TX 105


Michael had been working at Growth Laboratories as a chemical engineer for 10 years when one day he came across a file on his company's network called TX 105. He tried to open the folder but it was password protected. Michael was curious about the file and asked his manager Tom what is was.

Tom answered, "It was a failed attempt to create a female Viagara. There were many side efforts. We tested it on 10 females between the ages of 35 and 45. TX 105 was a 2 stage treatment. In the first stage, the patients' breasts grew 3 cups sizes and their fertility improved dramatically. In the second stage, they became uncontrollably horny. We thought it was a success until we found out what happened. They all wore out their husbands and began bedding other men. Within weeks they all became pregnant. None of their husbands' were the father. We got sued up the ass and the project was shut down."

Michael was amazed at what he heard. He went home that night and thought about the drug. He wondered if he had finally found something to get his wife Sandy to fulfill his long time fantasy. Michael had spent the last 4 years trying to persuade Sandy to fuck a well endowed black stud but she refused. He had practically given up all hope.

Questions raced throughout his mind. Could he recreate the pill? Would he actually slip her the pill? Michael knew it would be a betrayal but he couldn't get his fantasy out of his head. The pressure built for months until the day Tom called him into his office.

Tom smiled and said, "Michael, you have been a great asset to this company and I am happy to tell you that you are being promoted to manager. As such you job responsibilities and clearance levels will increase."

The IT department increased Michael's access level and he quickly went to the TX 105 folder. In it were detailed instructions on how to create the pill. Over the next week Michael worked after hours to build the compounds to make the 2 stage treatment. He went to the store to buy an organic breast enhancer pill container and brought it home. Carefully peeling back the tamper seal, he replaced the old pills with the first stage of TX 105 and resealed the container.

Michael came home and presented the pills to Sandy.

"Honey, look what I found. It says these can make your breasts grow up to 3 cups."

Sandy laughed and said, "They don't work honey. If they did women wouldn't be getting breast implants."

After Michael persisted Sandy gave up and agreed to take the pills to humor her husband. Over the next 3 weeks, however, her breasts grew from a C to a F cup. Sandy couldn't believe it. Besides from some discomfort at night she was pleasantly excited by the additional attention her new breasts received from Michael. Their relationship was as passionate as it had been when they were newlyweds. She was also excited to get notices from men and jealous stares from women. She never thought a 44 year old woman would get the attention of 20 something studs.

After the first 30 days of pills ran out Michael planned on replacing them with the second stage, which looked exactly the same. He had read that the second stage reacted within 1-2 hours. The horniness would increase every hour for up to 10 hours. Michael approached one of the black body builders at his gym, Lewis, a week earlier and asked if he would fuck his wife while he secretly watched.

After looking at Michael's picture of the buxom white wife, Lewis happily accepted his offer.

Michael told Lewis, "It is very important you use a condom. I don't want Sandy to get pregnant."

Michael gave Lewis a key to his cabin an hour north and told him to be there at 5 pm on Friday. He called Sandy that Friday and they made plans to spend the weekend at the cottage. Michael had got Sandy into the routine of taking the pill after she got home from work so that she would be extremely horny by the time she got up to the cottage.

Michael and Lewis had parked down the street and came in through the back of the house.

"Now remember, when Sandy arrives you should be pretending to rob the place. She has been taking some organic female Viagara and she is going to be really horny. I doubt she will be able to resist you."

Soon after swallowing the pill Sandy started to feel tingles in her vagina. As she drove north the tingles got stronger to the point were she had to start masturbating. All she could think about was getting a hold of her husband and fucking the shit out of him. When she arrived Michael's car was not there so she had assumed that she beat him there.

As Michael saw Sandy pull into the driveway he gave Lewis some Magnum condoms and hid behind some curtains. Sandy opened the door and was startled by the intruder.

Lewis pretended to be surprised and said, "Please lady, don't call the cops. I needed the money."

Sandy couldn't believe how handsome and built this Adonis was.

Lewis pleaded, "I'll do anything. Just don't call the police!"

Her thoughts were soon overpowered by her rapidly growing sex drive.

A glaze came over her eyes as she said, "I need you to fuck me. I can't take it anymore."

Sandy pulled her shirt and bra off and pealed off her shirt and panties. Standing there completely naked, tears ran down her cheek as her legs shook.

Under her breath she mumbled, "He always wanted me to take a black cock. He picked the wrong day to be late."

Michael's eyes lit up as he watched Sandy run towards Lewis, her huge breasts bouncing with every step. Lewis took Sandy into his muscular arms and began kissing her. They ran their hands over each others bodies as they moaned in pleasure. Sandy pushed her tits hard into his chest as Lewis grabbed both her ass cheeks and picked her off the ground.

Sandy was out of breath as she asked, "Do you have any condoms?"

Lewis thought to himself, "She is in her 40's, she ain't having any more babies."

Michael could see the pack of condoms sticking out of his pants. He knew that they had to be used if Sandy had any chance of not getting pregnant.

Lewis said, "No."

Michael's heart almost stopped.

"That fucking asshole! He is going to knock her up!" Michael said quietly.

Michael didn't know what to do. Should he come out from behind the curtains and stop them? Should he shut his mouth? Michael could see the precum dripping out of Lewis's giant cock and it frightened him. He was about to stop them when Lewis lowered his wife down to the ground.

Sandy looked down at the huge black dick and took it in her tiny white hands. As she stroked the long shaft a smile came across her face. She was loving it! Michael's cock was rock hard and his heart started to flutter. He couldn't bring himself to stop this incredibly erotic event. His fantasy was finally being fulfilled!

Sandy was stroking the cock with increasing vigor. Lewis sat down on the couch as she knelt between his muscular legs.

Lewis whispered, "Let's have some fun with those beautiful breasts."

As Sandy arched her back to kiss Lewis, he placed his hands on her breasts and began to knead. He spent a considerable amount of time teasing and pulling her nipples driving the poor wife crazy with lust. Lewis pushed her down a little and positioned his cock between her breasts.

Sandy spit into her hand and lubricated the giant cock. She was determined to give Lewis the best titty fuck of his life.

Sandy laughed a little and said, "The breast enhancement pills my husband gave me sure came in handy."

Lewis replied, "We will just have to keep you on them now won't we."

Sandy nodded in obedience as she pushed her huge breasts together around the cock. In a squatting motion, she milked the cock nice and slow. Every couple of stokes she would lick the head of Lewis's cock which would send shocks throughout his body.

Michael loved watching Lewis's black cock appear for a moment from the top of his wife's breasts and then disappear. Lewis began to moan loader as Sandy picked of her tempo.

Cum leaped out of Lewis's cock and he yelled, "Fuck yeaaaaaa!"

The first load hit Sandy on the bottom of the chin. The cum was thick and clung to her skin. Feeling the hot semen on her face, Sandy's mouth dropped open as she looked down at the cock. The second load shot directly into her mouth. She closed her luscious lips and was struck with a load that went from the corner of her mouth to the top of her cheek.

Lewis pulled her mouth down over his cock and held it there firmly as Sandy tried to swallow the remaining 6 loads. Once he was finished cumming he let go of Sandy's head and she pulled back. She was out of breath and shocked by swallowing so much cum.

Lewis smiled and said, "You can never waste black cum."

His large finger scooped the spoonful of cum on her chin and cheek and he attempted to feed it to her. A tear formed as she closed her mouth.

Sandy pleaded, "Please no more!"

Lewis said, "Get up and turn around."

As she turned around Lewis smeared the cum over the head of his cock. It was very thick so it stayed together at the tip.

"Now sit down on my cock", Lewis commanded.

Michael winced as Sandy began to impale herself on the monster cock. His fertile wife had black cum in her now.

Lewis grabbed her hips and slowly pulled her all the way down his shaft. Sandy couldn't stop moaning and biting her bottom lip.

When her ass finally came into contact his Lewis's body Sandy yelled, "Oh my God is your cock huge. You are at least twice as big as my husband!"

As Lewis guided her body, Sandy began rocking up and down. Lewis was able to stop her right before pulling out so that she could feel the entire length of his shaft glide in her.

Lewis said, "Now that you are warmed up its time for some serious fucking."

He picked Sandy up and carried her over to the couch. Positioning her on her hands and knees he pushed his dick into her and started jack hammering her pussy.

Sandy screamed, "Oh fuck, please don't stop! Give it to meeeee!

Michael was amazed at Lewis's stamina and was entranced by their gleaming sweating bodies. Sandy's giant breasts bounced back and forth as Lewis pulled her hair.

Out of breath, Sandy begged, "Take...me...to...bed."

Lewis stood up and held on to her, leaving his cock buried in her pussy. Michael panicked. He didn't want to miss this.

As Sandy was still facing the other direction, Michael quickly darted into the master bedroom. She was so lost in ecstasy she couldn't hear him move across the floor. He stood in the room and looked around for a hiding spot. Hearing the two walk down the hallway Michael jumped under the bed.

Lewis and Sandy were laughing a little as he laid her on the bed. All Michael could see was the bottom of the bed. As Lewis began fucking her again he could see the springs bend as they gave way. The sound of the headboard banging into the wall, the springs creaking and his wife wailing was too much.

Michael pulled out his cock and began masturbating. All he could think about was how great of an idea this had all been. Less than 30 seconds latter he came all over his stomach.

Sandy and Lewis spent another ten minutes fucking. Sandy screamed out loud each of the 3 times she came.

"I am gonna cum!" Lewis shouted.

Not wanting to miss the sight, Michael slide down from under the bed and peered over to see Lewis's giant cock buried into his wife's pussy.

Lewis collapsed on top of Sandy as he screamed out loud, "Fuckkkk yeaaa". Michael's mouth dropped open watching the dick spasm, filling her with several loads of cum. Just when he thought Lewis was finished his dick would twitch and deliver another steaming hot batch of baby juice.

Besides from the two lover's frantic breathing the room got completely silent.

As Lewis's cock slowly slid out of her pussy about 3 tablespoons of cum poured out of Sandy, across her asshole and onto the bed. As the fear of a possible pregnancy came into his head, a wave of calm subdued it. He was so happy he finally got to see his wife fuck a black man.

Sandy spoke up, "Do you have any friends? I need some more dick. A lot more dick."

Michael's dick went rigid as a huge smile appeared on his face.

"Yes!" Michael said out load.

Sandy jumped and said, "Michael is that you!"

Michael knew he was in deep shit. He stood up exposing his hard cock and cum covered stomach.

Sandy was speechless as it all came together for her. Her huge breasts, her uncontrollable horniness, the black "thief". She didn't know how, but she knew her fucked up husband was behind all of it.

Michael saw Sandy's eyes turn from shock to anger.

Michael confessed, "I slipped you a female Viagara experimental drug. Your horniness won't go away for another 10 hours."

Lewis said, "Do you want me call my brothas?"

Sandy screamed at Michael, "You fucking asshole! How could you!"

Her pussy started to tingle again. She knew she had to get more cock to stay sane.

Sandy looked down in embarrassment and said, "Call them Lewis."

An hour later Lewis's 7 work out buddies showed up. Michael asked if any of them had brought condoms. All of them shook their heads.

Michael confessed, "We have a problem Sandy. There is another side effect."

As her nostrils flared she shouted, "And what is that!"

Sweat poured down Michael's forehead as he said, "Some of the older women taking this experimental drug in clinical trials became extremely fertile. Some of them became pregnant."

Sandy replied, "How many of them?"

Michael stammered, "All of them."

As Sandy buried her face in Lewis's chest to cry I looked at the brotha's in the room and saw a huge smile on each one of their faces.

Lewis said, "I didn't know anything about this."

Sandy stopped crying long enough to whisper, "I'm sure you didn't. You would have to be pretty fucked up to do this."

Michael didn't know what to say or do. Michael remembered that he had condoms in his back pack. As he left the room he looked back at the large muscular black men pulling off their clothes. Each one has a gigantic cock.

Standing in the living room Michael saw the box of condoms in his backpack. Michael ran back to the room but the door was shut and locked. He knocked.

One of the men opened the door and looked down at the box of condoms. Peering in, he saw Sandy on her knees with a huge black dick in her mouth and one in each hand.

The man said, "If you want to watch us fuck your wife you better ditch those condoms."

Michael was torn, shifting his gaze from the condoms to the giant cocks in the bedroom. He finally dropped the box of the condoms and was let into the room.

The next morning Sandy woke up before everyone else to make some coffee. Her pussy and asshole were sore from a long night of fucking. She had done everything they told her to do. She had been DP'd three times and even had to toss Lewis's salad. The inside of her thighs were covered in dry cum. Sandy prayed she hadn't gotten pregnant. She was happy the drug had finally worn off but she also missed the uncontrolled eroticism of fucking 8 strong black men in one night. As she thought about possibly taking the drug again she looked down at her feet. It was a box of condoms. Those assholes!


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