tagNonHumanTwo Worlds Ch. 07

Two Worlds Ch. 07


I'm sooooo sorry that it took so long for me to get this out! I got busy and distracted with school and life in general and then whenever I had time to right I really didn't have any inspiration for this story. But I just finished writing it so here it is! Hope you enjoy! Please comment and vote! Your input is very important to me!

~Kael's POV

I woke up slowly, my mind groggy and wondering what time it was. I went to roll over to look at the clock on my bedside table when I suddenly felt something furry brush against me and my eyes snapped open. I looked down at the strange creature before me and was a bit confused. She (at least it seemed like it was a she since she had breasts) had white fur covering most of her body and it was rather stunning. She was naked except for a loincloth and touching her exposed body was a hard thing to resist. I touched her arm lightly with my finger and found that the fur was definitely not an illusion as I ran a finger along her arm. She sighed happily and muttered my name before it all suddenly came rushing back to me. I wasn't at my house. I was in a cave village where a species of cat people lived and this one laying in the bed with me was my mate.

It was a shock when I first saw Natu and the other warrior the first day and even more of a shock when I found out my sister wasn't dead. I ran to her and cried when I saw her and I didn't even notice that she was pregnant or anything until after I started getting over the fact that she was alive. I was unsure about this place and honestly at first just wanted to drag her home. But then I saw him. Mini me. He was the cutest boy I had ever seen and as I started to get to know him I realized that he was really smart as well. Somehow that little boy wrapped me around his finger after only a few minutes with him. I decided it was okay if we stayed there with his kind as long as he was happy and I could be there for him as his uncle.

So I spent time with him and watched things go on around me as Isaac suddenly had a mate and killed some horrible monster. Charles wasn't taking any of this well and I wondered if we should just let him go home by himself since Erik and Shelly seemed to be having a ball here.

Then I walked into the tent after playing with mini me for awhile and saw the most beautiful creature I have ever seen. Her white fur was the lightest color I've seen on any of them and she obviously kept it well groomed. When she jumped me I had no idea what was going on until Isaac's mate said that this beautiful woman in my arms was my mate and her name was Masu. I was confused and a little unsure but I felt drawn to her. I wanted to take it slow though. Jess explained how their kind mated for life and I didn't want to commit to her if I wasn't positive I wanted to be with her.

Jess... I still can't believe you're alive... I thought, thinking about all the hardship I had to deal with when I thought she was dead, before feeling Masu stir. I looked at her again and smiled slightly, all my troubles melting away. I smelt her hair as she started to wake up and I heard her purr slightly before she opened her eyes.

"Good morning Masu." I said, stroking along her arm still. She smiled and sighed happily as she pulled me a bit closer to her.

"Morning." She purred, her accent rather cute. I knew she didn't know much English but she had started to learn yesterday and I had started to learn their language so I could talk to Kael Jr. as much as possible. He actually taught me a lot and Natu found it amusing that his three-year-old son was teaching me, but I didn't care. I had always been over protective of the ones I love and now that I knew that Jess wouldn't need my protection anymore, I turned it onto my nephew. But then of course that might change soon as well seeing as I apparently had my own mate now.

"Food?" she asked. I nodded and got up, helping her up before she led me out of her room and into her family's main room. She had introduced me to her family last night after we left the main hut and then practically begged me to stay with her. I had agreed, honestly liking having her near even if I wasn't ready to make it completely permanent. I found it rather weird that mates could hear each other's thoughts and feel each other's emotions. I definitely needed some time to think about this logically. Plus, even though I wouldn't tell anyone but Jess, I wasn't a big fan of the public sex thing. It seemed pretty embarrassing.

I sat down with Masu next to her mother. Masu was the eldest of the children in her family so she would take over the family after her mother so she sat right next to her. Her father gave all of us some food and we started to eat and they talked as I tried to listen and understand.

"Kael! Kael, come quickly!!!" came Shelly's voice as she rushed in.

"Huh? What's going on?" I asked as she pulled me to my feet and Masu followed.

"Jess is going into labor!" she said excitedly as she continued to pull me out of the hut. I almost tripped over my own feet at that but then started to quickly follow her. Isaac and his mate were right behind us and his mate said something excitedly to mine before she gasped and squealed happily. I smiled and blushed, thinking it was adorable as we all rushed to the main hut. When we got there we all rushed inside but were stopped by Ju.

"No more. Need space." He tried to explain before seeing me. "You only." He said before holding the flap open for me. I walked in and saw Jess sitting on a bed of furs and breathing deeply with Mana, Natu and a woman I didn't know around her.

"Kael. Sit." Natu said from behind Jess. She leaned back on him and smiled weakly at me.

"Hey Kael. You don't have to stay if you don't want to." She told me. Mana moved out of the way so I could sit down and hold her hand.

"I already missed the first one. I'll stay here with you sis." I replied. She smiled and squeezed my hand lightly before squeezing it a little tighter and whimpering slightly in pain. The other woman in the room started telling her things in their language and I guessed that she was one of the village doctors. I sat there through it, holding her hand as Natu whispered words of encouragement. A few hours passed that seemed like days yet passed quickly and the doctor exclaimed something before Jess pushed one more time and the baby came out. The nurse quickly put the baby in a blanket Mana offered and she wrapped her up and cleaned her off. Soon the baby took its first breath and then cried out as Mana sat the baby on Jessica's chest.

"It girl." Mana announced to us happily. I looked at the little girl that was still crying a bit and smiled. I was a little surprised to see that unlike her brother that seemed completely neko, this little girl seemed completely human. She had all of Jessica's coloring but her features were a bit different. Jess cooed to the little one and Natu was beaming at them both. I decided to let them have their moment and got up to leave the room with the doctor.

"It's a girl!" I told everyone with a smile. They all cheered happily and when the doctor said it to the other nekos they all cheered even louder.

"That's really good! Girls are important in this society after all. She'll be the heir!" Shelly exclaimed. Erik smiled at her and she blushed slightly as he started to talk to her more about what they observed about this culture. I wondered briefly if Erik was going to tell Shelly what he felt about her anytime soon. My thoughts were interrupted though when Masu came up to me and wrapped her arms around me. I gave my usual shy smile and hugged her back. I suddenly had the urge to see her stomach round with child and blinked in slight surprise. She smiled up at me and I realized just how beautiful she was all over again.

Mana came out then and announced something to everyone which Isaac's mate Opy translated and explained that basically there would be a feast and dance in honor of Losy, which is what Jess and Natu decided to name her. Shelly, Erik, Isaac and Opy all went in to see little Losy while all the nekos went out to prepare. I stayed by Jess and Natu, while Masu stayed at my side the whole time.

When it was time for the feast Natu and I helped Jess up and made sure she was okay to walk before handing her Losy. Masu led us all out and as soon as Jess stepped out with the baby the whole village cheered which made Losy start to cry. We made our way to the center of the village and sat down in front of the village. Masu sat close to me and laid her head on my shoulder with a sweet smile that had me instantly smiling back.

She's so beautiful. I thought to myself before food was placed in front of us. We reached out for the food at the same time and I pulled back slightly, blushing a bit. She smiled and took the piece of meat and took a bite before offering me a bite. I took a bite as she held it out to me and she looked at me with love and desire in her eyes, making me blush again. I swallowed and grabbed some more food as the festivities continued. Masu continued to feed me and I fed her back shyly until we were both full and then she pulled me up and out to dance with everyone else. I stood there shyly and watched everyone else dancing, trying to figure out what to do. I considered sneaking off but then I saw Masu start to dance and I couldn't leave.

Somehow she was even more beautiful when she was dancing and I was so entranced that I forgot everyone else and tried to match her dancing and dance with her. She smiled and started dancing with me more, showing me how to do it and I took her lead. Our bodies flowed together and we danced faster as the music got faster and the stomping of feet got faster. I got lost in the music and her and I laughed happily as we continued dancing through the night. I took Masu's hands and we spun in circles together, moving faster and faster with the music. The world spun and I tripped right onto Masu, causing us both to go crashing down and me to land right on top of her. I blushed and she laughed happily before kissing my nose. I smiled and then couldn't help myself; I kissed her right on the lips. She sighed happily and wrapped her arms around me, kissing me back passionately. I broke the kiss after a moment and blushed before helping her up and leading her back to our seats. Jess was sitting by my seat when we got there and she smiled at us both knowingly.

"Hey Keal. Masu." She said as she rocked Losy. She then leaned over to me and whispered in my ear. "I know you may not be comfortable about it but I can see how much you care about her already. I know you will be happy if you let yourself." I blushed a bit at this and then looked over at Masu. She smiled at me and I couldn't help smiling back. I then looked off over the festivities as I analyzed what I was feeling at that moment. I was definitely happy. And I very much cared for Masu. The question was whether or not I wanted to stay here and if I wanted to permanently be with Masu. The second one I was started to lean towards yes more and more. She was wonderful and amazing and beautiful and so smart.

"Keal!" Erik shouted as he and Shelly came over. "That was amazing! I didn't know you could dance!"

"Yeah! You were great!" Shelly agreed.

"Neither did I." I said with a blush.

"Well you were amazing! Even some of the other tribe members are talking about you!" Erik exclaimed.

"We can't fully understand what they are saying but it sounded like they are saying that you matched up to Masu really well. And she's the best dancer in the village." Shelly explained. I blushed more and they sat down and started to talk about the village more. I listened in but soon was starting to yawn since it was rather late. I looked over and saw Jess laying her head on Natu's shoulder and smiled slightly.

"Keal? Are you... tired?" She asked me, saying it from memory. I smiled at her and she smiled back.

"A bit." I sighed. She took my hand and led me back to her hut. We slipped into bed together and she wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me passionately while pressing against me. I moaned lightly and wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her against me more. I kissed her a bit more hungrily before realizing what I was doing and breaking the kiss. Masu was purring happily and her tail flicked back and forth as I panted slightly. I blushed as she looked up at me with slightly desire and then licked my cheek. I smiled slightly and held her close as she purred in my arms.

She's going to be hard to resist. And normally I have such good control. I thought with a sigh. Never had I been so tempted by a woman before. I stroked her fur covered back as she slipped into sleep and thought about the future. I mentally cringed at the thought of the mating ceremony. I really didn't think I could do that. I would probably die of embarrassment and I definitely wouldn't be able to have an erection with all those people watching. So that would be out of the question. But how else would I be with Masu? And I would never be able to be connected the way mates are. I saw how Jess and Natu acted and I could see how they used the mental link all the time. I was starting to see that it might not be as weird as I originally thought. I was starting to see that it might be a nice thing. But we wouldn't be connected the same way if we didn't do the ceremony.

Maybe I can talk to Jess about it... I looked at Masu and bit my lip. Maybe after Isaac's and Opy's ceremony. That way I can see what it's like.


The next few days were spent preparing for Isaac and Opy's mating ceremony. It got pushed back a bit because of the celebrations for Losy's birth but only by a few days. I mostly spent time with Jess, Losy and Keal jr. with Masu at my side. I grew to love her more and more every day. The way she acted around the children and the way she would walk as if she was dancing and her wonderful laugh and so many other things drew me closer and closer to her. I went to bed every night, holding her close, with this feeling that it was right. That feeling grew every night.

Finally the day of the ceremony arrived and everyone was very excited while I was mostly a little nervous. I had never watched someone have sex before except a few pornos so I wasn't sure was to expect. I kind of worried about it all day and knew I would have to pay attention seeing as I would have to do most of this if I wanted to be with Masu. Isaac and Opy were separated for the whole day and I mostly stayed with mini me, distracting him and a few of the other kids as their parents did what they needed to do.

"You're really good with kids Keal." Jess noted with a smile at some point, making me blush and glance over at Masu, who was holding Losy and cooing happily to her.

"Hey. Have either of you seen Charles lately?" Erik asked as he ran up with Shelly close behind.

"Princess Unari trying to find him. He keep hiding from her." Masu called to him. Erik sighed but nodded.

"I was afraid of that. He doesn't seem to be adapting well." He said and I nodded in agreement.

"Maybe we should talk to him tomorrow after the ceremony?" Shelly suggested.

"Alright. I mean if nothing else we can send him home. I don't think Princess Unari would be happy with it though... and I think he would regret it after being away from her for too long." Erik said thoughtfully.

"Either way he can choose." I inputted. The other's nodded and then went back to working while I rounded up the village kids and tried to play a game with them that was very similar to soccer but seemed to have even more complicated rules. I played with them until a little bit before sundown when they were all called inside. Most of the village would be attending the mating ceremony but the children were not allowed to. The belief was that if a child attended the couples chances of having children decreased. I had offered to watch the children but was shooed off to the ceremony. I sighed and headed off, hoping that it wouldn't be too bad.

Those of us who were attending gathered around the center of the village, leaving a space in the middle for the ceremony. I tried to stay near the back but ended up getting pushed near the front. I was blushing slightly before I turned and suddenly saw Masu. She smiled at me and I couldn't help but smile back. She took my hand and then we both looked up as the ceremony started.

Opy and Isaac came out at the same time, pausing before entering the circle. Opy stopped near the edge and Isaac got down on his hands and knees and crawled over to her, looking very much like a love sick puppy. I smiled slightly at the pun as he approached her and she placed her hand on his head. The mating rug was laid out quickly after that and Isaac laid back on it. I knew what was going to happen next and turned away slightly. There was a moment of silence and I couldn't help but glance at them.

Opy was poised right above Isaac and right when I looked she slid down onto him and gasped in slight pain. I bit my lip as I watched Isaac stroke her back and let her get used to him before he started rolling her hips slightly. She gasped and then moaned and sat up a bit to roll her hips even more and Isaac took the opportunity to latch on to one of her nipple. I was blushing like crazy and wanted to look away but found I couldn't. The chanting started up and I found myself getting aroused. I tried desperately to deny it but my erection was all the proof needed. I kept watching and started to imagine what it would be like to have Masu on top of me like that.

I watched as Isaac ran his fingers in circles down Opy's back and sides and then down to her butt and began to knead it gently. She moaned and started to rock her hips a bit more while sliding her fingers into his hair and pressing her breast into his mouth more. He got the hint and started to play with her butt and breasts more, soon having her moaning even louder. I couldn't pull my eyes away as he licked and sucked and nipped at her breasts while kneading and stroking her butt. She ran her hands along his arms before pulling his lips away from her breast and kissing him passionately.

The chanting got louder as they started to move a little faster and Opy sat up a bit more. Isaac grabbed her hips and started to move her up and down on him and moaned lightly himself. She followed his lead and soon they were moaning in harmony and I wondered if that meant that the bond was forming.

"I-Isaac!" Opy called out right as he grabbed her hips tighter and cried out her name as well. Opy collapsed, panting on Isaac and the whole group cheered. The cheering brought me back to myself and I looked away quickly, blushing like mad. Unfortunately I was still aroused and there was nothing I could do about that right now. I just had to hope no one noticed and I could just sneak off later to deal with it.

I felt a tap on my arm then and looked up to see Masu looking at me curiously. I blushed but smiled slightly, hoping she wouldn't notice my arousal, and she smiled back. We went and congratulated the happy couple before they ran off for what was obviously going to be a night full of sex. As embarrassed as I was, I was still a little envious of them.

I turned around after watching them go and saw that Masu wasn't right beside me. I looked around and finally saw her talking to Jess before she came over to me. She smiled and took my hand.

"Are you tired?" She asked.

"Yeah. A bit." I answered. I was tired but I was more aroused than anything else. I knew I was most likely going to just have to deal with it tonight. Maybe try to think of some mood killers, although it would be hard with Masu in the bed with me.

Masu smiled and led me back to her family's hut and into her room. We pulled off our loincloths and I quickly tried to get into bed before Masu turned and noticed my erection. She climbed into bed with me and I had to literally bite back a moan as her warm body pressed against mine. I wrapped my arms around her lightly, kissing her neck as she sighed happily. She pressed back against me and I gasped slightly as her butt rubbed right against my member. She paused for a moment before suddenly pressing back against me again, rubbing her butt right along my length. I grabbed her hips and held her still as I gasped for air, desperately trying to control myself.

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