tagGroup SexTwo Women and the Glory Holes Ch. 04

Two Women and the Glory Holes Ch. 04



Quick note: despite the title, there are no glory holes in this story. The first chapter of this series involved glory holes, yet the subsequent chapters do not. Sorry if you came here in search of glory holes.

This series is about two lifelong friends, as seen and told from the perspective of one of them (Jenny). If you have not read the previous chapters, I encourage you to do so. It will give you more appreciation and understanding of these women and their experiences. In short: Jenny helped Rachel break free of her shell (in chapter one) by taking her to a glory hole room in an attempt to get over her soon to be ex-husband, who was having an affair with another woman (Holly). Holly has now become a trusted friend (and lover) to these two women (you will have to read the previous chapters in order to fully understand what twists and circumstances brought them all together).

In the preceding chapter, Jenny, Rachel, and Holly were dining out when they ran into a sorority sister (of Jenny's and Rachel's). For those of you who have read the "Premium Massage" series of mine, you would have recognized her as Jessica.

This story is being released to coincide with the simultaneously released, "Premium Massage, Ch 4." These two stories are traveling on separate paths, leading to the same destination. I encourage you to read "Premium Massage, Ch 2, Ch 3, and Ch 4" in order to fully appreciate this series. Both of these series will conclude in the soon to be released: "Two Women and the Glory Holes, Ch 5." Count on plenty of erotic action and a twist.

Your feedback is always welcome, as are your votes. Thank you for reading.


Rachel, Holly and I quickly left the restaurant and headed for my car. As we drove back to Rachel's house, I commented "Geeze! I can't believe that Jessie is on a date with a guy so young!"

"Aw, c'mon Jenny, admit it...if a hot young guy like that asked you out, you would take him up on it in a heartbeat!" Rachel scoffed. "Did you see how firm his ass was?"

"No beer gut either," added Holly. "I'll bet that he could last a long time, cum like a volcano, and then be ready to get it up again in a matter of minutes!"

"HOLLY!!!" Rachel and I both shouted in feigned shock.

Holly shrugged. "Hey, face it girls...guys our age or older need a lot more recovery time than they did when they were in their twenties. I am sure that your friend knows that and is counting on reaping the rewards."

"Well then, it looks like Jessica has found herself a boy toy." Rachel mused while looking at me while I tried to concentrate on driving; attempting to erase the image of Jessica's full breasts and erect nipples, which she flashed at me while we sat at our table in the restaurant.

Rachel thought out loud, "I wonder if she would mind sharing him with her sorority sisters."

"Hey, what about ME?" Holly protested.

Rachel looked back at Holly and smiled. "We made you an honorary sister, remember?" She then looked back at me. "You suddenly seem quiet...and a little flushed!" Rachel slipped her hand through the slit in my skirt and placed it on my crotch.

"Hey! You want me to drive into a ditch?" I scolded.

Rachel did not move her hand. "Holly, you should feel how wet Jen's panties are! No wonder she was in such a hurry to get out of there. I take it you had a nice view of Jessie's chest when she leaned over to talk to you at the table."

"She did that on purpose...knowing it would drive me wild. She is probably giving her boy toy a show as we speak. Now, will you kindly remove your hand from between my legs!" I grumbled through her teeth.

Rachel ignored my request and began to trace my swelling lips through the silky material. I could feel my slippery slickness oozing and coating every inch of the fiber.

"NOOOOO...ya gotta stop Rach...uhhh." My breathing began to change as I gripped the steering wheel and forced myself to keep my eyes on the road ahead of me. "UHHHH!" I gasped and then gulped as one of Rachel's fingers slipped under the leg band and brushed against my hardened clit.

"This isn't fair Rachel!" I yelled while slowing the car to stop at a red light.

Rachel quickly unbuckled her seat belt, pulled my skirt up and dove face-first into my exposed groin. I found it more difficult to protest as she pulled aside my panties and her tongue began to lick along my engorged slit. My left knee pressed against the door, as I involuntarily opened my legs, no longer able to contain myself. I looked up at the light -- still red -- then my head fell backward as I felt a slight vibration deep inside of me...Rachel knew how to really get to me.

"Hey guys...do you think this can wait until we get to the house? You are gonna cause an accident! That will be a good one for the paramedics...what with Jenny's face all smeared with your cum Rachel, and the puddle you must be leaving on your seat." Holly whined from the back seat.

"Shut up Holly...I know...that you have your fingers...in your own pussy right now...getting yourself off while watching and listening to us! UHHHGHHH!" I moaned and glanced back at her. Sure enough, her slacks were in a heap on the floor and her left leg was up on the seat. I could see her hand was inside her panties, rapidly moving.

I was momentarily brought back to reality when I heard a car horn blowing behind us. Damn green light! My foot slipped off the break and hit the gas while I scanned for a place to pull over...Rachel had me so close to the edge that I knew I could not drive much further without losing it completely. I pulled into a parking lot next to a parked truck. The cab was empty, so I figured this was private enough.

My hands shook as I put it in park...Rachel was sending multiple mini waves of pleasure through my body. I could hear Holly's moans from the back seat and the entire car smelled of our sex.

"Hold on Rach..." I pulled her face up and swung my right leg over her and placed my foot on her headrest, while leaning my back against my door. I raised my butt a little in order to help her remove my drenched panties. Rachel smiled and then resumed tonguing me; pushing two fingers inside. My pussy's muscles contracted and clamped around them...savoring every sensation.

I nearly popped some buttons off my blouse as I tried to free my aching tits from my bra and began to squeeze them and roll my nipples between my fingers. "UNNGGGGHH...Rach...don'...stop..." I panted.

"Yessss...keep licking her pussy Rachel! Ohhhhhhh...I love hearing the...wet...lapping...and slurping...uhhhhh huhhhhh..." Holly whimpered from behind our seats.

I began to shake, as did Holly...the entire car must have been bouncing back and forth as I felt so overtaken by my orgasm. "AAAAAAHHHHHHYYYYYOOOOO!!!" I screamed as I felt the final wave crash and wash over me.

"Y...Y...Y...Y...OHHHHHH!" Holly also screamed.


I startled back to reality and looked around. Rachel lifted her face from my still dripping pussy and looked up through my window. "Shit!" She yelled. "Start the car Jen!" She then pushed my leg back onto the driver's side.

"Let's GO!" Holly screamed as I heard her scrambling behind me.

While turning the ignition, I looked out my window and saw two men applauding from inside the cab of the truck. The car turned over and the tires squealed as we sped off.

It took us a few moments to collect ourselves, and then we burst out laughing.

"Think that they will relieve each other after seeing our little show, Jenny?" Rachel chuckled.

"Nah...they're guys. They probably think that touching another man's cock might make them gay...they just like to jerk themselves off in private." I laughed. "Good thing we aren't guys...because you have something coming to you when we get back to your house Rachel!"

"I sure hope so Jenny! I'm soaked and need to cum!"

We pulled into the driveway and ran to the front door. Rachel frantically fumbled with the keys and then finally unlocked it. Once inside, Rachel grabbed me by the wrist and pulled me into the living room -- pulling me down onto the carpet.

"A little desperate Rachel?" Holly chuckled.

Rachel just looked at her while she dropped her coat to the floor and kicked off her shoes. She reached under her skirt and shimmied out of her panties, throwing them at Holly. "YA THINK???" She sarcastically scoffed while straddling above my face.

Holly caught them and gasped, "...and I thought MY undies were wet!" She lifted them to her lips for a taste. "Mmmm...mind if I join you two?"

"Only if you start by giving these tits some attention Holly!" Jenny panted as she began to lower herself closer to my face; I felt a drop from her steamy loins land on my upper lip. My tongue darted out to collect the sweet nectar. Then, I could see nothing as Rachel's skirt tented around my head. I could smell her aromatic scent as her pussy slowly descended toward my lips. I knew that it was close. My tongue strained in its search for it. Another droplet landed on my nose and trickled onto my cheek, followed by a few more.

"Damn, Rachel! You are giving my face a shower under here!" I gasped. Meanwhile, I could feel the heat building in my own loins. I began to rub myself through my skirt.

She was teasing me (and herself) by not letting my tongue and lips make contact with the pussy I could not see. I began to blow upwards. "OHHHH...unnnnnggg," Rachel moaned.

Her scent was stronger now...I knew that it was so close and blew in the direction of the aroma. "YYYYEEAA!" Rachel nearly screamed. She lowered herself all the way down until my lips met her slick folds. I immediately began to explore them with my tongue, licking all the way up and down her slit and then pushing my tongue between them.

I could hear Rachel moaning as her hips began to gyrate and grind against my mouth. I could also hear licking and slurping sounds coming from above...Holly no doubt was giving some well-needed attention to Rachel's breasts.

Spreading my legs, my hand found its way under my skirt and found my wet and bare pussy; my panties were still on the floor of my car. I used three fingers to run along my slippery lips as I licked along the outer sides of Rachel's labia. She moaned again and began to buck against my face; I could feel her hardening clit press against my nose while my tongue entered her contracting hole again. The bottom of her labia slickly enveloped my chin.

"MMMMMM!!!" I moaned into her as she began to cry out.

My own hips were moving while I plunged a couple of fingers into my gaping and throbbing pussy. I then felt a tongue begin to lick the backs of my fingers as they massaged deeply into my folds. I momentarily stopped devouring Rachel in order to gasp and take a breath. "OHHHHH Holly!" My tongue thrust itself as deep into Rachel as it would go...her muscles clamped around it.

My blouse was being unbuttoned and by bra was pulled off. I could feel my nipples tightening, and they suddenly felt warm and wet. I thought that Holly was beginning to lick or suck them until I felt her tongue on my fingers again. I moved my hand so that she could suck on my clit...then I felt the warm wetness on my right breast again.

"OHHHHNNNNGGGG!" I moaned. Holly's wet and slippery pussy was fucking my tit!!!

I began to shake as I felt a wave build up inside of me. Feeling Holly's lips around my buzzing clit while her pussy's lips gripped and released my nipple was beginning to give me an out-of body experience.

Rachel was grinding her clit against my nose while my tongue was trapped inside her tightened pussy. I could feel her vibrations building so much around my tongue that it nearly ached in pain.

Holly's pussy released my erect nipple and her hips swiveled forward so that her clit was against it instead. Her clit and my nipple began a pleasurable duel as I felt her smooth juices begin to flow onto the flesh of my heaving breast.

Holly's mouth continued to suck on my pulsing clit as I braced for the tsunami that was about to overtake me. I pulled up my knees, frantically ground my nose on Rachel's clit, reached up and pulled Holly's pussy firmly to my breast, and began to shake and shudder. My entire body writhed and thrashed about. Holly must have known what would push me all the way over the edge. I felt a finger quickly enter me and zero in on my spot.

I felt Rachel's final shudders on my lips as my tongue was suddenly released...then it happened. The wave of pleasure peaked. I held my breath, raised my hips, and stiffened my body. I felt Holly's finger suddenly leave my spot and pull out of my pussy...

"UNNNNNNNNGGGGGGOOOOOOO!!!!" I screamed into Rachel's still pulsing lips as a flood erupted from between my legs.

Holly collapsed on top of me, her labia still surrounding my nipple. Rachel struggled to lie down on the floor next to me; her skirt no longer covered my head. I blankly stared at the ceiling, unable to move. My entire body tingled, as if all circulation had been cut off. The slowed pulsing in my loins was matched by the pounding of my heart.

Holly rolled herself off me and onto the carpet. "I never saw that happen before!" She whispered loudly in amazement. "I mean...I have had g-spot orgasms before...but not like THAT! What did it feel like Jenny?"

I exhaled deeply. "Words...can't describe it...it was as if I just left my body and entered a different dimension."

Rachel propped herself on her elbows and leaned over to give me a kiss. "Mmmm...I had one of those too...what say we all go upstairs and take a nice hot shower? We can clean the carpet tomorrow!"

I felt myself blush. "Yeah...sorry about that Rach. I think you two are gonna have to give me a hand getting up though."

Holly and Rachel helped me to my feet. My legs felt wobbly and I still felt a little lightheaded. We gathered up our clothes and headed up the stairs.


The next morning we were sitting in Rachel's kitchen eating breakfast. Rachel had just poured me another cup of coffee when my phone began to ring. I rustled through my purse and quickly answered it. "Hello?"

"Hey Jenny! It's Jessica."

"Jessica!" I smiled at Rachel and Holly then teased, "So, how was your date with your young stud?"

"Ummm," Jessica said hesitantly. "That is actually why I am calling."

"You didn't totally corrupt a recent minor did you? I hope you did not break him!" I chuckled.

"Not...exactly. Listen, no more smart-ass comments. I need your help." Jessica sounded desperate.

"Okay, sorry...what's going on and what do you need?" I asked. Rachel and Holly must have sensed the concern in my voice because they both looked quizzically at me.

"Welll, where are you right now?" Jessica inquired.

"We are all over at Rachel's house." I responded.


"Rachel, Holly, and me. Why?" I wondered why she was being so cryptic.

"Oh...actually, that might be a good thing...if you are all game." Jessica said mysteriously.

"Jessica...what are you talking about? We will help you if we can...but we need to know what you need!" I am sure she could sense the frustration in my voice.

"Uhh..okay, but maybe it is best to tell and show you what I need help with face to face. Would it be possible for us to come over to Rachel's house...now?" Jessica's voice now sounded frantic.

"Us? You mean that he is still with you?" Holly and Rachel looked at me wide-eyed. It was obvious that all of our interests had suddenly peaked.

"Just a sec. Jessie..." I muted the phone and spoke to Rachel. "She needs our help with something...won't say what...it somehow involves her boy toy, who is still with her. She wants to know if they can come here...right now." Rachel looked as mystified as I felt and quickly nodded. I turned off the mute on my phone and held it up to my ear. "Sure Jessica, come on over."

"Thanks Jenny...I will owe you all big time for this. See you in about twenty minutes." Jessica gratefully chirped and then hung up.

"So...I wonder what mess she has gotten herself into NOW?" Rachel mused.

"What if she rode him so hard that it snapped off?" Holly bluntly panned.

"HOLLY!!" Rachel and I shouted in unison.

"Whatever it is...Jessie sounded uncharacteristically desperate. I wonder what she thinks that WE can do?" I muttered in wonder.

To be continued....


Note to readers: Stay tuned for "Two Women and the Glory Holes, Ch 5." If you have not read "Premium Massage Ch 3," I would recommend that you do...it will shed light on Jessica's cryptic phone call and request. Chapter 5 will merge the "Premium Massage" series with this series, unleashing some of the hottest sexually charged activity and concluding with a shocking revelation.

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