Two Thumbs Up


I came out of my office, frustrated as usual. Why was a women of talent and accomplishment subjected to such mindless drudgery as a 9to 5 job? I should be an accomplished author with hundreds of thousands of readers clamoring for my latest book. That was the Gypsy’s prediction. Millions would express their deep appreciation for my craft by making me a million selling author. How could life expect me to by an office worker with an alternate future such as that? It seemed that the cards dealt me did not make a fair hand.

As soon as I left the building, I began to smile. There stood the ray of sunshine called “husband”. He will tell you as quickly as I that I am a “hot wife”. I am shared freely with gentlemen who meet the standards of my very particular darling. Not that I don’t have all I need from this tall and beautiful man. He is handsome, well built and has a cock that would make any man jealous and any woman drool. But one of his many lurid pleasures is to watch another man drive deep into the wet pussy he knows so well.

“Let’s leave your car here and go get some dinner”, he said as he walked toward me. He took my hand and walked me to the passenger side of the conversion van he used for his work as a contractor and opened my door. “How was your day, dear?” My look of aggravation said it all. “But tonight will wash away all the frustration, my dear.” I glared back, completely convinced that nothing he could say or do would make up for what had gone on that day. But he smiled back that endearing little boy smile and I found myself forgiving the world for its many sins.

We drove to a local fast food place to get dinner and he let me vent. We sat and talked about work and life and how work sucks, but not in the good way. He always makes me feel better, so by the end of dinner I was my usual chipper, perky self. We walked arm in arm to the van and he let me in the passenger side. When he got into the driver seat, he looked over at me and smiled his sexiest smile and asked, “Now, where did you see that sign for the Adult Cinema?”

I had been driving by this place about every day on the way to lunch. I had told my husband about wanting to go, out of curiosity. The adult cinema had a large and brassy sign on the highway touting long hours and “couples are free”. I love porn and I had thought it would be a great way to break the day’s monotony. I had told him I was thinking of making it my new diet. Spending my lunch hour in the adult theatre rather than eating the greasy take out fare that populated the highway.

I directed him down the street and into a parking lot where an old movie theatre resided. It had been a nice cinema in its day. I knew this because I used to go there with an old boyfriend in my younger days. There were some really fond memories of being fondled in those theatre seats, behind the exit door curtains and even in the alleyway where we dared to do it standing up. Ah, to be young again!

We parked the car and wandered to the entrance of the theatre. He walked in first and went straight to the ticket counter. I lagged a step behind, doing my best imitation of a shy and demure housewife. The man behind the counter handed a ticket to him and pointed us to a door.

It was pitch black inside the theatre. I held his hand and walked close to him as my eyes adjusted to the lack of light. He reassured me by talking softly to me as we stumbled toward seats close to the screen. This was the preferred couple seating. We found two seats not too covered with semen and sat down to watch what we hoped would be some great fuck scenes. The actors were already naked and in the throes of fake passion. I leaned in closer to see if there was any sight of a cock on the screen. In these pretend sex scenes, there is rarely a penis to be seen. I felt cheated, even though we hadn’t paid admission.

The fake sex was boring me, when my dear husband noticed a man close by with his cock out, stroking himself in time to the fake undulation on the screen. My baby is a lover of cock, almost as much as I am. It is a huge turn-on for me to know when I blow him, he knows the feeling of sperm shooting into his mouth. We both leaned and peered, trying to see the action in the seats. The screen returned to the plot, and he stopped his stroking so we leaned back into our chairs and watched the boring parade of dialog that was supposed to be a story of drama unfolding on the big screen.

Hubby leaned over and asked if I wanted to go over and stroke the guy hard. I love that about him. He loves to watch me “interact” with other men. He put his hand in my lap and lightly touched my leg, wanting me to say yes. I declined, actually feeling a bit shy. I am artificially shy. I was taught that women didn’t act on their fantasies, so I am always a bit awkward going into this type of sexual activity. He knows this, so he didn’t let it drop. A few moments later, he asked me again to stroke the stranger across the aisle. I buried my face in his strong chest and pretended to be too fragile to undertake such a bold maneuver. He allowed my act, especially since my acting skills were much better than anything on the screen.

I placed my lips close to his ear to whisper a secret. I was still a little gun shy since I had been “flash-lighted” in this same theatre more than once. He smiled and gave me a reassuring pat on the arm, then reached over to pat my thigh. Our closeness and touching was attracting a lot of attention.

I looked to my right and saw a couple of gentleman staring at us. My darling wrapped his arm around my shoulder and began to tweak my nipple through my blouse. I smiled to myself, looking around the dark theatre. My eyes had adjusted enough to see that a crowd was forming around us. I suppose two people actually fondling each other was much more interesting than what was happening on the screen.

I spread my legs apart, my skirt sliding up my thighs, revealing my distaste for panty hose. I prefer thigh high stockings and usually leave off the panties. It is a delicious little secret that can keep me smiling on the worst of days. My baby responded by rubbing my inner thighs and rubbing his growing hard on. I was expecting the management to interrupt at any moment and stop the show in the seats. But then it dawned on me. Couples are free and these gentlemen had to pay $12.00. “You are the show, kiddo”. I think my hubby knew that all along and was actually banking on it. His favorite thing is to attract attention to our passion.

He was teasing my tit and had unbuttoned my blouse to give a better view of the demi-bra I was wearing. For those who are unfamiliar with French terminology, demi means half. The bra ended just about mid-way up the areola, exposing a half circle of the rosy brown flesh and the hardening nipples. I moved a bit to give the strangers in the dark a better view. I spread my legs and rubbed my upper thigh. The audience was growing, and soon we were surrounded by men who wanted to have a wife just like me. I smiled at them in turn, letting them know I could read their minds. Too bad all women aren’t as open as we “Hot Wives” are…I think more marriages would stay together. I decided I would torture them just a bit by making them watch him being pleasured.

I took my husband’s cock out of his blue jean shorts. It was long and hard and was peeking from the bottom of his shorts; so I couldn’t resist bringing it out to play. I stroked it gently a few times, and then plunged down on it, taking as much as I could in my mouth. I bobbed my head up and down in his lap, sucking and slurping loudly. I could hear the moans from the guys wishing they were him. I started to hum softly, licking and tasting his huge cock. I heard audible praise from the men who watched, words that urged me on or asked for some of the same on their swollen cocks. I acted oblivious to the crowd, but it was their enthusiasm that spurred me on.

I adjusted in my seat to get a better angle on my baby’s cock. I heard someone ask my husband “Do you mind?” I heard him say, “No, go right ahead.” A few seconds later, my wet pussy was filled with two fingers. The fingers of the stranger pumped into my pussy while the thumb bumped my clit. I began to moan and suck with vigor. I felt my husband’s hand holding my head in his lap and could feel the growing urgency. I knew he was ready to explode. He held my head in position, and began to push up with his hips, forcing more cock into my mouth and throat. His cum burst into my mouth like a fire hose. I swallowed what seemed like a gallon and still felt it dripping and oozing out of my mouth. His jeans were covered in the excess. The stranger with the friendly hands did not relinquish his position. I was in a near doggie-style position, being pumped hard and moaning loudly. I saw my husband vacate his seat and usher in a new candidate for a blowjob. I just knew this would bring down the ire of the establishment. Every man in the place was lined up for his turn. I told my husband the management might object. One of my admirers assured me that it was okay. It was the guy with his fingers in me. Not the best resource for information, I thought. Until I realized he was one of the men taking tickets. I relaxed then and the fun really began.

The movie had long been forgotten and the characters on the screen faked their moans and sighs for naught. I was the main attraction. One cock slide into my mouth as the man with the talented fingers slid his cock in my pussy. I glanced to the side and saw my husband take a position close to the action, so he could watch. I heard him murmur an obscenity, then something about forgetting the camera. He is so decadent. He loves to share, though. I was being pumped from both directions and, knowing he was a safe and close distance from me, I melted into the fucking and sucking.

I felt the cock in my pussy forcing in as deep as it could. It was not as big as my baby’s but it was nice and full. I worked at keeping a tight pussy. I do exercises that keep the muscles taught so that virtually any size lover feels at home. He was obviously enjoying the feeling of my wet cunt, because he was moaning and calling me “baby”. He fucked harder and harder until he was ready to shoot off. He pulled out just as he began to spurt hot semen, spreading cum all over my shirt and skirt. When he moved away to recover, another man took his place. I could feel hands on my tits, pinching and playing with my nipples. Guys standing too far from the fray to join beat their cocks fervently and called out encouraging words. There were voices calling for me to take it, take it deeper. Some called out for me to suck harder, or to stroke my own tits while I was being pumped from both ends.

I glanced around and saw my dear one on his knees to a guy. He was sucking with gusto, and the man he was pleasuring was stroking his long hair. I began to orgasm in earnest when I saw this beautiful sight. Not many men are willing to open their minds or their mouths to the great pleasure of administering a blowjob. Watching his mouth being filled the same way as mine was so erotic. I had seen him suck off my lovers before, but this was new dimension. A few brave souls lined up to get a blowjob from a guy. It was novel for most of them, but as my husband and I say “a mouth is a mouth”.

As man after man pumped my pussy, I grew a bit tired of the position. But in those seats, it was hard to acquire a new position. I glanced at my husband, who read my mind. The conversion van had a bed in the rear. He used it for jobs that took him away from home over night or to catch a quickie with his wife when she visited the job sight. He whispered into the ear of a guy close to him and they disappeared out the exit door I was familiar with as a teen.

I kept up the sucking and blew a couple more guys as the semen pooled on me and around me. At least 10 guys had taken their turn with my mouth or my pussy when my husband walked back in and took me by the hand. We made our exit together and some of the guys thought it was all over. We walked out into the night, followed by a few faithful believers who just knew I wouldn’t give out that soon. Their faith was rewarded when hubby threw open the back door of the van, revealing the queen sized bed that occupied the back half of the van. I crawled not too lady-like into the van and lay on my back.

One after another, the guys crawled in after me. Sometimes there was one guy, sometimes two. We fucked and sucked and shook the van for hours. Guys turned me over, slide their cocks in very different angles, fucked hard and fucked gently. One guy slid his cock in the semen dripping off my pussy, and then slid his cock in my ass. I love being fucked in the ass, and let out an audible moan. I caught sight of my baby, who was urging me on. “Take it sweetie, take the cock.” I felt this stranger pounding my ass and began to move with his fucking. Hubby reached over my head to rub my clit. I had another huge orgasm as he rubbed my wet cunt and clit. I reached up to kiss him. A long and passionate kiss for the man I love. These gentlemen were all great and I loved the fucking, but I wanted everyone to know he was mine. At the end of these antics, I would be going home with him.

There were more men who moved in and out of the van, some coming to observe, some coming to fuck the delightful housewife who loved cock so much. One man actually said it out loud. “If I had a woman like you, I’d still be married.” Couples who fuck together, stay together.

I lay there on the bed, enjoying all the cock, and the attention. I closed my eyes and felt the rush of orgasms washing over me. It seemed to be only a few minutes, but the gangbang lasted for over an hour.

When I opened my eyes again, there was a women standing in the doorway of the van. She smiled at me and I thought now I would have to share these wonderful men. She climbed up in the van and lay beside me. As ten or twelve men watched, she began to stroke my wet cunt and finger my over worked pussy. She leaned over to kiss me, tasting the cum of the men who had been enjoying me. She kissed her way down to my nipples, where she stopped to lick and suck.

I was quivering again, ready for another orgasm. She got up on her knees and unzipped her shorts. She was wearing a strap-on cock. She wedged herself between my legs, and slid the faux cock into my slippery pussy. I looked into her pretty face and she let her body down onto mine. We kissed as she pushed her fake penis into me. She rubbed her body against me, making me want more. I started to rub her tits. I unbuttoned her shirt and pulled her tits out of their bra. As our audience hooted and whistled their approval, I licked and sucked her beautiful tits while she fucked me. I found her clit hidden behind the strap-on and rubbed and pinched it. My fingers found their way up her wet cunt. I fucked her while she fucked me. We came together, loudly moaning. She lay there on top of me a little while. She felt so warm and soft, I hated it when she moved off.

The men watching seemed to be abounding in energy. When my goddess removed herself, two guys jumped in to take her place. It was midnight when I decided that even I had a breaking point. I signaled my husband that I was ready to go home. He helped me through the throng of admirers and helped me get my clothes in place. The adventurous woman came closer to kiss me goodbye. I made it clear to her that I was available to be a girlfriend/plaything for her. I have always wanted to explore my lesbian tendencies. She gave me her number as half dozen guys gave us their numbers.

We made lots of plans and some great acquaintances that night. I was happy and ready to nod off to sleep when my husband looked over at me and smiled. He was happy to be the guy going home with me, and I was happy to be with such a generous man.

The movie was lousy, but I still feel wet when I think about our night out with dinner and a movie.

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