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Two Old Friends Plus One


Karl stared at the phone in his hand after flipping it closed. "Well this might be an interesting trip home after all," was the statement he made to the air in his empty living room. He had just finished up a three hour long, catch-up conversation with someone from his past. Someone he had shared more than just a dorm room and later a frat house double with at college. Much more. Much, much more.

As he tossed the cell to the coffee table and headed for the kitchen, he continued the one-sided conversation with the dust bunnies in the room. "So, Roger...after nearly no contact at all for over ten years, suddenly out-of-the-blue you just happen to stumble across me on Facebook and 'friend request' me a week ago? Then in the span of one phone call, you pick right up where we left off before I moved to LA. Talking like we were still twenty-year-old frat brothers helping plan a Saturday night party back at good old Delta Upsilon back in college." Karl paused his oratory long enough to drain the final dregs of lukewarm coffee from the pot on the counter to the cup in his hand. He swallowed a half mouthful as he wandered back to the couch in the living room. "So buddy, with me showing up back home after all these years away, you decide it's time for a reunion, eh?"

* * * * *

Karl and Roger had grown up together in the little wide-spot-in-the-road known as Centerville, Tennessee. It was referred to as 'the Buckle of the Bible Belt' by most of the residents thanks to the proliferation of churches in the small community. They had met in Vacation Bible School when they were four-years-old, and after Roger's parents joined the same congregation later that summer, they quickly became best friends. By the end of first grade, they were almost joined at the hip and remained that way through all twelve years of school.

Sleepovers at each others houses were almost a constant thing starting in junior high. They got jobs at the same supermarket Roger's family owned. They took the same classes. About the only thing they didn't share was Roger's jock status with sports and Karl's fixation with the drama club and working on the yearbook staff. They fished, hunted, and camped out together. They even lost their virginity together on a secluded back road in Roger's 1982 Firebird after their junior prom in 1985....Karl and his date folded up like yesterday's newspaper in the back seat and Roger and his date contorting themselves around the console and bucket seats in front. They double-dated so much, it was a running joke with the girls in high school, if you want to date one of them, you just accepted you will be dating both. By the time they graduated, they were the poster guys for what an unbreakable lifetime friendship that shared everything looked like. No one knew though, what all they did share.

It came as no surprise to anyone when they went off to college together too. After some fancy deal making when they checked into the dorms at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville the fall of 1986, they ended up as roommates their freshman and sophomore years. When the Deltas successfully recruited Roger during rushes two years later, he quickly let it be known he and Karl were a package deal. It took little more than mentioning Karl's 3.85 GPA and love of tutoring to convince them to extend a dual offer of membership. Unsurprisingly, they shared a room in the frat house when they moved in at the beginning of their junior year.

Joint tenancy of a room at the frat was not much different from how it had been in the dorms the two previous years. They still had the same sock-under-the-door signal that one or the other had a hot piece of ass inside. They both also still ignored the obvious clue if they had brought something equally hot and horny back to the room. The only unwritten rule they had about the compact room and dates, was 'Make sure you've told your chick total privacy may not happen and they won't be freaked out if fucking ends up going on in both beds.' It actually was a rule that worked, thanks in part to the reputation both had developed all over the UT campus of being two of the college's most talented studs.

Roger was known for being very creative with positions and also the ability to get a little kinky if encouraged to do so. Karl's rep centered around his 'Energizer Bunny' stamina and world class oral talents. The one thing about both that was eventually suspected by most of their frat brothers but never directly mentioned or tossed in their faces other than jokingly, was the belief that Roger was a little more kinky than he admitted and Karl's oral fixation wasn't limited to eating female pussy. On the rare occasions someone would make a crack about them being closet cases, everyone would laugh and Karl and Roger would just knowingly grin at each other. Even with their reps speaking for them, they had both know the truth since a late night, camp out jack off session turned into a 'buddies helping each other out' during the summer between their sophomore and junior years of high school. By the time they were half way through their freshman year at UT, Karl was already accepting his natural inclination moving ever so solidly into the 'sex-with-guys' column on the Kinsey scale, but maintained the 'mostly straight' facade to protect Roger. It was a major event when he finally managed to quietly mumble to Karl one night when they were cuddled up in afterglow following a particularly intense man-on-man session, "Maybe I'm bi." Roger never really broached the topic again and Karl respected his silence. That's what a fuck buddy does for for someone on the down-low he has fallen in love with.

And fallen in love was the definitive statement. Karl knew it and he figured Roger did too. Knew it; not just suspected it.

Karl tending to easily get a little overly passionate when they would make out was certainly a pretty substantial hint. Roger liked being held and his well-toned body touched and stroked. He responded very positively to the licks, nibbles, and nips to his neck and ears. It only took a light brush across his full lips to have him willingly trading spit during foreplay. Then there were all the times he blocked the internal questioning from his mind and totally relaxed into making love with another man. For Karl, it was utopia.

But Roger had a line in the sand with similar activities following orgasms. It was probably due partially to the self-realization he was as turned on...physically and emotionally...as he had been with any girl he had ever slept with. The one time they made a snowball after doing sixty-nine didn't help any either since Roger apparently suddenly realized he had not only, yet again, just taken his life-long best friend's load in his mouth, but had also just passionately co-mingled it on each others tongues before staring into each others eyes as they swallowed. Karl at least made him laugh and much calmer when he deadpanned, "It's just the gay version of becoming blood brothers, dude. It doesn't mean you aren't allowed to stick your dick in a wet twat again."

Roger responded with, "I know. And I couldn't love you any more if you were my actual brother. You know that, Karl." There had been a slightly sheepish smile on his face and he had totally ignored the word 'gay' in the statement from Karl. It was as if he didn't really want to deal with the fact he knew his best friend was changing teams and he was still sharing the same bed with him at least a couple times every week. He knew he wasn't gay too...he just liked getting totally physical with his best bud.

Growing up almost 100% straight in the hills of Tennessee in the 1980's was still in Roger's mind and bloodstream and he wasn't ready to grapple with all the possibilities and ramifications that came with the bisexual label either. Quite possibly, he never would be. Karl accepted that and never pushed for a discussion that might well end very badly. He grew up the same way with the same qualms, but he was close to ready to fully embrace the gay tag thanks to the emotions Roger had awaken within him. He also knew Roger was only bi at best. Yes, he would have given most anything for them to end up as lovers for life, but knew it wouldn't happen. Karl wasn't willing to chance losing what did exist between them with a conversation that would be a can of worms that didn't need opened.

A week later, that same can from way back when would be sitting dead center of the picnic table on Roger's...and his wife of more than twenty-five-years'...patio while they cranked up the grill for a private Labor Day cookout.

* * * * *

Several times during the flight from California and most of the drive in the rental car from the Nashville airport to Roger and Denise's country home outside Centerville, the same 'What if's?' kept surfacing in his thoughts. They had gotten married two years after he and Roger had graduated from UT. Roger had moved back to the small town with the ink still wet on his Bachelors in Business and Marketing. As the only son, he became the immediate heir-apparent to the family supermarket operation when he was brought back in as assistant manager. Denise was a year younger than him and they had dated for a while in high school. She had been one of the very few females from back then who never gave in to his overly active, testosterone-driven, teenage hormones. They started dating again and told him right off, she was still a virgin and would be when she walked down the aisle.

Karl, of course, had been Roger's best man. He had snagged a job in Nashville with a huge national company and would often come home for weekends to visit his parents and see his best bud. They also continued their physical relationship on those visits. He knew Roger was seeing Denise seriously, and Karl and her bonded well. So well he considered her his first 'fag hag.' But her "No pussy until I hear 'I do' " stance kept Roger horned up and more than willing to start things every time Karl hit town. Karl sure didn't complain or refuse him.

Even though he wasn't open about being gay, he knew Roger knew and something told him Denise had a good clue also. It just never got discussed. Between any of them. There was still that "Don't ask, don't tell, just get in bed with me," unstated agreement between him and Roger. When Karl was there for a weekend, it was just like back in high school again except there was no girl on Karl's arm this time. Karl, Roger, and Denise were more like a 'Threes Company' episode than a couple and a best friend out on the town together. Then came the weekend when Roger and Karl had their last romp in bed.

Roger had been the most passionate he had ever been. Even to the point of making out while he slowly and very lovingly worked his cock in and out of Karl's willing ass. Kissing during full-on sex was something Roger had never done before. Not with Karl anyway. Once the foreplay was over with, and it got to the down and dirty, Roger always shifted to the same "It's just two buddies helping each other out" mental state he had since they began their physical relationship back in high school. But this time he showed Karl a side he had wanted to see so badly...had fantasized about...had massive wet dreams about...had begged God to let him see: Roger truly making love to him. Roger even gently kissed him over and over afterwards as they held each other. Karl was beyond ecstatic and returned the passion in spades.

Then Roger dropped the bomb!

Still holding him like a three year old snuggles with a teddy bear, Roger spoke softly as he stroked the side of Karl's face. "I had to do that with you, Karl. I owed that to you. I needed you to know that I always did love you and always will. And I needed you to know that even though that was our last time, my feelings will always be there for you." After a short pause, he added, "I hope you will feel the same way and all that will change after tonight is we can't ever do this again."

Karl's brain was zinging back and forth between a virgin bride on her wedding night and the long term wife that's just been served divorce papers. He finally blurted out, "What the hell, Roger? Last time? Never again? What the fuck is going on?"

"Denise agreed to marry me tonight," was the overly simplistic answer he gave. "I have to be totally straight from this point on. You do understand don't you?"

Before Karl could finish replaying the flashback of that evening in his mind, he was turning into their driveway and shifted his focus...and the sudden hard-on he had developed...to other things. That memory was too real and still erotic to him two and a half decades later. It was obvious to him he was still carrying a torch for his first love. First hell...Roger had been the only man he had ever completely loved. He inhaled deeply and then exhaled hard as if that motion would give him internal strength to see his best friend again and keep the emotions he still had for him in check for the weekend.

* * * * *

The sun had dropped behind the nearby mountains as Denise placed two more beers in front of her husband and Karl and took a seat with them at the table beside the pool. A wide smile and "Thanks babycakes" came from Roger. Karl added his gratitude also, but had to manage to do so while hiding the slight cringe as he remembered Roger using the same pet name with him nearly thirty years ago.

As each of the guys took a quick pull on their beers, Denise shifted the conversation to more personal questions than had been topics during the initial reunion and while grilling and eating. "So Karl, you really don't have someone special in your life? No Mister Right...or Mister Right Now even? I mean you guys have 'fuck buddies' just like the single straight ones have 'friends with benefits' don't you?"

"Sheesh, Denise. Why don't you ask him if he is a top or bottom while you have the microscope out? What's next on your list? Whether he spits or swallows?" The smirk on Roger's face said they were mostly sarcastic comments.

Karl laughed since he knew Roger knew the answer to both. From personal and up-close experience. He then joined in the jousting fun with, "I'll answer both those right after ol' Rog admits he lets you use your dildo on him."

"Hey now buddy! That one time back in college with that flaky chick I went home with after the homecoming frat party was supposed to be our little secret. Damn! Next you'll be showing her our secret handshake."

"You mean the one where you wrap your palm and fingers around each others hard cocks and shake it until it pukes white? Already know all about that one, dear." The wide grin on her face was partially hidden by the tall glass of gin and tonic she started sipping on, but Karl caught the "Your turn" look her eyes were giving Roger.

"You did have a rep in the frat for going through more baby lotion and hand towels than the rest of our floor combined," Karl teased.

"Oh...so this is going to be 'Gang up on Roger' night, is it?"

"Wouldn't be the first time you've been in a threesome from the stories you told me before I agreed to marry you. You confessed to pretty much everything except being on the grassy knoll in Dallas, if I remember correctly." Denise took another sip of her drink and her eyes seemed to say 'Checkmate' or at least 'Check to you honey' anyway.

"Granted I admitted to that. I sure wasn't about to pass up the opportunity to chow down on some sweet freshman pussy wiggling on my face while my bone was getting ridden hard by another one. Hell, we got more than a little crazy at some of the parties. But I think I would be able to remember it if I had been in a three way with another guy involved."

Karl simply nursed his beer as he watched and listened to the ongoing exchanges between them. There had been some wild discussions about Roger's extensive sexual history when he would come visit them the first year or so they were married, but this was all new ground being broken and he was really curious what would be said next.

Denise sat her drink down and matter-of-factly stated, "From what you've and I've overhead other frat brothers confirming, Karl was the one with all the oral talent in your room." She shot a quick wink at her husband and then turned to Karl to ask, "Right Karl?" The grin on her face was unnerving.

'How the fuck do I answer that?' flashed through Karl's mind faster than Superman ever raced any bullet. He shot a desperate look at Roger which was worthless since his friend was doubled over in laughter. Finally, he eeked out a mumbled "I guess five star ratings from three sorority houses might have meant something." He added a shrug of his shoulders to punctuate the reply. He was certain his face was glowing red at this point too.

"Well you know I was a virgin until that horn dawg over there talked me into letting him have my cherry. And since you can't fart in this small town without it being front page news the next day, his favorite toy has been the only one I've ever used my oral skills on. You guys are the ones that got to have your play time sampling the whole buffet while I was on a diet waiting for a wedding cake."

Roger reached over the table to take Denise's hand. "Is that just an observation or a regret sweetie?" There was a slight trace of seriousness in the question. "You want permission to blow the pool boy or something?" The wide grin that appeared on his face lightened the mood again.

'Oh hell no, Roger. If I'm going to make someone's ear lobes sweat beside yours, it isn't going to be some kid that will most likely empty his balls before I even get started good. I would want a man with some age and plenty of experience that can appreciate the effort I put into it. You know I consider the way I give head as a work of art."

The gargantuan smile that filled Roger's face said he knew she did. "I've sure never had a complaint, have I?" was what he declared with confidence.

"Yes, but you have something to measure that against. I don't. I've never gotten any man off but you, so I don't know whether I'm really that good, or if you have just been being kind to me complimenting me all these years. It could be that I suck at sucking and you just don't want to tell me. Right?"

In order to keep from bursting out laughing at the crazy back-and-forth going on, Karl finally interjected, "So is this what foreplay looks like for straight people the closer you get to fifty? Or is this the sex too...where you just talk about it?" He couldn't help letting a 'snort' escape from his nose and tightly pinched lips following the poke. He tacked on, "Just tell me when it's time for me to go so you can take your Viagra."

Roger jumped all over the multiple cracks with, "Any foreplay is good. You know that. It's what got your gay dick up and ready when there was a pair of big tits working it. And don't be rushing that fifty thing. I've still got two years before that happens. Aint no little blue pills in my medicine cabinet either. All the parts still work like they did at eighteen." Roger stuck a period on his small diatribe by leaning back in his chair, crossing his arms, and grinning from ear-to-ear.

Denise turned her attention to Karl again and inquired, "Is that even possibly true, Karl? That the old man's cock is just as good as it was thirty years ago. You're the only person I can ask that would probably know."

"Um. Well. Geeze Diane. I saw him beat off a lot of times at that age, but jerking off and having real sex usually have different methods for getting to the same goal. One it's all about speed and the other isn't." As Karl finished his comment, he realized his own pole was acting like it was eighteen itself with all the sex talk. Subtly as he could, he used his palm to shift the boner he had popped in his jeans. As odd as he found it, he admitted to himself he was still very aroused by his best friend. Between all the memories being recalled during the day and now his wife talking so bluntly about sex and the past, he had boned up at least a half dozen times. He didn't know how Roger and Denise planned to handle however all this was affecting them, but his hand already had a date for later in the evening for sure. Diane's next comment made him rethink that plan though.

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