tagSci-Fi & FantasyTwo Worlds Ch. 02

Two Worlds Ch. 02


Lutane watched as she disrobed him, his eyes following the expressions on her face, the look in her eyes. He licked his lips, his tongue piercing felt especially sensual against his mouth, just like it had when they had first started to fool around together last year. Octavia pushed his pants down as he then stepped from them, she hissed softly as she finally beheld him naked once again. Pulling him onto the bed she parked him in the middle, supported by the many head pillows.

"Oh Octavia I should be going down on you first my sweet love." murmured Lutane with affection and tenderness.

"No please allow me. I want to taste you Lutane, please." her voice grew sensually husky and feral like. Octavia's fingers found his semi-erect cock, it was smooth, velvety to the touch but as she fondled and began to stroke it instinctively, it began to thicken and grow hard beneath her nimble touch. She peeked a glance up at Lutane, finding his eyes half closed and watching her every motion. Octavia leaned down, his cock head bulging and beautiful in her grasp. The scent of his skin made Octavia moan as she then tentatively licked at his flesh, an answering groan met her ears. "Ohhhh Octavia that feels so gooooooood." he groaned as she began lapping at him eagerly. Octavia let a soft moan aloud as she then wrapped her lips around his head and then some, to begin suckling on his girth. At this his hands came up to pet encouragingly on her head and face, he cupped her cheeks tenderly as he watched her mouth explore him.

Her hands moved slowly up and down, feeling the velvet soft skin and how it moved easily as she attended to his crown, her tongue stroked steadily as she enjoyed the texture and taste of his skin.

Lutane couldn't help himself as he gently began moving his hips up and down in time with her hands, her wet mouth felt so good, so warm and welcoming.

"Oh please suck harder, just a little?" he panted. Octavia growled happily taking more of him into her mouth, nearly touching the back of her throat as she deepened her sucking.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh." moaned Lutane, he suddenly pulled away, swiftly moving her around so that she was the one on her back, legs spread eagle. A small squeak of surprise was all that she said, as she gazed up into his face. His eyes were full of eager curiosity.

"Grab your knees open wider for me Octavia." his voice was shaky but direct. She did as she was told, wondering whether he was going to take her or wait.

Lutane leaned down, inhaling deeply the scent that had quickly engulfed him and permeated the entire room once she had opened her legs, his fingers began to gently touch and explore her folds, opening them to then investigate with his ringed tongue. Octavia shuttered and little gasps of pleasure escape her with every touch that he gave to her. His tongue was hot and wet, like a muscled sponge that was so fulfilling, his tongue barbell was like another finger... so smooth and yet hard like his cock would be. She gave a little mew and began to shove herself into his probing curious mouth.

"Lutane oh Lutane your mouth, your tongue ohhhh its so... feels so gooood!" she said loudly as his tongue and fingers suddenly penetrated her weeping vagina. Her vagina felt invaded, full with his tongue so wet, the heat from his mouth, the petting fingers. Lutane groaned into her trembling pussy loving the sounds that she made as he feasted on her treasures, knowing that he needed to help her feel ecstasy before he could have her. Then his curious tongue lighted upon her clit and she nearly jumped off of the bed yowling in sudden pleasure, Lutane growled fiercely as he grabbed ahold her her thighs demanding that she at least stay under him, she was moaning and panting, squeaking and purring constantly now as his tongue bathed her clit; their barbells making tiny tinkling sounds as they met each other. Releasing one of her thighs Lutane then took his index and middle finger and slowly worked them into her squeezing wet vagina.

"Ahhhhhhhhh!" she cried bucking, instantly forcing his fingers deep inside of her. She again nearly came off of the bed with zinging pleasure as he then licked her clit and suckled it in time with his thrusting fingers. Enthralled by her moaning cries of ecstasy Lutane withdrew his fingers to lick her warm juices that coated his fingers, making sure that she saw him enjoying her essence. Octavia's wide eyes locked with his own as Lutane drew himself up hovering between her spread thighs, he took ahold of his aching member and rubbed himself against her silky lips, eyes fluttering with delight at the sensation; he glanced at her pointedly and at her swift nod he began his entry.

Slowly he pushed while Octavia writhed and wiggled beneath him, helping him find just the right angle, suddenly his cock slipped straight up into her, breaking hem. Her echoing cry of pain met Lutane's ears and he froze. Afraid that she would refuse him, he had felt her barrier but couldn't stop their mutual forward momentum before crashing threw.

"Octavia do you want me to stop, we can, I don't want to hurt you!" Lutane nearly growled, his fear of causing her pain put him on edge, meanwhile struggling to begin forcing himself to relax, to unwind; pull out before he damaged his beloved even more.

"No! No just hold still for a while." Octavia whimpered, her bottom lip trembling. The sudden pain mixed with knowledge that she no longer was a virgin became overwhelming to her, she gazed up at Lutane truly uncertain of what she wanted, his eyes held no sense of rush or force. His brows were knitted together slightly which meant that he was full of concentration and concern. Holding his own weight, he calmly waited for her, willing to do whatever she asked of him; though his excitement diminished little he wanted to make her happy at all costs.

"Go slowly please." panted Octavia as she leaned her face upwards, yearning for a kiss of reassurance. Lutane eagerly but gently met her lips with his, focusing on how soft they were, the taste and texture, how wonderfully her lips melded with his.

Octavia placed her palms against his chest as he slowly withdrew, Lutane's eyes never left her face, watching intensely for any indication of discomfort or pain. Her lips pressed firmly together, the young man saw how much concentration and intent feeling passed across her beautiful face at his slightest motion. Pushing inward he heard her soft moan.

"Mmmm that's nice Lutane, soooo nice." she cooed as he found a steady easy pace that they both enjoyed. Lutane shook with such emotion as he continued to feel and learn Octavia in an entirely new way, leaning his face down he kissed her tenderly.

"Lutane I want you to cum. Spill your seed in me." she whispered as their lips parted. A strange noise came from deep in his throat as he began to quicken his thrusts. Eagerly he was moving as fast as he could, pulling out then instantly shoving himself deep within Octavia's soft warmth. Her moaning sighs and steady gaze had him orgasming faster then he knew it. Short bursts with his own deep moaning told Octavia that he was in such wonder and bliss. Feeling his wet warmth bathe her deepest parts made her smile as he opened his eyes, glazed but sharp eyes met her own.

"Oh Lutane, you felt wonderful my love." she spoke softly, running her hands threw his hair.

"But you didn't cum, I would have felt it." mentioned the young man.

"Lutane its alright, love, I wanted you to experience your first with me. We will get me to mine later, we have all night. Please don't feel bad my sweet." Octavia stroked his cheek with her hand gently. Lutane rolled from between Octavia's lushes legs, he propped his head up with his elbow. Octavia moved so that she could snuggle into his body. Lutane wrapped his arm around her stomach as he spooned her, they both were facing the balcony window watching as the sun finished setting.

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