tagGroup SexTwo Pounds of Flesh

Two Pounds of Flesh


I like to fuck. And when I'm horny, I expect to be satisfied. I'm a CEO of a major corporation and I don't have time for wining and dining. Most women nowadays would never agree to the pre-nup anyway.

The flight from Zurich had been long, but I was able to catch some sleep on the plane and was feeling pretty good. As the Gulfstream landed in New York, I was only thinking about one thing as I slipped into the cozy leather seat of my Mercedes. My driver, Charles, was good at many things. His ability to find me hot little bodies when I needed them was the real reason I paid him such a ridiculous salary. "What have you got for me, Charles?" I asked as soon as we were rolling.

"I was able to secure two items, sir. The boy is from Denmark, he's twenty-two years old, blonde, blue-eyed, with a muscular physique. The young lady is a Latina from Guatemala. She has long black hair and dark features. She came to New York a few years ago, wanting to be an actress, but is currently working at a diner in Queens. When I mentioned the figure we had agreed upon, she jumped at the chance."

"Perfect. Where are they now?"

"I was able to reserve your favorite suite at the Waldorf for the evening's entertainment."

"Excellent." I couldn't wait to see what little playtoys Charles had scrounged up for me this time.

The drive into the city wasn't too bad, for New York traffic. When we pulled up to the hotel I had Charles drop me off, and I went straight up to the room while he parked the car. It was my favorite suite for a reason. It was huge, plush, and decked out with a small theater of electronics - I like to keep up on the financial news wherever I am.

The two of them were sitting on the couch in the living area, watching some Reality TV shit on the flat screen. Charles had done well. The girl was surprisingly hot and the guy was a real stud. They would do. I learned that the boy's name was Mess, and the girl's was Margarette or Margarite, or some shit like that. That was as far as I got before I told them to take off their clothes. I had them change into bath robes while I took a quick shower. When I entered the enormous bathroom, I quickly got naked and plunged into the hot stream. I could feel myself getting stiff just thinking about what I was going to do with these new ones.

The shower did wonders for me after the long flight and the thick bath robe from the Waldorf felt good on my skin. I opened the bedroom door and told them I was ready.

I sat on the bed and they came over and stood in front of me. I asked the girl to open her robe so I could get a better look at the goods. It was a helluva sight, to say the least. She had coffee-brown skin with dark hair and eyes. She looked like one of those chicks you always see on the Spanish language channel. Her tits were full and round and she had shaved her pussy hair in the shape of a heart, which I thought was a nice touch. I couldn't wait to stick my cock in her.

Then the Scandinavian kid showed me his stuff. He had typical fair Danish features, and was very muscular. When he opened his robe, I let out a quick gasp. What a cock he had on him! It was large and thick, with a huge mushroom shaped head. It was the nicest cock I had ever seen.

That pretty much decided it for me. I stood up, grabbed him by the arm and pushed him down on the bed. I quickly dropped to my knees and grabbed that big cock and started stroking it. It wasn't long before he was hard and I began licking up and down on his rigid shaft. When I started sucking him, I got really turned on by the salty taste of his man meat. It was a real work of art, that cock. I was bobbing up and down on his rod, going deeper and deeper each stroke. I had almost made it down to his nut sack when suddenly I heard "Excuse me, sir. What do you want me to do?"

Of all the damned... I took my mouth off that nice cock and turned to the little brown-skinned dingbat and told her to take off her robe and sit on the bed. "I'll let you know when I'm ready for you." Then I got back to business. I put only the head of his cock in my mouth and swished my tongue back and forth over the tip. From his moaning I could tell this was getting to him. I increased my suction and took him all the way down my throat until my nose was in his pubes. A couple of strokes like that and I got what I wanted. He shuddered all over and I felt my mouth fill with warm jizz. I waited until he was done and then stood up and walked over to a table next to the bed. Charles had laid out some towels for me, along with a pitcher of water and some other useful items. I grabbed a towel and spit his jizz into it and wiped off my chin. I picked up another and threw it at him, telling him to wipe himself off. I barely noticed that the towel hit him in the side of the head, but that's not my problem.

By now I had a hardon that wouldn't quit. I needed a blowjob, and I needed it right now. I walked over to the girl with the name that started with M, grabbed the back of her head and pushed her mouth down onto my raging cock. Ohhh, holy crap, that sure felt good. She was a bit timid at first, but I found that grabbing the back of her head and pushing my pole down her throat seemed to do wonders for her confidence. The sound of her gagging was a real turn on, I have to admit.

I like my balls licked when I'm getting head, and I told her so. She had a really big tongue for such a petite girl, and she was able to cover almost my whole sack with one lick of her massive tongue. What sweet ecstasy that was. I'm going to have to tell Charles to find me another one like her. She began rolling that big tongue around my cock head, and that really got me moaning. When she started rapidly bobbing up and down on my shaft, I felt myself getting ready to explode, but I didn't want to cum yet and end the fun.

I pushed her head away then, and gave her a little shove that landed her on her back on the bed. I grabbed her ankles and spread her legs apart, revealing her dripping pussy. She had a really nice cunt, and I couldn't wait to have a taste of that brown sugar, but before I started, I told the boy to straddle her and feed her some of that sweet cock of his. Then I began. I started with just some light kisses on her pussy lips, and gradually introduced my tongue to slowly spread those lips apart. Working my tongue into her from the bottom of her labia up to her clit, I pushed in deeper and deeper until I had my whole tongue in her twat and began sucking the juices out of her.

Between the slurping sounds they were making as she sucked his dick, and the moaning sounds she was making as I flicked my tongue across the head of her clit, I was really getting turned on. I reached a hand up and felt the smooth skin of the boy's lower back, and began rubbing his back and butt cheeks. I slipped my thumb in the crack of his ass and massaged his asshole, which he obviously liked, because I could feel him push back. I reached lower and cupped his balls, and I could hear both of them beginning to groan loudly. She really was pretty good at sucking dick.

I could sense we were all getting close, so I figured it was time for the finale. I told them to quit what they were doing and had them lay on their sides on the bed. Walking over to the table, I picked up a tube of lubricant and handed it to the Scandinavian kid. "Lube up her ass," I told him, and he began smearing her butthole with the stuff. When he had her good and greased, I told him to shove his cock up her ass. This took a while, because as I've explained, the head of his cock was quite large. He had to do quite a bit of maneuvering before he was able to slip it inside her.

Then I sprang it on him. I picked the lube up off the bed and spread his ass cheeks. I worked a big glob of it all in and around his hole. He didn't seem too happy about it, because I guess he figured out what was coming. Not that I gave a shit. He was being paid a small fortune for an hour's work. What a big baby. Going over to the table, I picked up one of those rubber vibrating didoes I had picked up in a sex shop in Amsterdam. It was a good 7 inches long and had all the veins and what-not so that it looked like the real thing. I spread his cheeks and shoved the thing home. I probably should have been a little more careful about it, because the scream that he let loose could have woken the dead. And then the girl started screaming too, because he had his hand on her boobs when I rammed it in and he had nearly ripped her tits off. I couldn't be bothered with such trifles. I needed to hurry up before I lost my erection. When I hit the switch on the vibrator, the little yelp he gave out told me it was working.

At that point I hopped into bed with my playtoys. With that big dick up her ass, the girl was not moving around too much, so it was a piece of cake slipping my cock in. She was nice and juicy now, and it felt like coming home, being all up inside her at last. Since the boy had a vibrator up his bunghole, I could feel the vibrations coming through his cock and into her pussy. Wow, what a sensation! I was in another world as I began stroking in and out of that tight brown pussy, with the boy's big cock just on the other side. Her pussy was so tight I could feel the head of his dick through the pussy wall, so I started pumping real fast up against his cock head with my own raging rod.

What an intense feeling that was! At that point all of us started moaning and groaning and making quite a racket. The sensation got stronger and stronger the faster I pushed, until I felt a flood of juices on my balls and knew she had just cum hard. That was too much for me, and I got ready to let go. The boy started screaming; I started screaming; the girl joined in with a mighty wail of her own, and we all made one hell of a mess on that bed as jizz and pussy juiced exploded everywhere.

After a minute, we all collected ourselves. I yanked the dildo out of the boy's ass and tossed it into a corner. Looking down, I noticed my cock was just one big mess of cum and juices. I grabbed the boy's head and shoved my dick in his mouth. "Clean me up," I told him. When I'd had enough, I ordered them out of the room and told them to get dressed. I grabbed my cell and called Charles to tell him we were done.

"I trust everything was to your satisfaction, sir," he said. "Yeah, they were ok," I replied. "Now pay 'em and get rid of 'em."

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