go to bed, even sometimes having to phone her up for permission to go to the toilet. Absolutely delicious. These last few weeks I sometimes I haven't known if I was coming or going, literally. & I loved it.

I rarely have any free time away from functions & parties & when I do I tend to spend it with other girls like me. Who find themselves popular with a certain type of woman & actually like it. Today was no different but completely different. I was meeting the girls, well 3 of them & the Mistress. It was a bit of a farewell & a celebration as I had been invited to the 'Spa', an incredible exclusive lesbian gated community in the south of France for an extended stay.

I slid into a little black dress & tied the bow under my breasts, lifting my modest but ample cleavage just that little bit more. The filmy dress was an expensive layering of thin sheer sheaf's. Obscuring my body prettily, but also revealing a glimpse of me where the thin slippery slips stuck to my curves. The dress only came down as far as the tops of my tights, so was quite short, on the verge of being scandalous but classy as mistress liked. & she had paid a lot for it.

The shoes were next. Not my usual shoes, these were hand made & were as expensive as my apartment. The cherry red leather, looked at first glance to be quite expensive but not too expensive until you looked at them closely. This was the first time I'd been allowed to wear them. & I had been instructed to bring the hand carved wooden box they came in with me. The shoes had been delivered yesterday by a private courier. Not a commercially available service but a privately hired motorcycle courier, who had flown in from Italy.

My tight little leather bomber jacket was last. I loved this jacket, my one act of defiance. The leather polished to a patent leather sheen. With black chrome zips & furnishings. Mistress liked it too. She said it suited my saucy personality, so she permitted me to wear it in her company. I must admit to being a bit insulted & turned on being called saucy by her.

The chauffer arrived & buzzed. I picked up my tiny bag & went out to the car, allowing the house automation to turn everything off & lock everything, then went outside.

He smiled, I didn't recognise him, opening the door for me.

"Good morning Adele, that's a nice dress" He said looking me over hungrily.

The drivers were often like that, we didn't mind at all, that's why we fucked them sometimes.

"Good morning driver" I smiled prettily, pretending to blush.

Why did they never notice the shoes I thought to myself.

Then closed the door again after I was safely inside. He flicked his cigarette away then got in the front. It amused us girls to note that the chauffeurs also had had elocution lesions. These men were paid not just to drive but to guard our clients & us. Bribing or if necessary fighting us out of any trouble, & I mean any trouble. Nobody interfered with the pleasures of the wealthy these days.

We drove off into London. He kept the dividing screen up, discreetly not bothering me. I idly watched a few music videos on the in car screen, I was still only 21 after all. It was interesting to note how many of these celebrities & the pretty girls & boys, in these videos I had met.

We were soon there speeding through the pay for congestion lanes. Since moving to central London, I hadn't thought about learning to drive or owning a car. It was just so incredibly busy, if you couldn't afford to pay for these special lanes & the private roads.

Letting me out again, holding my hand as I straightened up, my blue eyes met his briefly. For a second I thought he might kiss me, but he didn't. for a second I was disappointed until I remembered mistress.

"Thank you." I smiled

"Your welcome Miss."

These impeccable manners & articulation was actually quite sexy.

I went inside 2 of the girls, Lia & Billie were already there. Another condition of our employment was the shortening of the often overly long flowery working class names, popular at the moment. For example I was originally called Adelia. The clientele found most of these names too common.

My white wine had just arrived when Candy did. She was looking quite flustered flushed.

"Sorry I'm late." she said flouncing down

Billie had her lean forward, slightly.

"You've something on your lip." She said showing Candy a mirror.

We all looked & giggled at the blob of fresh semen in the corner of her lip. Like mistletoe on her red lips.

"So I have." she said licking it off & swallowing exaggeratedly, As we giggled, in mock scandal.

Then she noticed another blob on her breasts. Quick as a flash she scooped it up on her finger & reaching forward smeared it in on my lips'

"A present for you Adele."

I did blush slightly then. Everyone here being my friends knew Mistress Helen had been teasing me all week. Arranging my nights out so that they involved escort duties but no sex. Then phoning me up when I got home, teasing me, while I masturbated & then telling me that I was not allowed to orgasm. Testing & preparing me for the Spa.

"Thank you Candy." I said sweetly licking my lips clean

Everyone could see the evident flush on my breasts though & I knew it.

Everybody cooed over my shoes jealously. I must admit I was a bit overawed by them myself. I don't think I would have worn them if I hadn't been told to.

We ate tiny but pretty haute cuisine dishes, followed by even tinier deserts. Our eating, & table manners nearly as delicate as the food itself. Even the white wine was low fat & sugar free. Sometimes I was just so hungry. At least we could smoke, now the carcinogens & smell had been eliminated. That & the little euphoria pills so popular these days. When I say we, Mistress had asked me not to smoke or take the little heart shaped pills all week too.

Mistress Helen arrived about 45 minutes late. As a domme & one of the clientele she didn't apologise to us. We all shifted around to give the best seat. she indicated for me to sit next to her patting the leather seat, rather proprietarily. Of course I obliged. The other girls & I exchanged looks, under fluttering eyelashes. & then exchanged further knowing glances. They all knew I was smitten'

Mistress Helen was a brunette, who looked about a perfect 30, In fact we didn't know how much older she was, cosmetic surgery being flawless if you can afford it these days. Her quite casual silk dress, belied its exclusivity. As did her understated jewellery.

She ordered a full size meal, pudding & red wine & consumed it while we looked on hungrily. She could have all the plastic surgery & chemical fat dispersal treatments she wanted, she was in charge. When she had finished she and the other girls popped a few euphoria pills & lit up cigarettes, I could have cried.

Over the smoke she asked each girl in turn who she had been fucking? if he or she was nice? did they like him or her? She pointedly didn't ask me, Instead she kept her other hand pressed softly into my crotch, touching me gently through my dress & knickers under the table. I just sat these, squirming the bare backs of my legs, slippery & hot on the leather seating. Mistress kept each girls eyes in hers while she was talking to them but mostly she kept mine in hers. So much so that I wasn't really listening to the conversation around me. Neither was she, she was watching me amused.

Gradually the other girls became aware of her hand between my legs. & our lack of attention.

Mistress leaned over to me.

"You smell nice today Adele."

"Thank you Mistr...." Then I stopped, realizing her meaning suddenly flustered blushing.

Candy sniggered.

Mistress looked at her coldly & she stopped, quite abruptly. Not out of fear for her life of privilege, but from the sudden flush on her upper body. Sexual excitement, Mistress Helen was very sexually dominant & intimidating.

"Anyway girls, Adele & I must be on our way know, say goodbye, you might not be seeing her for quite a while."

She said wiping her finger on my thighs, she had foiled me again I still hadn't come.

They all stood & crowded round me. I had a little difficulty standing up at first. Then succumbed to all the hugs & kisses. I was more than a little tearful & not just from all the emotion.

Mistress watched aloofly for a while.

"Come along Adele, bye, bye girls, be good." She announced coolly, striding off.

Obediently I trotted after her.

Leaving the girls behind giggling & chatting, gossiping over white wine & cigarette smoke.

In the underground car park. She stopped me by her car & asked me to remove the shoes. I did so without thinking. Actually quite glad to be free of them. Her driver popped them into their box. She also had me remove my leather jacket.

The driver opened the large boot of the car. I got the biggest surprise of my life. In there kneeling were 6 girls in their underwear. Tied & bound, gagged & blindfolded. They looked comfortable enough but frightened.

Mistress Helen saw my obvious & quite natural shock.

"Don't worry about them Adele, they are coming too, they just haven't been as obedient & pleasing as you."

I didn't know what to say & I just stood there numbly for a few seconds.

Mistress lifted my chin with her finger, raising my eyes to hers.

"You do still want to do this Adele, don't you?"

My eyes in hers I was lost

"Yes Mistress, of course, but..."

She pressed her finger to my lips, silencing me. Under my nose I could smell my arousal.

"Then shhh girl." She said almost impatiently

I shivered with excitement.

"& the dress then girl." She told me.

I obeyed, I was too excited, smitten to not to.

The driver put the clothes & shoes in the boot, besides the captive girls & closed the boot.

"Oh one more thing." She said absently.

As the driver snapped a set of metal cuffs, or slave bracelets on my wrists behind my back & my ankles. Then helped me into the car, sitting besides Mistress.

He raised the discreet screen & I was vaguely aware of the car driving off, through my haze of lust & quite frankly sexual fear.

Mistress poured herself a glass of wine & lit a cigarette. I was offered neither. Though it might have been quite difficult, cuffed as I was. I waited while she absently playing with her phone cum handheld computer.

After a while she turned to me, as if suddenly noticing I was there and patted my thigh.

"No, no Adele this will never do." She said tossing a silk cushion to the floor at her feet .

"Kneel there girl." Her voice was suddenly firm, firmer than I had heard before.

I wanted to object, to demur. Instead I shuddered in helpless sexual excitement.

"Yes Mistress." I managed to whisper

She helped, guided me to a kneeling position, between her open legs.

"Thank you Mistress." I said looking up at her.

She patted my head

"Get used to calling free women Mistress, Adele."

"Yes Mistress."

She opened her legs & lowered her expensive cream silk cami-knickers. Her pubic hair was trim, & neat, Brazilian style. She preferred me clean & smooth. The smell of her arousal in my nostrils. I suddenly felt very warm & hot. She reached over & exaggerated sniffed the air around me.

"I told you that you smelt nice today Adele."

"Thank you Mistress."

She pulled my face into her.

"A little bit more slowly girl, we have a long journey ahead of us."

I slowed the rhythm of my tongue.

"That's better, think only of maximising my pleasure Adele."

A short while later, she came loudly, ecstatically, her thighs gripping my head tightly. My face was glistening sticky & wet.

"Oh that was so nice, I've been waiting for that Adele."

I looked up flattered.

"Oh Mistress have you been waiting all week too?"

"Don't be so silly, of course not, just this afternoon."


I looked up at her with tears in my eyes.

She reached down & unlocked my ankles briefly, removing my panties then closing the bracelets again.

"Oh Mistress, may I come now."

She said nothing, wiping her thighs & pubic mound with my black panties. She looked down at me holding the panties, in 2 fingers as though disgusted with the cheapness & dampness of my underwear.

"Don't be silly girl, you are here for my pleasure."

Before I could reply she stuffed the panties into my mouth. Quite expertly too she had obviously done this before.

"This is all part of the pleasure Adele, having you kneel wetly at my feet."

"Unless you would rather go in the back?"

I shook my head, suddenly wondering if any or all the girls in the boot had pleasured her like this today.

She opened a small plastic case. Inside were two bright cherry red shaped ben wah balls. The two balls were joined together in an hourglass shape. She rolled them in some thick gloopy gel. From the smell of it I knew the syrupy liquid was arousal gel. We called it love honey. It aroused the areas it was applied to & you in general immensely. She coated the two devices & reached down to me again. Once more quite expertly she slipped one of the ben wah's into my vagina, the other into my anus. I was suddenly very embarrassed. Anal sex was something I found a little degrading, & tried to avoid if at all possible. She knew I was very squeamish about this. I was suddenly very glad of my restrained diet this week, & the long bath. I was thankfully spotless down there. With a finger front & rear she pushed them a little deeper.

"Now sit there quietly Adele & think about my pleasure, how you might please me further."

I nodded in tears as the gel and balls started to make me throb with frustrated need.

"Oh & you may not come Adele, do you understand."

I moaned & nodded, my pupils blackly dilated, my eyes wide over the panty gag.

She removed her knickers & tossed them to the floor, besides me. Putting on a fresh pair, she opened her legs again & let me rest my head on her thighs.

I knelt there my emotions in a confused state a mixture of contentment & stymied need, & sexual vulnerability, & quite honestly fear. She idly patted & stroked my head, as she conducted business in several languages on her phone.

We drove seamlessly onto the super-fast continental rail link, without stopping for ID card checks. The restrictions didn't apply to the super rich, just the likes of me. & no-one would know I was in the car. For the first time I pondered, just how above the law Mistress Helen & her friends were & just how vulnerable I was. It scared & excited me.

I guess I must have fallen asleep at some point, because the next thing I remember was being surprised at the panties stuffed into my mouth, staring at Mistresses own knickers, & becoming gradually more aware of her talking on the phone still. Then I realised just what had woken me, the car had been slowing & we had now stopped.

The driver opened the door for Mistress. She pushed my head to one side, onto the chair, without a word to me & then stepped out of the car. In alarm I heard her high heels clicking off into the distance, & her voice, still talking in the phone fade away. I looked up into the impassive face of the chauffeur, his eyes hidden by his mirrored sunglasses. His expression betraying nothing. I looked down embarrassed by the pleading look on my face, reflected in his glasses.

I was looking at his polished shoes when someone else appeared behind him, wearing laced heeled riding boots. I looked up slowly, black jodhpurs & a black polo neck jumper. With her raven black hair, cropped short crewcut style She was quite stunningly beautiful. & frosty. Her blue eyes were utterly piercing. The look of utter contempt in her eyes was palpable. I quickly looked not just away but down.

She snapped her fingers quickly. More than a little unsettled & frightened I took her meaning instantly looked up again smartly. Then she snapped her fingers again indicated I was to get out of the car. This time nobody helped me as I struggled to climb out. The driver actually snickered as I stumbled on to the floor at their feet. She said something to him, not in English. I guessed from the tone that she had rebuked him slightly. But, good humouredly as they both laughed.

I was to stand & wait. She was wearing tight leather gloves, & carrying a riding crop. I didn't want to find out what for. I was to find out later she was one of the slave handlers. Employed by the Spa, for public discipline & handling of the Spa's pleasure slaves, or private girls if they were in public. They too were lesbian or bi & there was cutthroat competition in the more extreme bdsm clubs, to work in places like this, at least amongst the dommes that is. She looked me over, lifting my head & breasts casually, with her gloved fingers & worse with the tip of her whip. Then when she was satisfied with my posture & sated her inspection she walked behind the car leaving me quivering. As she supervised the other girls as they were released from the boot.

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