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Two Paths


The rustle of crumpling leaves broke the silence of the woods. It was a cold day in New Hampshire, and crisp air filled Victoria’s lungs with each breath she took. The sun was low in the sky, its weak autumn rays straining vainly to warm her face through the bare-branched trees whose summer foliage lay strewn at her feet.

It was a beautiful day for a walk, but Victoria's mind paid scant attention to the trail beneath her feet or the wonders of nature surrounding her. Her thoughts were focused on the path she had chosen to reach this point, a path that would soon bring her to a place where she would relinquish her very right to choose. "What am I doing here?" she asked herself as she fought the urge to turn and run in the direction from which she had come.

It hadn’t been long since Victoria had thought her life was perfect. After graduating from college, she had worked her way up the corporate ladder and had met the man of her dreams whom she was sure she would marry. Paul was rich, successful, and very well endowed.

Victoria loved Paul deeply and tried to satisfy him however she could. In time, he had revealed his darker fantasies, but Victoria was raised to be a ‘good girl’ and she had resisted when he’d asked her to do the things she wasn’t comfortable doing. If he had been more demanding, she knew she would have given in, but he didn’t push her and those territories were left unexplored.

Then Paul had met the woman of his dreams, and followed her to California. He left behind an aroused sexual animal hungering for what was no longer there. Victoria had turned to the Internet and found a web site full of passionate, erotic stories; the kind of stories that fueled her fantasies and invariably left her fingers sticky and wet.

Victoria explored the offerings; starting with fantasies of romantic encounters, then moving on to breathtaking tales of daring exhibitionism, dominant/submissive role-play, and non-consensual sex. The latter stories captured her imagination, consuming her with thoughts of lustful strangers watching her, taking her, making her do things good girls didn’t do. Her excitement would build with each story she read, her fingers lightly exploring her body as she devoured the wanton words.

Later, she would lie in bed, close her eyes, and experience the adventures with her own body and mind. She would feel hands and ropes against her skin, lips kissing her and sucking at her nipples, fingers and cocks penetrating deep inside her cunt. Her own fingers and vibrator would find their ways to her private places and she would moan softly in solitary ecstasy as orgasmic waves rippled from somewhere deep within her soul.

Victoria never paid much attention to the banner ads on the site that paid its bills and enabled it to offer its content for free. She had never sought out pornographic material, so she was shocked at first by the graphic pictures of fully erect penises and naked young women, but soon grew used to them and began to ignore them.

Then one day an ad caught her eye. On the left side of the ad was a picture of a naked woman with clamps attached to her nipples. Her hands were bound together by a rope and raised above her head. Next to the picture was the text of the ad:

Live Your Fantasy- If You Dare!

Victoria's heart skipped a beat as she allowed herself to consider the possibility of actually doing some of the things she had read about in those stories. She wondered what the ad meant. She moved her cursor over the ad and clicked it.

A new web page opened. Across the top there was another banner depicting a man's cock repeatedly ejaculating onto a woman's face. Below the banner was this challenge:

Enter the Fantasy Challenge Contest, If You Dare!

Do you have what it takes to live out your fantasy? If you do, describe your favorite fantasy in fifty words or less in the box below, enter your e-mail address, and press the "I Dare!" button.

Victoria paused as the adventures she had read about raced through her mind. What would be her ultimate fantasy? She typed into the box, entered her e-mail address, and stared at the words she had written:

My name is Victoria. I am a 31 year-old business executive. My fantasy is to totally surrender myself to a strong, handsome stranger.

“Surrender myself to a strong, handsome stranger” she thought. It was a great fantasy, but could she really go through with it? “I’ve always played it safe, and where has it gotten me. I’m 31 and alone. For once, take a leap and see where you land!”

She eyed the “I Dare” button on the ad and the Close box in the corner. She watched the cursor as it moved to the "I Dare!" box, then felt her finger click the button.

A week passed and Victoria almost forgot about the contest. Then she received an e mail from Fantasy Fulfillment Inc.:

Dear Victoria,

Congratulations! You have been selected as a semi-finalist! Your fantasy has been matched with that of a male contestant. If you are selected, he will pay all expenses associated with making your shared fantasy come true. To remain in contention, you must reply to this e-mail with three photographs of yourself within 72 hours.

Victoria didn't know what to think. Maybe it was a scam; she wasn't going to send pictures of herself to some web site she didn't know. But what if it was real? She contacted the webmaster for the erotic web site where she had seen the ad. The webmaster confirmed they had checked the advertiser out and it was legitimate; the company matched up the fantasies of its contestants and charged expenses plus a fee to one or both parties to make the fantasies come true.

Still, Victoria hesitated to take the next step, but for two days she found herself consumed with thoughts of the pictures she would take to send in response. Finally, she convinced herself to take the pictures, knowing she probably wouldn’t send them in.

She thought about taking nude pictures, but decided against it. Instead, she put on her sexy red teddy, placed her digital camera on a tripod, and struck poses on her bed. She started out lying on her side, her head on her outstretched arms. Gradually, she got more and more daring, first striking a pose with her hand to her breast, her finger clearly stimulating the hard nipple beneath the sheer fabric, then finishing with her hand buried in her panties, fingering her pussy.

Victoria transferred the images onto her computer and was surprised at how sexy the woman in the pictures was. They revealed a part of her she had kept repressed as she struggled up the corporate ladder. She may be executive material she told herself, but she was a woman too, a woman with desires that could no longer be denied. She replied to the message, attached her three sexiest photos, and pressed the Send button.

The next e-mail message arrived a week later:

Dear Victoria,

Congratulations again! The contestant we matched you with has selected you as a finalist for his fantasy. He has already passed our background check and signed our consent agreement. In order to be considered further, you will need to do the same.

Victoria looked over the forms. The background check required her to supply her social security number and have her doctor send a health certification document to an address that appeared to be an insurance company.

The consent form was unlike anything she had ever seen before:

The undersigned (actress) hereby enters into an agreement with Fantasy Fulfillment Inc. (FFI) of her own free will. Upon entering the set designated by FFI, actress will be bound by this agreement to follow all instructions she receives and perform any action required of her, provided doing so will not result in the violation of any enforceable law and/or result in serious personal injury.

Actress hereby gives FFI permission to observe, photograph, and videotape her at any and all times while she is on the set. Any photographs or recordings will be the property of FFI. In the event actress fails to perform as instructed, FFI is hereby authorized to distribute any images and recordings at its sole discretion, and actress will be held liable for all expenses incurred for the production.

Victoria understood what the contract meant. Once she was on "the set" and compromising photos or video had been taken, she would have to do whatever she was told or FFI could send the pictures to whomever they wanted to.

She printed the consent form and set it aside for several days. Each day she would ask herself why she was even considering doing such a thing. Each night she would read erotic stories and masturbate as she thought about the opportunity before her to make her fantasy come to life. On the fourth night she made up her mind to do it. She signed the form and raced to drop it in the mail before she lost her nerve.

Ten days later she received a package from FFI in the mail. She opened it and found a letter and a map:

Dear Victoria,

This is it! You have met all qualifications and successfully passed our background checks. We are pleased to inform you that our male contestant has selected you to fulfill his fantasy!

You are to travel alone on the date indicated below to the location marked on the map. You are to arrive at 5:00 PM. Your destination is in a very secluded location. You will need to be prepared to hike one hour in order to reach it.

Remember, once you enter the premises you will be bound by your consent agreement and obligated to follow all instructions given to you. Your partner has agreed to pay in excess of $5000 to produce this fantasy. If you violate the agreement for any reason after entering the premises, you will be held fully liable for that amount and subject to additional damage claims.

The date in the letter was a month away. During that month, Victoria casually told her friends she was going to get away for that weekend to have time alone and otherwise tried to forget about the fantasy encounter she had secretly marked on her calendar. Now the day had arrived and she had been walking the trail in the New Hampshire woods for nearly an hour.

Victoria rounded a corner and saw a small two-story cottage practically hidden in the woods. She ascended the steps and stood on its porch, facing the door. Once she entered, there would be no turning back.

She reached out and turned the doorknob, a part of her praying to find the door locked. Then she could turn around and go home, it would be the sensible thing to do. The knob turned in her hand. She pushed the door and it swung open.

Victoria stepped through the doorway and left her responsibilities and free will behind. She looked around and found herself in a parlor richly appointed with 19th century antiques. A fire was burning in the fireplace, giving the room a warm cozy feel. It was as if she had stepped back to a time when the world moved more slowly, a time before mass production, before plastic and fiberboard, before women had rights.

For a moment, Victoria forgot why she was there and the experience ahead of her. Then she saw a note on the couch:

Proceed to the bedroom, undress, and enjoy a hot bath.

Victoria ascended the stairs and found an open door leading into the bedroom. A huge wooden four-poster canopy bed adorned with a pretty blue and white quilt dominated the room. Victoria removed her coat, tossed it on the bed, and began to undress. As she removed her shirt, she noticed several mirrors in the room and a window without a curtain, and couldn't shake the feeling she was being watched.

She folded her shirt and jeans and placed them on the bed next to her coat, then entered the adjoining bathroom wearing only her bra and panties. Before her was an old-fashioned claw-foot bathtub, already filled with bubble bath. Next to it was an antique toilet. On the lid of the toilet were a small box and an envelope. Victoria opened the envelope and read the note inside:

Anal play is permitted under the terms of your fantasy. Use the enema kit enclosed in the box to prepare yourself properly for that possibility.

The thought that anal sex might be part of her lover’s fantasies had never crossed Victoria’s mind. Paul had wanted to try it, but she had refused him. Now, if her fantasy lover wanted to do that, she would have no choice. She found the prospect of being fucked in the ass both scary and exciting.

There was a mirror above the sink and a second full-length one directly opposite the toilet. She remembered the consent agreement she had signed and realized there could be cameras hidden behind the mirrors. Reality began to sink in. She had relinquished her privacy when she walked through the front door. If they wanted to watch her, she had no choice, even when it came to her most private moments.

The thought of running for the door flashed through her mind as she considered how much damage pictures of her in her lingerie could do, or what additional claims FFI would make beyond the $5000 she would owe them. Then she remembered the words of the original challenge: “Live Your Fantasy - If You Dare.”

Victoria looked at the reflection of her face in the mirror above the sink. “I Dare” she told herself as she reached behind her back and unlatched her bra. She let its cups slide from her breasts, exposing them to the mirror and whatever was behind it. She examined the woman staring back at her. She was a pretty woman with soft curves and small, firm boobs who had nothing to be ashamed of.

She moved in front of the full-length mirror and boldly slid her panties down over her hips and let them fall to the floor. She watched as the woman in the mirror sat down on the toilet, parted her legs slightly, and peed into the bowl. Then she removed the enema bottle from the box, slid its lubricated tip into her anus, emptied its fluid into her rectum, and expelled it back into the toilet.

She was totally committed now and with that realization she began to relax and enjoy living her fantasy. Victoria wiped and flushed, then turned her attention to the inviting bubble bath waiting in the tub beside her. She dipped her finger into the water and found it wonderfully warm. She climbed into the tub and ensconced herself in the foamy bubbles, taking refuge, if only for a moment, from any unseen prying eyes.

Victoria soaked in the tub, feeling as if she was experiencing the calm before a storm. The warm water and soft bubbles relaxed her further as she reflected on the night ahead of her. In the luxury of the bath she felt as if she was a queen, yet she knew before the night was over she would be a slave to the whim of an unknown stranger.

The water began to cool and Victoria reluctantly washed her body and hair, then stood and took a fluffy white towel from a stand next to the tub and wrapped her hair in it. As she reached for a second towel to dry her body she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror, standing naked in the tub with clusters of bubbles clinging to her breasts and pussy.

She stepped from the tub and dried her body, feeling especially self-conscious as she wiped the wetness from her tits and rubbed the towel against the sensitive lips and trimmed patch of curly hair between her legs. She wrapped the towel around her and returned to the bedroom.

Victoria's clothes and the backpack she had brought containing a change of clothing, cosmetics, and toiletries had disappeared from where she had left them on the bed. In their place was a black babydoll top with a sheer bodice and matching g-string panties. A chill shivered down her spine as she realized these were the only clothes she now had and the temperature was falling rapidly outside in the New Hampshire evening.

Next to the lingerie were another note and a sealed envelope. Victoria picked up the note and read it:

You will find your cosmetics in the sitting room. Dress and prepare yourself to meet your lover. Then open the envelope.

Victoria removed the towel and stepped into the panties, then put on the babydoll, her heart racing as the words she had just read reverberated in her head. Until this moment, she had been alone in her adventure. Now the time when her real-life fantasy lover would join her was fast approaching and there was no turning back.

Victoria moved into the sitting room and found her cosmetics on an antique vanity. She studied herself in the mirror as she styled her hair and nervously applied her makeup, then returned to the bedroom, opened the envelope, and read the note she found inside it:

In the top dresser drawer you will find two silk scarves, one white and one black. Put the white scarf on the bed, then sit down next to it and tie the black scarf over your eyes as a blindfold. He will join you shortly.

Victoria placed the white scarf on the canopy bed as she was instructed and climbed onto it, reclining against the pillows piled in front of the head rail. She tied the black scarf behind her head and the room disappeared into darkness. Then she waited.

Minutes passed like hours. Victoria trembled as she listened for her mysterious stranger’s arrival, unsure whether more from fear or anticipation. Finally, she heard footsteps on the stairs, followed by the sound of the bedroom door opening. She was no longer alone.

The footsteps crossed the room and approached the bed. Victoria struggled in vain to calm herself.

"My poor baby, look at you, you're shaking!"

The voice was male, strong, and calming. His hand brushed her cheek and her head instinctively turned towards it. His fingers slid back into her hair and cradled her head.

It had begun. This man she could not even see was free to take everything she had to give. She hoped he would leave. She wanted him to stay. She feared he would reject her. She prayed he would be gentle.

"You are even more beautiful in person than you were in your pictures. I must say you are very sexy in black."

Suddenly she felt his lips against hers, kissing her softly. She returned his kiss, unsure of what to expect next. His lips retreated and he spoke again in a quiet but firm voice.

"We both know why we’re here. I promise I will take good care of you and you will not be disappointed. You are to do as I say. I will call you 'slut' and you will address me as 'Master'. Do you understand?"


She paused, searching for the place within her from whence the word would come.


Victoria was startled by the submissive tone of her own voice.

"Good. Then let's begin. Take off your top for me."

"Yes Master."

Victoria felt her hands fumble as she unfastened her top and slid it over her head, exposing her tits to the stranger who was now her lover, her master. She felt his eyes there, and acutely sensed her nipples protruding from her breasts, fully hardened in the cool air.

Deprived of her sight, Victoria's other senses searched for clues. The scent of his cologne intensified as he drew nearer to her. She felt the heat of his breath against her breast, then the wetness of his tongue as it flicked out and lashed the tip of her tit. Victoria gasped at the sudden stimulation.

The tongue was quickly followed by his lips as they encircled and sucked the sensitive nub perched on the apex of her breast. He sucked one nipple, then attacked the other, seizing it with his teeth and pulling it into his mouth. He lavished his attention on her breasts, occasionally withdrawing from them, leaving her anticipating where and how he would return.

Victoria instinctively reached to touch the face of her lover at her breast. As it approached where she expected his face to be, she found thin air. Then suddenly his hand seized her wrist.

"I did not give you permission to touch me, slut! That won't happen again!"

His words were sharp. His hand kept a firm grip on her wrist as he took her other hand and pulled her up into a seated position. Then he brought both her hands behind her back and she felt the white scarf intertwine with her wrists, tying them together.

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