tagGroup SexTwo Studs for Sexy Sara

Two Studs for Sexy Sara


There's something about being with Sara that unleashes the beast in me. It also unleashes the desire in me to go become more adventurous with sex. I mean, if it wasn't for her, I wouldn't have ever experienced so many different sexual delights.

So, when we had to travel out of town for a business trip, I knew that pretty much anything was going to go. Give our situation, we were both open to pretty much anything.

The second night of the conference, Sara and I went out to a pretty swank restaurant for dinner. We had already been enjoying each other on the company's dime in the hotel, and we figured we should celebrate our time together on the expense account.

Since the odds were pretty much zero that anyone would recognize us, we had pretty much no chance of being identified by accident. That's why Sara was dressed to the nines, with a black mini skirt, a push up bra and a blouse she unbuttoned a little bit farther than normal for me. Since we had a few libations with our meal and were feeling very relaxed, we started talking about our fantasies. After a while, Sara told me that she was always interested in trying group sex, and she often fantasized when we were together that there was another man in the room, watching and waiting for his turn to join in.

At that time, I leaned across the table, whispering in her ear to draw her attention to two 30-something business types at the bar. They had been admiring her for quite a while and had been doing a poor job hiding their interest. They must have been young professionals catching up with each other after work, still dressed in their business suits. Throughout our dinner, they had casually walked by our table a few times, casting more than a few glances at Sara's gorgeous breasts. I'm sure that these guys were very interested, and I knew for a fact that the two of them would be very interested in being with her.

"What do you think of them?" I asked Sara. She cast a glance over her shoulder to check them out. "I don't know," Sara said, looking back at me, "I think they both look hot, but I'd have a hard time deciding who I would like to be with."

"Why not both?" I asked. "I mean, tonight, all bets are off. Do whatever you like, and your secret is obviously safe with me. In fact, if you were interested, I'd be OK with you taking both of them back to your room." I could barely believe that these words were coming out of my mouth, but I was definitely aroused.

Sara's cheeks blushed. "No... I'm with you on this trip, Ken," Sara said as she smiled, looking down at her plate.

"Come on, we're both cheating as is. I think you might enjoy yourself... indulge your fantasies. When will you ever get a chance to do this again?" I raised my finger, "Under one condition, however. We have to pretend we are married and in an open relationship. Tell them that your husband gets off on watching his hot wife have her way with two young guys, and he has to be in the room to watch. That's the condition or the deal's off."

With those words, Sara unconsciously bit her lower lip. "OK..." she whispered. "It's a deal. But, you have to make sure I'm safe."

"If you need me to, I'll kick their asses," I said reassuringly. "I just want you to have a good time." And, I was looking forward to a good time of my own.

Standing up, she smoothed out her skirt and sauntered to the two fellows at the bar. I was so excited watching her ass move as she walked away from me in her heels. The black stockings she wore that night with the seam up the back were designed to get me turned on, and they were doing the trick.

She introduced herself, and these two guys looked like they had won the lottery. One of them stood up and offered his bar stool to her. After a few minutes of talking to the duo, one of them put his hand on her shoulder, caressing her lovely blonde locks. They were hooked. Sara turned to me and blew a kiss my way. The two guys turned and looked at me, both with smiles on their faces. Sara beckoned me to come to the bar to join her new friends.

Since I had already settled with the waitress, I gathered my belongings and joined this trio. "Hey, Ken," said Sara, "I'd like to introduce you to Alex and Eric." Alex stood just shy of six feet tall in a grey suit with his jacket off and tie knot loosened. He had a square jaw, dark hair, powerful shoulders and a five o'clock shadow. Eric was much taller - about six foot two - with a slim build and blond hair combed to the side, glued in place with product. His dark blue suit was impeccable with a button-down shirt and loosened tie as well. Both of these guys were nervous, but totally excited by Sara. Alex extended his hand to shake mine.

"Guys, Sara and I have a special relationship, and I'm very protective of her. I hope you are both OK with our conditions?" Again, I couldn't believe these words were coming out of my mouth, and I did my best to act cool, calm and collected. They both nodded in agreement, and I said, "Well, then, what are we waiting for? I'm looking forward to this."

I helped Sara to her feet, and we headed toward the elevator. Sara held both Alex and Eric's hands as I walked ahead, hitting the call button on the elevator. After what seemed an eternity, the elevator doors finally opened and we stepped into the car.

Once inside the elevator, Sara turned to Alex, put her hand behind his head and pulled his lips to hers. As they kissed passionately and deeply, Sara guided Eric's hand inside her blouse so he could caress her erect nipples. He kissed the back of her neck as he cupped her ample breast. My hands started to shake as I watched the three of them in this lover's embrace, breathing heavily in anticipation of what was to come. I always loved when Sara and I would kiss that way, and now, she was having her fantasy come true. These guys had no idea what they were about to experience.

I cleared my throat to get their attention as the elevator doors opened. The three of them did what they could to straighten themselves out, and we all stepped into the hallway. Hands shaking with nervousness, I barely managed to get the key card into the slot. I could hear Eric whispering something into Sara's ear as I fumbled at the door, and her giggle told me volumes about how excited she was. Finally, I managed to open the door and enter the room.

Walking to the comfortable lounge chair, I lay my suit jacket over its back, and turned on one of the dim mood-lighting lamps in the room to provide enough light to see by. I poured myself a scotch from the mini-bar, listening to the sounds of their passionate kissing filling my ears. The sound of frantic rustling of clothes being removed is unmistakable, and and I could hear Eric moaning gently as I turned around to walk back to have a seat to watch the action. I couldn't believe what I was seeing...

Sara's blouse and bra were already off, her large tits heaving with her heavy breathing and her erect nipples were glistening after being sucked by Eric. She stood in her heels, stockings and lacy black panties, the center of these two horny guys' attention.

Alex was already down to his boxers, his erect cock straining against the fabric and rubbing himself against her curvaceous ass. Sara's fingers were caressing him through the material, and he was becoming more excited by the second. Eric was in front of her, shedding his clothing as quickly as possible and worshiping her gorgeous tits. I sat, sipped my scotch and crossed my legs to hide my massive erection. I had no idea how long I was going to be able to watch this without needing to cum myself.

Eric pulled her panties off, revealing her perfectly shaved pussy. Sara ordered him to get on the bed, where he knelt on the mattress, his cock pulsing with his racing heartbeat. Sara knelt on the bed, raising her beautiful ass cheeks high in the air, exposing her swollen, wet pussy for Alex to see. Totally naked, I could see these two guys were well endowed and they must have spent a lot of time at the gym. Sara knew what was about to happen, and her eyes got big around looking at these two guys fully naked.

"Oh, please, fuck me from behind," she begged Alex. He approached her from behind, rubbing his hands over her hips and ass, and played the head of his cock between her swollen pussy lips before pushing into her quivering wetness. Sara let out a moan as he entered her, pushing back against him until he was fully inside her. While this is going on, she started licking the head of Eric's cock. He was so big, I wasn't sure that Sara would be able to take him all the way into her mouth. She let his hard cock slide down her tongue until she had his entire member fully in her mouth, with her nose in his pubes. I know how good this feels, and Eric must have been in heaven.

The two guys and Sara went at it for a long while like this, the sound of Alex's body slapping into Sara's ass, and the delicious sucking sounds that Sara was making as she took Eric's cock in her mouth. Alex's cock glistened with her wetness in the dim light, and Eric thrusted into her mouth while fondling her ample tits and hard nipples. This was Sara's fantasy, and she was enjoying every second of it.

It was about then that I heard Sara's ragged breathing turn to squeals of delight as her orgasm came closer and closer. Her hands grabbed fistfulls of the bedsheets and her body convulsed as she came. Wave after wave of pleasure broke over her body, and she had to take Eric's cock out of her mouth to scream, "Oh, my GOD! I'm cumming!" All the time, Alex was pounding his hard cock into her soft, wet pussy. I could only imagine the sensation he was experiencing as she squeezed his cock in time with her orgasm.

Sara told the boys that she needed too get onto her back after such a powerful orgasm. Both Eric and Alex helped her roll over, and they changed positions, with Eric parting her legs and entering her wet pussy. Alex pushed his throbbing, wet cock into Sara's face, rubbing the tip of it around her lips before Sara hungrily gobbled him back up. I could imagine her musky scent on his cock, and I know that turns Sara on when we fuck.

As I sipped my scotch, I rubbed my own throbbing cock through my pants, watching Eric's cock pound into Sara's glorious wet pussy. I closed my eyes to imagine how good he must be feeling as he pushed deep inside her, and how she squeezed him as he pulled back on each thrust. When she does that, it just drives me crazy, and I knew he wasn't going to last much longer...

It was just then when I hear Alex moan loudly. Sara pulled him from her mouth as jet after jet of his hot cum squirted all over her big tits and face, and into her blonde hair. She stroked him, ensuring that ever drop of his pearly cum dripped from the head of his swollen cock. As she traced the head of his cock around her hard nipple, he shuddered.

Seeing that was definitely too much for Eric. He pulled his hard cock from Sara's wet pussy and gripped it tightly as he shot his hot, sticky load of cum all over her stomach. He must have been waiting a long time to cum, because the jets of his spunk reached all the way to Sara's tits. Soaked in sweat, he sat back on his haunches, his breath coming raggedly. These two guys were spent.

Sara smiled, tasted some of Eric's cum from the tip of her fingers, and purred. "Oh, fuck, that was awesome. And, that was everything I hoped my fantasy would be." What Sara said next surprised me, but it was totally in character for her. "But, now, boys, it's time for you to get dressed and get the hell out of here. There's a real man sitting on that chair over there who needs some serious relief, and you boys will only cramp my style."

Alex and Eric slowly got up from the bed and gathered their clothes. "No, seriously," said Sara, starting to get annoyed. "You really need to move your asses, boys. Oh, and be sure to send up a bottle of champagne," Sara said, gathering her blonde hair into a pony tail as she went to the bathroom to clean up for me. "My man is looking kind of thirsty, and he has a big night ahead of him." She shut the door, and I heard the shower start.

Alex and Eric looked at me puzzled, holding their clothes in their hands. "Sorry guys," I told them. "What can I say? She's the boss. I'd best be gone by the time she gets out of the shower." Dressed just enough to not be arrested for indecent exposure, they ducked out of the room, shortly before Sara got out of the shower.

Sara was on fire that night, and she totally blew my mind. Oh, and the champagne was pretty tasty, too!

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