tagBDSMTwo Slaves Please Master

Two Slaves Please Master


He came into the house quietly; he wanted to watch his slave without her being aware. Before he left that morning he had instructed her that she should remain naked except for her collar all day. She could use the garden but must not dress.

She is in the garden sunbathing naked by the pool. Master stands in the shadow of the house watching. She stretches; he can see her tits rise as she breaths. She gets up and walks to the edge of the pool. Her body is lithe and athletic. She composes herself and dives into the cool blue water. She swims several lengths then walks up the steps. The water is running off her delicious curves. She looks so sexy.

Her master's cock is already hard and he can feel his excitement rise as he watches her lie down on his lounger. He picks his favourite toys up off the coffee table and goes to join his slave by the pool. As soon as she sees him she gets on her knees.

She kisses his feet as she had been taught to do and waited for his next command. Her master ordered her to stand so that he could inspect his property; he checks her closely to make sure that her sun tan is even and her skin smooth. He then orders her to lie down on the sun lounger face down. She moves quickly she does not want to displease him. He massages the sun lotion into her back. She knows she must lie quite still and not make a sound until he gives her permission. He works his way down her smooth back to the base of her spine. He pushes her legs apart roughly and massages the cream into her smooth round buttocks, stretching her and enjoying the sight of her tight ass as he ensures that she is covered in cream. He works his way down her legs paying particular attention to the backs of her knees and ankles knowing well how much it excites her. She is breathing hard stifling her moans of pleasure.

He can see her excitement rise and this in turn gives him pleasure. He wants her to be so hot for him that she will do anything he asks without question. He tells her to turn over. He takes the rope from his toy kit and ties her arms above her head and her ankles spread eagled out on his special lounger. He stands back and admires his handiwork.

She looks so ready and ripe for him. He takes more cream and starting at her feet he massages her slowly up her thighs until he gets to her pussy, her eyes plead with him to touch her to lick her to show how pleased he is with her. He lightly touches her clit and she jolts as if he has given her an electric shock. He gives her pussy a sharp slap to remind her that she must not move or make a sound. As punishment he leaves her and takes a swim naked as she watches him with hungry desperate eyes. The time is almost right he leaves the water and walks back to the house.

He gathers a few more items from the bathroom just as the door bell rings. He goes naked to the door knowing who it will be. She does not look surprised at his welcome. She comes in and drops to her knees and takes his hard cock into her mouth and sucks him running her tongue up and down his shaft. He orders her to stand; he is pleased with his new slave.

He tells his new slave to strip, he watches as she slips off her top revealing her neat pert breasts already excited and ready for him. She removes her skirt and panties for reveal her gorgeous pussy. He tells his new slave to walk to the pool; he enjoys the sway of her hips as she walks. At the pool his first slave looks on with delight and surprise at the new slave. The woman walking towards her is beautiful. The first slave hopes that her master will allow her to touch the new slave. Master orders the new slave to kneel between the first slave's legs. Her first task he tells her is to shave his first slave. He wants her smooth and soft.

The new slave takes the shaving foam and very gently rubs it into the girl's pussy. She squirms and struggles against the ropes holding her desperate for release as she is shaved so slowly and erotically. When she is finished master checks both his slaves they are now ready for him both clean shaven smooth and delicious. He orders his new slave to her knees and tells her to display her pussy for him.

He teases her clit and plunges his fingers into her. He takes them out and licks them enjoying her taste. Then he turns his attention to his tied slave. He teases her tits and licks her nipples; she struggles silently begging him to make her come. She is so close she can hardly hold back. He stops, leaving her shaking. He moves to her head and straddles her face so that she can lick his balls and anus at the same time as his second slave sucks and licks his cock. They have learned well and they kiss lick and suck him.

The feeling of having both his slaves sucking his balls and cock was almost more than he could bear. He removes himself from the ménage a trois. He commands his free slave to take his place and position herself over the other slaves face. He tells his slaves to entertain him as he wants to see them fucking each other.

He wants to see them cum together screaming their release for him to hear. He circles them watching from every angle touching and caressing them both, their breasts, their asses. He takes a dildo and gently inserts it into the tied slaves gaping cunt. Tweaking her clit and fucking her as she drinks the other slaves cum. He then moves round and pushes his cock into the slave's mouth. Filling her and fucking her mouth hard.

He goes back and removes the dildo from his slave's cunt and replaces it with his cock. He warns them both not to cum until he gives permission. His cock is ready to burst his Pre cum oozing.

He tells his slaves to cum on his count. He feels his orgasm start to peak. He is buried in his slave as deep as possible and he can feel her cunt contract and hold his throbbing cock. He can see the slave on top grinding her pussy into the others face. He grips her tits and squeezes them hard as he shouts NOW - they all cum in one moment licking gulping and swallowing each others cum for all they were worth.

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