Two Pregnant Moms - and Sis?


I thought my Katrina-mom was about to explode so quickly said, "No Van, this is my step mom...not my real mom. Katrina's only twenty-three."

"Ohhhh! But how old is your husband then maam?"

It actually got better after that. It was hard for anyone to dislike Vanessa; although she was somewhat dizzy (and knew it), she was so friendly and upbeat that it was impossible not to catch her happiness. After a great dinner and a bottle of wine, Vanessa and Kat (as she called her) were giggling like schoolgirls.

"We're going to grab a quick shower, get changed before we go," I told Katrina when we finally got up from the table at ten fifteen.

"Why don't you come with us Kat?" Vanessa asked.

"Yes, why don't you mommy? Do you have something you could lend mom Vanessa? Some clothes that would let mommy fit in with us youngsters?"

"Billlllly," Katrina hissed.

"He likes to tease, don't you sweetie?" Vanessa asked but then added, "Seriously Katrina, why don't you come? It'll be fun?"

Prodded by my clothing quip Katrina appeared twenty minutes later dressed for bear. She was braless under a semi see-through, crimson, silk top that seemed to have a life of its own as her high, pointed cones danced delightfully under it.

"Your mommy seems to have some clothes of her own Billy," Vanessa said as I stared.

The club was loud and crowded. We danced and talked and laughed and drank...just three young party kids out for a night on the town. I'd never seen Katrina so alive and was Van and I who finally had to drag her from the club.

"It's still early," she complained as I drove the two girls home. "I never used to leave clubs this early. C'mon, let's go to that after hours place."

"Vanessa and I are tired...we have to get to bed," I answered.

"Is Vanessa staying over?"

"Yes Kat, if that's okay with you," my sexy stripper answered, then turned to me and added, "And you better not be that tired Billy Koury."

"Why not?" the slightly high and befuddled Kat asked as we pulled into the driveway of Dad's house. Then simply said, "Ohhh," when she saw Van's hand move onto my thigh and groin.

"Night Kat," Vanessa said a minute later after the three of us had entered the house as she and I started to move towards my bedroom.

"It was fun...thanks Vanessa...thanks Billy," Katrina said.


"I think she'd have liked to join us," Vanessa said as I pushed my penis deep inside her.

"Join us where?" I groaned as Vanessa's heels locked behind my back.

"Right here baby," she laughed as she snaked one of her hands down between our bellies.


"She's too old for you...she's a stripper for God's sake...your daddy'll kill you," were some of my step moms first words when I appeared alone and disheveled in the kitchen around noon the next day.

"She liked you," I answered. "Maybe you can put in a good word for her with him."

"I'm sorry Billy, I shouldn't have said that...I had fun last night," she mumbled.

6 - Mom - June 3rd 2006

"You did what?"

"Vanessa and I, we took Katrina out clubbing with us," I told mom for a second time as we sat eating dinner on my first night back at her house. Then I continued to tell her the complete account of our evening.

"Vanessa's too old for shouldn't be dating a stripper," mom chastened when I'd finished. "I'm going to talk to your dad, and that woman should never have gone along with it...encouraged it. Why'd you take her anyway?"

"I have a plan," I whispered with an evil grin.

"What plan?"

And so I told her.

"Oh god, you shouldn't...Billy, it's so wrong," mom said when I'd finished but she hadn't been able to hide her excitement, her interest, her real desire as I'd poured out my plan. "He's your father."

I'd explained to mom that I was going to cuckold dad, that I was going to seduce his young bride. Mom tried to talk me out of it but I could see she was attracted to the idea of her own son messing up her ex's new marriage.

"And you know what mom, when I'm finished with Katrina, then I'm going to get to work on plan two."

"Plan two?" mom asked dubiously.

"You probably don't want to know," I answered.

"Tell me!" she ordered.

"Plan two is that I'm going to find a man for you," I announced proudly.

"I don't need," she started.

"Have you had a date since dad left?" I interrupted.



"Stop that!"

"Have you?"

Mom blushed as she shook her head. "I can't...I loved your much. I don't think I can do it."

"You need somebody young. Maybe one of my classmates," I said with a grin, trying to lighten the mood.

"Billy!" mom said in a shocked tone.

"They all think you're way hot," I teased.

"They do not," she said firmly but then asked, "Which ones?"

"Charlie, Sam, Kenny, Brian," I answered, ticking off their names on my fingers. "Darryl, Bobby, Craig," I added, naming all my buddies who were regular visitors in the Koury house.

"You're terrible," she accused, but with a smile.

"So do we have a deal? I teach dad a lesson and then we find a handsome man for you."

"I don't want you sleep with that hurt daddy," she insisted but it was obvious she found the idea riveting.

"I'll put my baby inside her," I promised my mom.

"But honey..."

7 - Katrina June 10th 2006

"Can I talk to you?" I asked Katrina one afternoon a week later after I'd got home from school.

"About what?"

" know privately," I lured, knowing that the chance to get a little more information about her stepson would prove irresistible.

"You mean like therapy?"

"Not officially...I just want to know, private stuff...not for anyone else's ears."

"I'd never tell...let's go into the den."

"Not even dad," I insisted, my eyes boring deeply into hers. "It's embarrassing."

"I'm a professional," she promised as she led me by the hand to a couch and bade me lie down. She pulled up a chair and sat next to me.

"It's about mom," I hesitantly started, "things that have happened...feelings...I'm scared. You can't repeat this, not even to dad...especially not him."

"Yes," she encouraged, her eyes now alight with curiosity.

"Is it normal...I mean, I your studies...have you ever you think..." I stammered.

"What Billy?" she asked softly.

"Sometimes...I have feelings...for mom," I finally gasped.

"Sexual?" she asked and then seeing my tentative nod went on, "Oh Billy, it's one hundred percent normal."

"It is?" I asked, trying to look surprised.

"When a teenage boy, especially one your age, loses his dad, whether through divorce or death, he immediately wants to replace his dad. He wants to protect his mom, support her, even love her. It shows up in case study after case study."

"But I want to..."

"You want sleep with her," she finished.

"Yes, how'd you know," I whispered.

"If you didn't you wouldn't be normal. But have you actually done anything? Or said anything to your mom?"

"No, no, but I think about it. A lot. I dream of her...of putting my..." I said blushing.

"Your penis?" she supplied.

"Un huh. I masturbate...thinking of mom. Even when I'm sleeping with one of my girlfriends, even Vanessa, sometimes I'm thinking about mom, what it would feel cock inside her...filling her. I'm going crazy."

"Does your mom know?"

"No, I don't think so anyway. But once in a while I look up and she's watching me...and sometimes I think maybe she's thinking of me that way...I don't know...its weird...I'm confused Katrina."

"Tell me about it," she encouraged in a gentle voice.

And I did. It was quite easy actually; I simply told her a lot of the things I'd really felt, or done, or dreamed of. "I've gone through her underwear...touched it...smelled it...touched myself with it... "I spied on her...when she was changing... "She has beautiful round breasts...bigger, fuller than yours... "I let her see me naked the cock... "When I hugged her I got a hard-on, she must have felt it...

Katrina was fascinated, continually interrupting my litany with questions that demanded more and more intimate information.

"We better stop now," she finally announced. "We can continue next week."

"Thanks've made me feel better already. I was going crazy," I said as I stood to go. "What should I do in the meantime?"

"Well, you seem to be okay...the other night," she started.

"What other night?"

"You know...when you were with Vanessa...I mean it sounded like you were still able to perform," she stammered.

"What do you mean? You didn't watch or something did you?"

"Certainly not! But I must say that Vanessa certainly makes her sexual satisfaction known quite vocally."

"I know...she's like you," I said raising my eyes.

"Are your daddy and I too loud?" Katrina asked blushing.

"Very educational mom," I said as Kat continued to redden.

"I've also got another idea," she said after seconds of silence. "I think we're going to have to find your mom a boyfriend. It's not good for her to be always alone. And then maybe you won't think you have her man."

"Thanks's nice to be able to talk about this with someone...I thought I was sick...a pervert or something."

"Not a chance," she said as she tousled my hair playfully.

I turned back towards her just before I reached the door. "Katrina?"

"Yes?" she asked, smiling as she looked up.

"There's something else. I don't know if this is normal too. It's weird, sometimes I dream of my other mom."

"Your other mom? Who... Ohhh," she said as a blush returned to her cheeks. Finally recovering she said, "Then maybe we'll have to discuss that too next week."

8 - Mom June 20th 2006

"You told Katrina you were attracted to me? Sexually?" Mom asked, almost choking on the forkful of food she'd just put into her mouth.

"Yup," I said proudly. "I've made it a big challenge for her. To help me overcome these feelings. We talked about all sorts of things...she asked all about my sex life. What I like. Who I've had sex with. She asked about you too."

"She did? What did you tell her?"

"She agreed with my plan B. She said it's very important for a divorced woman to get back in the saddle so to speak."

"You're terrible," she accused. "And what does she know about me? She'll just tell your father...about me."

"I don't think so ma," I said proudly, "I also told her I'm attracted to her. That I have dreams of both of you naked in my bed. It's all part of my plan."

"You and your plans. What'd she say to that anyway?"

"We're going to discuss that in our next session." I said. Mom was looking at me dubiously when I grabbed the package I'd brought to the dinner table with me and offered it to her.

"What is it?"

"Katrina thought it was a very good idea. That it's very important that you regain confidence, that you realize you're still a beautiful, sexy woman. That you wear sexy clothes... she chose it," I lied.

"Billy," she warned, then pulled the skimpy, white bikini from the bag.

"Some of my buddies, Charlie, Darryl, Kenny....I invited them over for a swim and barbeque...tomorrow. We thought, Katrina and I...that if you saw how the boys reacted...well, you know."

"Are you crazy? I won't wear it," mom insisted as she held the little bra up in the air in front of herself. "I don't need a bunch of horny teenagers ogling me to..."

"Ma, I know that! It's just that I have to have know, some stories for my next session with Katrina. C'mon, please."

"Definitely not."

Okay, okay," I said, pretending to agree.


"Hi," I said as I entered the kitchen the next morning around eleven wearing just a pair of white boxers while I dried my hair.

"You're finally up," she complained but then offered, "Bacon and eggs?"

"Please ma," I said as I sat.

"Where were you last night honey? Not out with that Vanessa girl again I hope?"

"She's a nice girl ma."

"She's a stripper."

"She's an expert on men. I thought she might be able to give me advice on how to attract Katrina, and maybe help me find a man for you."

"William!" she threatened.

"So, did you try it on after I left?" I countered.

"What?" she asked but her quickly reddening cheeks told me she knew I was referring to the bikini and also it told me that she had tried it on.

"C'mon, mom, admit it," I teased.

"Are the boys coming over this afternoon?" mom asked as I ate the breakfast she'd fixed me.

"No, I called them last night and told them it was off for today. That I had to help you do some stuff around the house."

"You didn't have to do that."

"Kenny said I was lucky, told me if you had any jobs for him he'd be happy to help you. Anytime."

"I never liked that boy...and don't you try to be smart," mom warned.

"Maybe just you and I can hang out by the pool this aft," I suggested.

"It is a nice day," mom conceded.

"And you could try your new suit...privately," I said with a leer.


I usually wore one of my pairs of Hawaiian shorts when I hung out around our pool but when mom came out an hour later she found me sitting on a chaisse lounge in my racing suit, a little red Speedo that just accentuated the bulge between my legs.

Mom, her hands full of magazines and sun block and towels, stood fidgeting before finally sitting down on the next chair.

"Did you wear it?"

"Don't you dare say anything," she warned as she spread her towel on the chair. Then slowly shook the robe off her shoulders.

"It fits...I think," I said, then whistled appreciatively as my eyes watched the thin triangles of cloth that barely covered her nipples, let alone her breasts. The bottom of the suit wasn't a thong, instead, it was one of those Brazilian boy short cuts that only highlighted the firm butt that peeked out from both sides. The thin material, so tight over her mound, did nothing to disguise her slit.

"You're beautiful mom."

"I'm an old divorcee," she complained back but I could see she was happy with the compliment.

"Maybe we should go to the beach'll have men chasing you in two minutes," I offered.

"This suit is for the backyard only, it''s immodest," she finally finished as her fingers tried to adjust the cloth over her left breast. "And your suit isn't much better," she said as her eyes trailed over my groin.

"You may have to trim a bit before you wear it in public," I conceded as I let my eyes drift downward to her suit bottom.


"Your hair...pubic hair," I corrected. "Its sorta spilling out," I added as I bent over and plucked one thick auburn hair from her groin.

"Ouch, stop that!" she ordered, "What's got into you?"

"Katrina will love it when I tell her about it," I said laughing. "Maybe I'll tell her you let me shave you...shave you completely bare. I'll give her this, as a souvenir," I said as I held up the curly hair.

"You're awful," she said but I could see she was wondering how the woman who replaced her would like my story.

"She'll be jealous of you," I interjected, having read her mind.

"She will?"

"Bloody right mom. She's the most competitive girl in the world. And when I show her the picture...she'll go ballistic."

"What picture?"

"That's why I wore this suit," I said, then slid a hand down across my stomach and slowly adjusted my penis through the thin cloth. Her eyes followed every movement of my fingers as I added, "A picture of you and I mom, our suits wet from a swim, standing arm in arm...she'll see your nipples...see how excited they are...she'll see the outline of my penis...see how it's straining to escape, hard..."

"That's disgusting." But I could see she was examining my idea. "Who'd take the picture?" she finally asked.

"The digital, it's got a timer," I answered as I reached under my shirt beside me and produced my Nikon. "C'mon, let's try it," I urged as I jumped up from the chair and held out my hand to her.


"She'll go crazy mom," I promised as I pulled her up and led her to the pool.

A minute later I led a dripping and smiling mom from the pool, and couldn't help but notice how the white bikini had become almost transparent. She looked up into my eyes in surprise when she saw my hand slip inside my suit and start to move. "What are you doing?"

"I want to be ready...for the picture, Katrina's got to see how excited I was,' I stammered as I stroked myself to hardness, then moved to the table, adjusted the shot, pushed the button and then ran back to mom's side and put my arm around her.

"You're your dad," she whispered as she stared at the red tent pole pushing my suit outward.

"Look at the," I instructed, and then just before the click I moved the hand I had around her waist up and onto her breast.

"Billy!" she screeched but I ignored her, instead went to the camera and pushed the timer again.

"This is really going to work," I promised mom when I rejoined her and put my arm back around her.


"No buts ma...just a few more," I insisted, this time moving my hand to her breast well before the camera clicked and moving the material aside and baring a straining, mahogany colored nipple. I felt a tremor pulse through her breast as the camera clicked.

9 - Katrina June 30th 2006

"Wanna go out?"

"It's already ten," Katrina answered, looking up from the television screen. "Where?"

"I don't know. Maybe the 'Maze'. Its usually pretty good Thursday nights," I answered nonchalantly.

"I don't think," she started before I interrupted her.

"We could talk about mom."

"I don't know," she delayed. I dropped a picture of mom and me into her lap

"Oh my gawd!" she gasped as she stared at mom's bared breast.

"It was sorta crazy this weekend," I said shyly.

"Well, maybe we can go for an hour or two," she said as she looked at her watch. "Just let me get changed." It was my third day back at dad's and Katrina and I so far hadn't had a chance to resume our previous conversation.

I gave my step mom a long, appreciative whistle when she rushed down the stairs five minutes later. She had done some serious clothes shopping since our last night out. Edgier. Younger. Sexier looking duds. She looked like a sexy club princess personified.

"Ya look good," I said appreciatively as I ran my eyes over the black, pleated micro mini skirt that rode high on her thighs; over the silver colored lace, spaghetti strapped, vee necked halter top that struggled to contain her breasts and which stopped about four inches above her skirt.

"It's okay?" she asked coyly.

"As if you didn't know," I said as I took her hand and then led her out the door to my waiting motorcycle.

"Let's take the BMW," she offered, clearly uneasy at the thought of riding on the back of my bike.

"Not tonight," I answered as I straddled the hog. "C'mon, get on."

I could feel her fear as we rode but also her excitement. She wrapped her arms tightly around me as we rode.


"What about your mom?" Kat yelled above the near ear shattering music.

We'd found a small booth in the back, away from the dance floor, but even there we couldn't escape the pounding beat of the music. Our cheeks were almost touching as we tried to talk over the sound.

"I think it might work," I yelled.

"What might work?"

"Your get mom interested in other find her a lover. But e have to hurry."

"Why? What happened?" she asked excitedly. I put another of the pictures on the table.

As we talked I could feel Kat's leg against mine, could feel one of her breasts as it pressed against my arm, inhaled the subtle perfume she wore, and all the while I continually moved my fingers over her arm, her cheek, her back, her hair, never letting her completely escape my touch.

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