tagNonHumanTwo Worlds: Land of Ice Ch. 06

Two Worlds: Land of Ice Ch. 06


Hello everyone! This one is a bit short but I felt that it was where the chapter needed to end. The next one is already written though and I think I'm going to try to actually send it to an editor this time before posting it. This one I just decided to post anyways, so sorry for any mistakes.

Also I will be posting a new story soon because the characters in it are driving me crazy. I think I might post it with this one so they may come out at the same time. Please read it too!

Thank you all! As always, don't forget to comment and vote!


"So where are we going?" Becky asked as we drove along in her truck.

"Take this road here." Sky told her as she sat in the back with me. We sat in silence for a moment before finally sky told her to pull over. We all got out and put the furs around us, except Becky who didn't have one. She looked around and then looked at us expectantly.

"Okay. So what did you want to show me?" she asked in a no nonsense way.

"We have to get there first," Sky told her as she started to lead the way. I quickly followed and we heard Tristan whispering a bit to Becky before they both followed. We trudged on for a bit, walking over the ice carefully until we finally got to the cave. We slipped down and then headed down the tunnel. We all stayed silent surprisingly, all lost in our own thoughts most likely. Finally we got to the cave and it opened up to the village. I heard a gasp and looked behind me to see Becky stopped in her tracks, staring wide eyed at the village before us.

"Wow. This is beautiful. Did you guys make this?" she asked before suddenly Faraf came running out of his igloo and towards Sky. Becky screamed as soon as she saw Faraf and if it wasn't for Tristan grabbing her, she would have run off.

"Hey. Calm down. They won't hurt you." He calmly soothed her.

"What do you mean? It's a freaking polar bear!" she cried back.

"Look again," I said with a smiled as Faraf picked Sky up and cradled her close. Becky stopped struggling and actually looked at Faraf. She stared at him for a moment with wide eyes before suddenly fainting.

"Well then. She took that well." I muttered. Tristan sighed slightly before picking her up and starting to carry her towards the village. I followed him but barely took a few steps before I was picked up by Refre. I squealed and giggled before kissing him lightly on the nose. He chuckled and rubbed my nose with his. I sighed happily and relaxed in his arms as he carried me to the village.

"Who girl?" he asked me as we reached the center of the village.

"Her name is Becky. She's a friend." I explained as best I could but didn't want to try to explain the whole thing about her being engaged to Tristan.

"What do today?" he asked as he sat me down. "Talk mate ceremony?"

My stomach got in a bit of knots about that but I nodded and then looked around for Sky so she could help me translate a bit better. She smiled as she sat down next to me and Faraf sat down next to her. We talked about the mating ceremony more and what all it entailed. It was somewhat like a wedding ceremony, where the King and Queen would marry us and afterwards there would be a huge feast. But then we had to have sex in front of the King and Queen, which is what had me a little nervous. Thankfully it wasn't in front of the whole village or anything because I don't know if I could have done that. After that night we were to stay in the igloo of the King and Queen until our own igloo was done.

I have to stay here for that time. I can't leave him. But will I be able to leave him at all once we are mated? I questioned myself as we went over everything.

"I'm fine, I'm fine. Really Tristan, no need to worry," came Becky's voice as she walked out of Eha's family igloo, Tristan close behind her.

"Hey Becky. Feeling better?" Sky asked her as she came and sat by us.

"Yes. I feel completely embarrassed that I fainted like that! I normally don't faint that easy. It's just a lot to take in, you know?" she responded with a sigh before looking at Sky. "I think you know the most about all of this, right? So why don't you tell me what's going on? How did you find these... people?"

Sky smiled shyly and then went on to tell her story and explain the life and culture of the bears. She even explained how Riz and I had found out and how we later brought Tristan in to meet them. She also explained about the rival village and for some reason that seemed to interest Becky the most.

"Why are they fighting with each other? I mean it seems like it would be more beneficial to help each other, wouldn't it?"

"They have been fighting for as long as they can remember over territory and food. It would be more beneficial though if they joined together. I mean not many of them are finding their mates within their own village now and I'm afraid their numbers are getting less and less." Sky told us all sadly. I looked around and felt saddened by this information. If only the two tribes would get along. Maybe they would find their mates then.

Or maybe their mates are out in our world... I thought before pushing the thought away. I couldn't think that way because exposing them could definitely harm them more than help.

"Maybe we could get them to sit down and talk about things better. Or at least hold a tribe get-together to possibly get the non-mated to find their mates with the other tribe. We could have it where if anyone ever does find their mates then they stay with the tribe of the female." Becky suggested. Sky's eyes suddenly went wide before she sat and thought about it for a minute.

"You know Becky that might just work... I know the King and Queen have both been worried about how a good portion of the tribe hasn't met their mates. Maybe they'll be worried about it enough to consider it." Sky said with a smile before hugging Becky close.

"Thank you! You are brilliant!" Becky blushed at that before hugging her back and chuckling.

"Anything to help," she shrugged.

"Well I do have another way you could help actually." Sky offered with a smile. "I'm sure some of the pregnant females wouldn't mind a check up."

Becky's whole face lit up at that and she practically sprung up out of her seat before helping Sky up and they ran off. I looked at Refre with a smile before kissing his cheek and running after them. For the next few hours we visited all five of the pregnant females and several mothers and babies to check on how they were all doing. Becky was a natural at dealing with this sort of thing and I watched in amazement as she connected with all the mothers.

Wow. People person I guess. I thought with a smile as we finished up with the last baby's check up.

"Becky? Could you come with me? I want to tell the King and Queen about your idea before we go." Sky asked as we walked out of the igloo.

"Okay. I guess I can do that." Becky agreed a little nervously. I thought about following them but instead decided to go find Refre. I looked around and even went to his family igloo, but couldn't seem to find him. Just when I began to give up hope and think he went on another hunting trip, I suddenly felt arms slip around me and pull me close. I smiled and turned around to bury my face into his warm fur.

"Hello," I greeted as I smiled and looked up at him and he kissed my forehead.

"Hello. Have fun with cubs?" He asked in a mix of English and his language. I nodded and smiled before blushing at his look of utter adoration. I suddenly got a flash of my stomach round with child and wondered if he was thinking of the same thing. He pulled me close again, nuzzling my neck and running his hands along my back. I sighed happily and relaxed into his arms before looking up to see Sky and Becky coming out of the main igloo.

"They agreed to it! They are sending a messenger!" Sky exclaimed happily before suddenly being picked up by Faraf and giggling.

"That's good! Hopefully the other tribe's leader will accept the invitation." I responded hopefully.

"We should get going," Tristan's voice came from behind me. We all sighed and I knew Tristan probably wasn't happy about the thought of leaving either but we did have to get home before people became suspicious. All of us who had mates kissed them goodbye before we headed off.

"Can we come back soon?" Becky asked as we got out of the cave system and started to head for the car. We all blinked in surprise before smiling.

"Of course," Sky told her happily. "You are welcome to come with us any time. But you will keep them a secret right?"

"Of course! I saw that report about the cat things. I wouldn't want them to end up like that..." Becky looked a little worried at that and we all smiled, glad she was on the same page. We got into the car and started to head towards town.

"I thought we were going home?" I asked as we got closer to town and didn't head for the house.

"I want to check on Sky and the baby." Becky responded before pulling up to the hospital and parking. "We are going to sneak in real quick and just use the ultrasound for one moment."

We all quickly got out and then into the hospital, heading for the room with the ultrasound in it. Thankfully it wasn't being used at the moment and Becky quickly hooked it all up. Soon we were looking at an image of the baby. Or should I say, babies?

"Two? As in twins?" Sky asked with wide eyes.

"Yep. My suspicions were right. You are definitely having twins." Becky said and she clicked on a few buttons. "And they look completely human."

Sky bit her lip at that, looking at the picture. I looked as well, noting that Becky was right. They had no fur on them, no claws and their bone structure was completely human.

"What does that mean?" Sky asked a little worriedly.

"It means you can tell mom and dad." Tristan said pointedly. Sky looked a little panicked at that and started to shake her head.

"Sky. Calm down. They have to know eventually and pretty soon you won't be able to hide it no matter how hard you try." I told her as I squeezed her hand lightly. Sky still looked a little panicked but nodded weakly.

"I know... I'm just scared..." she admitted.

"I know sis. It will be alright though." Tristan tried to comfort her. "Let's get you home, okay?"


Nate sighed as he watched Jess gather up the halflings and start to explain what would happen during their checkups. Nate technically had a medical degree so offered to help out with all the patients the pack doctor and his assistants would have to deal with. They also managed to find a few of the other Betas from the other packs that had medical degrees and could help. All together there were ten doctors or nurses who could look them over. Nate and Barley, the Anderson pack doctor, were the most experienced so would deal with the more serious patients. None of the halflings looked to be seriously hurt so Nate hoped that it would all just be quick and easy.

Jess thankfully had written out a few phrases for them all so that they could ask simple questions and understand simple answers. Anything harder than that and she would have to be there to help them. They all had radio devices in case they needed her or each other.

"Alright, they are as ready as they can be." Jess finally told them as she finished talking to the halflings. They all nodded and headed into separate rooms that had been set up as exam rooms. Nate sat down and waited for the first person to enter. It was a man and Nate went through his questions rather quickly as he drew blood, checked his pulse, blood pressure and temperature and made sure his eyesight and hearing were good. Everything seemed fine and he ended by asking if there was anything he would like Jess to come in and explain. The man shook his head and Nate smiled at him before letting him out.

This continued on with the next few patients, Nate not needing help yet but hearing the others call out for Jess a few times. A few patients later he smiled as he recognized Opy, Isaac's mate. They talked and she tried to explain some things but her English wasn't enough so Nate had to call Jess in.

"Thanks. Sorry but I need to ask her a few more questions because of how she has been answering these ones." He explained to Jess as she sat down next to Opy and hugged her.

"Can you ask her when her last period was?" he started off. Jess blinked at him in surprise before turning to Opy and asking her. Opy's eyes suddenly went wide as she seemed to count back and answered her question. She then exclaimed excitedly and Jess grew excited to, smiling and giggling a bit. Nate raised his eyebrow at them before chuckling and getting their attention again.

"I'm assuming it's been awhile." He asked with a smile.

"Yes. About three months." Jess responded with a huge smile. Nate nodded and wrote this down on the patient sheet.

"Well, we'll do the blood test just in case but it is definitely very possible that she's pregnant." Nate told her with a big smile. A child was always something to be celebrated in pack life and made just about everyone happy. Nate hoped that this was a good sign.

"Thank you. Is there anything else?" Jess asked as she smiled at Opy, holding her hands excitedly.

"Not unless she has any complaints," he responded before letting them out since Opy's only complaint was she wanted to go tell her mate now.

Finally after all the patients were checked over, Nate stepped out of the room and went to go talk with the other doctors.

"Besides a bit of malnutrition, minor diseases and possibly a few small fractures, they all seem fine. One of my patients is even pregnant." Nate announced to them happily.

"Two of mine were as well," Barley chuckled.

"That's a good sign," one of the nurses responded.

"Indeed. Well, we'll get the blood work all done and then see how things go. Hopefully no one will need major surgery or anything though." Barley said with a sigh.

"They might start coming in sick soon though, with the new diseases they'll be exposed to." One of the other packs' Betas spoke up.

"Hopefully the vaccines will help a bit with that." Nate responded before running his fingers through his hair. "I don't know about all of you, but I'm starving."

"Yes. Food would probably be a good idea." Barley started to say before his eyes clouded over and his head snapped around. Nate's eyebrows went up before he looked over at what had suddenly caught Barley's attention. Nate chuckled as he saw three of the halfling girls walking down the hall.

"Yes. Let's go eat." Nate teased as he walked passed Barley, snapping him out of it. Barley chuckled before following Nate. They quickly caught up with the girls and Barley gently tapped one of them on the shoulder. They all turned at the same time and Nate realized that they all looked very similar and had to be sisters. They all had black shiny fur and green eyes. They had slightly different features but they all looked almost identical. The one that Barley tapped on the shoulder was obviously the oldest and the smallest one seemed to hide behind her a bit when she saw Barley.

"Hello my beauty," Barley greeted her rather huskily as he took her hand and kissed it lightly. The girl looked annoyed for a second and pulled her hand away before suddenly sniffing the air and freezing up. Her eyes went huge before a grin split her face and she pounced on Barley, crying out something joyfully. The youngest of the three sisters looked confused but the middle started to giggle like mad as Barley and their eldest sister latched onto each other.

"Congratulations Barley. Lucky you gets one of these feisty kittens for yourself." One of the Betas who had been helping the doctor chuckled. The rest of the group laughed a bit at that before the doctor and his mate got up and they all headed for the dining room.

Nate looked around and smiled at all the couples that had been reunited and the new couples that were forming. Sure they had a bit of difficulty with language and slight culture differences but now that the halflings weren't in chains they seemed to adapting to things much better.

"You know about a third of the tribe is mated, a fourth are a little too young to and the rest seem to be finding them rather quickly now that they are out." Jess suddenly comment. Nate looked over, not having noticed her standing beside him until right then. She was holding her squirming little girl as her son clung to her leg, looking slightly fearful at everything.

"Perhaps this is what Luna wanted," Nate said with a shrug. Jess chuckled at that and shook her head.

"Lune, God, the Fates, whatever it may be, they were obviously meant to get out of those caves. I just wish it hadn't been so rough and violent for them." She sighed, sadness in her voice. Nate nodded and looked around at the group of wolves and cats interacting with each other. He heard laughter and conversation coming from both and smiled slightly.

"But hopefully they will be happy now. Hopefully we will be able to figure out a way to get them more freedom. If they are meant to be around humans and us wolves to find their mates then we must find a way for them to do that. It will be a rough, probably very politically involved road but hopefully we can do it." Nate tried to encourage her. She nodded before looking thoughtfully into the distance.

"And I know just the person to help." She said suddenly before turning to him. "Do you have a phone I could use?"

Nate nodded and gave her his phone, wondering who she was calling. He followed her out into the hall as she dialed the number and waited for the person to answer.

"Hello? Charles? It's Jess. Charles, please, wait! They need your help. You are the only one that can help them."

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