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Two Tales, One Wild Girl


Hi everybody. Thanks for the positive reception and encouraging words about my first submission ("Drenched"). It means a lot to me... and all the messages really turned me on. I hope it turns you on to know that, after seeing my story online, and getting good ratings and positive comments, I spent a quiet Thursday night at home doing, oh, an experiment of sorts. I got the idea to try to see how many times I could bring myself to orgasm in one night... just to see how long I could last and how many orgasms I could reach. So here's a mini story about that before the big one, I figured you guys would be interested since you played a factor in my inspiration for doing it.

Also, I want to remind you that my stories are 100% true. I'd rather live these stories than just make them up, believe me.

Around 8:30pm, after a light dinner and some good red wine, I changed into my pink, silky, short nightie. This is the one that loves to slip off my shoulder, clinging with its weight squarely on my nipple, revealing lots of 34C tit when I'm not careful. It's the one that I will occasionally wear when I walk outside to get the mail, or do laundry at my complex. God I love that... Anyway, no panties (what would have been the use?), but I did put on a pair of silver high heels, which I will occasionally wear to bed during sex. I laid out my array of sex toys, almost like I was going into battle. :)

I crawled into bed with my iPad, read a few stories here (oh, Travel Girl..., I'd totally take a trip with you), pulling my nighty away from my right tit, gently circling, squeezing and tugging on my nipple. I felt my pussy start dripping juices, it was just flowing out of me. I reached down and played with my pussy lips and clit just a bit, dipping my middle finger between my now splayed-open lips to test my wetness... which made holding my iPad a messy proposition. I tasted myself; I was quite sweet and lightly musky. So I put the iPad away and grabbed my first toy - a smooth, purple rubber dildo that's about 6" long. It's my default choice for everyday fooling around. Knowing that if I drew it out too long I'd come only a few times and go to sleep, I decided to really start with some rough action to try and come quickly. Sure enough, within five minutes I came - an intense, but brief orgasm that had me seeing stars (I always see colors when I come).

Wanting to ride the momentum, I grabbed my tiny clit vibrator and doubled up, going fairly light on my clit but really aiming the dildo at my G-spot. I was so swollen inside that I could feel the lump of my G-spot by how it pushed back against the head of my dildo, it was almost like I had two clits. My tiny landing strip of pussy hair was flooded with juice. I found a rhythm, bucking my hips, swirling the tiny vibrator, ramming my G-spot, even squeezing my tits together with my arms. I felt it build, and build, and build until I had a rolling series of huge orgasms, five in total, that crested with a very strong gush of liquid. I have squirted before, but only rarely so it took me by surprise. My G-spot must really have needed attention! I pulled the dildo out of my swollen pussy, tossing it aside with a thump. My nightie was soaked about six inches up from the bottom hem, so I pulled it over my head and tossed it aside. I could feel the aftermath of the huge orgasmic waves in my thighs and calves. This really took a lot out of me, so I couldn't help but to nap a little. But I woke up in a few minutes, determined to go for more.

I could tell that I needed to push the limit of my pussy in order to reach those heights again. So, I grabbed my most embarrassing toy, a huge blue monstrosity that almost defies description. The shaft is 8" and extremely thick (bigger around than my wrist). This shaft has a vibrating, twisting motor inside, with two speeds. Attached to the shaft is a clitoral stimulator AND an anal stimulator, which vibrate with the shaft. It is horrible looking, more like a torture device than anything. I'll be honest, I don't use this one often, and never with a boyfriend. I used it once with a girl fuck-buddy, but only because I was sure she wasn't strong enough to hurt me with it. But it has no substitute if you really want to go for a session of insane, mind-blowing masturbation. This thing is so thick, I can barely get it in without pain, so I hopped up and grabbed some lube from my dresser. I squeezed a copious amount of lube over the head of it, and dabbed some on the stimulators. I even poured some directly on my pussy, feeling it drip cooly down my pussy toward my asshole.

Steeling myself, I aimed it at my still gaping pussy. It got about an inch in before I had to take a deep breath and really push. With almost a pop, I had it in me, and it felt fucking amazing just it being inside of me, filling me so completely. I held it there for a minute or so, squeezing it with my kegels, gently twisting it, feeling it nudge my red, swollen clit and drag along my asshole. Then I turned it on to LOW, and it felt like I was melting into my bed. I started pulling and pushing the monster in and out of me, building speed as I grew more comfortable with the length and size. I felt ready to split in half, my legs spread as far apart as they could go, my hips bucking up and down to the rhythm as the eruption began to build. There was so much wetness, from me and the lube, that I had enough to coat both of my tits with my free hand. I pulled my left nipple to the point of pain, pushed the monster as far in as it would go, the probes mashing my clit and actually going into my asshole, and flipped the switch to HIGH. It was like a rocket blasted off. I had one of the biggest orgasms of my life - I saw a series of waves of red, blue, silver, purple, and I squirted all over it and my hand. It felt like sex lasers were shooting out of my nipples. I let go of the vibrator and expelled it with my pussy muscles, with the most delicious squelch of wet sound. Juice was flowing out of me like I was a burst water balloon. Now I was extremely sore, but in a very satisfied way, so I curled up into a fetal and squeezed my tits. I estimate that I came six more times, bring my night's total to twelve. Next thing I remember, I woke up cold, wet and naked on top of the bed, which was in shambles and in need of serious laundry. :) Thank you, readers!

If any of you guys want to weigh in on this, my technique and number of orgasms, please do; I'm curious about what you think.

Anyway, back to my original topic. In thinking about what to post next, I debated whether to continue the thread of what happened after I met Conor and Nate at the trail, or head a different direction with a previous incident, just to give a bit of background to who I am and what I'm about. For those of you who haven't read that yet, it entails a time when my exhibitionist streak got me into a pretty embarrassing situation. Writing that story and thinking about possible directions to go next has led me to do a little self-analysis.

I love showing off in general, but really get off if a little danger of the unexpected is involved. I could go be a stripper if I wanted to, lots of girls I know my age did, or thought about it, when they were in college. But that wouldn't do it for me - I want the danger of being caught, of my exposure being out of context, my nakedness being unexpected. This means there's a healthy helping of embarrassment in my best stories. Here's one I think you'll like.

I live in a nice condo near Town Lake in Austin, close to downtown and everything else worth doing around here. There are a lot of fun people living here, mostly around my age or older, and a good share of hot guys and girls to flirt with. I have a few "favorites" that keep my imagination flowing, even a few I've had some pool party trysts with (more on that kind of thing another time).

There's one guy in particular named Warren that lives on the same floor as I do. I live near the top of the stairs, and he lives three doors past me. So, I get to see him walk by on his way to work or to run and such. We're friendly, but he's pretty quiet and introverted, despite rocking a KILLER bod, being 6' tall and being really set with his career. The total package, I think.

One Summer weekend day last year, I was sitting on my couch in my living room, which faces the window. My blinds were all the way open, with a wonderful view of the wooded common area and quiet street. It was too hot to do anything, like 105F. I was wearing an odd hip-length, buttery soft cotton shirt that buttons all the way down the front. It's strangely sexy, especially when strategically unbuttoned. :) I had on a sweet little pair of cotton panties that nobody would say were owned by a granny. Anyway, I was lazing on my couch watching Netflix, my shirt unbuttoned half way down, exposing my tits much like a very skimpy bikini would. I was enjoying the AC on my chest, my full, natural but perky boobs soaking in the cool air. My nipples were very erect and I could tell that I was going to enjoy my body today - maybe not like my story above, but still.

Just as I reached down to unbutton another button, Warren walked by on his way toward the stairs, dressed like he was going for a workout. He glanced in and totally saw my state of undress - 80% of my boobs exposed, a hint of nipple, and because of where my hand was reaching, my right arm was pushing my tits together, making a nice helping of cleavage as well. To top it off, the shirt had ridden up my ass and my panty-covered cheeks were aimed almost right at him. He paused a beat, our eyes locked, and his mouth dropped open. I quickly composed myself and sheepishly smiled, and waved a little "I'm sorry" wave. He grinned a little bit, shook his head once, and kept walking toward the stairs. I wasn't sorry, not at all. I hadn't exactly been waiting for anyone to walk by, but I hadn't edited my behavior despite my open blinds and close proximity to the window.

My heart was racing from the incident. The surprise of the moment was a huge turn on; I felt my panties flood with wetness and that familiar swelling feeling in my pussy lips, like I'm opening up, unfurling. I knew I wanted to come and NOW. I quickly unbuttoned my shirt and whipped off my panties. The shirt was completely open, hiding nothing but my shoulders, and my legs were spread open - one foot resting on an armrest, the other leg draped over the other cushions. I lost myself in the moment and started furiously fingering myself. I moved my fingers up and down over my pussy, manipulating my clit and feeling the heat and wetness of my pussy with my entire palm. I pulled my left nipple as I dipped two fingers into my hole, feeling the splash of my juices cool against my inner thighs. For a few minutes I worked my pussy over like a mad woman, feeling the orgasm build.

This is where it gets interesting. I can't explain what I did next, not sure I want to. All I know is that it's one of the most erotic moments of my short life.

As I said, my orgasm was building, and I knew it was going to be a big one. Even the possibility of a squirt. I added my left hand to the pussy action, squeezing my clit between finger and thumb, with my middle and ring fingers of my right hand ramming in and out of my pussy. I was getting ready to blast off, the point of no return, when I heard footsteps coming up the stairs outside. It was Warren! He must have forgotten something in his apartment! Oh my GOD! But I was too close to my orgasm to stop.

Warren stepped into view of my window, and in mid-stride he looked over at me. We locked eyes, and that sent me off into a stratosphere of orgasm the likes of which I'd never reached before. There was a particular nuance to it, like I was a goddess to be worshipped, like I had nothing to hide and immense power was erupting from me. Warren watched me come, watched my hips buck, my pussy lips splay open, my pink inner flesh, my now-swollen titties bouncing wildly up and down as I exploded. I did squirt a little, as I felt liquid rush from between my fingers. While Warren's eyes never left me, I kept looking up and down at myself, my tits and my pussy, as I bucked, but always returning to his gaze.

Finally, I stopped, spasms racking my legs and chest, my back arched and tits aimed outward toward my audience. Warren reached slowly toward his face, gave his cheek and mouth a once over as if he was emerging from a spell, dropped his hand and smiled. He mouthed "wow, just wow", and gave ME the "I'm sorry" wave, as I recovered from what just happened. And with that, he walked out of view toward his apartment.

My heart felt like it stopped in my chest. What did I just do?? I just had a squirting orgasm in front of my sweet, quiet-but-hunky neighbor. I leapt up and ran to the bathroom, slamming the door. I looked at myself in the mirror - I looked like sex personified. I was glistening with juices and my tits were huge with lust. My pussy dripped. My hair was wild. I had claw marks across my tummy and chest. My nipples were raw. I stared at myself, wondering who I was as I sucked my fingers clean. I had another tiny orgasm as I sucked, imagining Warren in my mouth.

I took a warm shower and relaxed. After drying off, I walked to the window in the nude, crazily hoping to see Warren again, but drew the blinds shut.

To be continued...

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