tagErotic HorrorTyrannus Temptatur Ch. 02

Tyrannus Temptatur Ch. 02


Matt was pretty sure he was not insane, nor even slightly unstable. Nevertheless, he sat outside Dr. Braun's office, fidgeting. A young woman sat opposite him. She gave him a warm smile. He gave a nervous smile back.

She tilted her head back slightly, and gave her neck a casual stroke. "Hi, I'm Amy," she said, and extended her hand towards him. Matt took her hand, and they both shook hands. "And I'm Matt". When the two withdrew, Matt sank a little deeper into his chair, this time more relaxed. He opened his knees a little wider.

"To be honest," said Matt after a pause, "I'm not even sure why I'm here. I joined the Institute just a few days ago as a lab technician, and so far everything has been going fine." Amy's eyes roved over him, and stopped for a fraction of a second to examine his crotch before looking him straight in the eyes. "Maybe they want to find out if you're nuts," she suggested as she cocked her head. Matt responded with a smirk.

"So, why are you here?" asked Matt.

"I'm part of some test. Or maybe I've been a bad girl. Or maybe both." answered Amy.

The door to Dr. Braun's office opened, and the doctor stepped through, clipboard in hand. "So, Matthew, I'm ready for you now, if you'd like to step though". Matt stood up, and glanced back at Amy. She said with a wink, "Show them you're nuts".

After Matt stepped through the door, Braun closed the door behind them. Braun sat in the chair behind her desk, with Matt taking the chair in front of it. Braun opened some files, glanced through them, and turned her attention to Matt. "So, Matt, thank you for seeing me. You must be wondering why I have asked you to visit. Rest assured, you're not in any trouble. On the contrary, I have been asked by Professor Hynes to assess your suitability for a rather unusual role." Matt relaxed visibly.

"My name is Dr. Braun, Dr. Ayn Braun, and I am the psychologist here at the Feltzmann Institute. As you already know, we have a number of what is commonly referred to as 'tentacle monsters' held captive at our facilities. We are not sure why, but they sustain themselves through sexual activity with humans. It seems impossible, I know, that sex is a kind of food for them. But that's what our findings suggest. In addition to lab technicians, research staff, and a whole slew of other support roles, we need men and women to have sex with this creatures in order to keep them alive. Although you have been recruited as a lab technicians, we believe that you may be a suitable candidate to copulate with these creatures. Do you understand?"

Matt said that he understood.

"I would like to perform a psychometric evaluation with you today. Don't worry, you won't be forced to do anything you are uncomfortable with. You won't be expected to have sex with an alien right this instant, and the results of this assessment will be strictly confidential. Are you willing to participate?"

Matt shifted in his chair, his heart raced, but he agreed. "Good," said Braun. "I'm sure you'll do fine. Now, why don't you sit over there, on the chaise lounge, and make yourself comfortable?" Matt moved himself onto the lounge, perching himself on the edge.

"Now, Matt, I'm going to hypnotise you. You will remember everything that happens, and you won't do anything that you are unwilling to. You will retain full control over your actions at all times. Are you OK with that?"

Matt nodded. Braun told him to take off his shoes, lie back on the couch and relax. She began the hypnotic induction. "Take deep breathes. With each in-breath, and each out-breath I want to you relax deeper. Then, close your eyes on each out-breath, and open them again on each in-breath".

Braun went through the normal routine, testing the heaviness of his arm, whether he was unable to open his eyes, continuing with the procedure until she was certain he was in a full hypnotic state.

"Now, Matt, there is a tumbler in front of you. Reach out and take it." Matt reached out into the air in front of him, and took an imaginary glass tumbler in his hand. "In this tumbler is a liquid. That liquid is a truth serum. When you swallow it, it will take effect, and you will tell me the truth to every question I ask. Drink it now." Matt brought his hands to lips, tipped the non-existent serum into his mouth, and swallowed. Matt felt his head swim a little. The drug seemed to be taking effect sooner than he expected. It was powerful stuff indeed.

"Matt, the other day, when you were on your induction tour with Professor Hynes and the other new-joiners, you saw a tentacle creature fuck a man to within an inch of his life. Do you remember that?"


"And but the end of the session, the professor noticed that there was a small wet patch on your jeans. Is that true?"


"Why was that?"

"It made me horny," said Matt. Braun could see that the material of the crotch of his jeans shifted. His loins were stirring.

"Why was that?"

"The thought of being in the tank, totally naked, having the best fuck of my life in front of half a dozen strangers gave me the horn."

Dr. Braun asked if he had ever had sex with other people watching, before.

"Once, me and a buddy were playing sports. Afterwards, we hit the shower, and I noticed that he was taking peeks at my dick. I don't know if he knew I knew that I had seen him. We didn't talk about it, but that night I went home and wanked myself senseless at the thought of what happened."

"Another time, I was at a party. Everyone was wasted. I was lying on a bed, there was a guy I had never seen before, and there was a bunch of women around us. There was giggling and horse play. One of the girls said out loud that she wondered which guy had the biggest dick. The guy next to me dared me to get my cock out. I laughed, and pulled my trousers down past my bum, and took it out of my boxers. The women there were heckling the guy to suck my cock. And eventually, he did! He deep-throated my whole shaft, so I guessed that he'd sucked another guy's cock in the past. Everyone thought he was straight, though. Maybe he was bi. He could have been straight, and just curious. We were totally wasted, after all."

"A girl took a picture with her phone. He didn't suck me to completion, though. The conversation drifted to other things, and everyone eventually moved on. I zipped myself up, and mostly just chilled out on the bed, all alone. Much later, when the party had died down, the guy and the girl that took the picture came back to the room, all smiles. It was just me, the girl and the guy. They must have been talking about the situation behind my back, plotting what to do next. Anyway, the girl sucked my dick this time, whilst the guy rubbed my shoulders and watched the action happening down below. Eventually I shot my load, and the guy started kissing me and putting his tongue in my mouth. The girl was watching everything. The guy ran his hands down my chest. When it reached my belly, the girl gave out a squeal of excitement. She obviously loved looking all that boy-on-boy action. The guy never touched my junk, though. It was a night I'll never forget, and wish I could relive it."

Matt rubbed his right hand gently up and down hip, his left arm lying across his chest lazily. He lowered his left leg from the couch onto the floor. His mounting sexual lust was becoming hard to bear now.

Braun told him to sit up, and spread his legs as wide as he could, hands on thighs. "Good, Matt, you're doing well. Now, I'm going to bring Amy into the room. She has been waiting outside all this time." Braun opened her office door and summoned Amy into the room. Matt still had his eyes closed.

"Matt, you're sitting on a chair on a theatre stage. It is packed to capacity. The curtains are up. You are facing the audience. They have all bought tickets to see you, Matt, to see you have sex in front of them. How does that make you feel?"

Matt gasped, almost as if he were in pain. "So horny. I want it to bad."

"Open your eyes, Matt, and look at the audience. Now draw your hands towards your crotch and frame your nuts with your fingers," said Braun. Matt held his clothed testicles between thumb and forefingers, proffering them to the audience. Amy knelt down between his legs, caressing his out-held balls.

Her hand moved over his jeans, touching the length his prick. "He is completely hard," said Amy, even though his tumescence could be clearly discerned through his jeans anyway. Amy unbuckled his belt. Matt gazed directly into Amy's eyes as he licked his lips in anticipation.

Amy unhooked the button of his jeans and unzipped his flies. She folded back the flaps, exposing his bulge. He wore vintage-style pink briefs, his manhood straining on the material. Amy ran the back of a fingernail from the base of his penis up towards the head. He was already leaking pre-cum, causing a patch of wet material to show the acorn of the top of his dick.

"Show everyone what you are made of," said Braun. Matt was breathing heavily at this point. He took off his top and lowered his jeans down so that his briefs were fully visible. He panned his hips around so that everyone in the supposed audience had a clear view before turning his back to them so that they could appreciate his arse.

He removed the remainder of his clothes, and sat back on the chaise lounge. He laid back and spread his legs, occupying as much space as possible. Amy teased his nipples, and Matt threw his head back, exposing his neck. His Adam's Apple rose and fell as he swallowed the saliva in his mouth.

"Yeah, is this what you paid your money to come and see?" said Matt, as he began stroking his rod. He slipped his other hand between his legs and fingered his hole. Amy licked his nipples, and clawed her fingernails down the side of his torso. Matt let out a sigh, mouth agape, and his head lolled to one side. A droplet of saliva flowed from his mouth and trickled down the stubble on his chin.

Briefly, he stopped pumping his cock, and let his hand slide over it seductively, more so to tantalise the onlookers than to bring himself off. He moved his other hand from between his butt cheeks and onto his chest.

Amy kneaded his balls with one hand, and slid a finger of the other up his butt-hole. A strange transformation came over Matt. Black speckles radiated out from the centre of his vision, and a fugue came over him. The figures in the audience started swaying back and forth in unison. They transformed themselves into something like gelatinous sea tubes, swaying as one in an ocean current.

Matt heard a disembodied voice in his head. It was unlike the voice of his own consciousness. The sea tubes were talking. They seemed to be speaking as one, not from themselves, but from inside Matt's own mind. A primordial voice said: "Feed me."

Amy pressed against Matt's prostate in a come-hither motion. He resumed his vigorous stroking. His muscled tensed as he reached the point of no return. Amy looked on lustfully as his body froze for a fraction of a second, his stiffness accentuating the muscularity of his frame.

Matt groaned as his cock unleashed a hot sticky load from his balls and spattered onto his chest and the surrounding furniture. He turned his head towards Amy, his eyes half-closed with a look of vulnerability.

Dr Braun told him to relax. The vision of the sea tubes disappeared, and he became his own man again. She brought him out of hypnosis.

When Matt came out of the trance, he looked down to see that Amy was still cupping his balls. "See?" said Amy. "I told you I was here for a test". "To test these," she quipped, as she gave his gonads a quick tickle. "Seems that you've shown us your nuts after all." Matt coughed out a laugh. He was too depleted to do much else.

Matt wiped the spunk off himself with a cloth that had been provided for that purpose. After a minute his energy returned, and he sat himself upright.

"So, how was that?" asked Braun.

"It was a blast," said Matt, beaming a smile.

"You can let go off his testicles now," Braun said to Amy. Amy gave a coy smile, and released him. Matt gave a cocky grin back in return.

"Well, I'm satisfied with what I've seen," Braun continued. "I would be happy to recommend you as a feeder for the tentacle creatures, if you want to go down that path."

"Yes, definitely," said Matt.

"You can take a few days to think about it, and get back to me if you wish," said Braun.

"No. That's OK," replied Matt. "Having seen what's involved, and experienced what I just did, I'm really keen."

"OK. Good. Well, in that case, I have some paperwork here." Dr. Braun fished around in her drawers and pulled out the requisite forms. "These papers are some official documentation that transfers your assignment from lab technician to the feeder job, which we call Special Assignment F. You'll be pleased to know that you'll get a pay upgrade, too. You'll be on probation for two weeks, where you'll get to learn all the things necessary to become a feeder. Then you'll be assigned to a creature, and observed. A formal assessment with then be made to accept you into the feeder team. If at any time during the probationary period we decide that you are not suitable for the role, or you decide that it is something that you do not wish to pursue, then tell us, and we will revert you back to your post. It won't count against you in your employment record. Are you happy with everything I said?"

Matt said that he was happy. He went to pick up his clothes. "Leave those," said the doctor. "Amy will take those to your quarters. During your probationary period you will have to learn to be sexually exposed. So you won't be able to cover yourself up. It is part of the training. We will supply you with a pair of meshed shorts that you can wear, though."

She turned her attention to Amy. "Amy, will you please hand Matt a pair of meshies." Then, to Matt: "we call them meshies". Amy went to a supply cabinet, sized Matt up, and handed him a pair of meshed shorts. "If you need more, then just ask. I'll put some spare pairs in your quarters."

Matt slipped on the meshed shorts. They were like brown briefs made out of a fabric that looked like closely-woven fishnet. Matt presumed they were hygiene purposes, as they left nothing to the imagination. The material made his buttocks look like perky peaches. If anything, rather than disguising what was between his legs, they drew attention to it.

The psychologist handed the job papers to Matt. "Excellent," she said. She instructed Amy to take him down to the biology med lab to begin his training, and asked Matt if he had anything to add.

"Just one thing," said Matt. "How did you put that voice in my head?"

"What voice?" asked Braun. Matt went on to recount his experiences of the sea tubes and the disembodied voice. Braun scowled. "Well, that's odd. We've never encountered anything like that before, and it certainly wasn't part of the hypnotic suggestion." She made a note of the incident in her files.

Matt and Amy left Dr. Braun office. Amy escorted him to the med lab.

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