tagMatureTwo Strangers One Sailboat Equals Seduction Ch. 3

Two Strangers One Sailboat Equals Seduction Ch. 3


I worked my way down his back. I paid particular attention to his rounded ass cheeks, loving the feel of the hardness under the smooth skin. Then I used one hand for each leg, and worked down to the bottom of his feet and back. His thighs were tight, as a result of the running he did every day.

Kneeling next to his waist, I moved one leg up and left the other one straight down. Using a touch as light as a feather, I stroked his thighs, first the bent one and then the one stretched out straight. Crossing from one thigh to the other, I lightly traced the line of his crotch several times, waiting to see if he was going to stop me. I could sense only a slight trembling under my fingers. Becoming a bit bolder, I then stroked gently from beneath his balls, back to his rear entrance and back again.

Still nothing but that faint trembling and a slight break in his breathing. Okay......so far, so good. My next light feathering, I circled around and around the star of his ass, before going back down the crack to his balls. Stretching out a bit behind him, I bent down, so both my breasts were pressed against his lower back, the hard point of my nipples pressing into his skin. "Yes, yes", he murmured, "that feels SO good.........please don't stop".

With a quick motion, I used both hands and separated the cheeks of his ass, bent down and started circling the rim of his star, with my wet tongue. The weight of my body was holding him down, but I felt him jerk with surprise. Then, the sensations that were going through his body stopped him, and he groaned with pleasure. My tongue went back and forth, from his balls to his star, wetting him with the heat of my tongue and juices. I was getting more and more aroused but what I was doing. When I had him all wet, I let my tongue probe into his tight entrance. In and out......his body was jerking to my stroking. My nipples were rubbing hard against his back. I buried my face inbetween his ass cheeks as my hands gripped the sides of his thighs. I wanted bury myself in him. I felt the tight muscle inside him start to relax. I rolled the edges of my tongue up and pushed my mouth juices into him.

Now I wanted him in my mouth. I got up on my knees and turned him on his back. His cock was pointed straight up it was so hard. I fondled his balls with one hand and used the other to hold the base of his cock while my mouth went up and down on it. My tongue was wrapped around his shaft and I was sucking and pulling - I had worked myself up into a frenzy. My tits were wet from the juices I had put on his thighs. His knees were drawn up and he pressed them against me, holding me tight to him.

I was wild with the aroma of his sex, the hardness of his cock, and I could feel the swelling of the cord underneath. I knew he was just on the very edge of exploding. I was going up and down like a piston, deep strong stokes that put him to the very back of my mouth. I had to time this just right.........I felt the quiver of him, just before he started shooting his hot cum into my mouth. Quickly, I took my hand and with one finger, reached down and jammed it up past the now relaxed muscle.

His reaction was instantaneous. His feet dug into the bed and he lifted himself up, but he was impaled..........on my finger and in my mouth. He writhed and twisted to NO avail. His body was shaking with the intensity of his orgasm. He groaned from the very bottom of him. He was gasping for breath. I kept up the mutual rhythm, my finger and mouth working in unison with my hand squeezing his balls. I couldn't swallow all his cum - it was spurting so hard and so fast, I was almost choking on it.

His legs were quivering from the exertion, and he lowered and straightened them out. I could feel him start to slow down. With each spasm, I withdrew my finger until it was out and I just pressed tightly against his entrance until his spasms stopped. I held his cock in my mouth, wrapping my tongue around his shaft and gently licking the cum that was left.

I pulled up and lay beside him, my head on his shoulder. His chest was still heaving, as he strove to suck in air and calm his beating heart. We didn't need to talk. We just listened to the waves slapping against the hull, and lazily felt the motion of the boat as it rocked gently in the breeze.

We delayed leaving until the last possible moment. Neither of us wanted to break the incredible spell of that afternoon. Reluctantly we got dressed, put the boat in order, and went ashore. I knew we would spend many hours on the computer, exchanging our thoughts and reactions to everything that happened that day.

There's not too much chance that this day could be repeated. Time and distance are our enemies.

Now, you have MY version of what happened that day - the next part will be his words. When you have read both stories, you will know that it was an incredible day for not just one, but both of us.

To Be Continued...

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