tagSci-Fi & FantasyTylarah FireWynd Ch. 01

Tylarah FireWynd Ch. 01


Tylarah FireWynd walked down the isle of the deserted train, wearing her robes over her usual clothes and carrying a shoulder bag. She hated having to get human transport to portals around the country, it took that long and there were the non-magical people to contend with sometimes. Why would they not hurry up and teach her how to make her own, like she had seen so many other Witches doing? She sighed deeply as she passed yet another empty compartment.

Seeing as she had nowhere else to be, she had decided to get onto the train early so that she could get in a little reading in peace before they set off. She walked down the train quickly, with nobody else anywhere near; she had no reason to stop. As she arrived at the very back of the train she stepped into the very last compartment and sat down on the end of the seat nearest to the window.

Tylarah settled herself into the bench seat as best she could, pulling her robes tighter around her. Looking out of the window, the London sky was grey and depressing. Yawning loudly, Tylarah decided that it was probably no use to bother reading her book. She had not been sleeping properly for the last two weeks and despite the fact that the bench seat appeared anything but comfortable, in her current state, it looked very inviting. So, she curled herself up into a small, black ball and settled in for a peaceful sleep before the train started to fill up.

* * *

Bane Farlight was drawing to then end of his usual round of the carriages on the train. He was a snake, of the purest, but most unintelligent kind. A Witch with the gift to bend light to his will, he wasted it being a petty criminal and general dogsbody to just about anyone willing to pay. He had partaken of his usual petty thieving from some travellers, and fleecing others with cheap parlour tricks that barely took an ounce of his powers. Now he came to the last carriage and to the last compartment. Sliding back the frosted glass door, he revealed only two empty seats. But no, there was somebody there, in the corner. Whomever they were, they were curled up on the seat and quite clearly sleeping. This was an opportunity that he simply could not resist, and he would not even have to use his invisibility. He slid into the compartment quietly and approached the figure on the seat. Looking at the figure, he could tell that it was a young woman, but he could not see her face. No matter who she was, she must have something in her bag that was of value. He knelt down in front of her and pulled her shoulder bag out from beneath the seat. This ought to have something of interest. He rummaged through the bag, finding the usual; lipstick, a broken mirror, a middle of the range mobile phone and, hold on; here was something a little more interesting. Just as his fingers stroked the rough texture of a small, ancient red leather-bound book and he spied a sealed roll of pale blue parchment in the bag, a voice came from right above his head.

"I'd leave that where it is if I were you," the woman had woken and was staring right at him.

Farlight leaped backwards into the seat opposite and landed in a slightly crumpled heap on the floor of the train.

"I... thought, I... you were asleep," he stammered

"Clearly," the girl said calmly, unfolding her legs "Oh, its you, Farlight. And just what did you think that you could take from my bag?"

"I... I..." Farlight stammered then recovered and got to his feet, dusting himself off and attempting to recover an ounce of dignity. "I wasn't doing anything, so don't try and threaten me,"

"You might be able to scare the humans and be able to threaten most of the Magic community with things that your slime ball family have found out over the years, but you have nothing on me. You can't scare me, Farlight," Tylarah said sternly, standing up to face him. She was a head taller than he, but it did not seem to bother him in the slightest. She stepped right up to him and stared down into his pale, blue eyes.

"Well, what are you going to do to stop me?" he challenged her, "You wouldn't dare do anything,"

"Really," Tylarah raised an eyebrow, "Then you obviously don't know me," she moved smoothly over to the door of the compartment and blocked Farlight's exit.

"Get out of my way!" Farlight protested, moving towards her with his fists clenched.

"Why, what are you going to do to me?" Tylarah remained cool.

"I'll... I'll," he reached into his robes for something to improvise as a weapon but Tylarah stopped him by putting her hand on his. With her other hand, she closed the compartment door with a small click. She pulled him towards her a little more and stared up into his eyes.

"You'll be the one that gets in trouble if this gets out. I'm the innocent party here," she said teasingly, feigning innocence "What makes you think that I wouldn't tell anyone, after all, it would be the right thing to do,"

"You... what?" Farlight struggled to find the words, then stopped for a moment to think, "Alright, what do I have to do to keep you quiet?"

"Hmm, that would be quite a bit,"

"How much? My family can afford any amount that you can name,"

"Please!" said Tylarah, offended, "Do you really think that I want something as vulgar as money? I'm not as shallow as you, Farlight,"

"Okay," Farlight sounded a little confused, "What do you want then?"

Tylarah was thinking. She had Bane Farlight here, on his own and helpless and she could get him to do anything that she wanted to. As he looked up at her, she felt something strange happen. She felt herself slipping into his eyes. Those blue eyes. Like pools of pure water. His mousy hair and average looking features seemed to swim out of focus the longer she looked into his eyes. She could feel a flutter in her stomach as she realised that Farlight was not quite as repulsive as she had first thought. The longer she looked at him, the more she realised that there were more qualities that surely many a woman had missed. His long nose, which, at first sight, had seemed to make him look like the rat he was, now seemed to set off the rest of his long face. She realised that with his slightly pointed chin and high forehead, he had the look of a lost generation of nobility about him. Perhaps when he said his family used to be great he was not just bullshitting.

The flutter moved down between her legs and turned into a light burning. Her pulse began to race as she smiled down into his pale face. Tylarah's pussy began to throb as she thought of what she was going to do. It was perfect. He needed to pay her back and she had not had a man in a long time. Too long.

Tylarah moved her hand from the door to Farlight's shoulder. Then she moved it up to stroke his neck and then into his messy hair. Scrunching her hand into his hair, she pulled his head towards her own and brought his mouth onto hers. They kissed deeply, their tongues darting around each other. Farlight's hands began to wonder, one up into Tylarah's hair and the other around over her waist and down onto her sweet, firm ass to pull her into him further. She could feel his cock hardening as she kissed him deeper. Then she stopped. She looked down into his eyes again and smiled devilishly, pushing him backwards and further into the compartment.

Farlight did not know what to expect as Tylarah smiled at him. He felt himself being pushed down by his shoulders and forced to kneel on the floor of the carriage. Tylarah sat down on the seat right in front of him, opening her legs slowly. She motioned for Farlight to come closer to her and he did so. He reached out and began to work his way up from her ankles with his hands, gently stroking her legs. When he reached her thighs, he carefully lifted her robes over his head and disappeared under them.

Tylarah delighted at the constant surprises from her not being able to see Farlight beneath her robes. First he kissed her thighs, tickling them with his tongue and teasing her. Then he moved on, pushing up her black denim skirt, to her pussy, stroking it through her underwear first with his fingers, then gently with his tongue. Tylarah could feel her pulse in her pussy now, throbbing beneath Farlight's touch. He knew that she was enjoying it more than she was letting on, so he stopped licking her, and reached up to pull down her knickers. He made sure than he did it slowly, and it worked perfectly because Tylarah moaned a little, high from his touch and desperate for more.

He gave in as soon as her underwear hit the floor of the other side of the carriage. Farlight stroked Tylarah's pussy gently again with his fingers, then parted her lips and slowly reached right onto her clit with his warm tongue. She was wet already with anticipation and as he licked deeper, tasting her juice like a fine wine, he could feel her writhing on the seat above him. Farlight moved his tongue quicker and he heard Tylarah's moans become louder over the constant noise of the moving train. She began to arch her back against the seat and Farlight knew that she was going to come right at that moment. So he stopped licking her pussy quickly, and instead pushed his tongue into her as far as he could. Tylarah squealed in ecstasy as she felt his tongue go through her soft opening and into her. Farlight had a long tongue, and he knew how to use it.

Tylarah came hard with Farlight's tongue inside her, her muscles forcing him out. Farlight jumped a little, but then started to lap gently at her juices for a few seconds before he gave her one last lick, right up the whole of her pussy and making her shiver as he reached her clit. He then emerged from under her robes, licking his lips like he had just enjoyed a good meal of her.

"You taste better than you look," he said playfully as he stood over her.

"Really?" asked Tylarah, slightly breathlessly, but still with her token playful tone, "Well then, you'll just have to let me have a taste too,"

At that, she stood quickly and grabbed Farlight by the hair again, forcing her tongue into him and tasting her juices all over his mouth. She did taste good, but she would never admit that to Farlight, she would never agree with the slime ball. No matter how good he was.

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