tagNonConsent/ReluctanceTxQ - Pamela's Potion

TxQ - Pamela's Potion

byTx Tall Tales©


Love potion overdose changes everything. Quite a warped little tale, please forgive me. Wasn't quite sure which category to put it into, so I went with Nonconsent. You'll see why.

This story is based on a premise submitted by sirhugs in the "Story Ideas" section of the Literotica bulletin board.T I'm a little surprised he didn't write it, he certainly has the chops, and I found the twisted plot irresistible, and gave it an extra hard twist. Thanks for the inspiration.

TX Shorties are short (2 pages or less) standalone stories, with abbreviated plots (if any). I have no intention of continuing any of them.


It hadn't been difficult to procure the serum. Not when you're the head of security. I had seen the results of the latest trials. Unbelievable. They had gallons of the stuff, no way they'd miss one little vial full.

I'd checked the lead scientist's hand written notes, locked up in the safe. It could be taken with food or drink. It had little taste, but was best taken with something sweet, something about enhancing delivery. One ounce was the latest trial dosage.

It was Saturday morning. Time to implement the plan.

I love my wife Pamela. Adore her. Almost twenty years we'd been together. The only place we weren't compatible was in bed.

She had been fun once, but now she was only willing to do it a couple of times a month. No blow-jobs in over 3 years. Nothing but plain vanilla missionary, and I had to beg for that. She kept herself looking gorgeous, exercising, dressing nice, that kind of stuff. I was afraid she was having an affair, and had her checked on. Sixteen hundred dollars to find out she was boring.

She wasn't going to be boring much longer. I had prepared her favorite fruit smoothie. She would attend her morning exercise class, and return in a little over an hour. The serum took about 90 minutes to take effect. By the time she got done showering she would be primed.

Our daughter would be out of our hair at a softball tournament. Jenny's co-ed team was good, they almost never lost in the first couple of rounds, and I had a mantle of trophies to prove it. If things held true to form, they'd play until dark, and have dinner together. She had hit me up for $20 last night. As usual, whatever she asked for, I gave her double. I could deny her nothing. Worse, she knew it.

In a few minutes, my Princess would be gone. The house would be mine. Soon, my lovely wife would be as well.

I had heard the rumors of the early drug trials. Women so desperate for sex, they'd scream and beg for it, open to anything. They had to be restrained. One fifty-seven year old had gone through six volunteers, and still was crazy with need. The program was nearly shut down before they got the dosages and treatments right. The last three trials had been incredible. Now they were investigating long term effects.

I was careful. I'd gone easy, starting with half of the last test dosage. One half ounce, added to her morning shake. Just enough to goose her libido.

My wife came down the stairs, ready for the gym. She looked incredible, still, after all these years. I watched her sit down at the table and take a sip of her smoothie, and found myself getting hard already. My loose shorts were doing a bad job of hiding it.

"Morning, Mom, Dad," Jenny called out, hopping down the stairs in her shorts and team t-shirt. I was still amazed she was ours. Pretty, cheerful, smart, popular, the brightest star in the night-sky of my life. Good, too, church going, involved, the ring on her hand a symbol of her chastity, disappointing so many boys.

I ducked into the kitchen to hide my erection. "Morning Angel," I answered, opening the refrigerator door and using that as a shield, in case she walked in.

"I might be out late. I'll call if it's after 8:00, Ok?" My daughter called out.

"You should eat some breakfast," Pamela told her.

"No time. Wendy's already here. I'm running late, gotta go. Love ya."

I heard the door slam, and walked to the dining area, a cup of coffee in hand. "How's the smoothie?"

"I think one of the juices might have been old. It had a weird after taste," Pamela said.

I smiled and stood watching her nibble her toast. It was then that I noticed her drink was gone. "You finished it already?"

She shook her head. "I wish. Your rotten little 'Princess' stole it. No time for breakfast, so she swiped half of mine."

I felt a cold chill run down my back. Jenny drank some of the potion? Innocent Jenny, precious little Princess that had never even been on a real date?

"Did she say where she's playing?" I asked.

"I don't know, probably Allen park," Pamela said, standing up and giving me a quick kiss on her way out the door.

I got dressed and hopped in my car. She wasn't at Allen park. Not at the city park or the high-school. I drove around for two hours, searching for my baby.

It was only half a dose. Less than that, Pam drank some. Jenny's a complete innocent. It probably won't have any effect. All the sports, it might just flush it out of her system. She'll be fine. She has to be.

I pulled in the driveway, behind my wife's van. It was parked horribly. Ammo to tease her with, since she always complained about my parking.

I wasn't two steps inside the doorway, before Pamela was on me, naked, tearing at my clothing. "God, where have you been? I need you Nick. I need it. Please."

The door was still open, my naked butt facing the street when she took me in her mouth. I closed the door, and sighed in relief. She must have drank most of it. Thank god.

I grinned, hardening in her mouth. I felt incredibly good. Strong. I had taken one of the lab's new hybrid pills, 'male enhancement', guaranteed longer, harder, more frequent erections for 24 hours.

Pamela didn't want foreplay. She dragged me into the middle of the floor and straddled me, going wild, hammering her sopping pussy on my cock, talking dirty, filthy.

"You like that big cock, baby?" I teased.

"Cock. Big fucking cock. Fill me up," she gasped. "Deep, hard, cock-fucking."

I pulled her down, slowing our pace. She snarled at me, slapping my hands away. She squatted over my shaft, grabbed my hips, and pounded up and down so hard and fast it hurt. "FUCK, FUCK, FUCK," she screamed. "Fuck me you bastard, fuck that pussy! Dick, prick, cock in my burning cunt!"

She had a huge orgasm, then climbed off and started sucking me again. She was an animal. The stuff really worked. I wondered how long the effect lasted?

Pamela leaned over the end of the couch, wiggling her ass. "Give it to me, baby. Fill my hot cunt with your meat stick. It's burning up for you, Nick, my pussy's on fire and only your hose can put it out."

I laughed and slid in behind her, filling her up, repeatedly. I smacked her shaking ass, and she came, begging for more. I took a chance and teased my finger around her forbidden back door. She moaned, pushing back against me, "Yeah, baby. That's it. Take what you want. Anything. Everything," she growled.

My dream come true. She was mine completely, no holding back. I slid my finger in her butt, and she screamed out again. God, everything made her come. No wonder the test subjects loved this. I slapped her sweet cheeks, and walked around the couch, pulling her face down hard onto my cock. I held her head and fucked her face, watching her struggle, turning red, her body shaking. I pushed hard, making her swallow my cock for the first time, clutching the back of her head, forcing her nose into my belly.

I released her, and she pulled away gasping. "God, Nick! About fucking time! Fuck my face. Just like that. Make me come again." She lunged for my cock and I was back in her throat. I fucked her pretty mouth. Fucked it until she came, and then I did, shooting down her throat.

I groaned my release, and gasped when I hit my head hard against the floor. She had dragged me down and straddled my face, grinding her pussy against my mouth. "God, I need you so bad, Nick. I'm on fire. My whole body's on fire. You have to put it out, before I explode."

I ate her, feeling her squirming on my tongue, going off, screaming. She climbed off and went down on me, sucking my soft dick. She couldn't get enough of it.

"More cock, Nick. I need more cock. Get hard for me. Now," she growled.

"I...I might need a few minutes," I gasped. Fuck. This stuff was out of control. Next time I'd use a quarter of an ounce. Make it last for months.

Pamela got up and dragged a dining room chair into the middle of the room. High backed, with no arms. "Sit!" she demanded.

I sat down watching her. Her whole body was red, like a huge blush. Her nipples were hard, sticking out as big as I had ever seen. There was a stream running down the inside of her both her legs. She had a desperate look in her eye.

She pulled my arms behind me, and I felt her tie my wrists together with my own belt, and tie it to the chair. She stood in front of me smiling wickedly. "There. Now it's mine. Fucker's all mine!"

She lowered her face over my cock, stroking and sucking, until I was hard again. Thank God for my own pharmaceutical helper. It usually took an hour or more between hard-ons. This one hadn't taken 10 minutes. She climbed up and mounted me, feeding me her tits, hammering her pussy down on my hard staff.

SLAM. The front door swung wide open on its hinges, bouncing off the wall. I looked up and saw two big guys walking in. I couldn't understand what I was seeing at first. They were carrying my daughter. My precious Jenny. She was writhing in their grip, "Fuck," she gasped, "Please, somebody, stick it in, somewhere, anywhere." Her voice sounded hoarse, like she'd been screaming. She was naked, covered in cum. Covered, everywhere.

They were wearing their team shirts, but were naked from the waist down. Hard erections waved with every step, and Jenny, my sweet Jenny, was desperately reaching for them.

The guys carried her across the room, only a few feet away. They all watched my wife fucking herself silly on my cock, but didn't slow down. Three, four, five, six guys walked past. One other girl, Becky, our neighbor. Most were barely dressed, and undressing as they went.

"Pamela! Let me up," I yelled, struggling underneath her. "Stop!" I screamed at the men carrying my daughter.

They laughed, walking by, while my wife fucked me. "Deeper, Nick. Fuck me, fuck! More cock! More baby."

Randy, Jenny's long time best friend came in and closed the door. "God, Mr. Young, your wife too? What's gotten into them? Is Mrs. Young out of control like Jen?"


He walked closer, one hand on his cock, the other reaching out to touch Pam's back. "Middle of the second game. We're in the dugout and Jenny started ripping her clothes off. She was crazy. Climbing on us, tearing at our crotches, begging for cock to 'put out the fire'. We had to forfeit, and she was pulling the team train, before Julie and I could convince them to at least take her home."

He looked upset. Not enough to stop him from stroking his dick. Or touching my wife.

I wanted to scream at the young man, but if my Princess had been anything like her mother, it was hopeless. I struggled to calm himself. "Thank you, Randy. I'm sorry you had to see this."

Pamela gasped and turned around on my lap. She reached forward and grabbed Randy, pulling him forward, kissing him. "Please, Randy, I know you want me, I see how you look at me. I need it baby," she begged. She had her hand around his cock, pulling him forward while she had my cock in her other hand, sitting down on it.

"Pamela, don't! Just me, I'll satisfy you," I pleaded.

She ignored my words, pressing my cock against her butt-hole. She was ridiculously tight, and moaned as I penetrated her ass for the first time. She shuddered, coming hard, then looked back up at Randy. She leaned back against me, opening her legs, drawing Randy closer. He pulled out an accordion of rubbers, tearing of the last, and sliding it over his cock. He looked at me, reddening.

"Mrs. Young," he moaned, reaching for her fat tits.

"Call me Pamela, while you fuck my brains out, Randy. Put out the fire. Fuck me, stud. Gimme that cock!"

I could barely move, but I felt his motion as he pounded his youthful meat into her. The door opened and four more guys walked in, carrying a cooler. Randy looked over at them, "Down the hall, second door on the left."

"Who...who are these guys? I don't recognize some of them." Ten. Ten men, in with my virgin daughter. Virgin? Who was I kidding.

"The other team," he said through gritted teeth, humping my wife wildly.

"You've got to stop them, Randy. Not all those guys. Stop them. She...she can be yours, not everybody's."

He paused, panting, his cock buried in my horny wife. "I tried Mr. Young. I did, I swear. I love her you know. I always have. She didn't care. One dick wasn't enough for her. Two dicks aren't. She wants three of them, in her, all the time. She screams and cries if any of her holes are empty. It was horrible to see her crying like that, begging for more cock. Pleading." He wiped his eyes. The boy was crying. "I tried. I did. She doesn't even recognize me."

"Three cocks," my wife whispered, shuddering. "Yes, three cocks. More cocks."

"No baby," I whispered, "I'll take care of you. Randy will help me."

Randy was plugging her again, and she moaned, coming for him. He leaned over and grabbed the back of the chair, pumping hard, groaning, spending an eternity pounding her sloppy pussy, and then grunting, coming, his cock buried inside Pamela.

He looked at me. "What happened to them? Why are they like this?" He still had his cock in her, and was touching her, fondling her adoringly while questioning me.

I couldn't hold his gaze. I looked away. "I...I don't know."

He leaned over and kissed Pamela, and she clung to him. Pulling her ass of my cock, she stood with him. "Let me help my baby girl," she said. "Ten is too many for her, I'll help. Five each."

"No, Pamela!" I shouted.

Randy looked over at me guiltily, and took my wife to the back of the house.

I was able to move around a bit with the chair, but I couldn't for the life of me get my hands free. I'd been working on it for about 10 minutes, listening to the party down the hall, men laughing, calling out, joking. Female gasps and cries of pleasure. I yelled for someone to come down and release me, but it didn't help.

The door open again, and I shuddered. Another group of guys and girls, laughing, having the time of their lives. Julie, one of her oldest childhood friends, came over to me.

"Thank God, Julie, please untie me, we have to stop this."

She sat down on my lap, frowning. "What the fuck is going on, Mr. Young? And why are you here like this?"

I watched the latest crowd walk down the hall, following the noise. Three more guys walked in, carrying a stack of pizzas, and waved as they walked by. I did the math. Seventeen guys, including Randy.

Julie reached down and put her hands on my cock, stroking me. "Randy says Mrs. Young is on fire, too. What's the deal?"

"Please untie me, Julie," I begged.

"You know, I always thought you were pretty hot. Nice cock, too." She leaned down and pressed her lips to mine, opening her mouth wide, kissing me. "You gonna tell me what you did?"

"Nothing, I swear. I don't know what's going on."

She walked into the kitchen, returning with a moist dishtowel which she used to clean my cock, which was stiffening under her ministrations.

"Do you ever think about fucking me, Mr. Young?" She stood up and slipped her shorts and panties off, straddling me again. "Jesus, seeing her like that has me so horny."

"Please, Julie. You're her friend. I have to help her. Her and her mother."

"The only way you could help her right now, is by sticking this hard cock in one of her well used holes," Julie laughed, pressing the head of my cock into her opening. "Is that how you want to help? Fuck your cute little girl, instead of me?"

I shuddered as she settled down onto my shaft. "Fuck her mouth, her pussy, her tight little butt-hole?"

"No, please. Help me Julie, I'm begging."

She kissed me softly. "There's nothing we can do. Randy and I both tried. She doesn't know who I am. She goes crazy if she doesn't get cock. Lots of it."

She rocked up and down on my cock, rubbing her chest in my face. She took off her shirt and bra, so she could press her tits into my mouth. "I'm scared for her, Mr. Young. How long is this going to last?"

"I don't know. I swear I don't know."

She settled down on my cock and ground against me. "She has her Mom with her, that should help."

"Please, Julie. Help me."

She looked sad, hugging me. "I am. The best I can. You can't go in there. You shouldn't see it. There's no way you can stop it, there's more than a dozen college guys in there, taking turns on her. She's begging for it, I bet her Mom is too, and nothing's going to stop them. If you tried to, you'd get hurt."

"I could call the police," I said.

She shook her head. "They're both legal age, and they are pleading for it. Nobody is forcing anybody. If Randy, me and Becky weren't here, there'd be a hundred guys in this house, and a line down the street. We'll try to keep it under control."

Under control? Seventeen men taking turns on my wife and daughter?

She pressed her sweet young lips to mine, and I kissed her back. She was a good kid. I believe she was trying to help. "Relax now, Mr. Young, and let me take care of you, before I go check on your women, Ok?"

I nodded helplessly, and let her ride me, fucking me wildly, until I came for her. She rested in my lap, grinning. "There, don't you feel better? I know I do. I've been fantasizing about that for a long time."

"Thank you, Julie. Please help them."

She kissed me quickly, and stood up. "Be right back." She returned from the garage, and started tying me more securely to the chair.

"Don't! What are you doing?" I asked, incredulous.

"Taking care of you. I don't want you to do anything stupid. I'll be checking on you. We have to get them through this. We'll help each other."

It must have been over an hour later when Becky came down. An hour of listening to screams of pleasure, groaning, laughing, strangers using my wife and my Princess as sex toys. "How are you doing, Mr. Young? Can I get you a beer or something?"

"Untie me. You could untie me."

She shook her head. "Randy and Julie would kill me. It's for your own good." She walked past and into the kitchen, returning with a beer and a piece of cold chicken. She was wearing a t-shirt, and nothing else. It didn't even cover half her ass.

"I don't know how they can take it. A couple of hours of fucking, and I'm completely worn out." She tore off some of the chicken and fed me. "And that is with one guy."

I guess she wasn't completely worn out. I'm ashamed to say I was hard again, from listening to the abuse, and she mounted me, pouring the beer down my throat and feeding me. She rode me to completion, promising they were going to do their best to take care of us. All of us.

Every hour or so, one of them would check on me. Randy would make sure the ropes were holding, offer me a drink, and update me. His report never changed. They were getting all holes filled and begging for more.

Becky and Julie would come down, get me hard if I wasn't already, and go for a ride. On her last visit Julie was worked up, and fucked herself ragged on my cock. "You're the only one I'm doing," she whispered. "Just you, Mr. Young. I wish I could do more for you." She hugged me, running her fingers through my hair. "You're going to owe Becky. She's doing the hard part. Keeping the boys ready, putting the condoms on them, making sure they don't play too rough. Keeping the cameras out of the room. It would be bad if she wasn't here."

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