tagSci-Fi & FantasyTylarah FireWynd Ch. 03

Tylarah FireWynd Ch. 03


Tylarah awoke in the train carriage just as the day was darkening, to see that someone was sitting on the bench across from her. The blur of sleep lifted from her eyes to reveal that it was none other than her teacher, Shyrrick. He was deeply engrossed in reading a small, red leather-bound book by the orange electric glow in the compartment and did not seem to notice as she awoke and stretched.

"Hello, Shyrrick." She said cheerily.

"Good afternoon, Tylarah," he said blandly, without looking up from his book.

Great, if he was in his usual mood, then Shyrrick was not the most talkative person that Tylarah had ever met, but today she just got the feeling that he was in a downright grumpy mood. Well, she would soon sort that out. It was time to start a quick planning session to get him to talk to her, as she could not stand sitting here with him ignoring her all the way up to the Lakes. But what was she to do. Well, first off, there was the obvious question of why in Hell he was even on the train. Shyrrick was almost an Ancient, so he could easily conjure a portal with just a thought.

"So, how come you're on the train?" she asked, as coolly as she could. "I thought that you would have conjured a portal,"

Shyrrick sighed and shook his head a little, as out of politeness he could not just plainly ignore Tylarah.

"I've been ordered by the Powers to look after you," just as Tylarah was bout to protest that she was not exactly in need of protection for a simple journey up to Kendal and then on to her house in Rithran, when Shyrrick continued to speak. "Don't say that you don't need it, that's exactly what I thought. But the Powers insisted that I needed to be here, just in case,"

"In case of just what, exactly?" Tylarah asked.

"Look, I really shouldn't tell you this, but the Powers have reason to believe that there could well be somebody, or something about to come after you. A Seer by the name of Malachai has told that a woman who fits your description will play a big part in a future Prophecy."

Tylarah looked shocked, but for some reason it was not a complete surprise, and it certainly did not scare her.

"There are other women who are being watched, its not just you. Malachai is rarely wrong, so the Powers thought that it would be a lot better to be safe than sorry."

Tylarah began to mumble under her breath, something about her not wanting to have anyone following her, let alone a grumpy old Mage with the sense of humour of a deaf bumblebee.

"Don't think that I'm exactly glad to be following you around, either." Shyrrick said in a slightly scathing tone.

"And just why is that?" Tylarah said, hurt a little by his bluntness. "It's not like I'm the one that's the most boring person that I've ever met!" she began to get a little more harsh herself as she realised that he had been rather more than a little harsh.

"It's not that... well. Anyway, if you think I'm that boring, you won't want to talk to me and I can get back to my book, then." He gave a sarcastic smile then lifted his book back up in front of his face to completely block Tylarah from his view.

Great. That went perfectly to plan. There had to be something else that she could do to at least occupy herself.

She contemplated winding him up, but thought twice about it when she remembered just how powerful a Witch that he was, and that in his current mood he was likely to hex her without a second thought. So, what else was she left with?

It was only then that Tylarah actually saw what book her teacher had been reading all this time. It was the same small, red, leather-bound book that she had in her own bag. This was great; she had him now, for if there was one thing that Shyrrick could not resist, it was an intelligent conversation. She would have to play it cool though, he was much to clever not to see through a thin scheme, so she would have to get him round slowly.

Tylarah reached down into her bag and took out her copy of the book as if she was purely bored, and she had not noticed him at all. As she sat back to read, she coughed quietly, and made a small fuss about getting comfortable so that Shyrrick could not help but notice her moving. On thinking about what she was reading, she found it a little strange that a man like Shyrrick would be reading ancient tales of valiant heroes and romance. Well, it would never do to judge a book by its cover, as it were.

Tylarah could have sworn that she saw his eyes flick over to rest on her through the corner of her eye, but she dare not look directly at him, or he would instantly figure out what she was up to.

No, she could see him well enough out of the corner of her eye to see that he had not cottoned on to what she was up to, and he had gone back to his book. Tylarah could sense the distinct air that Shyrrick was interested. She could feel that he was paying some of his attention to her now, as well as to his book. It felt good to her, and a wave of mixed power and pleasure swept through her entire being. She was going to win this one, if it meant physically squeezing something interesting out of the man opposite her.

Tylarah almost did not believe her luck when, from behind the constant rumble of the train, Shyrrick's came smoothly to her ears.

"Erm, Tylarah, can I ask you something?"

"Sure, what is it?" she replied as coolly as she could muster, but she was sure that he could hear the shock in her tone.

"Have you got to the part where the hero finally meets his long-lost father?"

"Err, oh yes. Of course, I passed that part a while ago."

"Well I just don't get why he's still angry at his father after all those years."

"Oh, that, its not too complicated. There's a paragraph that explains it all somewhere. I'll show you if you want." Tylarah seized her chance, rose from her seat and crossed the compartment to sit with Shyrrick.

He handed her his copy of the book as she lay hers down on the seat at the side of her. She took it and scanned the page that he had been reading, before flicking backwards a few pages and scanning again.

"Look it's here," she handed him the book back.

"What paragraph?" he asked quietly.

Tylarah shuffled a little closer to him along the bench, then leaned over a little to point to the paragraph that she was referring to. Right at that second, she found herself strangely overpowered by a heady scent that was hanging delicately around Shyrrick. It was like cinnamon, sandalwood and some exotic spices that she could never name and never find if she searched for years. She could feel the scent creeping down her and warming every part of her body that it touched. Her breasts began to tingle a little and she found herself looking up into the old world looks of Shyrrick's face and finding them quite attractive. As she took in a sharp breath at this realisation the scent overcame her again, this time stronger, and the tingle moved its way down her body to make her sex quiver slightly.

Shyrrick had finished re-reading the paragraph that she had pointed out to him, and he turned to look at her. They were almost eye-to-eye, and he moved closer without thinking, so that she could feel the warmth of his face so close to hers, they were almost breathing the very same air.

Tylarah felt a shiver of cold run up her spine, taking some of her breath away and hardening her nipples deep beneath her layers of clothes. What the Hell was happening to her? This was madness, but she could not help herself, it just felt like some sort of destiny. Then she kissed him. He seemed taken aback at first, but soon gave in to the cool softness of her lips as she hungered for his warmth.

It was a deep knowing that led Tylarah's hand first up to Shyrrick's chest, pushing against the surprisingly toned muscles, then moving down to stroke his flat stomach through the pure smoothness of his silk shirt, finally coming to rest on his belt. She pulled his waist towards hers, straightening up and pushing her mouth onto his more hungrily. Somehow she just wanted him; needed him.

The swelling in her pussy was growing constantly, and she could feel herself becoming wet once again in anticipation. Shyrrick broke away from their kiss and looked into Tylarah's eyes.

"Why... what are we doing?" he said breathlessly, with her still holding him close by the belt.

"I don't know," replied Tylarah weakly, "But does it feel wrong to you?"

"No, erm. I can't say. It's just that I like to know why. I guess it," as he spoke Tylarah had undone his belt without him noticing and now snaked her hand into his trousers and grasped his manhood in her cool hands, "feels good," he sighed his opinion as she began to slowly move her hand around his length.

Shyrrick moved closer to Tylarah and her mouth seized his in a kiss more filled with passion than their last, their tongues dancing together and with every step they both felt a dart of pleasure go right through their very cores. Tylarah's hand gripped Shyrrick's length harder and she could feel the throb of his pulse quickening and getting stronger all the time. She could feel the pulse in her neck and sex mirror his, beating in time as they pressed together for a moment before pulling apart.

"Now, keep quiet," Tylarah whispered in his ear before she stood up, pushed him so that he was sitting up properly on the seat. She then dropped to her knees between his long, thin legs and put her small thin hands on his thighs, squeezing and moving them upwards to his body. Towards his throbbing manhood.

Shyrrick breathed out, keeping himself from crying out as Tylarah's hands massaged his package through the rough fabric of his black jeans. He swelled beneath her touch, the fabric tightening beneath her firm fingers. With one hand still pressing into his package, Tylarah unbuttoned his jeans with the other and pulled at the taught denim. She deftly freed Shyrrick's manhood and stretched herself upwards towards him. Pulling his face to hers with one hand in his hair, and grasping his length with her other, they kissed as she began to work her hand up and down his long shaft. Feeling Shyrrick groan a little into her mouth, she quickened the pace for a few seconds before breaking away from him.

Tylarah sank downwards, eyes closed, to sit on her haunches, rubbing her cheek down Shyrrick's leg in a cat-like way before opening her eyes and looking up into his, the dark and endless pools pulling her towards his body. She followed the pull, her hands snaking just before her head, reaching up towards his throbbing manhood.

Shyrrick let out a sigh of ecstasy as her cool fingers grasped around the base of his shaft again, and she lowered her head. First licking slowly and gently up his length, then encasing him in her warm soft mouth. He gripped the edge of the seat at either side of his knees as she worked the pleasure up and down his length. Working her tongue around his shaft, Tylarah massaged the base of his sex with her fingertips, sighing to herself. It felt so right to her, so good to be giving this man pleasure. The man that she barely knew. The man that, until now had been simply an abstract teacher.

Flicking her tongue up to the soft flesh of the tip of his sex, Tylarah felt a shiver of gratification radiate from Shyrrick's core and flow right over her entire being. His power was flexing itself under her as she pleasured him. Enclosing his length in her soft mouth, Tylarah worked her tongue quickly from side to side as she moved her head up and down him. She could not help herself but groan with the pleasure that it gave her to be bringing her teacher closer and closer to orgasm. The vibrations of her voice on his manhood made Shyrrick join her in a quiet chorus of purest bliss.

Working quicker and quicker at pleasing Shyrrick, Tylarah pushed him deep into her mouth, his generous girth filling her almost making her choke as she greedily took him into her mouth again and again. It was as if she could not get enough of him, the urge to please him had totally overcome her; clouding the rest of the thoughts from her mind.

Tylarah felt Shyrrick tense beneath her, as the waves of his power came quicker and stronger over her. He was coming closer to climax and she could feel the pure surge of power passing over her, seeping into her and filling her entire body. She could feel something about Shyrrick's spirit enter her. She could feel what he was feeling, almost as if she were inside his mind and body. Tylarah could feel the familiar tingle of herself beginning to climax, as in front of her Shyrrick's breath caught in his chest as the feeling began to overwhelm them both. Tylarah slowed her movements and flicked her tongue again, gently on his most sensitive parts. Feeling herself coming with him, Tylarah's eyes closed and she once again enclosed him in her mouth as he spilled his hot seed into her, feeling his ecstasy as she did. With great effort she resisted the urge to bite down with the surge of euphoria as she shared his orgasm. Hearing him moan loudly above her, she opened her eyes, but saw not the carriage in which they were, but instead she saw Shyrrick, holding her close and tenderly. The pair of them were standing in flawless pale blue as if they were floating in the sky itself. Tylarah began to smile to herself, and then the scene was gone.

Tylarah was back in the train carriage, with her teacher slumped slightly on the bench seat in front of her, his sex still hard in the cool air. She found herself too slumped onto the floor of the gently rocking train, leaning her forehead against Shyrrick's denim-clad knee.

Brushing her long auburn hair from her face, she let out a breath that both she and her teacher had been holding. Tylarah looked up at the man before her. His face was a picture of confusion; he must have shared the same vision. The younger woman could not help but smile to herself, there was just something about this whole situation that felt just right to her. She also had an inkling that Shyrrick may just be thinking something along the same lines.

Seating herself beside the now re-clothed Shyrrick, Tylarah smiled to him and lifted his long arm around her shoulders. He remained weak with the raptures of their encounter and did not resist her. Instead, he smiled too and, leaning his head onto the top of hers he spoke into her soft hair.

"This can't be wrong," his deep voice sending shivers down Tylarah's spine. "It's too good to be wrong."

She agreed wordlessly, simply nodding into his shoulder and breathing in his heady scent. The combination of sandalwood and exotic spices was comforting to her, and the rich mix intoxicated her, making her drowsy as he stroked the back of her hair gently. Finally with a contented sigh, she fell deeply asleep upon his square shoulder.

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