tagNonHumanTwo Souls

Two Souls


Cuddling in the grass beside the tall campfire, the sound of the nearby river soothing our souls, the moon and the stars gracing us with their light, only the occasional crackling of the burning wood interrupts our touches and our kisses as we lay naked in the warm glow. Your passion coats my knee as it is pressed firmly against the base of your torso, your breaths quickening as you hump me and your carnal need grows.

You groan with sadness when I finally remove my knee, laying beside you, my dripping length pressed against your thigh. As I slowly caress you between your breasts, directly over your heart, my eyes connect with yours, silently instructing you to be still, and seconds later, you are.

I close my eyes, still stroking you over your heart. My face contorts as I groan softly with a strong ache, and you know from previous experience what is about to happen.....

You look down my body to see six reddish tentacles slowly emerging from the sides of my ribs. Even as they emerge from my body, they pulse with sadistic need, their penis-like tips oozing a clear natural lubricant which is likely not of this planet. Yet you continue to hold me, caress me, calming me through the necessary pain of the tentacles emerging from my body, watching with fascination as they continue to lengthen, continue to pulse as they dance in the air above us.

When the tentacles reach their full obscene length, I roll to my back, pulling you along with me so that you lay atop me with my manhood trapped beneath your gentle weight. My arms wrap around you as the tentacles converge upon your backside, leaking upon you and gently stroking you while your lips seek mine...

You align your clitoris with my thick sex and begin to rock upon me, lifting your lips away from mine and burying your face in my neck. I allow you to use me again, to increase your arousal, to increase your pleasure, and as you begin to whimper and breathe harder into my neck, my arms tighten around you.

Gently, a tentacle presses against your tight rosebud, oozing its clear lubricant upon you. Your gasp is beautiful, and you instinctively stiffen for a few seconds before you finally begin to relax. Slowly, carefully, the tentacle prods, oozing to ease its way inside you, trying not to hurt you more than absolutely necessary. You hiss into my neck, clutching me tightly, trying to relax against the anal invasion, pressing your clit with more force upon my hardened length so that pleasure might counteract the pain...

Your soft cry is music to my ears as the bulbous tip of the tentacle at last is fully embedded inside you. Your breathing is faster than usual, your body trembling slightly. Yet you are wet, the pain and the friction upon your clitoris both conspiring to arouse you.

A second tentacle brushes along your womanhood, and you mew softly as I stroke your lengthy hair. I whisper a soft encouragement, then fall silent anew as the second tentacle slowly presses into you, filling you, causing a long needy groan to escape past your lips.

The other tentacles all ooze upon your back, slowly coating you in a clear thick fluid through which my hands glide easily as I caress you. I spread the fluid across your skin, my hands moving down your back, ultimately gripping your lower cheeks and helping you to move upon my strong erection.

Working together, a rhythm is established. You move upon me, your hardened nipples pressing into my chest, as the first two tentacles move inside you, each probing deeper and deeper, filling you, seeming to gradually expand to stretch you to capacity. The gentle breeze causes the fluid upon your back to warm upon your skin, adding another level of eroticism to this strange coupling. The sounds which escape your lips are unintelligible, but I need not be able to understand any words to recognize that your kinky sexual needs are being satisfied.

My hands reach for your wrists, then draw your forearms behind you, where a third tentacle slowly wraps around them, binding your forearms together. Two more tentacles wrap firmly around each of your ankles and snake up your lower legs, pulling gently to slowly stretch you and subtly increase your vulnerability to my kinky desires.

I spank you, hard and without warning, and your body stiffens instantly as you cry out softly into the night. My hands roam your fluid-slickened body again as the tentacles inside you continue to thrust, continue to gradually swell, continue to fill you and stretch your sacred passages. The tentacle in your rear passage slowly burrows deeper and deeper into your bowels with each careful thrust, making its way further inside you than you had ever dreamed possible.

I spank you again, hard, which causes your body to involuntarily bear down upon the tentacles inside you. I can feel it, and I groan softly at the sensation, at feeling you squeezing me, at feeling your body milking me. With both hands, I spank you repeatedly, playing your body to constantly achieve the same pleasurable result for us both as you continue to writhe upon me and groan and whimper softly.

When the spanking stops, my arms wrap firmly around you, yet the tentacles continue to restrain you and move within you. Still the sultry sounds escape past your lips. Still your body moves upon me.

...and the final tentacle slips around your neck.

It is simply a presence at first, a stark reminder of your vulnerability. You stiffen, even as your body continues to clench around the invading tentacles. Of your own accord, you stop breathing, clearly expecting your neck to be constricted, but it is not.

Not yet.

Only when I feel you ultimately exhale onto my neck once again does the sixth tentacle tighten, almost completely cutting off your flow of oxygen. Your lungs already empty of oxygen, your chest heaves futilely, your writhing turning quickly into true struggling as the tentacles inside you move with greater purpose.

"5... 4... 3... 2... 1..."

Only then goes the tentacle around your neck loosen, allowing you to breathe once again. My hands cradle your head briefly, stroking your hair, as your body returns to continuous writhing upon me.

Slowly, the tentacle around your neck retracts, then slithers between us, wrapping around your chest and your upper arms. With a secure grasp, it lifts you carefully until you are kneeling, forcing you to straddle my legs.

You look so wanton and obscene, your naked body on display for me, the tentacles impaling you and restraining you. The expression in your eyes is exquisite, at once a testament to your growing desire and your wish to submit to my kinky whims.

The sixth tentacle unwinds from your body, oozing upon you in the process. Slowly, it slithers back and forth across your shoulders, your chest, your stomach, coating you in the same thick clear fluid which gradually warms upon your flesh. You sway in response to the thrusts of the tentacles within you, the expression of your eyes indicating that you are lost in the bizarre pleasures...

I slowly rise, sitting before you as you straddle my legs. My hands glide over your coated torso, moving upward, pausing briefly to knead your hard-tipped breasts before gliding higher.

With my own hands, I choke you, trapping a large inhalation in your lungs and forcing you to release it slowly. Further thwarting your ability to exhale, the sixth tentacle moves to slide into your open mouth, exploring with the respect of a loving tongue and oozing its sugary fluid inside you. After a few moments, my hands remain on your neck but no longer compress your throat, allowing you to swallow the sweet copious fluid so you can again breathe normally.

The tentacle in your mouth begins to truly thrust somewhat insistently, and the other tentacles inside you move with greater need. I groan softly as I hug you tightly, your body continuing to bear down upon the tentacles within. You writhe with greater sensuality, the tentacles which restrain you preventing you from reaching for me and holding me. I pull you closer so that you can move directly against my hard erection, giving me even more pleasure as your body reacts to the plethora of stimuli.

Then, one by one, the tentacles release my seed in copious amounts. It begins with the tentacles surrounding your lower legs, and you can feel the surge rocketing through their inhuman lengths before splashing upon your feet, the moment of release ripping a powerful groan from my throat as I clutch you fiercely. Then the tentacle around your forearms succumbs to the same carnal need, with my seed launching upward into your hair and upon your back, my grasp upon you tightening even more.

The tentacle in your mouth suddenly lunges forward, raping your throat and stilling itself, spilling my essence straight into your stomach as you gag uncontrollably around the unexpected blockage. After several jets have been volleyed directly down your throat, the tentacle retracts, spewing its white-hot desire upon your face as you sputter over my shoulder.

At last, the other two tentacles inside you each make a final, swift lunge, the tentacle in your ass burrowing even deeper before both appendages erupt inside you, the blasts of my passion triggering your own release as you clamp fiercely upon the tentacles, renewing my groan as it joins with your impassioned voice.

At last, unable to succumb any longer, my manhood releases its spray of warm white seed, splattering your stomach and your mons as we tremble together in the night.

When at last our strange coupling has ended, I release you and fall to my back upon the dewy grass. Slowly, the tentacles retract from your body, allowing my seed to slowly seep from you and anoint the ground. The tentacles around your arms and your legs loosen and permit your renewed freedom, and you sag against me almost instantly, sated, mewing and whimpering from the strange onslaught you have just endured. I groan from pain as the tentacles retract into my body. Clutching you tightly to me, my grasp loosening as the pain subsides.

...and there we sleep, two souls slumbering in the night...

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