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Two Sides to the Coin


My thanks to Nicky_Cucumber and Katt who were both gracious enough to not only edit my work but to make wonderful suggestions to help to breath even more life into it. Thank you to both of you and to all the editors who rarely get credit for the outstanding job they do. Giving of their times and talent to make the site and the stories that so many enjoy possible.


I walked into the fetish club "Illusions" that night, striding confidently through it as I normally did. I saw several submissives glance my way, some even growing so bold as to speak a greeting and I nodded in their direction. Tonight was to be different, to say the least. The project had come to a head, an auction which was to be held with various dominants and submissives being sold off for a night of pleasure to benefit a local charity. It was a noble cause and I had willing accepted although I was a bit apprehensive about being the "grand" prize.

I had a reputation of course, many who had served within the confines of this club having spread word of my talents and my unique tastes. Tonight one lucky recipient would be able to experience it for themselves. For me a large part of it was the prospect of helping others while on the other hand, the thought of someone fresh and new to play with if only for an evening was a intoxicating thought. Little did I know, how the evening was about to take a strange twist.

It was later that night that the auction started, a dominant and then a submissive up for grabs. The crowd in high spirits, the bidding adequate though not extraordinary. As my time drew near I happened to walk past a man sitting in the back of the bar. He wore a hood, a dark flowing garment which kept his face hidden though I felt his eyes on me. I walked past, turning slowly to try to make out his features but his head remained down, his face in shadows as I made my way to the stage.

As I strode across the stage I heard words being spoken. The crowd being told of my status as Domme, my appreciation for both men and women, my expertise with items dealing in matters of both pain and pleasure. I stood coolly, looking out at those in attendance, calmly surveying the crowd. I heard the opening offer of one hundred dollars and with that the bidding began. I was delighted to hear with each different voice the amount climb higher. Finally I heard, "I have $1,750 dollars, $1,750 dollars going once, going twice", but before the gavel could fall.

"I bid two thousand dollars."

I turned slowly having heard the confident bid but unable to see who had spoken until I saw the crowd part and the stranger stride forth. The hood was now pulled back from his face, his long auburn hair flowing over his shoulders, his blue eyes calmly looking up at me as I nodded. I heard the auctioneer call out, "I have $2,000 dollars, $2,000 dollars going once, going twice" only to once again hear his voice. This time saying, "And I will double my bid, $4,000 dollars to the Domme's charity of her choice if she will agree to serve me for one night."

I heard the gasp from the crowd as I stepped forward, my eyes turning dark as I spoke coldly saying, "Perhaps you weren't paying attention when the bidding began sir, I'm a Domme, I'm no mans submissive."

Instead of him shrinking from my words, he stepped up saying calmly, "No, I heard everything that was said. I offer you a chance to help the charity of your choosing but I guess your fragile ego will not allow you to explore that which you demand from the people who follow you like mindless puppets. My offer still stands, take it or leave it."

I watched as he turned his back to me, walking away. Clenching my hands at my side, my face turning a crimson as I called out, "Very well, $4,000, payable now."

He stopped, turning toward me and walked to the table at the side of the stage. He pulled out a stack of $100 dollar bills already having counted on winning. He then turned speaking to the Master of ceremonies, not directly to me I noted. "Tell the submissive I will send someone to her home tomorrow evening to prepare her for me", and with that, he was gone.

I spent the next day with my anger simmering, remembering the night before and wondering how it had come to this. I had let my emotions, my embarrassment, my anger get the best of me. I was happy to know the charity was going to benefit though I was not sure how I would. No one really knew I had entertained thoughts of submission many times, wondering how it felt to be on the other end of the lash. Some sessions had passed with me literally doing to other what I had always wanted done to myself. However, I was certainly not about to let that man know about my secret fantasies of submission. Once again little did I know, he already knew.

That evening I heard a knock at the door and when I opened it there stood a young woman. She was dressed as a maid and stepped through the doorway, handing me an envelope. She stood silent, her eyes cast downward as I opened it and began to read. "Dearest submissive, the woman before you is Gabrielle, she is to prepare you for me. She has been instructed what I require so do not question her, she like you is a submissive but she obeys me as you will beginning right now."

I looked up at her, noticing she had two bags in her hands as I said calmly, "I understand I'm to obey you. Is that correct?"

Her voice was so soft I had to strain to listen as she replied fumbling with her words, "Yes...Ma'am, I mean, Yes...Miss." I had to struggle not to laugh at her, the poor thing so submissive that she didn't know what to do so I saved her.

"It's alright Gabrielle, I will do as you ask, now what comes first?"

"Your, your bath", she whispered and I nodded, turning walking toward the bathroom as she followed me. I decided to just let her do what she did best, as she was obviously so used to attending to others.

I had never had a maid before and it was intriguing to watch as she prepared the bath, laying out the items she required before turning and undressing me. I watched her closely as she took out the various soaps, lotions, razor and items as I relaxed in the hot water. She turned and to my surprise with cream in one hand and a razor in the other told me how Master desires his submissives to be clean shaven. Before I could complain, she began.

She was quite efficient, and within minutes I was shorn, my face now flushed a crimson red as was the flesh between my legs. She took a lotion, soothing it with her fingers as I couldn't help but softly moan as she applied it. I saw the slight smile on her lips as she did so, her fingers trailing a bit, lingering over the flesh. My body couldn't stop itself, it responded in kind as I felt my hips rise trying to meet her fingers. I looked at her, seeing the look of lust in her blue eyes as mine shut and with a loud moan, I felt my desire spill forth. The feeling so delicious.

By the time I regained my composure she was washing me, the sponge over my skin, my nipples now hardened to points. The texture of the fabric when dragged over the tender, sensitive flesh bringing forth another moan as she went about her task. She kept me constantly on edge, my mind almost wishing she would take me again but I could tell she had been told precisely what she was to do. By the time she was done, my legs trembled a bit as I stepped from the tub, a warm towel awaiting.

As I dried off, I watched as she unpacked the bags, my eyes opening wide as she finally turned and she smiled. "Master said since this was your first time in submission that you should be dressed appropriately." I looked down upon all the white lace and finery feeling my face grow flushed yet again. His plan to take me further and further down the path of his choosing coming to fruition with each passing moment.

By the time she was finished with me it was only seconds later that the doorbell sounded. The maid opened the door, on the street there was a vehicle waiting, the door open as I stepped out in what could only be described as the traditional little black dress, while underneath it was anything but traditional.

"Enjoy your evening Ma'am", said Gabrielle. I gave the poor girl a smile, stepping out as the driver nodded and I slid in.

Only then did I see the gentleman waiting as I sat down before thinking I should at least put forth an effort and so I said, "Good evening Sir."

What I heard was not what I expected as a voice calmly said, "A submissive is to be seen not heard. You speak only when spoken to and your answer should always be confined to a simple, Yes Master or No Master. Failure to do so will bring about correction which is known now to you as punishment. I will give you this one and only transgression since you are new to this."

Once again I was helpless to keep the blush from quickly rising, my face turning red as I listened to his reprimand. Little did I realize I reacted in another way, my eyes quickly cast downward, the traditional submissive pose one which was not lost on my owner. Indeed, much of this was new to me but what I didn't realize was that nothing about me was new to him. He had followed me in his own way for almost a year, having seen me in the club, spoken to many of those who had served me. His desire to have me had brought both of us to this crossroads and I had no idea how far he was willing to push my limits to insure the outcome would be in his favor.

By the time the vehicle stopped we were at a well-known restaurant and as the door was opened for me, he appeared. He gave his arm for me to take and I did so, keeping my eyes lowered as he walked me into the room, like some trophy for others to admire.

What confused me though was how he pulled my chair out for me, pushing it in, a touch of a gentleman against the touch of a dominant. A contradiction in terms of reality but at the moment, I was a bit lost, on quite unfamiliar ground and it continued as the waiter appeared. To my astonishment, I listened as I was treated as if I weren't even there, hearing as he ordered for me, once again oblivious to the fact that he ordered everything as I would have, having done his research in advance.

As we sat there, I held my hands in my lap, my eyes cast downward. He took a sip of his own wine before speaking calmly. "Tonight you will serve me as my submissive. Once dinner is completed I have made arrangements for a private room at the club. It has been prepared in advance with the items I require. I will leave no permanent marks on you but I will push your limits. This will be your one and only chance to tell me what those are but when you speak to me I would suggest you remember your proper place for any insolence or disrespect will cost you dearly. Now, speak girl."

As he listened closely and I softly spoke of the traditional taboos, he waited until after I had finished and the waiter to appear with our salads to speak. "Very well then I can fuck you in the ass, I can use your mouth for my pleasure, I can share you with anyone I deem worthy. I can cane, flog, whip you until you scream with a mixture of pain and pleasure. I can use your body until you scream for me to fuck you harder and faster, needing to be used like the submissive slut you are. Is that correct girl?"

My face again quickly grew crimson in color as I was at a loss for words, hearing him say such things as the waiter stood there but it wasn't over yet. "I asked you a question submissive. It requires an answer. Your failure to do so will already cost you a transgression. When I ask you a question, you will answer quickly, without hesitation, without pause. I warned you that I will not tolerate this sort of behavior yet you continue to test my patience. Very well, you were warned. Now you will find there are consequences to such actions." With that he nodded to the waiter who put down our plates, his eyes on me and I was helpless to sit there and just shiver.

Dinner was filled with silence, my food barely touched as he seemed to enjoy his immensely, unaware that in reality what he was enjoying was watching as I continued to embrace the submissive feelings which even now were threatening to overwhelm me. By the time he stood, walking over to pull the chair out for me, my legs almost buckled. I grasped the arm he offered me tightly as we left, the car waiting, the drive to the club feeling like the final steps of a condemned prisoner. As we entered the doorway to my surprise he dropped my arm and I was forced to enter, walking behind him, the proper place of a submissive and to all, I looked the part, completely.

It was a calculated move, one which I really hadn't given thought to when he stopped, reaching his hand out. Only then did I realize the girl named Gabrielle was standing waiting and she gave him what he required. He turned walking around behind me, putting a collar around my neck, in view of everyone there. Once again I heard the mutterings, the murmurs as I stood with my head bowed, the click of the lock being put in place. The leash being taken in hand as he handed it to the maid before saying loudly for everyone to hear. "Take the girl down to the room, I will join her shortly."

He had used this moment to parade me in front of everyone. It was bad enough I was collared and leashed but the woman who held the end of it was a submissive. In the past I would have felt such anger but instead it was nothing but humiliation. It was a tactic I had used on many a submissive as I felt the tug on the leash and with my head bowed, I followed the maid like an disobedient child.

When we entered the room, there was no light, the darkness almost complete as I was pulled over to a spot on the floor. Her hands worked at the dress as she quickly pulled it over my head before saying softly, " You are to present yourself to the Master, girl." Without even thinking I knelt, my knees slightly apart, my hands on the top of my thighs, my back arched and my eyes cast downward as I heard the door close and she left.

Once again if I had been thinking clearly I would have realized that many of the ploys he was utilizing were the same I had forced many of my own submissives to endure. Kneeling there, in the darkness, waiting as the seconds turned in to minutes, time seeming to stretch forever as my eyes could see nothing. Having no idea what was about to happen, my mind began running through wild possibilities until I heard the key in the lock and the door opened.

Where before I had shivered, now I began to tremble. I heard the lock again being put in place, escape no longer an option as his boots calmly stepped forth. To my surprise instead of moving to where I knelt, he began to walk toward one of the walls and with a single strike, I gasped as the match came to life and the first candle was lit. From there he moved to the next one until he finally finished, the room now cast in flickering shadows and as I cast a quick furtive glance, I saw a fully furnished dungeon.

I couldn't help it, the soft moan which escaped my lips, seeing all the images of the many items which could be utilized to inflict both pain and pleasure, I felt the presence him standing over me, lording over me as he reached down. He took my hair in his hand, pulling it sharply, forcing my eyes to look up, those same eyes opening wide as I saw him dressed in black. Only his eyes shone darkly looking down at me as he just looked, didn't speak and with each passing second the moan turned into a whimper. Finally he relinquished the hold he had and my head again quickly fell down.

As I knelt there he moved to do the same beside me, taking his black gloved hand, reaching down between my legs. To my shame, he drug the glove between my lips and then lifted the hand. Holding it before my eyes he showed me my own desire, dripping from the fingers of the leather garment. "Open your mouth, girl", and as I obeyed he pushed the fingers in. I did what I knew he required, cleaning the garment as he spoke softly in my ear, "You say you're a dominant woman but your body betrays you. You're a submissive in hiding, but now, your secret is out."

I moaned at the sound of the words as he stood up, taking my hair in his hand, pulling me to my feet. I tottered on my heels, my eyes again forced to look up as they opened wide. The sight of the knife before me, a taboo in my list of limits, bringing forth a frightened whimper, my heart racing, my mind panicking. I was unaware he had a different use for it than where my fears had taken me. "I would suggest you not move girl, it would be a shame for this to slip."

Once again I could only whimper as I felt the blade slide between the white lace bra and my flesh and with a single flick, the fabric was cut. The other shoulder followed as the garment fell to my feet as he moved it slowly down my side until it found the lace of the panties and within a few moments, they both were pooled at my feet.

He had dressed me like a virgin, the purity of the lace in contrast with the sins of my skin. Now I was left to stand there in only my garter belt, stockings and heels. He walked around me, his eyes taking in the sight before him, as I stood with my mind once again reeling. I felt his hands on my ankles and I closed my eyes, feeling the shackles being put in place. The spreader bar forced my feet apart, once again teetering on the heels. He walked in front of me, pulling down a chain from the ceiling, another set of shackles which were quickly put on my wrists. He reached over, pulling the chain and my hands were lifted above my head until I gasped, finding myself stretched to my limits.

As I whimpered, my eyes began to frantically look around the room as his hand quickly found my neck. He squeezed as my eyes grew even wilder and he said calmly, "Focus girl. I told you there were consequences to your actions, now, I will show you how you will pay with your cries and with your screams." With that I began to pull frantically at my bonds but he paid little notice. He walked over and took down a flogger from the wall before returning to stand behind me. My head swiveled, knowing what was about to happen but still, unprepared.

He was a man of his word. Although the flogger with metal tips on the end did not draw blood, the first lash gave me a feeling like none I had ever experienced before. I had only ever been on the other end of the weapon and the blow brought forth a blood curdling sound none the less. He used the instrument to play my body like a pianist might a piano, my cries like musical notes. Finally I hung there, my mind having surrendered control to my body. Even during such madness it had betrayed me, my pleasure trickling down my legs, dripping onto the floor.

As if my humiliation wasn't enough he calmly walked from behind me, taking the end of the flogger and plunged it into my dripping pussy. I gasped, my eyes looking into his as he spoke calmly. "Admit it, you need this, like you need the air to breath. You're a submissive, you need to be granted pain, to serve at the feet of a dominant man, to be granted your release by the control of another. Admit it girl." He masturbated me with the handle, pushing it in and out quickly, my moans growing louder. My head snapped back, as my orgasm overwhelmed me, flooding the black leather, coating it with my desire.

I felt the hot salty sting of tears fall down my face, the words he required not coming. I wasn't even sure if words were possible. He calmly walked over, taking a small table and rolling it over before me. I was completely at a loss, unaware of how the past 24 hours had left me reeling with my emotions. Running the gamut from anger to shame, from total control to a lack of any. More importantly, from pain to pleasure and he was not about to give me a moment to gather my wits. I cried out as the room was once again plunged into darkness as the silk blindfold was pulled over my eyes. I found myself wildly struggling against my bonds as the loss of my sight sent me into sheer panic.

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