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Two on One


The room they threw me into was pitch dark. The last thing I saw was the light in the doorway disappearing as they slammed the door shut.

Strange. I could feel softness on the floor, when I patted my hand around I could feel the whole floor was covered with soft reed mats. Then I heard a noise like a vent blowing, and began to smell a sweet scent in the air. Very quickly the scent began to fill the room, and I began to feel light-headed. I realized it was some sort of sleeping gas. I tried to fight it, but to no avail, and soon I passed out. Luckily I could literally sleep anywhere on the floor.

I came to some time later to the sound of the door being opened. I blearily lifted my head. The light hurt my eyes, but I had time to see two people get thrown in.

I sat up, felling my head spin. "Hello?"

There was silence, and then a tentative male voice returned. "Daisy?"

It was Arcturus!

"Arcturus!" I called out. "I'm over here!"

"Keep talking, Daisy, and we'll come to you. Bayard is here too."

"Don't worry Daisy, we're coming!" Bayard's voice.

"Bayard! Arcturus! I'm over here! Keep coming...I can hear you now, getting closer...there you are!" For I had reached out and grabbed someone's hands.

"Which one of you is this?"

Arcturus answered. "It's me, Daisy. Are you all right?" I used his hands to pull myself to him and wrapped my arms around his neck. "Arcturus, I've been so scared." He soothed me, gently patting my back.

In another second I felt a pair of hands grip my shoulders, and I reached back and tightly grabbed one of the hands. "Bayard. I'm so glad you two came."

"Have they been treating you roughly?"

I tried not to cry, but the sniffles came anyway. "They whipped me a few times...that was a few days ago. I'm not hurt, they used a whip that stings but doesn't leave marks. It was just...so humiliating."

"Shh," said Bayard. "We're here now. We'll take care of you."

I held onto both of them tightly. Just then I heard the vents kick in again. "Oh, no!"

"What is it, Daisy?"

"Last time they ran the vents they put some sort of sleeping gas in. Who knows what they'll do this time?"

"It's all right. We're here now. Don't worry."

Slowly the scent spread throughout the room and as we sniffed it, we all realized what it was. Arcturus, being the eldest here, was naturally the first one to speak.

"Black Lotus," he said grimly, and small wonder. Black Lotus was the ultimate aphrodisiac. It could make a dead man get aroused, and we were only three adventurers caught by a sadistic fiend.

This really was a problem. I had always been attracted to Arcturus and Bayard anyway. Bayard was a handsome, blue-eyed, blond knight of 29 years. He was broad-shouldered and handled a sword with grace and finesse. He was not mine; neither was Arcturus, but I wouldn't have minded. Arcturus was not a knight, but he was just as intent on goodness. He had gray eyes, and he was forty-two but still looked just as handsome and sexy as Bayard.

I was the young one in the group. I was only 23, and an arcane archer, with magic that suited my bow. I had been travelling with Arcturus and Bayard for almost eighteen months now. I found Arcturus and Bayard both to be very sexy, and there had been a slight but pleasant sexual tension around us ever since. They insisted I sleep in a separate room, and when I had time I would pleasure myself to the thought of either—or both—of them taking me. I wondered if I would finally get my wish, here, in the enemy's dungeon. What a bizarre turn of events. I didn't think any of us could fight the Black Lotus.

Speaking of it, the Black Lotus grew stronger, and I felt myself growing wet. Black Lotus didn't give you a chance to fight it, it instantly made men erect and women wet.

I heard one of the men clear his throat. I was having trouble, too. I was only wearing the thin dress I had worn into here, with a pair of flimsy panties that were just now getting very wet.

Arcturus tried to put me away from him, but I could feel his reluctance. I let him put me back a little, but I kept one hand tightly gripping each man's hand. I found it difficult to make myself let go. The smell was getting stronger, and I was the first one to break. I had been so lonely over the past year. I craved love, and lovemaking.

I reached up until I felt one man's face—it felt vaguely like Arcturus. I ran my fingertips gently over his face until I found his lips, and quickly pressed my own lips to them. I heard him grunt in surprise, and murmur, "Daisy, we shouldn't be doing this. I—" I didn't give him a chance to finish, but continued kissing him. After a minute he relented and I felt his mouth open, and I slipped my tongue in.

Kissing him was divine. It was immediately clear that he was a very good kisser, and he kissed me tenderly and with passion, his hands dropping to my waist. It was then that I felt another hand sliding up my thigh. I slid my hands down over Arcturus', and realized it wasn't him. Evidently Bayard had been overcome, too.

I turned my head and blindly found his mouth too—it was quite a thrill, being completely blind in the dark. He kissed me hard, and all of a sudden I felt Arcturus' hands slip around my waist tightly.

I was unbelievably aroused. Never had I thought this fantasy would come true; even if I had ever been brave enough to try to get Bayard into my bed I knew Arcturus would never consent. And both of them at once? Impossible.

"Wait," I said softly, and in the darkness I slipped my dress over my head and tossed it aside. The Black Lotus was heady and impossible to fight, and I gave into it as I backed up into Arcturus lap, drawing Bayard toward me, still kissing him.

I felt a bulge pressing against my bottom, and I realized Arcturus was huge. It aroused me even more, that this man would be aroused by a girl that was 20 years his junior. Bayard's hands slipped down to my breasts and roughly began squeezing them, while Arcturus slipped his hand down to my groin and began rubbing my wetness through my panties.

The difference between the two was amazing and very distinct. Arcturus was infinitely gentle, while Bayard roughly took my nipple into his mouth and bit it gently.

I moaned loudly. Arcturus began gently nibbling on my neck, and I wanted them both so bad I could barely stand it. Bayard was right in front of me, so I started tugging at his buttons, getting him undressed. Behind me Arcturus lifted me out of his lap and then I could sense him doing the same.

In a minute they were both naked, and two impressive cocks were pressing against my cheeks. I took them both in my hands and then started doing what I had fantasized about for so long—sucking on first one, then the other. I loved it, and I heard them both murmuring things to me, lost in the Black Lotus. I was normally such a good girl! I couldn't believe I was on my knees and pleasuring two men at the same time.

Finally Arcturus picked me up; my back pressed against his chest, and forced my legs open. Bayard peeled my sopping wet panties down, and quickly pressed his face between my legs. He began licking me, while behind me Arcturus began to squeeze my breasts and kiss my mouth hungrily over my shoulder.

Bayard wouldn't let me come. Rather, after some hurried discussion between the two men, I was lowered down onto the padded floor. I felt so weak and vulnerable, they could do whatever they wanted with me and I couldn't fight them. Behind me, I could feel Arcturus grip my hips, and then I felt his manhood press against my opening. He pushed forward, and slowly began entering me. He was huge, much bigger than my man had been. I was small and tight, and I whimpered a little as he forced his way into me. It seemed to take an eternity until I felt his hips come to rest against me, and I gasped and moaned when he did—but suddenly I was cut off by Bayard's equally large member pushing into my mouth. He pushed past my lips, and I felt him open my throat. I gagged a little, but he didn't wait for me, simply continued pushing inwards. In less than a minute I felt my forehead press against his belly.

When they were both firmly embedded in me, they spoke to each other again and then they both carefully stood up at the same time. I was now dangling between these two men, one impaled in my pussy, one in my mouth! I curled my hands into Bayard's hips, and he held up my shoulders while Arcturus held up my hips. My face was buried against Bayard, and each time Arcturus thrust I was pressed into Bayard.

They began to build up their strokes, thrusting in and out faster and faster. I was concentrating only on breathing at first, but I soon found that Arcturus' cock in my pussy was making me hotter and hotter. They both began working up to a frenzy, and I was gasping and clutching at Bayard.

Suddenly I felt Bayard's cock tighten first, and all of a sudden it exploded into my mouth. I felt hot liquid splash at the back of my throat. I must have clamped down around Arcturus, for suddenly he groaned and began pumping even harder. Soon I could no longer bear the pleasure and began to scream around Bayard's cock as I came. I spasmed around Arcturus, and suddenly I felt a rush of hot fluids from him too. It splashed against my insides, and prolonged my orgasm, too.

But...we were on Black Lotus. One orgasm wasn't anywhere near it for any of us, by a long shot. They lowered me to the floor, their members still pulsing inside of me. First Bayard pulled out of my mouth. I had not been able to swallow everything, and a lot of it dripped onto the floor. Then Arcturus also pulled away, and I could feel that my insides were sticky.

I felt Arcturus' hands run up my body, and then gently lift me up and turn me around. He set me back down on the ground, and I realized what they were going to do. I didn't have any time to think about it, though, because I felt his still-swollen head bump against my lips. I eagerly opened my mouth and took it in. Behind me I felt Bayard's cock press against my opening, and then roughly slam home, impaling my mouth on Arcturus at the same time.

I was more ready this time, so I began to suck on Arcturus' cock. Bayard also didn't waste any time, and he immediately began to pound me hard enough to make me scream. We all came very quickly within seconds of each other, and I felt their juices mingling in my mouth and in me.

It wasn't enough, and they continued in that same position, fucking my mouth and fucking me, for two more orgasms apiece. The Black Lotus was driving us all into frenzy; I knew we wouldn't stop until we passed out.

After the second orgasm, I felt Bayard carefully pull out. Arcturus stayed embedded in my mouth. I felt Bayard carefully take me across his lap, turning so he was sitting sideways next to me and his cock was brushing against my belly. I just had time to wonder what he was going to do when he gave my butt a resounding whack. I jumped and whimpered, and drove myself even further onto Arcturus' cock.

Bayard spanked my ass again, alternating between butt cheeks. He did it over and over, and soon I felt his hand slapping down in my cleft. I was wriggling, trying to get away from him and have more at the same time. Finally, his hand came down between my legs with a stinging slap that made me scream and come all over his hand. My screams caused Arcturus to shoot into my throat again.

They reversed the position then, and forced my mouth onto Bayard's cock while Arcturus gave me the spanking of my life. If I had thought that Bayard was rough, it was nothing compared to Arcturus' heavy hand. I could only conclude that this had been a fantasy of his for some time. This quickly made Bayard shoot down my throat. I could barely swallow it, and my throat was getting sore. But they still had plenty more in store.

Next they laid me on my back, amongst the pillows. One straddled my shoulders—I was no longer sure which—and the other knelt between my legs. The one between my legs—I thought it was Bayard—drove into me with the force of a piston, while the one over my head opened my mouth with his fingers and roughly pushed his cock in. They both began fucking me, where they were. I came twice more, clawing at the person directly over me, before I felt them both be close. Instead of coming inside me though, they both jerked out and sprayed me, one all over my face, and one all over my mound and my belly.

I was getting tired now, but I was still horny. I knew this couldn't last much longer; we were all pushing our bodies to the limit. Already even if I had wanted to I couldn't have resisted what they did next.

Arcturus kissed my forehead, and whispered a few indistinct words to me. I felt him lay on his back next to me, and I felt Bayard lift me, turn me facing downwards, and gently place me over Arcturus' cock. I felt myself being opened yet again, as his length slid into me. Bayard gently lay me forward, onto Arcturus' chest. He put his arms gently but firmly around me.

Bayard reached between my legs and scooped up a lot of the fluids that were leaking all over the place. He smeared it against my asshole, and with faint horror but a great deal of arousal I realized what they were going to do. No man had ever taken me back there, and now I was going to get two cocks in me at once?

Bayard pressed the head of his cock against me. I felt him slowly push forward, and it immediately began to hurt. I cried out, and Arcturus stroked my face, gently soothing me. Bayard's advance was gentle but inexorable, but it seemed an eon before his hips came to rest against my ass.

I had never dreamed you could feel so full. I whimpered, sobbing, as Arcturus stroked my face and whispered softly into my ear. But even the new pain couldn't fight the effect of Black Lotus. I could feel myself still lubricating Arcturus' cock, and he began to thrust gently in and out of me.

Lights exploded in my head. I felt so full; I almost couldn't bear it. After a few seconds, Bayard began thrusting gently too, and the combination of pain and pleasure was indeed too much to bear, as I screamed and came more powerfully that I ever had in my life.

They fucked me that way for well over an hour. I came so many times, screaming and biting Arcturus, that I lost count, and I was completely hazy when they both came, deep inside me. We cuddled together, the effects of exhaustion finally outweighing the effects of the Black Lotus. I know I was the first to fall into blackness.

When I awoke, I felt a very odd but pleasing sensation. I was lying on my side. My arms were curled up in front of me, and I was pressed tightly against someone's chest. One of my legs was draped high, across someone' hip, it felt like.

Another pair of arms tightly encircled me from behind, and I felt scratchy hair against my back. Most importantly, of course, I felt two semi-hard cocks still inside me, both front and back.

I opened my eyes, and looked up to see Arcturus' face a few inches from mine. His eyes were open, and he was looking down into my face with an expression of worried remorse. I reached up tentatively and touched his cheek, and he averted his eyes.

He spoke first. "Daisy. Daisy, I'm sorry. I don't know what came over me. Please forg—" he spoke no more, for I had reached up and silenced him with a kiss. The movement awoke Bayard, and he stirred; then I sensed his head come up over my shoulder. I turned my head away from Arcturus reluctantly, and looked up at him.

Poor guy, he looked just as bad as Arcturus. He started to speak, too.

"Daisy, by the gods, what have we done to you? I am so sorry..."

I raised my hands and put one to each man's lips. "Will you both hear me out before you run away?"

They exchanged glances, and then both nodded.

I smiled. It was a smile I had really not smiled in almost a year. "Gentlemen, firstly neither of you need to apologize unless you truly regret the evening. I am not angry with either of you."

They looked surprised. "But, Daisy, you..."

"Shh. Now, listen to me. What happened last night was none of our faults. Who can fight Black Lotus?" I regarded them seriously, and decided to take the plunge. "But I will be totally honest with you gentlemen. It was so far from an unpleasant experience in my mind I can't even tell you. I have never felt so safe and beloved as I do with the two of you. If this drives a wedge in our relationship it would break my heart.

I looked down, blushing but smiling shyly. "And perhaps, had there been no Black Lotus, and it was proposed to me...perhaps I would not have said no anyway."

Bayard smiled, then, but Arcturus was older and wiser and wasn't reassured yet. "Daisy, what are you saying?"

I reached up and touched his face. "Arcturus. I would feel so wonderful and so safe throughout my life, were you there to take care of me. The both of you."

Bayard spoke. "Do you mean that? Do you realize what it would entail?"

I smiled. "Yes. It's silly to hide it anymore, but I'm still shy about saying it. I...love you. The both of you. I have for several months now...it's just not the kind of thing you say."

I looked into their surprised faces, and realized I really meant it. I was in love with both of them. "So what's the verdict, gentlemen? Will you stay and take care of me? Both of you?"

They raised their eyes to each other, and I sensed some unspoken communication going through them. Arcturus spoke again.

"Daisy, I've just got to say this. You're only 23, and I'm sure you could find some younger man out there to make you happy. I'm practically an old man, and Bayard is also years older than you. And what would people say?"

I smiled. "There's no one I'd rather have than you two. Arcturus, I don't care about your age. You think you're an old man, well I think I need the guidance and advice of two fine older gentlemen to help me through life. As for people—well people will talk no matter what. If it's necessary, you can be the father, Arcturus, while Bayard plays my husband."

I saw a look go through Arcturus' eyes that I didn't recognize until he spoke. With a slightly curved mouth he said, "So you'd have to call me Daddy."

I smiled, and then gasped as I felt him throb inside of me. Obviously it had turned him on very much. "I'll call you anything you like...Daddy. Only sometimes I'll have to be a bad girl, won't I?"

Bayard spoke, gently removing a lock of my hair from my cheek. "Last chance, Daisy, or else you get stuck with two old men who will make you the center of their worlds."

I smiled happily, and in answer I leaned forward and kissed Arcturus passionately. Only for a minute, then I removed my mouth and pulled Bayard's mouth to mine.

I was already looking forward to our new lives together.

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