tagRomanceTwo Old Lovers

Two Old Lovers



It was early February and I was once again alone for the 'lover's holiday'. Valentine's Day is so sad when one is alone. I started to remember better times and the fun that Valentine's Day had been when I was in a relationship.

It hit me then. I knew why all the dating sites and blind set-ups by friends had been dismal failures. The men I had met just were not right because I was already in love with someone, and I knew who it was. Now the big question was - did I dare take a chance on rejection by contacting my old lover?

The Meeting

I got out of my cab in front of the restaurant. I was glad I had dressed up as this was definitely not a burger joint. I was ushered into the restaurant by an elegantly dressed hostess and as I was about to ask, I saw him.

It had been about 12 years since we last saw each other. Somehow that didn't seem to have changed our friendship other than deepening it.

He was sitting there, dressed in a well tailored suit and rose to greet me with a kiss and a strong hug.

"I am so glad you called and came down. It has been too long, but you look amazing."

"You do not look too shabby yourself sir" I said, while taking the seat he offered me.

The waiter came around and we quickly chose our meals and drinks. As soon as the server had left, he asked me, "Why did you decide to call me out of the blue and then come to visit after all these years?"

I looked him straight in the eye and replied. "Because I was an overly romantic young girl in my mid twenties then and now have come to the realization, that I still love you."

He sat there looking stunned and we were saved from the moment by the server arriving with our drinks and appetizers.

"Look," I said. "Back then I had this foolish notion that we should get married and live happily ever after. You didn't and were the wiser person."

"No, not wiser, just aware enough to know that I was no where near mature enough for that step. Is that what you want with me now?"

I choked on my food and managed to finally say, "No, I am wise enough now to not care about it. I don't care if we get married, live together or apart, or stay with the two hour drive between us. I just woke up one day and knew that what I really wanted was you in my life, whatever comes of it."

He grinned a little sheepishly and admitted that he had missed me too and hadn't figured out a way to contact me and test the waters. "I am glad that you were brave enough for the both of us to take that step."

"So, we start with dinner and see how things progress then?"

"Sounds like a workable plan to me."

With that we concentrated on our wonderful meals and caught up on what had ever happened to various mutual friends.

When the meal was done, and the hour late, he asked, "This will sound very 'high school' but, would you like to come to my place with me?"

"I was hoping you were going to say that."

We hailed a cab and got out at his home. He unlocked the door and ushered me into the living room after stowing our winter clothing into a closet.

"I love your home. It is very you. My lord, you still have that painting we bought together way back when."

I went over and looked at it and he then showed me other things from our past time together. I think it was at this point that we truly realized that although time and space had changed us, our friendship and love for each other was still as strong as it ever had been.

"Now give me one of your hugs, a proper one this time."

He enfolded me into his arms and I felt like I was home. I had missed this man. After we finally unclasped, he offered me some wine and went off to get it. I settled into a comfy sofa and curled my legs under me. Thank god I had worn a long skirt.

I heard some noises and he came into the room holding a bottle of champagne and two tulip glasses.

"Do you always have champagne on ice?" I inquired.

"Only in hopes that you would agree to come here."

Well as we were both hopeless romantics, it seemed fitting. He looked up at the mantle clock and announced that it was 12:05 and he had a toast to make. I held my glass and waited.

"To the woman who has already given me the best Valentine's present I could ever wish for!"

I fought a serious blush at the toast he had just made.

We clinked glasses, drank champagne and felt even more relaxed in each others company. It felt so normal and comfortable to be with him and I could see that he felt the same way.

I had to use the washroom and asked for directions. I went up the stairs and found it on my left just as promised. After primping a bit, I stepped into the hall and saw a flickering light that hadn't been there when I came upstairs. I walked over to the door and pushed it wide.

I entered the room and found it full of light. Soft candlelight flickered from every surface. The bed had been turned down and looked so inviting.

I heard a soft sound behind me and found him standing in the doorway, smiling at my enjoyment of the scene.

"It is so beautiful" I said. "So romantic..........as are you."

He smiled at that and took me in his arms. "I wanted this Valentine's day to be extra special for us if things went the way they have."

"You succeeded, my love."

Taking my hand he led me to the bed and sat on its edge with me standing in front of him. "I want to see you. Undress for me." He reached for a small remote and soft music filtered into the room.

Doing my best to be as sexy as possible, I started to move gently with the music and fiddled with the buttons on my blouse. My mother had always told me that the tease was almost as important as the reveal. First the cuff buttons came undone and then the front. I took about five minutes to do just that much and to say that he was rapt with attention was an understatement. I also noticed the tent showing in his trousers.

"Am I going too quickly for you my dear?"

A low growl was the only response.

Next was my skirt, long flowing velvet. I undid the tie at the waist and began to unwrap it. Ignoring a whimper, I made it slow and showy and dropped it onto a chair with my back to him to prolong the event.

I looked over my shoulder and turned around to reveal I was wearing a full Victorian slip with buttons all the way from cleavage to hem. I quickly took a couple of steps back to evade the grab he was making.

"Oh no, dear, I have planned this for oh so very long. You will just have to be patient and wait for it!"

Starting at the hem, I worked my way up the pearl buttons turning and twisting to hide what was still hidden. Part of my mind was ruefully remembering that doing all those buttons back up was going to be a large job needing almost as much patience as he had to have watching the show.

As I finished the last several buttons, I stood looking back over my shoulder at the wonderful man sitting and fidgeting on the bed. With a big "ta da" I whirled back forwards and dropped the slip to puddle on the floor.

Now he saw the reason for the tease. I was wearing a sheer, soft pink corset and garters with matching stockings and thong. My heels succeeded in making my long legs look even longer.

The smile on his face was worth all of the effort I had put into the preparation and the tease. "You are so beautiful and amazing for putting this together!"

I laughed, "I had hoped that you would have soft light and music for us, as you always were a hopeless romantic."

Suddenly, he pounced and grabbed me and pulled me close, standing between his legs. "Now may I touch?"

The smile on my face was more than enough of an answer to that question.

Carefully, oh, so carefully, he ran his fingers down the front of the corset, just skimming the surface. I wanted to thrust my breasts forward into his hands, but made myself wait despite the shivers of anticipation. His hands reached my waist and slid lower onto the curve of my hips. He slid his fingers under the elastic of my thong and recklessly ripped it down my legs and let it drop. I carefully caught it on my toe and brought it up for him to take.

Crushing it in his hand, he brought it up to his nose and inhaled deeply. "God, how much I have missed your scent!"

With sudden violence he cast the panties away and seized me and engulfed me in a hug. I always loved his ability to give amazing hugs I gleefully and gladly returned it. I could feel his cock strong against me during the embrace.

He scooped me up and laid me down upon the soft fresh expanse of sheets and pillows and then stood back to look at the sight. "It is better than any picture or fantasy, to see you lying there."

I reached out for him and he then chuckled and told me that it was my turn to show patience. He then returned the tease, removing tie, shirt, pants and all. By this point I was all but panting with anticipation.

He stopped to carefully unbuckle the straps on my heels and remove my shoes. "Are you going to come to bed anytime soon my dear?"

At that quip, he flipped me over and laid a stinging blow across my bare ass. "Ow! What was that for?"

He laid me back upon my back and said, "That is for being a brat."

By this point all I wanted was for him to plunge his cock inside of me and do his best to drill me through the mattress, or at least give me that sensation. Instead he spread my stocking clad legs and knelt between them and bent down to carefully expose my sex to his view. With a groan he took his finger and traced the outer and then inner lips of my clean sex. "So smooth, when did you start waxing to make yourself bare?"

I had been doing so for a while and let him know that I have very carefully timed things so that I was freshly waxed for our reunion.

"You always were so thoughtful."

I thought about making a rejoinder to that comment, but my still stinging ass reminded me that I should just keep such quips behind my teeth. Luckily all thoughts of comments disappeared when he gently licked my sex from bottom to top and captured my inner lips with his mouth. "Oh my lord I had forgotten how good you are at that. Oooooooh," I moaned.

He started to push his finger around my opening and tease me with the overwhelming sensation of that combined with his talented mouth. I was reduced to a vocabulary of moans, sighs and pleas for him to take me. His response to that was to plunge two fingers into my dripping pussy and start to tease my g-spot. I was wild with an overload of sensation. He could tell that I was getting close to coming and said, "Let yourself go, love, come for me now." Just then he grabbed my clitoris with his mouth and applied suction.

That was it. I was barely on the bed; I was so arched in the throws of one mind-blowing orgasm. Somehow he managed to keep with me and finger my pussy and lash my poor clit with his tongue.

All good things do come to an end and when he sensed that I was almost finished he looked up with a wide grin and asked, "So, did you come?"

Except for a total lack of functioning coordination, I would have gladly swatted his ass for that one. When I took a deep breath to respond, he said "I am sorry love. I just couldn't resist zapping you with that old joke of ours." At that, we both collapsed into helpless giggles. He scooted back up the bed and took me in his arms and we snuggled as we slowly managed to stop laughing, mainly by not daring to catch each others eyes.

I looked down and saw that he was still rampantly erect and pounced. It was my turn. Crouching between his legs, I engulfed the head of his uncut cock and teased the underside just as he had teased my clit. Now it was his turn to be incoherent with pleasure. I circled the head and slowly, ever so slowly, to engulf his cock deep into my mouth. I cradled his balls with my palm while my other hand started to add additional stroking to the delights I was giving him.

I backed off a bit and licked his ball sack taking each one into my mouth in turn and sucking gently and licking them thoroughly. I then lifted my head and watched his expression as I took his foreskin up and over the head. I love an uncut man, their cockheads are so sensitive and having the foreskin to roll up and down with my stroking is a delight.

He managed to open his eyes and looked down at me with so much love. I just giggled and took his cock back deep into my mouth. Once again I tried to deep throat him, but gagged. I never could quite stop that reflex. His cock was covered in my saliva and his precum. It tasted better than I had remembered and fantasized about all those years. His cock was swelling still more and I backed off a bit as I didn't want him to come that fast.

He reached down with his hand and started to stroke my hair as I just lipped the head of his cock. Enough to tease, and to keep his total attention, but gentle enough to slow the pace back down. He groaned and stammered, "I had forgotten how good you are at that. I think my synapses are fried."

At that I looked up at him and remarked that it was probably due to the fact that I adore giving head. I love to reduce my lover to quivering jelly, even if I don't take them as far as enjoying their cum.

He started to maneuver so as to get back to sucking on my pussy and licking up the juices that already had started to make a sizeable wet spot on the sheet. I stopped him with a gentle hand to his chest and a deep kiss, our tongues dueling and tasting ourselves in the others mouth. "Shhh, my love, I want to have you in me."

I remembered that he loved me to ride him as much as I had loved to. Straddling his hips, I first just ran my hot, wet pussy up and down the length of his cock. He tried to adjust his cock so that it would enter me, but I just fended him off and he settled for scooping my breasts out of the shallow top of my corset.

Now I was getting hotter by the minute. He caressed my breasts and pinched each nipple, just enough to cause discomfort, delicious discomfort. I couldn't wait any longer. Holding his cock in line with my aching pussy and slowly as possible, I lowered myself onto his manhood. Both of us hissed our pleasure at the feeling of our joining. I felt myself starting to orgasm from the feeling of being so filled with him.

He felt the beginning of my orgasm and pushed up to take one nipple in his mouth and to continue to pinch the other. It was more than enough at that point to send me over the edge into a massive orgasm. I shook and could feel my juices running down over his balls. He looked into my eyes and said that he loved feeling me come on him.

I pushed him back down to the bed and started to ride him. I mixed long slow strokes almost to the point of losing him and hard driving impalements. "I cannot believe how much you fill me. It feels amazing."

He started to push up in time with my movements and we were actively fucking each other. I could have had it go on forever, the two of us joined as closely as two beings can be.

Just when I could feel him about to explode I stopped riding and just held him in me as deep as possible. He took that opportunity to roll me off him and have me lie back with my legs tented over his hips. Lying on his side, he took his cock and teased the opening of my pussy with the head. Running it up and down my slit and teasing the opening.

"Please, my love, please put it in, I need your hard cock in me."

Now it was his turn to fend off my attempts to join us and continued to tease me. I had given into the pleasure and closed my eyes. They opened again suddenly when he drilled his cock to the hilt in me. The head was resting against my cervix. We both let out a deep groan of satisfaction. We slowly started fucking each other in this position. I loved it because it allowed him to impale me so deeply. Another bonus of this method was that I could clearly see his face and enjoyment as much as he could mine.

Our movements grew frenzied and I was on the edge of coming, when it was his turn to stop and make me grumble with frustration. "I was just about to come and you stopped!"

"I am sorry about that my dear, but so was I and I don't want this to end that quickly."

I reached down and started to finger my clit and he pulled back until he was barely in me. I stroked myself and found that I was also teasing him with the view and also with the loose skin on his cock. My body started to flush even more as I felt my orgasm rising in me. He drove deep into me as I yelled, "I am coming.............I AM COMING LOVE!' I crested the wave and fell into another wonderful orgasm.

He was watching my face and said, "I love to feel you come around me, you are so beautiful when you release. I always wanted to watch you pleasure yourself and never dreamed that your movements would also tease me, other than the obvious way. You were never that comfortable doing that in front of me before."

"I am more comfortable in my own skin and with my own sexuality then I was long ago."

"Well, I love the mature you and your ease with me and yourself."

"Why, thank you kind sir!"

At that, we were lost in giggles again.

We started to fuck slowly and marveled at the fact that we could hear our juices squishing as we pumped each other. It was such an erotic sound.

We kept speeding up and abruptly he pulled out of me and rolled me onto my back and plunged back into my warmth. My legs wrapped around his waist as he did actually feel like he was trying to drill me through the mattress.

"I am coming girl, come with me."

I was awash in sensation and could feel the wave building in me to match his. He stiffened and I could feel the jets of his hot cum pumping into me. That was more than enough to drive me over the edge and I milked his cock with the spasms running through me.

When we were able to move at all, he gathered me into his arms and snuggled me into his chest with his chin resting on my hair. "I don't want this to end," he murmured. He kissed the top of my head and rested his cheek there.

"Does it have to end? I am willing to make it work despite the two hours between our respective jobs and homes."

My answer was a bear hug and he said, "I am glad to hear that because I don't want to lose you again. I want to make love with you as often as possible."

I tilted my head back to see his face looking back at me with delight. "What? Right now?"

"Give me a few minutes and I bet we can."

"I don't take sucker bets! "

We curled up and chatted and sure enough........we did again. Not too shabby for a couple of old lovers!

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