tagNonHumanTwo Worlds Ch. 03

Two Worlds Ch. 03


"I... I am your mate?" I asked. Natu smiled and nodded.

"Will you mate with me Jess? Will you become mine for life?" He asked, looking at me with loving eyes. I thought about it for a minute, thinking about my brother and friends up in the human world and how they probably all thought I was dead. They had probably all moved on already.

"Yes." I said with a smile before jumping onto him and hugging him tight. He picked me up, holding me close and laughed happily before kissing me. I kissed him back passionately, enjoying our first kiss. After a minute of this there was a voice that called for Natu from the other room and he broke the kiss.

"Let us go." He said, pulling me out to the front room where his mother was waiting.

"We must prepare the feast." Mana said before noticing the smiles on our faces. "You have told her?" She asked with wide eyes. Natu nodded and I smiled, blushing slightly.

"We must announce it to the village! We will have the ceremony tonight." She said with a big smile. "You will be such a beautiful bride my daughter." She said, stroking my cheek, the sign of endearment. I blushed at this and thought that it was so soon, but then I realized that it was actually the perfect time. I had been here almost a year after all and Natu and I were in love. This celebration was the perfect time. We would celebrate the good hunt and the new life Natu and I would start together.

"You go." Mana said to Natu while grabbing my arm to make me stay. "Go find Tika. I will announce it but she must be taught what to do." Natu nodded and then headed out the door while Mana turned back to me.

"Tika will teach you what to do. It is not complicated." She said, smiling at me, true happiness in her eyes. I smiled back but felt butterflies in my stomach. I had the rest of the day to learn what do for this ceremony. I really hoped I didn't mess up anything.

Tika came in a minute later and Mana left to announce the ceremony. I heard a loud cheer from the village and blushed slightly. The village had accepted me as one of its own after me being here for so long and that made me feel happy and like I belonged. Tika then started to teach me what to do during the ceremony. I wasn't allowed to see Natu until the ceremony and that made me a little anxious but I knew I would be distracted my preparing anyways.

She taught me everything I needed to know and when she got to the end of the ceremony I blushed. The ceremony required us to fuck in front of the whole village. This made me nervous since it would be my first time even though I was 23. Tika explained it better and told me that since their kind mates for life they could only have sex with one person, so it was always the couple's first time. This made me feel a little bit better but I was still nervous about that part.

After awhile of going over what I had to do for the ceremony I heard the celebrations begin and Tika and her sister and sister in law started to prepare me. They took off my loincloth and washed me off, getting me as clean as possible. They took my hair and weaved flowers into it, making it look beautiful. It hurt and took awhile to do but they finally managed to pierce the upper part of my left ear, which was their symbol of a mated couple. Then they laid me out on a fur blanket, given by Tika's family, who would be considered my family for the purpose of the ceremony, and the blanket would go with me when I mated with Natu. They started to paint me with the different tribal designs, the ones that meant princess. They were similar to Mana's but less intricate and with a smaller crown design on my forehead that meant second in line since that's what I would be by mating with Natu. I had to hold perfectly still while they did this, for if I didn't it would be the same as refusing the mating. It was hard but I managed to do it and the designs were beautiful. They helped me up and then rolled up the blanket so they could present it when it was time for us to be mated.

We waited for awhile while the celebrations continued before we started to hear the music change. That's when we started walking out, Tika in front with me in front of her and her sister's on either side of me. We walked through a line of men, all making mating cries and trying to get me to stray from my choice, as we traditional. I stayed looking forward like I was supposed to, thinking only about Natu. Finally we reached the end where his parents were. I stopped in between them as was expected and they sniffed me, trying to scent it there was another man's scent on me. Mana smiled at me and her and Ju nodded, not smelling any other man on me, as was expected. I then continued into the circle where Natu was waiting for me with a smile on his face, having just been scented as well.It took all my will not to just run to him and jump in his arms, which would have ruined the whole ceremony.

Instead I stood there like I was supposed to while he got on his hands and knees, crawling over to me, symbolizing his submission to me as my mate. It was a promise to hunt for me and take care of me and help me bare our children. I place my hand on his head like I was supposed to and he looked up at me with utter love and desire in his eyes. Again it took all my control not to jump into his arms, but this time for a different reason. Instead I waited as our mating blanket was laid out and he lay down on it. I knelt down over him, feeling the butterflies in my stomach and trying not to notice all the eyes on us.

He looked up at me with love and desire and showing me that he was a bit nervous too. I looked back at him with the same love and desire and positioned myself to slide onto his manhood. I slide onto him slowly before hitting my barrier and closing my eyes. I followed Tika's advice and quickly slammed down on him. It hurt and I cried out weakly, but I knew Tika had probably been right when she said it would hurt less to do it that way. Natu stroked my back gently and kissed along my neck, waiting for me to recover. When I did I started to move slowly up and down on him.

It hurt a little bit but after a minute it started to feel amazing. He moaned slightly and ran his hands down my back as I started to move a little faster on him. The mating cries started up again as well as the music but I didn't pay attention to it as I thrust against him, moaning with pleasure. He leaned up slightly and sucked one of my nipples into his mouth, making me groan slightly and shiver. He sucked on my nipple lightly and I moved harder against him, wanting us both to feel even more pleasure.

I ran my hands down his chest and he moved his other hand up to play with my other nipple, twisting and pulling on it. It felt amazing and soon I cried out in orgasm. Natu licked up to my lips and kissed me passionately as I came down, running his hands down my sides to my hips and then thrusting into me harder. I started to feel something forming within me, a bond that started to grow stronger and stronger, making my love for Natu grow even more. We started to moan and shiver and make other pleasure noises at the same time and I felt the pleasure building and building. Finally we both cried out and orgasmed at the same time, shaking and moaning from the power of it.

My Jess. My Jess. I love you my Jess. I suddenly heard in my head as I lay on top of him panting.

N-Natu? I thought, sitting up to look at him while the rest of the village started to cheer and celebrate.

Yes my love. We can hear each other's thoughts. Only when we want to talk that way. But we will always feel each other now. We will always know how we feel. I love you my Jess.

I was about to ask him what he meant but then I felt the bond between us. I felt like the love in me was twice as strong and realized that I was feeling his emotions as well. I had been right when I had thought that mates can hear each other's thoughts!

I love you my Natu. I thought back to him, kissing him passionately before getting up like I knew I had to. He stood up as well and we went over to the crowd of people waiting to give us gifts and welcome us into our new life as mates.

~The end? I've started to write another chapter but I'm not sure if I will post it or not. That's up to you readers! If I get enough votes and comments asking for the next chapter I will post it. If not then I will just leave the story at this. So comment and vote if you want the next chapter!

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