tagMatureTxQ - The Temp

TxQ - The Temp

byTx Tall Tales©


My office Angel shows me her devilish side.

Tx Quickies (TxQ) are short little one shot tales. Quick reads which I have no intent to continue.


Linda had been working for us as a temp for a few months. She was doing a good job, had a nice attitude, and even though she dressed very casually, she looked good in what she wore. Nice addition to the office all around.

She was still in college, and had taken a semester off. She was a junior, but her funding had dried up when her parents split up. Linda was a referral from a friend, and it didn't take long to figure out she really needed the job, and would work hard for it. Her car was in the shop, she barely had enough money for gas. Her mother was working, but couldn't even pay their bills without help. The 20 hours of part-time work was like throwing a life-preserver to a drowning woman.

She was a good worker, and conscientious, but had no practical experience. I didn't mind, she was offloading my work on the cheap, and making progress every day. She was excellent at some things, in particular making sure that nothing slipped through the cracks.

She had quietly asked for more hours, and I'd upped them to 30. I definitely had enough work for her. I was giving her more responsibility, but watched over her to make sure that nothing too bad happened. She made a few mistakes here and there, but nothing critical. I was very happy with her work, and she really did brighten up the office. Her youthful exuberance was infectious. Her kindness and goodness was inspirational.

My boss wasn't crazy about her. She'd dropped the ball once on something he'd asked her to do, and he'd lost his confidence in her. I had to remind him she was only a temp and still in school. Not qualified to do half of what we asked of her, and quite the bargain.

When the group down the hall hired a girl for a similar position, she was making $1.50 more an hour than Linda. I raised her rate, thinking it only fair.

Simple enough, right? $45 extra a week wasn't going to break us. But it brought tears to her eyes and earned me a hug. Kind of sweet.

Some people live a charmed life. Linda had the proverbial black cloud over her head. Every time things were looking up, something would happen to slap her down again. On occasion she was self-destructive, other times it was just damned bad luck.

Her car breaking down, right when she started, she'd earned through lack of maintenance. I understand she had no money for maintenance but that was a different issue. She and her mother carpooled for nearly two weeks before she had her car back.

Getting a ticket for turning left illegally was a questionable one. The sign saying no left turn was hard to see, in a busy intersection. She couldn't afford the ticket, or the insurance bump, so she had to take online safety training. Like I said, kind of a wash, her fault and bad luck.

Having bees move into the walls of the tiny house she shared with her mother was just rotten luck.

Each time, it cost her more money she didn't have, and she struggled. The raise seemed to be what was needed, to balance out the equation.

With school starting up, we worked out a more flexible schedule so she could start classes again. She was paying her own way, with about 80% of her tuition coming out of scholarships and such. The last 20% came out of her paycheck.

Linda worked hard. Coming in early to make up hours, working late when needed. She was studying, taking classes, working and helping her mother out. A good girl, going to a nice little Baptist college, and doing her best to get by.

She was less than half my age, but I liked her. Sure, I occasionally lusted after her, especially when she wore her ultra low cut jeans, or her shirts which displayed her more than adequate cleavage. But I liked her more than I lusted after her. How often do you meet truly nice girls?

When a medical bill for allergies rolled in, threatening to obliterate her school savings, I pitched in. I was notorious for not turning in business receipts to get paid back.

I dumped a box of receipts on her. "If you have some time this week, you might do a little chore for me, off the clock."

She looked up at me curious. I'd never asked for anything like that. "Sure, what?"

"Deal with these expenses. Fill out the forms, make the copies, find the dates, you know, all that junk. Whatever I get back, I'll give you 20%."

She appeared dumbstruck. "That's crazy, Alex. That's your money."

"We're supposed to turn these in within 30 days. I've got some going back almost 12 months. I've already been told I'll lose any expenses over 12 months old. For me it's like found money. On my own, I'd probably never get around to it."

Linda worked late, two nights in a row. Less than two weeks later, I got an expense check for nearly $3,000. I had no idea it was going to be that much. I wrote her out a check for $600, and had her crying again. I hated to see her cry.

It wasn't one of those really messy cries. Her face would slowly redden, and I'd see her eyes well up. As the tears rolled down her face, she'd lose her breath, almost hiccoughing.

I walked over to her where she was seated and wrapped my arm around her shoulders. "Don't cry. I hate to see a pretty girl cry," I told her.

"You're too good to me."

"Nonsense. Things will be fine. It'll work out for the best."

She sniffled. "It never did before you."

"Now you're being silly. I'm getting out of here before you get me all weepy." As I pulled away, she pulled me close for a second, hugging me tightly. Unfortunately it was around the waist, her face pressed into the pocket of my pants. Fortunately, she didn't seem to notice when I responded to her impromptu display of affection. I didn't harden completely, but I was feeling pretty weighty down there, and after a few more seconds it would be impossible to hide it.

I somehow managed to escape her sweet clutches with (most of) my chivalry intact.

* * *

I got a call. It's complicated, and would be a real pain to go into, but we'd made a mistake. A big one. Probably about $20,000 big.

I was in hot water. Normally I was pretty untouchable. I did my job, did it well, and took on the tasks nobody else wanted. This had been one of those. A disguised time-bomb.

I called Linda into my office. She was looking cute as ever, with her stupidly tight low cut jeans, and one of the shirts I'm fairly certain she wore as a favor to me. Light, with a squared off drop neck that showed not only cleavage, but a fair amount of her upper boob. Sweet girl.

I explained the situation and we started our internal investigation. We worked until late, running through email trails, checking and rechecking documents. Calling vendors and grilling them. We were parked at her desk, while she worked the keyboard. I had chosen a strategically sound position standing over her shoulder, where I could look down her shirt on occasion without being too obvious.

Around 6:30 pm I found it.

I owned the problem. On a list of about 80 items, two of their names differed by only a couple of letters. I had chosen the wrong item.

I was devastated. I called my partner in crime on the west coast, figuring to catch him before he left for the day. We had discussed the choices in detail. I knew I'd narrowed the selection down to the right one. I was fairly certain of it. He confirmed all my choices to his recollection. We knew the right answer, and I'd written down the wrong one. I thanked him for his help and hung up.

I sighed, and ran my fingers through my regretfully thinning hair. "I fucked up, Linda. I don't know how, but I definitely ordered the wrong part. This might get ugly." I think it was the only time I'd ever used profanity in front of her. She was a darling innocent young girl going to a private religious college. I didn't like to curse in front of her.

Her face was screwed up, almost in tears.

I stroked her hair, mentally castigating myself for once again looking down her shirt. "Don't worry about it. It happens to all of us. Even me."

She started crying. "I...I think I did it. The form you gave me was an old one. I used the updated one, and copied your order over. I know I checked the wrong one. I'm so sorry." She was sobbing, trying to get it out.

I leaned over her, grabbing some tissues from the desk and passing them to her. "Don't cry. It happens. We all make mistakes. If this is the biggest one you ever make you'll be the luckiest girl in the world."

I put my arm around her shoulders, as I had before, and she hugged me, crying into my pocket. It was becoming a habit of hers. "No! $20,000 dollars is not a little mistake. It's going to ruin me!"

I hushed her. "I promise you it won't. It happens, Ok? Don't cry, Linda. Please."

I was wearing khaki's and it was obvious the waterworks were in full-flow. I had a huge wet spot near my hip. It was kind of embarrassing.

I leaned over and hit the speaker-phone button on her phone, before dialing my boss's extension. "Dan, Alex here. I found the error. It was me. I screwed up. I definitely placed the wrong order."

"Damn it, Alex! This is a fucking disaster! How could you do this?"

"I know. It's late now, but I'll do what I can to fix it. They owe me a few favors, I'll see what we can work out." Linda was still crying next to me, softer now. I was seated on the arm of her chair, holding her around the shoulders, while she soaked my side for a while.

Dan was still not pleased. "Do what you have to. But I'm still going to have to report in tomorrow. I can't take the fall for this one, Alex."

"No, I understand. Let Tom know I'll do what I can. I'll get it straightened out. I'm pretty sure I can resolve this."

"Fucking miracle if you do," Dan growled. "Call me tomorrow with an update."

I looked down at my sad little helper. It wasn't her fault. This was out of her pay grade. I should have double checked the order. Her face was lying across my thigh, while her back heaved in quiet sobs. I rubbed her back gently, and looked down to see her low cut jeans had shifted downward, exposing her lower back, and a plumber's share of her cute butt.

She stopped her crying, rubbing her face against my leg to dry her tears. She sat up a little straighter, inadvertently giving me a nice view of her rack again.

I chuckled to see her mascara had smeared on my leg, leaving a dark stain where her head had been laying.

"You have to tell him it's my fault," she said softly.

"No way. It's not your fault. It's my decision, and my responsibility. So stop crying now. I'll fix this. I always do. Things'll work out Ok?" I stood and patted her shoulder. "It'll be fine."

She started crying, louder and harder than ever. I was worried she'd have the janitorial crowd calling the police on me, for abuse. Linda hugged me around the waist, wailing like it was the end of the world.

"What's wrong now?" I asked solicitously, stroking her dirty blonde hair.

"You're the best boss in the world. I don't deserve you," she sobbed.

"Shhh. Pretty girls shouldn't cry. And it's me who doesn't deserve you. Relax, Ok? It's not the end of the world, I promise." I pulled her face up to look at me, and brushed the tears from her eyes. "Please don't cry, Linda."

She wrapped her arms firmly around me, and pressed her face against my waist once more.

All the holding, and stroking, and naughty views, had me in a very awkward position. My loose Khaki's did little to hide it. When she pressed her face against me this time, I felt her cheek press against my hardness. I felt her stiffen then slowly draw away.

Damn it. Now I'd done it.

She looked up at me with moist puppy dog eyes, her face still red, her mascara a mess. Eyes locked on mine, she eased her face forward until she made contact with my obvious bulge. She rubbed against it like a cat, rubbing both cheeks against it, before she closed her eyes, and moved against it even more sweetly.

I tried to do the right thing. I slowly backed away, but she grabbed me by the hips, turning with me so that I was backed up against her desk. She twisted in her chair, her legs bracketing mine, and pressed her lips firmly against my aching shaft.

"Linda," I whispered, but she looked up and shushed me, pressing her finger to her lips. Those same fingers moved forward, carefully undoing my belt, and unzipping my pants. It took her a few more seconds to have me uncovered to my knees.

I watched her young, innocent tongue trace my length, her lips bestowing a shower of tiny kisses anywhere she could reach. She sat up tall, and I was afforded the opportunity of watching my cock disappear between her lips. I moaned loudly while she took me deep.

She was so damn pretty, with her mouth full of my stiff rod. She made love to my cock, kissing it, sucking it, adoring it. I'd never had anybody before or since devote herself so completely and lovingly to my satisfaction.

I warned her when I was about to come, and she nodded for me, moving just a little more overtly until I filled her mouth. With my seed.

"Linda," I moaned softly.

She looked up at me and smiled, putting her fingers to her lips again, requesting silence. Then her mouth engulfed me again, cleaning me thoroughly.

Good thing I was leaning against the desk. My legs would have given out long ago. She continued her loving adoration, patient and sweet, for a long, long time. She took a short break to remove her shirt and bra, and continued her loving actions until I started to harden for her again. All in total silence.

Her mouth, her sweetness, and her very, very nice tits, were a formidable combination.

When I was back to full hardness, a near miracle at my age, she pulled away from me and stood up. She worked hard to lower her jeans past her hips, then dropped them all the way to the floor stepping out of them.

She stood on tiptoes, and kissed me softly. "I'm a virgin, Alex, and I'd like to stay that way until my wedding day. If that's Ok."

"Ok? Of course."

She kissed me long and deep, and when she pulled away she was blushing. "I'd like to feel you inside me, please. In my bottom, if that doesn't bother you to much."

"Bother me? Angel, that's a dream come true."

She gave me one last peck, her hand toying with my cock. She bent over at the waist, mouthing my cock, sucking me messily, until I was dripping with her saliva. Her hand was between her legs, playing with herself. When she turned to the desk and leaned over it, her tight little ass offered to me, I could see she'd lubed her butt-hole with her own, plentiful juices.

I guided my cock to her butt-hole, pressing firmly, holding myself tightly and pushing against her until I felt a little 'pop', and I glided in. She moaned naughtily. It took a bit of work but I slowly filled her ass with my full length, until I could manage no more.

"Fuck me, Alex," she said softly.

I held her delicious young cheeks in my hands, and slid in and out of her, slowly and gently. My leisurely pace quickened, while I carefully extended both my reach inside of her, and the speed of my thrusts. Her soft whimpers were driving me crazy. I wish I could say I pounded that sweet ass into submission for an hour, making her scream for me over and over.

No I don't. I was happy with what I could accomplish, opening her until she was relaxed enough for a nice firm deep stroke. I held her hips, using more of my body, leaning over her, fucking her. She was moving under me, moaning almost continuously pressed into the desk over and over again. She moved the papers out of the way, and pressed her tits into the wood, stretching her arms out in symbolic submission. She was at my mercy.

But I was at the mercy of that tight ass. It felt too good. It had been too, too long. And knowing who it was under me, added just the right amount of mental stimulation.

I grabbed her shoulders and fucked her ass as hard as I could, heedless of the pressure on the front of her thighs from the unforgiving wood. She cried out softly, her legs trembling while I used her. I groaned deeply, after a dozen strokes or so, burying myself in her bowels, and unloading for an eternity.

I eased out of her, grabbing some tissues, and cleaning myself as well as I could. I was already feeling guilty over what I'd done. Even though I knew it was very wrong, I also knew that I'd do it again given half a chance.

She pulled up her panties, wiggling her butt for me, then turned to me and gave me a shy smile. I saw that I had brought tears to her eyes, one more time.

"Are you Ok?" I asked, moving forward and brushing her precious tears away.

"Wonderful," she said softly. She gave me a little kiss, then leaned down and started the battle to pull those skin tight jeans over that delicious ass. It required a bit of dancing and squirming, but she finally managed. She leaned back against the desk, naked from the waist up. It was a hell of a view. She didn't seem to mind in the least when I moved against her body, and filled my hands with those soft pale tits.

"Did you like it? Was I Ok?" she asked hesitantly.

I gave her tits a nice little squeeze. "Did I like it? What do you think?"

Her smile was warming. "I think maybe you liked it, just a little."

I laughed and hugged her tightly. "You were incredible. I don't remember ever having felt anything that good. I didn't hurt you, did I?"

"Maybe just a little," she whispered, "but I liked it a lot. It was the naughtiest thing I've ever done."

I kissed her. "It was amazing."

She returned the kiss, until I released her. "You are the best boss, ever, you know. I...I could love you."

I held her pretty face in my hands. "You're too good for me. You're too pretty and too damned sweet for words."

She gazed into my eyes. "I don't always have to be good. I can be bad, really bad, for the right person." She pulled my finger into her mouth, sucking on it. "I want to be so bad. An Angel in public, a devil in bed. Your horny little devil?"

I saw her look up at the clock, and I peeked over my shoulder it was 8 o'clock. One hour. One crazy little hour that turned my life upside-down.

"Oh! I have to go, Mom's going to kill me," she moaned, quickly packing up her things, while I watched her youthful animation.

She jogged over and gave me one quick last kiss, before heading out. "See you tomorrow!"

"Bet on it." Even in retreat, it was the cutest ass I'd ever seen. Attached to the sweetest girl I'd ever known.

* * *

I did manage to salvage the order, eating about $1100 in expenses. Nothing too unreasonable.

Linda blushed every time she saw me that next morning. She was generous with her hugs and caresses, and even the occasional kiss on the cheek. But no more than that. I was cautious not to return them, although my arms nearly cramped from holding back.

The caresses and hugs diminished over time. Within two months she was engaged to her boyfriend of the last few years. I took her to lunch to celebrate, and though our eyes and glances spoke volumes, we never talked about it.

I never was with her again. I knew I had to let her go. She was young, in the spring of her life, and I was well into Autumn. She was as pure as a cool mountain stream, and I had a checkered past so full of peccadilloes, just being around me would sully her.

She left us 8 weeks later. I was pleasantly surprised to receive a wedding invitation. She got married in a beautiful ceremony that I attended. When I kissed the bride, I had a hard time keeping it together, and felt the tears well up in my eyes. I was touched to see hers glisten in response. I didn't stay around for the reception.

I wonder if things might have been different. What if I'd taken her home that night? What if I'd talked to her about it? What if I'd grabbed her ass when she walked by, or pinned her in a corner and kissed her?

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